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Serena Williams MasterClass Review: Should You Join It?


Tennis is all about rallies and powerful serves; the one who knows it more than any of us is Serena Williams.

She is on the platform “MasterClass” to teach tennis-related skills to people seeking enlightenment in the sport. The course will be covered under 10 video lessons focusing on the different factors that can affect someone’s game. 😇

Serena Williams MasterClass Review

From mental toughness to high-intensity training sessions all will be elaborated by the queen of the court “Serena Williams.” The program is more than about being tennis because the guidance by Serena herself will improve life outside the court too.

Who is Serena Williams?

The legendary Tennis player “Serena Williams’ is the one who herself is a definition of determination and hard work. Serena had won 23 Grand Slams (singles) making her the legend of the court. The queen of the court has been ranked world no 1 eight times between 2002-2017 by the Women’s Tennis Association.

Who is Serena Williams

She is decorated with four Olympic gold medals and still gives the credit of her success to the 4-year-old Serena who held the racket for the first time and then never left. Tennis is her life and she never fails to surprise her fans and shock her opponents.

Lessons of Serena Williams’ MasterClass

Introduction Lesson-Focus and Desire

We all start from some point and doesn’t matter how perfect our game seems to be there is always space for improvement. Serena Williams’ MasterClass starts with this introductory lesson focusing on the tips that will develop the personality of the player on the court and off the court.

The lessons take off the basic idea about the class and end up warming up the participants for a game of learning. Students will get to know about how does focus leads to the fulfilment of their desires. The more determined you are, the more solid success assists you.

Groundstrokes Lesson

“Practice makes a player perfect” and the more regularity we pour into our practice session, the more our game improves. The groundstrokes lesson by Serena involves different head positions descriptions, turn back, reach, head, follow-through, and topspin techniques that will develop the game on the court and shock the opponents.

These techniques if practised daily with determination can sweat out the low confidence and help in making the powerful rallies on and off the court to slay the game and life.

Serena Williams MasterClass Lessons Plan

Mastering Groundstrokes

There is always an upgraded version to a technique and Serena Williams makes sure that her students understand them well. Serena talks about footwork, backhand and troubleshooting tricks that hold the power of outplaying the opponents and keep on adding excellence to the game. 😍

Students get to understand about open stance, techniques needed for improving backhand and troubleshooting in this lesson of mastering groundstrokes by the queen of the court “Serena Williams”.

Controlling the Court

The court is the deciding unit of the game; the one who knows how to control the court holds the power to decide the flow of the game. Serena shares the techniques that help in controlling the nature of the court and changing the offense to defense and vice versa. The lesson provides insight into the defensive play, the unexpected moves, returning the serve, and observing the opponent’s skills.

Mental Toughness

Life examines every aspect of our calibre and mental toughness is our biggest weapon against low points of life. The instructor talks about how to make comebacks and never thinks that the game has ended before the official end.

The mental toughness lessons help in getting grips over the opponents and show them how strong you can be to win the game. Mental toughness also holds an individual when a game seems to be easy by eradicating overconfidence.

“Advanced NetPlay” Lesson

The lesson is about advanced netplay and involves topics such as approaching the net, making a shot, volley and overhead. Serena talks about how the net should be your best friend and you should know all of the techniques to keep it in your favour. Serena shows the tricks needed to ace the game by practising the advanced Netplay.

Training like a Pro

To turn into a pro, you must train like a pro. The more sweat you generate in the training the fewer points you will lose in the tournament. This lesson helps in understanding how to increase the training hours. Shape matters a lot in sports and one should always maintain it like Serena.

Members Who Loved Deadmau5 Classes

From diet and nutrition to generating motivation all of the topics are covered under the “training like a pro” lesson. This lesson will help in getting back to the old rhythm that you are missing nowadays and feeling stuck while training.

Preparing for the Game Day

The biggest day in a player’s life is game day. Every game decides the fortune of the player which is the reason they must be strong mentally and physically on the game day.

Serena shares her secrets which helps her in maintaining her health on the big days such as Grand Slams finals. Eating the proper diet, matching anxiety management, and the focusing process for the game all will be covered by Serena Williams in this particular lesson. 😊

Making of a Winner

All players wish to add numerous titles to their profile and that can be achieved with hard work easily. Serena talks about how one should manage the changes coming in their life such as publicity. Extracting the right inspiration is another important factor that can affect the game that’s why Serena discusses it in the lesson.

