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Be Extraordinary Review: Is Vishen Lakhiani Program Worthy?


Shaping up the inner personality is important because it defines who are you and what are the things required to achieve the goals in life.

In order to get the solution, you have to analyze what is happening and what to do to achieve the things in life. 

So, people should need counseling if they are helpless about their life, here we go the Mindvalley courses for the people who lack their conscious levels.

Mindvalley program offers different courses, and among the list, Be Extraordinary Program which is more about generating beliefs that help to move in the right direction. 

πŸ˜‡ What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley Review

Mindvalley is all about how to develop personal growth individually and how to transform life by achieving by following dreams.

Mindvalley offers different programs, and it is the right place to choose according to your requirement like in which area you’re seeking to develop. 

It helps the people who are suffering to get full potential in their lives and who are unable to achieve what they dreamt of, and those who are having mental health issues then Mindvalley is a perfect pick for them.

The instructors are experts who provide detailed information in the courses as they are available to train you in a structured video format. 

Let’s dig into the review of the Mindvalley Be Extraordinary program that helps the people who are not able to understand the things that are 

πŸ”… What is Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Program?

Mindvalley Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary program is for those who want to understand life and those who feel empty in life then they should consider this program.

It just not only shape your life but also can create opportunities through counseling your mind by stepping always into the right path. 

Just knowing the goals is not goals, you have to prepare yourself according to it, so this Be Extraordinary program on Mindvalley guides you in every aspect to achieve it. Want to know more, then step ahead to analyze Mindvalley Be Extraordinary program and decide how it helps you to get an ideal life. 

πŸ‘€ How does Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Program Helps you?

Four level of Consciousness

Success, peace, connection, fulfillment of life – these four major areas where people are troubling nowadays. For them, Be Extraordinary program really work as it gives complete control over life and also deals with how to connect with the people in our surroundings.

Just start the programs, you can find the change in yourselves by worrying less about things and focussing on what you want to achieve in your life.

First, the program gives a brief on exactly your current life position, identifies the mistakes, and then raises you up.  

The program is just not only to build your thinking process but you’re going to explore your soul. During the training program, you’ll understand how to become extraordinary and you can change into a new mindset.

It will take you to next level after completion of the program and it definitely works but you must be focused and determined during the learning process.  

🀠 About Vishen Lakhiani – Author of Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Program

Vishen Lakhiani

The creator of the Mindvalley Be Extraordinary program is Vishen Lakhiani who is an award-winning education movement with students of more than 12 million across the world.

He is an active speaker who evolves working on personal growth and also speaks about the core lives such as education, wellbeing, culture, politics, etc. 

He trains more than 500 companies, governments, and many other people across the world through Mindvalley. This Be Extraordinary program of Vishen’s helps many people in various fields such as modern spirituality, personal growth, education transformation, consciousness, and other aspects too. 

He earned awards as trainer credentials for the bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by the New York Times and it is translated into over 25 languages. He also invented numerous platforms for personal growth with the inclusion of 6 Phase Meditation. It was endorsed by many sports authorities.

πŸ€” What You’ll Learn in Be Extraordinary Program?

What you'll learn?

When you enroll in Be Extraordinary Program on Mindvalley, you’re going to review & learn more things that are related to life, peace, positivity, success, and many more. 

Achieve your Dream Goals 

It can accelerate your thoughts into reality and no matter what do you want to become, it provides training to see the change in you. If you’re unable to solve the queries or didn’t recover from any illness, then this Be Extraordinary program is the right choice and follows the instructions to get out of all your problems.  

Boost your Confidence Levels 

If you do not have any confidence means, you’ll fail and can’t achieve anything in your life. Yes, confidence plays a key role to get success in life, and with this program, you can build confidence levels and you’ll forget the word failure. 

Freedom to be Productive and Focus

It teaches you how to be productive and focus on the things, along with that you’re going to learn about how to live in the moment. Even the situation is more challenging, you can deal with the calm and face it to get the results you want. 

Get a Clear Vision 

You can get clarification on your life and what is the purpose of living life when you start the Be Extraordinary program. From this, you can able to design the most purposeful and inspiring life by moving in the right direction.

