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Mindvalley vs MasterClass: Which Platform Is Best In 2024?


It is no news that everyone these days prefers an e-learning platform as a medium of advancing in their preferred skills and learning about new subjects.

Two of the best and most frequently used platforms include Mindvalley and Masterclass. 😚


In this Mindvalley vs MasterClass article we will be comparing both the digital educational platforms on a number of aspects including key features, pricing plans, offered courses, support resources and more. 

Mindvalley Overview

Launched in 2002, Mindvalley was founded by Vishen Lakhiani. It has been catering to people’s educational needs for more than two decades and has a community of over 12 million enrolled students in 80 different countries around the world.

Mindvalley is trusted and used by fortune 500 companies such as Google, Facebook, Cisco, Salesforce, Accenture, Duracell, Hubspot, Pepsico and various government bodies.

What is Mindvalley

Mindvalley as an e-learning platform offers more than just science and technology programs. The platform provides you the access to courses curated especially for spiritual and personality development of an individual along with soul positivity. 

The platform consists of a wide variety of over 50 courses on categories such as entrepreneurship, communication, confidence, better aging, goal setting, self love, meditation, resilience, unlimited abundance, parenting, perceptual diversity, energy healing, wellness, and more. 

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MasterClass Overview 

Founded in 2015, MasterClass is an American e-learning platform founded by Aaron Rasmussen and David Rogier. The platform has a massive number of students enrolled in one or the other offered course designed and delivered by a professional. 

MasterClass has till now successfully achieved a total funding worth $461.4 million. Some of the major investors include Impede Capital, Owl ventures, Vershina Capital, UTA Ventures and more. 


MasterClass offers programs that are meant to target and attract people interested in learning more about creative professions as well as self growth.

Some of the course criteria on which MasterClass provides learning material include Meditation, Wellness, Graphic Design, Sales & Marketing, User Interface (UI) Design,  Negotiation,  Screenwriting, Digital Photography, Project Management, Photo Editing, Film Cinematography, Business Strategy, Songwriting, Music Production, Fashion Design, Cooking, and more. 

Even though there are a number of benefits to both the e-learning platforms, let us look at the key features between Mindvalley vs MasterClass. 

Mindvalley Subscription Features 

Mindvalley offers tons of functionalities, however, the key features include the following ones. 

1. Quests Curriculum 

Mindvalley platform offers an incredible set of quests curriculum for you to choose from. You have access to more than 50 quests options currently and can choose to pursue whichever one you find interesting. 

Mindvalley Quests

2. Live Sessions 

The Mindvalley platform organizes live classes on a daily basis so that you can significantly improve your learning experience. The live sessions are delivered by various world renowned and experienced professionals as well as celebrities with high influence.

3. Immersive Meditation Catalog 

With Mindvalley you have access to an immersive collection of more than 500 courses and sessions designed and curated specifically on varying kinds of meditations. 😊

Mindvalley Meditation Courses

4. Private Community Network 

The online learning platform allows you unrestricted and unlimited access to their Private Social Network. You can use this private Mindvalley community channel as a mode of meeting new acquaintances and building lifelong connections with people of the same interests. 

5. Highly Accessible 

You can access Mindvalley and any of the published courses from the platform using multiple devices. Mindvalley supports tons of devices some of which includes Android, Apple, iPad, Desktop, Apple TV, etc. 

Mindvalley Mobile Apps

MasterClass Membership Features

With MasterClass you have access to a number of benefits and some of the features include. 

1. Wide Course Catalog 

With MasterClass you have access to already published as well newly updated courses without the limit on number of sessions and classes.

Masterclass’s annual membership program allows you the access to a professional course catalog of more than 150 sessions and classes,curated and taught by some of the most popular and successful people in industries such as cooking, storytelling, music, designing, photography, leadership and more.

MasterClass Course Catalog

2. Guest Passes 

The e-learning platform offers you the benefit of 14 days free guest passes through which you can attend various classes with your known ones. You can share these guest passes with your friends, colleagues and family members and make learning fun and interactive.

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3. Available Audio Mode 

Even though MasterClass offers live video sessions along with pre-recorded educational content, you can also leverage the benefit of audio lessons availability.

These podcasts like audio lessons are a great way of learning when you are always on the go or are doing some sort of errands. One should never stop learning and therefore these audio lessons are a lifesaver for people who do not have the time to commit to a proper sitting schedule. 

