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Garry Kasparov MasterClass Review: Is It Worth The Money?


Chess – a game of wit, a game of intellect, and a game of strategies. If learned well, chess can be fun for all age groups, with a little practice.

However, this highly complicated game is not for everyone. There are tricks, tips, and techniques that nobody knows, that the winners always use. 😉😉

Garry Kasparov MasterClass Review

How do you get there with a better understanding standpoint of this majestic game? Well, look no more. The world’s youngest champion, Garry Kasparov’s MasterClass is key.

He teaches all about the game, and how to play to win in his MasterClass. His classes have great reviews in many publications, but how to determine if this class is for you? Read to find out.

Who is Garry Kasparov?

Garry Kasparov is an eleven-time Oscar winner and a Chess grand champion many times. He won fifteen consecutive professional tournament victories during his chess career, all of them being world records.

His first experience with chess was at the age of six when he found a solution to a chess problem set up by his parents. He then proceeded to be a chess master after winning a tournament in Minsk a few years later. This event, Kasparov says in his master class, inspired him to pursue a chess career. 😚

Who is Garry Kasparov

He has multiple achievements – he set the world record with an ELO rating of 2851 in 1999 which was only broken recently by one of his very own students. He was the consecutive world champion from 1984 to 2000, even though he retired from the sport in 2005.

He was the youngest ever world champion and was famously known as the youngest chess grandmaster. He had also authored several books throughout his career and also talks about how he wants to author more books even after retiring from his beloved sport. 

In his master class, he shares a ton of his experiences about his journey to becoming the world champion and also becoming one of the best chess players that the world has ever seen and crafts his knowledge into lessons for the next generation to learn from.

Overview of The Course

Garry Kasparov MasterClass Lessons Plan

Kasparov begins his classes by highlighting the fundamentals of chess. He compares the tactics of chess with real life, which he says is the most important lesson when learning chess. He then moves ahead to teach about double attacks, discovered attacks, skewers, and other crucial tactics.

Then he moves on ahead to teach endgames and openings. The second part, which we think is the crucial part of this MasterClass, and learning how to plan your next move. After spending a while on openings and endings, Kasparov ends the course by giving a bonus lesson. 😊

He teaches how ‘opportunity is more important than material’, and how he had wished he had played over the years. The course has 30 video lessons, 15 minutes each. Summing up, Kasparov’s classes add to 7 hours and 20 minutes of learning material. The class also comes with PDF workbooks to practice and put your new-found knowledge to test.

Garry Kasparov Class Lessons

Here is Kasparov’s lesson curriculum:

  1. Introduction
  2. Garry’s Chess Fundamentals
  3. Double Attacks – Part 1
  4. Double Attacks – Part 2
  5. Skewers
  6. Discovered Attacks
  7. Pins
  8. Deflection/Attraction
  9. Interference
  10. Overload
  11. Winning Trades
  12. Endgames – Part 1
  13. Endgames – Part 2
  14. Endgames – Part 3
  15. Openings – Part 1
  16. Openings – Part 2
  17. Openings – Part 3
  18. Simul
  19. Jason’s Game
  20. Molly’s Game
  21. Dennis’ Game
  22. Case Study: Opening
  23. Case Study: Endgame
  24. Garry’s Journey
  25. How to Analyze
  26. Computers and Chess
  27. Mental Toughness
  28. Closing
  29. Bonus! Secret Novelty

How to Register for Garry Kasparov’s MasterClass?

To join Kasparov’s MasterClass, you will have to choose an annual plan, and fill in the required details. The window takes you to a payment site. 😍

Once the payment method is set up, you can choose from any MasterClasses you want – like learning Conservation from Jane Goodall, cooking from Gordon Ramsay, or Fashion from Marc Jacobs.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

Learning from the best: With this master class, students will get to learn from a world champion who shares a ton of his experiences. He’s very articulate with his lessons and he simplifies every step of a winning streak in a very simple manner that anybody can relate to. His classes are perfect for beginners and advanced-level players.

