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MasterClass Review 2024: Should You Join It Or Not? (TRUTH)


We’re lucky to gain more knowledge on different types of courses through online learning platforms that provide us to learn anything at our own pace.

MasterClass Logo

MasterClass is one of the online streaming platforms with hundreds of video lessons of different categories taught by the world’s best instructors as you can watch and listen at any time you want.

Go through the MasterClass Review, where you can find its details, pricing, how it works, and more.

🔥 What is a MasterClass? In-Depth Review


MasterClass is an online learning platform where you can get over 100 classes across nine categories from industry experts. It offers 20 lessons on an average per class and it takes 10 minutes of time on average per lesson.

If you do not have any time to browse, then the MasterClass platform will find classes for you and all you need is just to pick any topic that you’re interested in any category. 

With MasterClass, you’re going to learn everything from the world’s greatest minds on different categories and also you’ll get an in-depth workbook of the course too.

MasterClass always launches new classes up-to-date and so it is easy for you to learn practical skills every day. Here is a MasterClass Review, to check more details of this learning platform to become a professional in that particular industry. 

😚 What Does MasterClass Offers us?

MasterClass offers over 100 classes across nine categories, as it allows you to download and watch them offline, and it also shares PDF workbooks for every class.

What Masterclass offers us?

It allows you to watch the classes on a Desktop, Mobile Phone, Tablet, or on TV, and it is a reminder that every month new classes will be added regularly on MasterClass. The list of categories it provides classes are

  • Food 
  • Design and Style 
  • Arts and Entertainment 
  • Music
  • Business 
  • Sports and Gaming 
  • Writing 
  • Science and Technology 
  • Home and Lifestyle 
  • Community and Government 
  • Wellness

👀 What is MasterClass Live?

Masterclass Live

MasterClass Live is nothing but you can dive and browse recordings of previous classes live sessions provided by the world-class instructors. 

  • Connect – In real-time connect with MasterClass world-class instructors virtually.
  • Learn – On Live, you’re going to learn depper insights into the subjects by hearing queries and its solutions. 
  • Explore – If you do not have any time to join the live session, then don’t worry MasterClass gives access to the previous MasterClass Live recordings to watch any time. 

🤔 How Does MasterClass Works? Is It Helpful?

If you sign up for MasterClass, then everything is easy to operate and follow this platform as it offers 20 to 25 video lessons for most of the courses. All you have to do is just watch and learn from those lessons, at the same time it allows you to download worksheets or workbooks that can help you to learn easily alongside the instructor. 

How does Masterclass works?

MasterClass allows you to watch and learn any type of course at your own pace and the lessons of each course are relatively short. The instructors will guide you through everything in-depth concepts to understand and learn easily, even you don’t need to commit to sit and learn for longer hours like any other online education platform.

Let’s review what exactly the MasterClass course works for you:

  • In MasterClass, you’ll get video lessons of various categories provided by world-class instructors. The classes contain 20 to 25 videos and it takes nearly 10 min for each video lesson. 
  • It provides a course workbook on summarizing the key points that help you to understand easily while guiding and you can learn in a step-by-step manner. 
  • It offers additional reading resources for the students that help them to quickly guide the subject concepts to learn with ease. 
  • While watching the videos, it allows a space to log down your key points that you understand. 
  • The best part is it gives access to the community, so you can join the discussions, connect with the other students, share your work and knowledge. 

✅ Where You Can Watch MasterClass Course?

You can watch any course that you want to learn on MasterClass at any time and anywhere as it is compatible with smartphones, operating systems, Tablets, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku streaming media players.

Where To Watch MasterClass

Firstly, you can watch and listen to the video classes online, secondly if you don’t have time to watch online means it provides you to watch them offline. This is possible when you download the video lessons that you want to your device and watch them learn the course. 

😇 Should You Join MasterClass Or Not?

MasterClass online learning platform is designed for anybody and so anyone can watch the video lessons it offers to gain knowledge. This platform is especially for the people who are interested to learn a new skill in practical and artistic talents of different categories.

MasterClass Is For Learning Skills Or Not For School Students.

If you want to learn any “Skill” like acting, comedy, or else want to gain some scientific knowledge then you can go with MasterClass but if you’re a school student then you don’t need to join it.

If you want to learn acting or want to learn comedy, or else want to gain some scientific knowledge then don’t worry MasterClass is here to teach everything that you want.

We’re living in the digital era, so many people are preferring to learn something new at their own pace rather than going out. If you’re free and excited to learn something new, then you can review the courses of MasterClass and after that proceed with anyone of it.

MasterClass online learning platform is not for the people who are looking to get accredited after the completion of the course. All the classes at MasterClass are pre-recorded and it doesn’t offer any Q&A sessions, or quizzes, check-in coaching sessions, and also you won’t interact with the instructor directly like any other online learning platform does. 

MasterClass Stream AnyWhere & AnyTime

Till now, MasterClass achieved a lot of popularity because of its quality content provided to the learners and this platform is not suitable for the people who want to replace the college-level courses with these classes. One should remember before going to start learning with MasterClass is that the courses aren’t accredited and should not confuse with them. 

