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Ken Burns MasterClass Review: Is It Best Filmmaking Course?


The world needs to know the truth happening across the globe and documentaries have emerged as one of the mediums to spread the truth and realities to the world.

What is Documentary Filmmaking?

Many things are happening around us and we don’t have access to look at them, so documentary films act as a medium to capture the realities and supply to us. 😚😚

Ken Burns Masterclass Review

Documentary filmmaking requires creativity and thinking because it intends to hold the truth and the only purpose of documentary film is to educate people about the subject reality.

This is not a fictional genre that will entertain people but it can be made interesting by using creative ability to create a structured plot with the truth embedded in it. The difficult task of documentary filmmaking had been eased by MasterClass conducted by Ken Burns.

Documentary filmmaking is not an easy task, it holds a big responsibility to deliver the truth to the world in an interesting and captivating way. If anyone is creative, they just need guidance to polish their creativity and make good use of it.

Who is Ken Burns?

Ken Burns is an American filmmaker, who is also a director and directed one of the best series on the Vietnam War. He has experience of more than forty-year in the filmmaking industry and produced many masterpieces by using archival video clips and photos.

Who Is Ken Burns

Glance at MasterClass

The MasterClass is an online teaching and learning medium through which any commoner and interested one can learn their favourite skill taught by the experts of respective fields. This enables students to learn from the legend of that field.

Nowadays this is a very popular and effective way of learning and especially in the Covid time, when things are online, it has been proven an effective platform. 😉

One can learn the skills at a very reasonable rate through these MasterClasses offered by Masters of skills. Utilise your time to make it reproductive and learn some skill that interests you and make an art out of it.

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What is Included in Ken Burns MasterClass?

Ken Burns shares his knowledge through the MasterClass consisting of 26 video lessons that have so much great advice. These lessons can change the way you think, as it contains the most influential content about documentary filmmaking.

Ken Burns Masterclass Lessons Plan

The average duration of each module is about 10 to 20 minutes which makes it super easy for students to listen. One will be getting legend’s knowledge in just 20 minutes, nothing can be great than this. Along with lectures, tasks and assignments are also provided to enhance the skill in a better way.

The Structure of MasterClass by Ken Burns

Every class must be designed considering the best pattern that follows all the key points to unlock excellence. This course can be found in filmmaking courses or the film & theatre courses section of MasterClass. It will certify you with a certificate of documentary course by Ken Burns.

Participants must be comfortable with the language English because of the native language of legend Ken Burns. The class helped in learning documentary filmmaking from the maker of 39 million viewers viewership guaranteeing Netflix show “Vietnam War ”.

Masterclass Arts & Entertainment Classes

So the structure of the class starts with an Introductory Lesson about the basis of documentary and how this genre carries artistic as well as societal responsibilities. The class further extends to ‘what it takes’ class. What kind of changes a person has to make in the art to make a wonderful documentary. 😊

The filmmakers must know which story they wish to present to the audience and Ken Burns’ inputs will help filmmakers understand which story they have to pick as the class helps in knowing which is your story. Filmmakers also have the responsibility to mend the story out of our subject.

Everyone has a story, even an ordinary man doing a regular job has a wonderful story, an individual just needs to observe the story. The program teaches the method of creating the narrative because a powerful narrative will only lead to a powerful documentary.

The industry of cinema has already done numerous wonders but to find that treasure it seeks the magic torch to seize that material which will help you experience the marvellous content and Ken Burns is that torchbearer.

Another section of the course covers the method of shaping non-fiction characters, the boundaries to add fiction and understanding their true thought process. By illustrating his work Ken Burns narrates the skill of case study and what the structure of your film should look like.

The importance of music will get into your veins and you will agree to the quote that “Music is what feelings sound like”. Music helps in turning emotions more powerful and relatable as the viewers’ emotions also get turned on.

In a few last sections of programs, participants get to know about the use of recording and voice over with brilliant sound design. Art is the weapon to remove the generational curses and this is what the section of artist’s responsibility will help you understand. 😇

In the concluding part of the program, participants get a chance to share their films and enter the world of documentary filmmaking. These services boost the worth of every minute and penny spent in the MasterClass.

#5 Key Benefits of Ken Burns MasterClass

  • There are many benefits of learning from Ken Burns which cannot be explained in words but here are a few:
  • MasterClass has various pre-recorded lectures which you can listen to anytime whenever you are free and this feature makes it very effective and excellent.
  • ​He is an experienced master in documentary filmmaking and what can be best other than learning from the master itself.
  • The cheap and affordable prices of MasterClass offered by Ken Burns are affordable for almost everyone which is one of its main benefits.
  • You will get enough assignments and work to practice which will eventually help you in enhancing your skill.
  • Ken Burns’s teaching methods are very easy and approachable. He uses a specific way to teach which includes the step by step approach to the subject.

