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SkillShare Vs Lynda (LinkedIn Learning): Which One Is Best?


There are many online education platforms in this digital world to give the best services to learners to fulfill their dreams. SkillShare and Lynda, both platforms that give training on different categories of courses and skills to discover the new creativity of the learners. 

SkillShare vs Lynda AKA LinkedIn Learning
SkillShare vs Lynda AKA LinkedIn Learning

If you want to develop creative skills as well as personal development skills, then these two platforms are phenomenal in providing those skills. Still in confusion to pick the right one? then check the comparison between SkillShare Vs Lynda below and compare both of them to know about the courses & what they offer. From this, it is easy for you to decide which one is the right platform to learn something new. 

πŸ˜‡ What is SkillShare?


SkillShare, the name itself says it is one of the online education platforms which provides training on creative and personal development skills. It offers courses of different categories from Arts, Animations to Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics. 

If you are passionate about something, then SkillShare is the platform for you that can identify your interests and provide teaching to become skillful in that particular area. The instructors at SkillShare are always with you to guide you from the basic to advanced level that helps you build your future career.   

✨ Pros and Cons of SkillShare


  • Free trial for seven days
  • Higher Quality video content
  • Creative base courses of various categories
  • Best Platform to explore skilled courses
  • Creative & practical skills
  • Real-time digital & private workshops
  • Perfect for creative passionates
  • Offers to create a course
  • Become an instructor and provide coaching services
  • Filter options
  • Has mobile app
  • Downloadable workbooks to learn offline
  • Suitable for thriving business


  • Bit Pricey plans to invest
  • Instructors are not industrial experts
  • SkillShare courses are available only in the English Language
  • Limited Memberships

πŸ˜‹ What is Lynda? (LinkedIn Learning)


Lynda, popularly known as Linkedin Learning which is one of the greatest online learning platforms in the market. This platform’s main aim is to provide training on technical skills to individuals to reach their professional goals. If you want to become a pro in skill & want to gain knowledge in a particular subject, it can be English language or to develop software or anything with programming then Lynda is for you. 

Along with creative courses, it offers Business and Technology-related subjects that help in every step of your career. No doubt, the training quality at Lynda is excellent as the instructors have a world-class experience to guide you in every aspect to understand the concepts easily. 

⭐Pros and Cons of Lynda 


  • Offers one month free trial period
  • World-class outstanding instructors
  • A huge number of courses with a wide range of topics
  • Have more courses especially in technology development
  • Great video quality is Lynda’s commitment
  • Training is available in video format
  • Personalized course recommendations
  • The price range of monthly & annual subscriptions are affordable
  • Get certification and update it on your LinkedIn profile


  • No Cons Found

βœ… Categories & Courses – SkillShare vs Lynda

Once we land into SkillShare and Lynda, we can see that they offer a lot of courses, and to pick a course to learn something new means just give a detailed look into what exactly they provide. 

SkillShare Course Categories

Skillshare courses

If you’re looking to expand your creativity, then SkillShare offers various classes to learn. The list of the topics is Animation, Graphic Design, Web Development, Music, UX/UI design, Film & Video, Lifestyle, Business, Marketing, Leadership & Management, Entrepreneurship, and others. 

To look into more details of the types of courses, you can utilize the free trial period and try them. Even it offers some free courses that provide some online classes of beginner levels to understand how they teach and even the course curriculum they provide that helps to choose the best fit course to learn. 

Lynda Course Categories

Lynda Courses

Lynda is one of the better options to build your career in the technical field because it offers courses for professional development purposes. The teaching is just not only provided in the English language but also in German, Portuguese, Mandarin, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

We can filter the best course categories mentioned there like Bestselling Tech courses, Best Selling Business courses, Best selling leadership courses, Explore business topics, Explore creative topics, and also explore more technology-related topics. From fundamentals of the courses to advanced level of everything is available. From Business Analytics, software development to Data Science, creative courses are available on this platform.   

😍 Instructors of SkillShare vs Lynda

Online education courses are the main advantages to the learners to learn something new skill that they want. Before selecting the particular course on a platform, it is important to look into the complete bio & guide about the instructors and now let’s check more below.  

SkillShare Instructors

Skillshare Tutors

The courses taught by the SkillShare platform are the real creators, icons, experts, rock stars who are always with the students to guide. Their main motto is to share the experiences, knowledge, and explain the tools that you want. 

After getting trained at SkillShare, you can also become an instructor to teach the concepts to the students. For every class, we can see the reviews provided by the users of SkillShare, from this we can understand that they never compromise on providing quality teaching services. 

Lynda Instructors

Lynda Instructors

Coming to Lynda, it is not that easy to become an instructor, and of course, the teachers on this platform are having world-class experiences. Compared to SkillShare, Lynda is a more beneficial platform to learn courses especially technology-related courses. 

When it comes to the skills and quality of teachers on Lynda, they are up-to-date professionals and explains the concepts in a more interactive way. You will just not only connect with global & industry experts but also getting trained with a conceptualized learning experience. 

