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Judy Blume MasterClass Review 2024 (What Does It Include?)


Writing can be a hobby, it can be therapy, or it can be a profession. However, while writing, it is very important to understand your audience to deliver the right message.

Writing for adults is easy, but how easy is it to write for children?

How do you keep them engaged with your content while also being relatable? 😇

Judy Blume MasterClass Review

To teach you this, Judy Blume’s Masterclass is a perfect choice. A renowned writer and an award-winning author, she teaches how to write for children, and how to deal with many aspects of the process of writing in her MasterClass.

But how do you determine if this MasterClass is for you?

Read to find out:

Who is Judy Blume?

A New York Times bestseller, and a renowned Young Adult Writer, Judy Blume has made her way into the high world while covering taboo issues.

Who is Judy Blume

She has so far written over 25 bestsellers and has been the recipient of over 90 literary awards in her career including the Carl Sandburg Literary Award, the NYU Changemakers of the Year, and the Regina Award. 😍

Her copies, both children and adults, were sold in millions and she brings a ton of experience to her MasterClass to give her teachings on writing to the younger generation.

Overview of the Course

Judy Blume’s MasterClass comes with 24 video lessons that add up to 4 hours and 50 minutes long. The classes take a detailed journey towards writing and tackling different phases of being an author.

The class also comes with an included 43 page PDF workbook that has all the learnings from the lessons in it, and also with some helpful writing exercises to help you get better at what you learn.

Judy Blume Books

Along with this, there is also a Community Hub where writers can connect for collaborations, reviews, or much more. In this class, you will learn how to find ideas for stories, and how to write for young readers that will catch their attention and keep them engaged with your stories.

She also teaches how to structure your plot, while also teaching you how you can write effective dialogues, and writing for the marketplace.


Here is the course curriculum for Blume’s MasterClass on Writing

  1. Introduction
  2. Judy’s childhood
  3. Finding ideas – Part 1
  4. Finding ideas – Part 2
  5. Idea case studies
  6. Writing for younger readers – Part 1
  7. Writing for younger readers – Part 2
  8. In the unlikely event case study – Part 1
  9. In the unlikely event case study – Part 2
  10. Creating memorable characters – Part 1
  11. Creating memorable characters – Part 2
  12. Writing dialogue
  13. Dialogue case study
  14. Creating plot structure – Part 1
  15. Creating plot structure – Part 2
  16. Judy’s writing process – Part 1
  17. Judy’s writing process – Part 2
  18. Getting ready to submit
  19. Working with editors
  20. Rejection
  21. Marketplace
  22. Controversy and censorship
  23. Career journey
  24. Closing

Lessons You’ll Learn in Blume’s MasterClass

Using your own experiences to write: Blume’s classes have one main focus: writing for a younger audience. She says that with the constraints there are to write for children and young adults, it is always helpful to use your own experiences to weave a story. She uses examples from her books to prove this, and she takes you through a creative process of how she writes with close contact with her childhood.

Creating characters: Blume says that characters are a story, and she teaches how to create characters that the audience will connect with, and relate to easily. She explains how she has notes on each character, and she shows how she creates inspirations for them. She dedicated 2-3 classes to this topic and stresses visualizing the characters to help your audience invest in the story. 😊

Judy Blume MasterClass Lesson Plan

Dialogue: Judy Blume’s dialogue writing process is the main lesson of the MasterClass, as she teaches how to be naturally empathetic with the dialogues, and how to be understanding to a wider audience, especially when writing to younger generations. She stresses that complex language isn’t always the key, but having dialogues that match the character is.

Plot: Blume teaches how to elaborate each scene by planning your plot, and editing them in your mind before you put them on a blank paper. She teaches how to develop each character into points before setting them in the playfield, and she also elaborates on how to end a plot while ending all open endings. She uses experiences of her own to explain how not most will like the endings, but it is important to understand your own story.