👍Pros of Ken Burns MasterClass

One must be thinking why should we learn documentary filmmaking only from Ken burns well here’s the answer. Have you ever heard of The Vietnam War? Yes! The one available on Netflix was directed by Ken Burns.

He has directed, produced and shot so many masterpieces which makes him a perfect choice for students aspiring for learning documentary filmmaking. He has received a 30 plus degree from reputed institutions which shows his ability and creative skills.

He is not just a filmmaker who documents people, places and events but also is an excellent public speaker who speaks at colleges and other organizations. He has been honoured with “One of the most influential documentary filmmakers of all time” by Real Screen magazine.

These titles are very small in front of his skills which he has learned over time and he has now decided to share his experiences and knowledge through MasterClass at a very affordable rate.

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Subscription of Ken Burns MasterClass

One can get access to Ken Burns’ experience and knowledge at a very reasonable price. If you are interested in learning from one of the best documentary filmmakers this rate is nothing in comparison with his knowledge and value.

Ken Burns MasterClass comes with two plans, one is $19.99/£39.99 per month and the second is $199/£170 per year. The prices are affordable which can get you access to Ken Burns’ intelligence.

He has shooted over 20 documentaries and his experiences and intelligence can polish your skill and make you one of the best kind. He is such an inspiration for the aspiring filmmaker, he can make anyone the best with his knowledge and methods.

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The lectures offered by him are just like an “ocean of knowledge” in which one can dip and come up with something very useful. He is giving you access to his mind and methods at this rate which can be afforded by almost every aspiring filmmaker.

His lessons are worth the price because his knowledge is unlimited and very useful. The way he delivers lectures is just splendid, one will be amazed by the quality of his MasterClasses.

The plans also come with a 30-days money-back guarantee, in case you feel backing off from it. But if you once experience the quality of his teaching method, it is 100% sure that you will not take a back step.

What one can Expect from Ken Burns MasterClass?

To make a mesmerizing documentary the person must have a realistic and tempting story and this is what class discusses. The class also helps in knowing how truth is an eternal part of documentary filmmaking.

The most important factor of support can only be sorted by money and the ace filmmaker also teaches how to navigate the process of pitching and fundraising. The course involves information about the method of writing a script with the right use of cinematic techniques. 😍

Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking

Ken Burns will help participants in generating the special tailor method desired to weave your research and present a masterpiece. He doesn’t just teach you the methods and ideas of filmmaking but also shares valuable advice which is very useful for life.

MasterClass offered by Ken Burns can teach you editing, producing and many more things effectively and easily. He makes students think and you cannot understand without thinking, so it can be seen as one of the advantages provided by his MasterClass.

Is this MasterClass Worth the Money?

You will get the answer to this question once you join it but yes it is guaranteed that the answer will be a big ‘YES’. One gets his pre-recorded lectures at a reasonable rate which they can read anywhere and anytime. So this is worth it.


Ken Burns is one of the most influential speakers and an inspiration who has contributed to the filmmaking community to make it the best. If one listens to documentary filmmaking, the name of Ken Burns clicks in less than a half-second and he is worth the name and fame.

He has done so much for the documentary filmmaking sector and has given new horizons to aspiring candidates which makes him a legend. He chose to share his knowledge so that people can learn and use it to produce masterpieces as he produced.

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He has been making documentaries for over forty years, which is a great quality in itself because the experience of forty years in filmmaking can make anyone a master of the field. If you think to convey reality to the world, then the documentary film can be a great option and for learning and polishing this skill Ken Burns is the best choice.

FAQs 🤔

What is a MasterClass?

The MasterClass is an online learning platform where students can connect to the masters of their respective fields and can learn effectively.

Who is Ken burns?

Ken Burns is an American filmmaker and is also a director. He is famous for his work ‘The Vietnam War.

What does Ken Burns teach in MasterClass?

Ken Burns teaches documentary filmmaking through MasterClass.

What are the plans for MasterClass offered by Ken Burns?

Ken Burns’ MasterClass are accessible only at $19.99/£39.99 per month and $199/£170 per year.

How many lessons are there in Ken Burns’ MasterClass?

There are 26 pre-recorded lectures, each with an average duration of 10 – 20 minutes.

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