MasterClass Audio Only Mode

4. MasterClass Sessions and Classes 

Unlike other educational platforms, Masterclass especially curates their courses that follows a 30 day long pre-decided program curriculum. 😘

You also have the availability of real life based problems including hands-on projects. In case you face any issues or doubts regarding the program you are enrolled in you can receive help from your fellows. MasterClass has a supportive and ever active learners community.

5. Download The Guides 

One of the many benefits of using Masterclass involves the option of downloading course materials. The platform provides the class content for you to review the things taught and you can decide to download it or not in order to make the learning experience better and grasping the knowledge better. 

MasterClass Course Content

6. Watch Lessons From Anywhere & Anytime 

One of the main reasons why online learning platforms are popularly used and so is MasterClass is the availability of learning from where you want and whenever you wish.

With MasterClass you have the freedom to watch already recorded video classes and sessions of any of the course programs without the limitations of time and place. The educational content can be accessed through devices such as TV, phone, computer and tablet.

Coming onto the pricing plans section of this Mindvalley vs MasterClass article let us discuss the subscription models available to learners in detail. 

Mindvalley Pricing Plans

The platform provides a single membership plan available on both monthly and annual basis. You can buy the Mindvalley subscription package at either $59 per month on a monthly basis or $25 for a month on yearly basis. 

The platform also provides you the benefit of purchasing particular quests you are interested in. However, purchasing the membership helps you save a lot of money as well as grants you the access to all of their published quests.

Mindvalley prices.png

The platform offers you the 7 day free trial period of their services during which you can assess their platform, courses and everything in between without paying. 

You can contact Mindvalley through email to know more about the prices regarding educational institutes, businesses and startups. 😉

Mindvalley currently accepts transactional exchange via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. 

MasterClass Pricing Plans

The platform offers three different pricing structures for their subscription services. The details regarding the prices and features are discussed below. 

Individual – The “Individual” package can be bought at $15 for a month and is billed at $180 on yearly basis. With this plan you have access to a single MasterClass account and can use it from a single device at a time. 

Duo – The “Duo” plan usually costs $20 for a month with the total of $240 billed on an annual basis plus applicable taxes. However due to an ongoing offer you can buy it for $15 only.  With Duo plan you can access one account and can use it from two different devices at the same time.

MasterClass Plans

Family – The “Family” subscription package can be bought at $23 for a month with the annual invoice billed at $276 excluding applicable taxes. However, it is right now available for $15 due to a discount offer. Family plan gives you access to one account which can be used on six different devices simultaneously. 

Masterclass offers a free trial period that is only available to people of specific countries and eligible according to certain requirements set by the platform. 

You can pay for your MasterClass subscription using Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Keep in mind that depending on your residence location taxes in addition to your annual membership price can be added.

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Mindvalley Refund Policy

The platform provides a 15 day money back guarantee on both monthly and yearly basis on your first subscription fee ever. If you have decided to initiate the refund process contact on

It is to be noted that upon refund, Mindvalley will rescind your access to all of the quests you used involving your membership excluding the ones you previously purchased. 

MasterClass Refund Policy 

You are entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee where you can receive the entire amount you had originally paid. 😇

It is to be noted that refunds are only initiated on the courses that are directly brought from the MasterClass platform and not any third party platforms including Amazon, Google Play, App Store or Roku. 

Trending Courses Of MasterClass & Mindvalley

Let us look at some of the trending courses on both the platforms that are learners from all around the world are enrolling.


Mindvalley Trending Courses

1. Superbrain by Jim Kwik 

2. The Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield 

3. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden 

4. The Quest for Personal Mastery by Dr. Srikumar Rao

5. Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nicholas

6. Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali Tsabary 


1. Inclusive Leadership by Bill Clinton 

2. Art of Mindfulness and Meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn

MasterClass Trending Courses

3. Power of Resilience by Hillary Rodham Clinton 

4. Art of Storytelling by Neil Gaiman 

5. Scientific Thinking and Communication by Neil deGrasse Tyson 

6. Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes At Home by Gordon Ramsay

MasterClass Popular Courses

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Wrapping up our Mindvalley vs MasterClass article by summing up the entire information in short and presenting forth our opinions on when to choose which learning platform. 

Mindvalley Courses

Mindvalley is a better alternative for you when you want to access a wide library of courses, classes and sessions regarding meditation, mind, body and soul development. The prices for quests as well as the membership plan is very affordable. 😍

MasterClass on the other hand is another excellent option if you want to access courses with all rounded capabilities and subjects.

MasterClass offers diverse classes from self growth to cooking, science to wellness. The platform offers multiple subscription packages that you can choose depending upon your choice. 

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