πŸ€— SkillShare vs Lynda Features

To know which one is the better choice between Skillshare vs Lynda, let analyze & look into the overview of each platform feature to get to a conclusion on which one to choose based on features.  

SkillShare Features

Below mentioned is the list of SkillShare unique features

Creation of Projects 

SkillShare - creation of projects

When it comes to courses of SkillShare, it is a completely unique platform designed for businesses and individuals. From this, they built an amazing experienced team as well as, individuals can create a path for their future careers.

It offers real-time projects and supports the creatives to handle and of course, this platform empowers them to see real growth. Whatever the course you pick, it helps to accomplish the real-time projects to get more practical involvement on that particular subject. This feature helps the students in encouraging and get motivated to gain knowledge on the subject.

Quality of the Courses 

Skillshare offers great & high-standard content quality and many users have given positive responses towards its content quality. The classes are designed according to real-life especially & those are fit according to your daily routine.

The courses are divided into beginner level to advanced level that is understandable to all types of audiences. So, the users can pick according to their requirement and it offers course description to give an insight on what you’re learning. On the whole, the courses available at SkillShare are informative and also in a professional manner.  

Easy User-Interface and Navigation

SkillShare concentrated to provide everything user-friendly and the visitors can navigate to the courses when they are on the landing page. It means, the main page is more attractive and the design is simple as you can find the topics that you’re looking for. 

One can get an idea about the course details after selecting the category that you want to learn. For example, take Animation, then straight forward it gets into the list of the courses, and the lessons. Along with that, SkillShare gives the details of the instructor too, review ratings and for every video, the learners can leave reviews, comments, or any queries.  

Offline Classes

If you’re unable to watch the video of the classes, then don’t worry it has offline access i.e, the download option just clicks and watch the video whenever you want. It is a reminder that these offline classes can use through the mobile app. 

Free Classes

SkillShare Free courses

Still, there is confusion about the classes, then you can take a step ahead to the free classes section and without signup, you can listen to them. It does not have a huge library of free classes but some of them are provided with in-depth concepts. 


SkillShare does not offer certification as an achievement to the students who completed the course. This is the major drawback of the platform, and the students are unable to showcase their skills on resumes or any other job portal sites.

Become an Instructor

Become an instructor - Skillshare

SkillShare provides a great opportunity to the people who want to become a teacher. Yes, one can create the course and become an instructor to share the knowledge with the learners. Review the categories list of SkillShare, and then decide which course have to create. Even to create a course, it offers various tools to design and customize it. 

Lynda Features

Below are the features of Lynda

Quality of the Course 

Lynda’s platform does not compromise on course quality as it provides it in a professional way. It offers various categories but mainly focuses on Technology and software-related content lectures. Compared to other platforms that teach Technology topics, Lynda is more advanced and regularly up to date with its content. The students who picked Technology related topics are more satisfied with their teaching services and shared positive responses. 

Learning Path

Lynda Learning Path

The courses at Lynda are formed into a learning path, and one should complete the course in this format only. For example, if you take a Python course, then the learning path totally focuses on course in-depth concepts. Even it allows you to view the course in offline mode by downloading them to your device. 

Interface and Easy Navigation

The navigation is easy at Lynda, on the landing page we can see the free trial period and also can see some of the courses it offers to us. It means Lynda gives basic information with an explore option to find the list of the courses. 

Lynda has an easy user-friendly interface as it allows us to browse the categories of the courses. After selecting a particular course, then immediately it shows the insight of the course, a list of the lectures with time, description or details of the course, and finally instructor notes. 


Lynda Certification

Lynda provides certification to the students after completion of the course as a recognizable achievement and this certification is valuable. If you’re looking for a job after course completion, then you can add this certification to your LinkedIn profile, resume, and other sites. 

Updates New Courses 

We can see there is a development in the skills, and the demand for jobs is increasing. In order to get every individual to gain knowledge according to the trends of the market, and get placed in the top organization that they dreamt of. Without charging any extra fee, it gives training by updating new content and skills according to the market needs. 

πŸ‘‰ Main Differences to Notice in SkillShare vs Lynda

SkillShare and Lynda, both come under the online learning platforms, but there are some different e-learning opportunities and in providing types of skills to individuals & businesses. 

  • The primary difference is SkillShare provides digital private workshops to the students, and Lynda offers certification as an achievement.
  • Lynda mainly concentrated on reaching professional goal of a student and on the other side, SkillShare provides personal & creative devleopment.
  • Coming to the selection of courses, SkillShare offers creative services Fine arts, filming, music, ilustartion, etc. Whereas, Lynda offers Professional subjects like software, web, business, etc.
  • To grow in the creative way means SkillShare is the pick, and in professional means Lynda is the choice.

πŸ’š SkillShare vs Lynda Customer Reviews

For both platform users provided their feedback reviews, personal experiences, and explained the learning journey process on how these platforms takes their career to next level. Look at the below pictures to understand exactly how they felt after completion of the course. 

SkillShare Customer Review

SkillShare customer review

The reviews on SkillShare are displayed on each lesson the course and this platform is also used by many organizations. One of the users, PAUL JOHNSTON, GLOBAL DESIGN MANAGER AT DENTON wrote “He decided to develop his team creatively and SkillShare helped them with exact results. It transformed the team into more engaged & collaborative.  

