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Mindvalley Review 2024: Is It Worth The Money? My Experience


Many people around the world are busy in their lives building their career, work culture, and not spending time on their quality of life, relationships, and health.

If you want to live life joyfully and fulfill the things that you want in your life then there is an online platform called Mindvalley that deals with a person’s personal growth.

What is Mindvalley

It can identify the person’s matter that happens most in his/her life and strive to teach them how to deal the life and how to transform their lives.

Mindvalley is one of the best learning online platforms that teaches how to transform a life and in this article we’re providing a complete review on this MindValley.

It has the world’s best teachers, speakers, and activists to deal with the people and the community of Mindvalley is 12 million from all over the globe.

Even a new member can gain huge support from the Mindvalley community and it has a capacity to transform in many areas of a person’s personal life with an effective teaching approach.

Primarily, Mindvalley focuses on self-development taught superbly on the quality of life on every course provided by experts.

😍 Pros and Cons


  • Courses are available with High Valuable content
  • Popular authors, speakers, activists, speakers will deal the courses
  • Gives a lot of actionable advice to deal with lives
  • It changes the lives of the students
  • Teaches on self-development
  • Offers great life lessons
  • It has a well-structured syllabus
  • It is effective to all types of devices
  • It accesses the study materials offline
  • The high level of usability
  • Can share one account with others



  • Little bit expensive
  • One who does not willing to trust own beliefs then it is not the right course to them.

😇 What is Mindvalley? 

The best-selling author Vishen Lakhiani is the CEO of Mindvalley with 12 million students across the globe. Although he is a computer engineer, meditation changes his life, and he studied it to teach people around the world.

Vishen Lakhiani

In the year 2002, it was founded and the location of the Mindvalley is headquartered in Kaula Lampur.

Mindvalley is all about spirituality, body, finding success at work, mind, and connecting the people of different communities, and sharing individual talents.

The aim of Mindvalley is to teach the people with world-class experts and mainly the people who are not able to fulfill their achievements or suffering personally.

The courses in Mindvalley offer various topics like quantum jumping, Lifebook, SuperBrain &, etc. as the people who dive deeply into trauma can take this course. On the YouTube channel of Mindvalley, you can see different videos from a two-minute video to more than half an hour that explain various topics.

The Mindvalley talks are almost as similar as TED talks and also frequently introduces new topics in the course. Let’s review more about how it works and its various classes in detail.

How Does Mindvalley Work? 

When a new member joins Mindvalley will absolutely stun after watching any Mindvalley course and also wonder how fit it is? Mindvalley offers free courses on their website and also connects with the community through social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, etc.

If you think that Mindvalley fits you, then go for the Mindvalley membership option that is available with various courses or pay for an individual course to learn and understand more.

🔅 What Exactly Does Mindvalley Quest Mean?  

Mindvalley Quest is cut into two pieces and one is the video-class-based lesson and the other one is a practice session of around 20 minutes.

The teaching at Mindvalley really matters in life and you can review the classes when you join and each course will last thirty to fifty days.

Mindvalley is not an academic kinda course, but it teaches us about the complete transformation of life personally. To achieve better results, it includes the courses like meditation practices, brain training and it helps to push from the past to become the better you.

Though it is an online platform and the combination of Mindvalley quests will help daily in microlearning and also allows to connect the other people in the community.

The users of Mindvalley can experience their personal growth in their life by interacting with different programs and make addictive to the users to learn more. The Mindvalley Quest platform boasts more than 90% of better completion rate than the industry average.

Mindvalley Quests

The transformation of a person’s life can happen with Mindvalley because it focuses on personal matters and proven that the teachers/motivators help with their best teachings.

The Mindvalley Quests are compatible with all devices like laptops, TV, tablets, desktops, and mobile devices. In order to provide the best experience to the students, the videos are designed by learning experts and filmmakers.

A person can enjoy the learning procedures as like a video game with the time per video of roughly 20 minutes.

👊 What is Mindvalley Mentoring? 

Mindvalley Mentoring is formerly a tribe membership and this option is available for people who like to self-discovery to another level. Vishen Lakhiani curated more than 100 hours of training on different ideas and passed by instructors more than 80 members.

Mindvalley Mentoring

Vishen Lakhiani personally coaches on the personal development of the people and the Mindvalley mentoring is to deal with the inner circle of users to access the training procedures of their personal growth. The members receive the training in the form of videos, films, workshops, and interviews and also connect with each other by meeting virtually.

🤗 What is Mindvalley University? 

A one-to-three-week long event is considered as Mindvalley University and it is available for Global campus members and subscribers of Mindvalley Memberships.

Mindvalley University

Every year, it takes place in different cities as it provides training in the form of seminars and workshops to hundreds of people.

In the past, the seminars are taken in the places such as Barcelona, Tallin, Spain, Croatia, Estonia, and Pula. The subscription fee has to be paid first at Mindvalley University and for adults, the ticket price ranges from $1299.