# 5 Key Benefits of Serena Williams MasterClass

Serena Williams is an unforgettable name of the Tennis and she has made her brand by dedication. She teaches her tactics and useful tips on MasterClass through which players learn a lot. Here are some most beneficial lessons which you will get :

Effective Practice Sessions

Any sport or game needs a practising session that shapes the ability of the player and especially for Tennis, it requires immense practice. Serena’s MasterClass will guide you throughout the practicing session and will teach you how to practice in a manner that will eventually give you the maximum result.

Learning Control

In court Tennis, you need to have control over the game as well as the Tennis ball, the control over the ball is important to win and master the game. So, for teaching you how to master the game and how to take control, Serena’s video lessons will be helpful. Her video lessons will guide you about the controlling process. 😉

Masterclass Sports And Gaming Classes

Handling of Pressure

Once you enter the game or Tennis Court, you automatically get pressure from your expectations, your fans, and the audience and you need to learn about the process of handling pressure for winning the match. Serena’s master lessons are a guide through which you will learn how you can handle tough situations and minimize pressure.


You need to know that when you are a player there will be times when you win and lose but the main thing which matters is your confidence and motivation. Serena was not always a Champion; she too has lost but she didn’t think less of herself and today she is the Champion. Her lessons will motivate you to be confident and a winning player.

Mastering the Game

Serena’s lessons teach you every rule and trick for the game and when you learn all the things, practice hard and be confident, you master the game and that’s what is the benefit of having lessons from Serena Williams.

Pros & Cons

👍 Pros

  • Trains for the toughest situation
  • Provide proper guidance throughout the game
  • Will motivate to be confident
  • Constant practice sessions with effective methods
  • Teach players the tactics and techniques needed in the court
  • Teaches to make the maximum output even from less
  • It will help to set up the goals for a successful career

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

What you can Expect from Serena Williams’s MasterClass?

Serena Williams is a big name in the world of Tennis and when it comes to her playing skills, there are many things that one can learn from her. One can observe the difference in their previous playing skills and after skills when they get trained by Serena herself.

Serena Williams Teaches Tennis

When you start taking lessons from her, be sure that you are going to learn the best about the game and you will succeed. She will teach you to make practice sessions fruitful, you can learn how to make 100% output in any practising session. You will not only get information about useful tricks but also will be guided about the things which you should avoid in court.

How to Register for Serena’s MasterClass?

The registration process of Serena’s MasterClass is super easy and you can do it in just 5 -6 minutes. You need to access the official site of MasterClass and then sign up by providing your contact details like Email, and just pay the affordable fee.

Masterclass At Work

These simple steps will give you access to Serena’s mind and talent and you can learn from her too. Just log in and have fun while learning from her.

Is This MasterClass Worth the Money?

The answer to this question is a big YES with no doubt because you are going to learn from a world Champion Tennis. Her lessons are of short duration, which makes the lessons easy and understandable for players. 😚

You pay less and get unlimited access to the intelligence of Champion, what could be better than this. You get to learn many aspects of a sports person’s life, like the emotional aspect of how to handle your emotions on the court while playing. You will learn many unexpected and unknown things which you were unable of.


Serena has been appreciated for her gameplay and has won many grand titles which makes her the most appropriate tutor, she can share her experiences and you can learn indefinite things from her.

The registration process is super easy, the fee is affordable, and lessons are full of useful information; so, don’t miss the chance of learning from Campion herself. Signup and learn from the sea of knowledge and imply the methods & techniques on the court to win the match as well as the audience.

FAQs 🤔

Q1. Who is Serena Williams?

Serena Williams is an American tennis player.

Q2. How many Grand Slam Singles has Serena Williams won?

Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam Singles, which made her the only player to do so in the Open era.

Q3. How many titles has she won in her career?

Serena Williams has won a total of 73 titles in her career in Tennis.

Q4. How many lessons does Serena’s MasterClass have?

Serena Williams’ MasterClass has 10 video lessons in total.

Q5. What is the overall duration of Serena Williams MasterClass?

The overall duration of Serena Williams MasterClass is 2 hours.

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