Examples: Kasparov, in his master class, included a ton of examples and case studies from his own life experiences. In these examples, he also talks about his gameplay, and he talks about the learnings, the dos, the don’ts, and how to master each step of a game to become the ultimate champion.

Price: MasterClass only costs $180 a year in which the viewers get to take lessons from some of the industry’s finest experts.

Length of classes: Kasparov classes add up two over seven hours of video learning material. his classes are of high-quality production with videos, case studies, examples, media, and animations. His storytelling is also very captivating – that the viewers will not lose interest even for a minute.

👎 Cons

Long classes: While the length of the classes might be an advantage to many players who are genuinely willing to learn from the best, it might be a drawback for most. students who are willing to learn from the champion in a fast-paced manner, this class isn’t for you.

What You’ll Learn in Garry Kasparov’s MasterClass?

Kasparov teaches not just the tactics of chess. He is more than just a world champion. He is a chess genius – and that is what he teaches. He also teaches about strategies, and how to analyse a person’s next move with the cards you already played.

Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess

The Grandmaster’s course is packed with theories and tactics for whoever wants to improve their Chess gameplay. Apart from this, he also covers mental toughness – and he does this based on his experiences.

He cites examples of the lessons and incidents that he has come along, and how he has taken his experiences in a way to toughen him. His topics also include double attacks, interferences, decision making, self-reflection, and most importantly – persistence.

Pricing, and Is his Class worth the Money?

Kasparov’s MasterClass can be accessed through MasterClass’s All-access pass that costs $180, which is charged yearly. This boils down to $15 a month and just $0.49 per day. Once the viewers get this pass, they can access all other MasterClasses on the platform for the year. 😇

There are many other classes on the platform – From learning how to cook from Gordon Ramsay, Fashion Design from Marc Jacobs, Comedy from Steve Martin, Conservation from Jane Goodall. Along with this, MasterClass also allows subscribers to download and listen to classes on the go.

Masterclass at Work

Both audio and video versions can be downloaded. There are workbooks available, and there are live chat options as well. For this price and the utilities, you get, Kasparov’s classes are worth the money. Kasparov MasterClasses teach you how to not just play chess but also how to think like a grand champion.

With this MasterClass students not just only get his advice on how to better their gameplay but also his experiences bring in a lot more character to the classes.


We highly recommend Garry Kasparov MasterClass. He teaches all about the gameplay he teaches about the tactics the opening the endings and how to win over any player that you play against.

He brings a lot of experience into the way he teaches, and he makes sure that all of these experiences are well crafted into good lessons for the students. It is fascinating how a grand champion thinks behind each move – and this is where the MasterClass shines.

Online Lessons By Great Teachers of MasterClass

He explains how not to play like him, but to have your own gameplay. His classes have a ton of material, that any player can look back on for some extra insights. For 7 hours, his course is packed with knowledge, wit, and intellect.

FAQs 🤔

How long is Garry Kasparov’s MasterClass?

Garry Kasparov’s MasterClass consists of 30 video lessons. They sum up to 7 hours and 20 minutes.

What is unique about Garry Kasparov’s MasterClass?

Garry Kasparov is a world champion for decades, and he brings his experiences to the classes, which makes the classes very unique. The production value, the case studies, the animations, and the workbooks make this MasterClass better than all the other classes on chess out there.

How much does Garry Kasparov’s MasterClass cost?

Garry Kasparov’s MasterClass can be accessed through a pass that costs $180 annually, for just $0.49 per day. With the pass, viewers can access all other classes on the site too.

How does the 30-day guarantee work on MasterClass?

Students can decide if this class is for them or not within 30 days of the purchase of the subscription. If you are not happy with the class, you can email the MasterClass team to get a full refund of the amount that you have paid.

How to cancel a MasterClass subscription?

Students can cancel their MasterClass subscription at any time. however, if the payment is made prior, students will not get a refund for the unlisted classes until it is done in 30 days.

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