For teenagers or kids, the pricing starts from $1099 and the kids who are less than seven years old can get a free ticket. The cost of travel, food, and accommodation is not included in the Mindvalley University Ticket price.

Does Mindvalley Courses Worthy Or Not?  

Review the list of courses at Mindvalley which are truly effective for many lives and make a lot of difference in their personal development. Like any other online platform, Mindvalley has no downsides, and overall, it gains a huge response among the audiences for over 80 countries in the world.

The video classes are shorter but added with crucial parts that actually make it work in the reality of people’s lives. The quality of the content at Mindvalley experience is nothing like ever before and the online courses are quite realistic in nature.

🎁 Pricing Plans of Mindvalley  

For powerful transformations, Mindvalley offers a free masterclass for 60 to 90 minutes every week. The learning of Mindvalley Quests can turn into an adventure of a group and get all $12,000 worth of programs for just $2 per day.

Pricing Plans of Mindvalley

For the entire Mindvalley vault 30+ programs, you can review & subscribe now for unlimited access. To upgrade every aspect of life at Mindvalley for $99/month and subscribe annual plan for $499 to get up to 60% off discount. There are individual prices for each course and category and the pricing of those courses are listed.

Sharpen Your Mind   

  • Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani at $349  
  • The Silva Untramind System by Vishen Lakhiani at $399 
  • Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer at $399  
  • Live by Your Own Rules by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani at $299  
  • The M Word by Emily Fletcher at $299  

Reshape Your Body 

  • 10X Fitness by Mindvalley at $349  
  • The Madtery of Sleep by Michael Breus at $399 
  • The Total Transformation by Christine Bullock at $49  
  • Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield at $399 
  • The Mindvalley Yoga Quest by Cecilla Sardeo at $299 

Tap Into Your Soul  

  • Awaken the Species by Neale Donald Walsch at $299  
  • Duality by Jeffrey Allen at $299  
  • Feng Shui by Marie Diamond at $349 
  • Integral Theory by Ken Wilber at $349  
  • Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith at $349 
  • Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and David Feinstein at $399 
  • Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allen at $349 

Enhance Your Relationships  

  • Conscious Parenting Mastery by Shefali Tsabary at $399 
  • Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas at $349  
  • Mastering Authentic Networking by Keith Ferrazzi at $349  
  • Energies of Love by Donna Eden at $399 

Success At Work 

  • Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nicholas at $349  
  • Life Visioning Mastery by Michael Beckwith at $349 
  • Ultimate Leadership by Keith Ferrazzi at $349 
  • The New Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley at $349  
  • Everyday Bliss by Paul McKenna at $299 

Accelerate Your Performance 

  • Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler at $349 
  • Super Reading by Jim Kwik at $299 
  • Superbrain by JimKwik at $399 

Grow Your Money Mindset 

  • Money EQ by Ken Honda at $349  
  • Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance by Marisa Peer at $349  

Become a Better Entrepreneur 

  • The Quest for Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao at $399  
  • The Power of Boldness by Naveen Jain at $349 

Upcoming Quests in 2021 

  • Experience Lucid Dreaming by Charlie Morley at $349  
  • Meditation for Super Performers by Vishen Lakhiani at $349  
  • The Power of Mindfulness by Gelong Thubten at $349  
  • Learn Tapping by Jennifer Partridge at $349  
  • Zero to $100 Million by Liki Agarwal at $349 

✨ Library of courses at Mindvalley 

Relationship, Entrepreneurship, Body, Mind, Parenting, Soul, Performances, and Work are all the categories of solutions taught on Mindvalley.

On a wide range of topics, it offers about forty programs like goal setting, longevity, unlimited abundance, hypnosis, energy healing, meditation, bending reality, being extraordinary, living to be 180, developing a super memory, conscious parenting, healing from heartbreak, energy healing, and weight loss.

Mindvalley Programs

According to some of the reports, the Mindvalley online platform offers five times more likely than any other platform to deal with the growth of people’s personal life.

This is because daily micro-learnings and community motivation took a part in this success and these backed tools help the new members to learn the topics easily. The review on the approach of learning at Mindvalley states that it will be based on neuroscience, speed learning techniques, and peak performances.

New York best-selling authors, CEO of Mindvalley, superstars of the subjects, experts in healing, famous therapists, celebrity coaches, spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs, and international speakers took a part in training the Mindvalley subscribers.

Every successful member at Mindvalley shares their views and experiences throughout their journey and the new members can motivate themselves to learn easily from the videos.

✔️ Most Attracting Mindvalley Membership Courses 

If you’re a new member or going to join the Mindvalley, then review the top courses that you have to try first? The list of courses at Mindvalley is lovable by many audiences and here is the updated list of the top courses and choose the right course that suits you.

Mindvalley Membership gives access to every single course and after picking the course, all you need to do is to spend or work on them. Among all the courses, the most picked by audiences are given below.