Linkedin Learning Aka Lynda Customer Success Stories (Refer to the Below Image)

Lynda customer stories
Lynda Customer Reviews & Success Stories

🎁 Pricing Plans – SkillShare vs Lynda 

Both SkillShare vs Lynda offers a free trial period whereas SkillShare gives access to a period of 7 days and Lynda offers one month. In the free trial period, get unlimited access to the courses taught by industry experts and working professionals. Let’s see the paid plans of individual platforms. 

SkillShare Pricing 

Skillshare Teams Plans

No matter the size, shape, and stage of a business, SkillShare offers pricing options to all the teams. In the starter version, basic membership pricing starts from 2-20 members of a small business team costs $139/year per user. In this, you’ll get 

  • Access to over 35,000+ classes
  • Easy to use functionalities
  • Offline classes on mobile devices
  • Monthly real-time digital workshops, live classes
  • Unlimited access to SkillShare originals
  • Provides Project-based courses
  • Get feedback from instructors
  • Basic tech support
Compare Pricing Plans

For more than 20 team members, the Enterprise version is the choice and it has custom pricing. Get everything in the starter plan including,

  • Customer Success Manager (Dedicated)
  • Analytical Reporting regular basis (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
  • Get Access to public-class lists by topic or skill
  • Custom real-time workshops & learning paths 
  • Casting, offline & mobile capabilities
  • On-board engagement support
  • You can Add-on custom learning paths
  • Private digital workshops facility (Monthly)
  • Team, user, and class reports
  • Feedback from the teachers & community
  • Private Community Group
  • Advance Level Tech Support
  • L&D consultation
  • Includes all REPORTING Features
  • includes all INTEGRATIONS Features

A perk for teams is Revive version with custom pricing and it is suitable for over 51 team members. Enjoy features that are available in the Basic plan including extra features mentioned below. Some features from the Enterprise plan are not included in this plan.

  • On-boarding and Engagement support
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reporting & Analytics
  • Curated wellness lists 
  • Reporting & Analytics are provided 2X per year 
  • Digital private workshops 1x per year
  • No Integration Features
  • No Custom Reports but includes all other REPORTING features
  • No Dedicated Manager, No 1:1 implemention & onboarding, No L&D Consultation
  • No Private community feature

Lynda Pricing  

Lynda Pricing Plans

The annual pricing structure and monthly plan are Lynda’s premium membership pricing structures, also you can cancel at any time you want. The monthly plan of Lynda costs $29.99/month and the annual plan costs $19.99/month, the free trial period is accessible for both plans. Linkedin Learning reminds you before one week of the free trial ends and the main features you’re going to experience in these plans are:

  • Unlimited access to more than 16,000 courses 
  • Based on your interests, it suggests other courses
  • Access to the promotional video, in-depth concepts, offline viewing, and audio-only classes.
  • Provides certification after completion of the course
  • Interactive learning with exercises, quizzes, and other practice sessions
  • Provides job and salary insights, InMail credits, and others
  • Unlimited profile viewing opportunity

πŸ”₯ Final Words – SkillShare vs Lynda 

At the end of the comparison of SkillShare vs Lynda, we can say both are good at providing training to the students by their professional instructors and pick the platform according to

Select SkillShare If You Want

  • To gain creative skills
  • Free trial 7 days
  • Compared to Lynda offers few courses
  • Rockstar Tutors & creators
  • Expensive Pricing
  • To Focus on arts and other creative wroks
  • Real-time workshops

Select Lynda If You Want

  • To gain personal & professional development skills
  • To Get One month free trial period
  • Learn from World-class experienced tutors
  • Affordable Pricing
  • To Focus more on tech related industry
  • To Get certification as an achievement

πŸ’₯Frequently Asked Questions

🀞 Does SkillShare have better courses compared to the Lynda online learning platform?

If you’re looking for a huge library of quality courses related to creativity then it is preferred to go with the SkillShare platform. If you want to become a professional expert and want certification for the development of future careers means Lynda is the right choice.

✌️ Is it good to add skills that we learned from SkillShare lessons to Linkedin profile?

It is always good to add skills that we learned but coming to the SkillShare platform, it does not provide certification as an achievement. If we add a certification of the skill that we learned from any platform to a LinkedIn profile or resume, then it looks more professional.

πŸ‘Š Is it possible to get a free trial period on SkillShare without providing credit card details?

SkillShare offers a free trial period for seven days after signing up and you still have to provide your credit card details to it. So, there is no chance to enjoy a premium subscription plan for free without providing a payment method.

πŸ‘ How to download SkillShare playlists at once to the device?

It is very simple, all you need to do first is to install the video downloader to the device, and then you can download the videos at once.

πŸ€— Are Lynda and Linkedin Learning both are same?

Yes, it is officially announced that Lynda is migrated to Linkedin Learning online platform and you’ll get access to all quality courses. The certifications of Linkedin Learning are recognizable by employers across the world.

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