Dealing with rejection: Blume’s career, as she says, was fueled with rejections. In an entire lesson dedicated to how to deal with rejections, she explains how to deal with ‘no’ and how to stay motivated even when things don’t go as planned. Her advice is to make negative feedback positive, by working on them, reading reviews, and making them constructive criticism. As she speaks of censorship, she also mentions how you can stay true to your ideas despite having to cut down some of your work.

Judy Blume Teaches Writing

What will you Learn from this MasterClass?

In this MasterClass, you will learn how the legendary author finds and develops her ideas, and how she goes about when beginning her book. She explains how she fleshes out her characters, while also talking about her personal experiences and how she develops some of her most famous characters. 😉

She shares tips into writing for a younger audience – that they will relate and engage with. She teaches how to deal with censorship, and how to go with marketing ideas and strategies when writing your book.

She also teaches dialogue writing, and how important it is, and she explains how one can develop a plot structure that keeps her audience at the edge of their seat while talking about her drafts.

In this MasterClass, you will also get a glimpse of her Notebooks, where she drafts her ideas, and how she works with editors for the best outcomes.

Is this MasterClass Worth the Money?

For the $180 all-access pass, you can access all classes on MasterClass for a year. For this amount, you will learn from the best experts in all fields.

Blume’s MasterClass on writing gives you an in-depth insight into how the successful author writes her books, and how she narrows down her ideas to deal with the marketplace and to find what her audience wants. 😚

You won’t just be paying to learn how to write, but you will also get to hear her experiences, and how to write effectively like herself. The price also includes access to her information-packed workbook and access to the community hub. We think this class is 100 percent worth the money.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

Writing for a younger audience: While writing for an adult audience can be in most of our comfort zones, writing for children can be quite challenging – as there are many boundaries to stick to. Blume teaches you how to write for an audience like this by tapping into your childhood, and developing a plot and characters that are easy to interact with.

Writing flow: Blume covers the flow of writing in her class, as she talks about her notebook. She starts with how she gains the inspiration to write a story, and how she develops a plot with the image she has in her mind.

Workbook: Every class on MasterClass comes with a workbook that you can download. Blume stands as a major pro for her students, as she included lessons, assignments that you can share with others to bring your learning experience to a full circle.

Price: MasterClass charges you $90 if you buy access to this class alone. If you buy an all-access pass, you will be charged $180 yearly. This price is worth it for the lessons you will be getting.

👎 Cons

No 1-1 interaction: Despite the community and the workbooks, if you had a question from the class, you can not connect with Blume herself to enquire further. There is no option for receiving answers to your questions.

Beginning your book: Blume talks about finding inspiration in her classes, but her attention to detail towards beginning a book is rather small. She ends on a good note with the conclusion and how to market your book, but she doesn’t cover how to begin your chapters.


Blume’s MasterClass covers all sections of writing, while also providing solid advice on how to deal with issues, problems, and setbacks while writing for a younger audience.

Judy Blume Teaches Writing

Her teaching is fast-paced, and her lessons are packed with information. For the price you pay, you also get access to her workbooks and community, while also getting the opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s best. Our verdict is, this class is worth it.


How long is Judy Blume’s MasterClass?

Judy Blume’s MasterClass comes with 24 lessons that add up to 5 hours of viewing material. The classes are fragmented into two or three classes for vast topics.

Does Judy Blume talk about publications in her MasterClass?

In her MasterClass, Blume talks about how to publish – how to find the cover for your book that is engaging, and how to write for the marketplace. She also talks in detail about editing, and censorship when writing for kids.

How does the 30-day guarantee work on MasterClass?

Students can decide if this class is for them or not within 30 days of the purchase of the subscription. If you are not happy with the class, you can email the MasterClass team to get a full refund of the amount that you have paid.

How much does Judy Blume’s MasterClass cost?

You can buy a single pass on MasterClass for Blume’s class for $90, or you can buy an all-access pass for $180 that you will be charged for annually. This boils down to $0.49 a day. For this price, you can access all the classes on the MasterClass platform for a year.

How to cancel a MasterClass subscription?

Students can cancel their MasterClass subscription at any time. however, if the payment is made prior, students will not get a refund for the unlisted classes until it is done in 30 days.

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