  • Be Extraordinary by Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhaini, he teaches us self-mastery, state of mind, and maximizing potential. Those who are looking for full potential and who has less conscious for not doing more.
  • Superbrain by Jim Kwik is related to memory, cognition, mental development, and self-development. The one who wants to increase the memory power superbrain course is the choice to learn. We have also covered a specific review post on this, you can learn more about this in our Jim Kwik SuperBrain review.
  • Mastering Authentic Networking is all about Networking, career growth, business, and professional life. The instructor is Keith Ferrazzi and who is looking to improve their business by building interactions with clients, partners, peers, and employees in a professional manner.
  • Energies of Love deals on marital happiness, love, and romantic relations whereas the instructor is David Feinstein and Donna Eden. The person who is seeking about the relationships and mutual understandings review the course available at Mindvalley and apply it to last their love for a long time.
  • Conscious Coupling is related to self-growth, happiness, and relationships. The instructor is Katherine Woodward Thomas and for those who are stuck in bad relationships, then this course suits them.
  • Little Humans instructed by Ariya Chan, Akira Chan, and other two dozen instructors. Homelife, family-building, and parenting are the categories it teaches and the old parents who wants to give the best life to their children can pick this course.
  • Dream Sculpting is another pick by most of the audiences and Andrew Holecek is the instructor. Productivity self-improvement and lucid dreaming are the categories to discuss in it. To maximize self-improvement and master lucid dreaming with the combination of western scientific understandings and eastern philosophies.
  • Marie Diamond is the instructor for Feng Shui for Life that is all about interior design, success, feng shui, and happiness. The one who is looking to improve the positive energy at offices, homes, and all other places they live.
  • The instructor who teaches about physical health, fitness, diet, and lifestyle course is Wildfit. Redefining the relationship with food improving the diet is the agenda of this book.
  • Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, who is the instructor of Live By Your Own Rules on mindfulness, self-discovery, and personal development. The person who wants to feel more secure and who lost a sense of identity is the right choice to pick this course.
  • The Steven Kotler who teaches about creativity, performance, and motivation and the course is The Habit of Ferocity. If you’re facing difficulty in maintaining and striving for greatness then it is for you.
  • The Mastery of Sleep course is for those who feel the sleep is important for physical and mental health are mastered according to it and the instructor is Dr. Michael Breus. The agenda of this course is personal health, meditation, and sleep.
  • The New Psychology of Winning is the course instructed by Denis Waitley and it comes under the category of success, self-motivation, and personal development. Mindvalley allows every individual to review this course especially who wants to unlock their brain to earn about their capacity and change their mindset.
  • Awaken the Species, Donald Walsch is the instructor who deals with self-improvement, maximizing potentiality, and self-improvement. In this course, you can satisfy with spirituality and can transcend the limitations.

👍 Is Mindvalley worth it? 

The courses/quests at Mindvalley will contribute to the transformation of the personal lives of many people and it changes from one way to another. Yes, Mindvalley is quite worth involving in the classes and you can review the courses when you join the program and learn from them to get a huge change in your life.

It is not necessary for everyone and but for the people who are open to change their mindset and want to improve life then Mindvalley is the good fit to achieve what you want by transforming as you like.

Just a few minutes per day can change and unlock your full potential makes the difference. Within a short period of time with Mindvalley, you will learn the skills that help you to thrive in this world.

You can become better within a short period of time and see the better yourself. In life, we all need is an improvement than ever before by spending quality time in learning and with the help of Mindvalley, you can transform it. You can easily change your actions, habits, and way of thinking with this online platform by attending video classes regularly.

Experts & courses Infographic

💥 Frequently Asked Questions 

🤞 Is Mindvalley Free? 

The Masterclasses at Mindvalley are free and there is a 7 day free trial period for Mindvalley Membership and the masterclasses are said to be released every week regularly for absolutely free of cost. The instructor will provide 60-90 minutes of video class along with a downloadable book. If you’re interested in any class, you have to click “Reserve the Spot Now”.

✌️ Is Mindvalley App Free of Cost?

It is available to download for free and also has in-app purchases at the same time, it has access to certain memberships like Mindvalley mentoring. The functionalities of this app allow the users to find the events organized by Mindvalley located nearby as well as on Zoom meetings of other students.   

😋 How to cancel the subscription plan of Mindvalley? 

If you want to cancel your subscription plan of Mindvalley account then first go to the billing section and then give a click on cancel subscription. You can see this under the subheading section status. The content is accessible through the end of the subscription time period.

😛 Is Mindvalley Legitimate? 

Since 2002, Mindvalley has become the popular and well-established masterclass course provider. It has many followers on its respective social media channels and it has a reputable history of 18 years. Facebook has more than 3.7 million followers, on YouTube 2 million followers, on Instagram 1 million followers, and on LinkedIn 42k followers.

⚡️ How Good is Mindvalley? 

The Mindvalley Quest offers great teaching that you can’t get from a direct regular classroom. To become more productive and develop the entire from being a common person to become a better person easily with Mindvalley. To take more challenges from personal growth, Mindvalley online platform is the solution. 

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