Finally, this platform is not for the people who don’t want to learn, and of course, the video lessons are entertaining but some of them are quite interesting that capture the audience to learn deeper concepts.

This is the main reason why most people attracted to the MasterClass as it provided courses to learn new things and also updates the content regularly. On the whole, yes learning requires a little bit of effort and with a MasterClass, it is easy for you to gain knowledge. 

👊 MasterClass for Businesses

Masterclasses for Businesses

MasterClass online learning platform is not only for individuals but also helpful for Businesses. Must check the review of MasterClass to know how it is helpful for employees and employers. 

Why Employees Love MasterClass?

  • Soft Skills Development – One can learn soft skills such as leadership, effective communication, storytelling, and negotiation.
  • #1 Instructors – The Business topics are taught by world-class experts like Robin Roberts, Chris Voss, Howard Schultz, and Bob Iger. So, you can learn business current, and future situations to perform any activity with ease. 
  • Highly Engaging Bite-Sized Content – It gives access to high-quality content that is engaging and entertaining that is easily understandable.
MasterClass For Employees

Why Employers Love MasterClass?

  • Soft Skills Development – The employees of any business industry are able to learn the key soft skills at the MasterClass such as how to be a great leader, how to speak confidently in public places, how to sell products, and much more. 
  • Learn From the Best – By learning from the best and world-class experts, the employers will feel empowered and do attempt in the workplace. 
  • Engagement and Retention – Most of the businesses that follow a strong culture have more engaged employees. If your company has a more engaged workforce then the employees become more productive to make better decisions and better retention rates. 

😘 Pros and Cons of MasterClass


  • Easy to use platform
  • Word-class instructors
  • High video quality
  • Various categories of video lessons
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Download PDF
  • Offers space to make a note yourself
  • Provides workbook
  • Offers a great breadth of topics
  • Suitable for Businesses
  • Affordable cost



  • Not offer accredited certificate
  • No free trial period
  • Not a replacement for technical education platforms
  • Pre-recorded classes
  • Instructors never interact with the students
  • Some instructors are relay on more fun than subject
  • No free courses
  • No educational goals
  • Offers fewer topics
  • Not having greatest community

🤗 Benefits Of MasterClass?

The most beneficial things about MasterClass are its community forum, where people discuss the courses and the progress.

But today, most people are likely to watch videos rather than discussions because videos are more attractive and interesting to learn & understand the subject.

On the other side, the MasterClass offers content to the student STUDENT OF THE MONTH, from this students can showcase their skills on what they learned.

MasterClass Popular Courses

The results will be sent to their instructors and the winning student will earn recognition and this contest benefits the students in every aspect especially to develop their skills.

Another benefit of the MasterClass platform is the functioning of the application, as it works smoothly similarly to the website. Next, the students can watch the video lessons at different speeds, and under the video lessons, you can leave comments or queries about the course.

But the disadvantage is some courses in the app it does not offer video lessons, and they allow you to engage with audio lessons. Those courses are writing courses, business courses, but these are audio-friendly and if you do not prefer audio lessons means these courses are not for you.

For video lessons, you have to click on each video and learn the course. If you do not click on each lesson of the MasterClass app means, there is a chance of missing some videos and so review & click on each video to learn the course.

🎁 Pricing Plans Of MasterClass

Masterclass Pricing Plan

The pricing plan of MasterClass is $15/month and it will provide access to all the courses and the pricing plan is billed annually then it costs $180/year. Businesses, who subscribe for more than 5 annual memberships, can save 5-35% off. 

❣️ Customer Reviews on MasterClass

Masterclass reviews

You can look into some of the reviews given by the learners of MasterClass, from this we can say how it helps them. Most of the learners respond in a positive way and they like this learning platform.

💥 Conclusion Of MasterClass Review

The masterClass is an online learning platform where you can learn everything at your own pace as the instructors of this platform are industry experts. It offers various courses of different categories and you can pick and learn anything you want according to your interest. 

MasterClass allows you to learn at any time and anywhere, and also this platform is compatible with all devices so you can watch the video lessons with ease. While learning the classes, it provides a workbook and you can easily learn from it and what experts teaching you. The MasterClass pricing plan is affordable and offers an annual payment structure. 

If you’re looking to get certified like other platforms means it is not for you as this platform does not offer any technical courses. Explore the courses, and learn something new with MasterClass.

🤡 Frequently Asked Questions

✌️ Is MasterClass worth the money?

The annual plan of MasterClass is $180 and it gives access to all the courses it offers. Yes, it is a great value and worth the money to learn the courses.

✌️ Is MasterClass offers a cancellation process and refund policy?

Yes, if MasterClass isn’t for you then you can cancel the subscription plan at any time you want and it refunds the money with 30 days.

👍 Does MasterClass offers any programming or technical industry courses?

No, the MasterClass platform is designed especially to train creative skills like example food, music, writing, arts, so on.

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