Without any longer issues, you’ll get a clear vision of your life, for example, if you’re unable to decide which profession to pick. Then it guides to get clarification according to the choices to have. 

Make Decisions 

If there are many choices in your life then it will be difficult to make decisions which one is the best for you. It teaches you how to sharpen your thinking nature and also how to manage your gut feelings.

On the whole, it guides you to take correct decisions and become more confident yourself without having any doubts. 

In-depth Compassions 

Race, Religion, Caste, based on these segments people fastly judge on others and so to stop this kind of nature around the world, Be Extraordinary program is a perfect solution. Yes, it trains the people to do not judge easily and also guides them that everyone is equal. 


The best part of the Be Extraordinary program tells how to forgive the people as we can see that there are plenty of misunderstandings that will be happening in our lives and it is pretty common. In order to avoid or prevent such misunderstandings and to do not ruin any relationships means follow this program as it trains you with step-by-step instructions. 


At first, you have to discover the love towards yourself and understand your tastes like what you love to watch, eat, habits, preferences, and to notice many other things. For sure, this program absolutely gives the definition of who you’re exactly. 

πŸ’₯ What You’ll Get When you Join Be Extraordinary Program?

What you'll get at Mindvalley Be Extraordinary

Earn more benefits when you join the Be Extraordinary program and review exactly what it offers to us. So that it will be easy to decide whether this program is suitable for you or not. 

  • It is a complete quest that revolves around the consciousness
  • Vishal Lakhiani provides 30 days of training on this program
  • It offers lesson and mentorship coaching services on a weekly basis
  • Get three bonuses which are A complete consciousness engineering program, the 6 phase meditation quest, and the be extraordinary for teens as it is available for those who are the Mindvalley members.
  • It gives lifetime access to the entire program including all the bonuses
  • To learn at any time, it provides smartphone apps for both Android and iOS devices.
  • This program is available on desktop, iPad app, and Apple TV versions also.
  • At the same time, it offers lifetime access to be extraordinary for the online student community

πŸ€— Benefits of Adopting New Practices with this Program

When you decided to join the Mindvalley Be Extraordinary program, you have to review how exactly it benefits your life. Check out more details on what are the things to be considered while learning and analyze the benefits that you going to experience. 

  • It builds overall personality and also boosts your confidence levels that create an impact on your life especially on personal growth.
  • To make you extraordinary this 30 days quest is more impressive as we can see the personal growth of its previous students.
  • It provides guidance on what you want to become with a clear vision, at the same time enhances your life with more happiness.
  • One can learn different things and also can practice various things to be productive in their life.
  • The complete training method is provided based on the realistic situations that we face in our day-to-day life.
  • If you faced any bad situations while taking the program, you don’t feel any worse, and make you comfortable. Yes, this program guides you on how to deal the situations and also you’ll gain more power to manage things.
  • Every person is different and everyone may face different situations, but the program is ready to train for every individual to become an extraordinary one.

✨ Be Extraordinary – Curriculum

Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Curriculum

Be Extraordinary is 30 days quest that allows you to grow personally, and also to rise up by achieving goals that you want to become. While taking the program, you’ll gain 18 empowering tools that help you to transform how to think, how to perform, and how to develop & manage life in every aspect.

It gives information on how to install new beliefs, and how to make new habits, along with that how to be productive by exploring new things. It provides 9 parts and by following each part you can see the growth yourselves. Let’s review what are those nine parts provided in the curriculum of Mindvalley be Extraordinary curriculum.

  • A Brief Structure of Consciousness
  • Ultimate State of Existence of the Human in the World
  • The Art of Blisspline (Bliss + Discipline)
  • A Clear Vision for your Future
  • Becoming Worthable
  • Become Bold and Taking Actions on Goals
  • Taping into Wisdom and Intuition
  • Bend into Reality
  • Embrace the Calling

❣️ Customer Reviews on Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Program

The customers and students of Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Program have shared their views and learning experience.

Many customers are happy that they find the change in them rapidly and it helps them to set the goals both personally and professionally.

Moreover, the customers of the Be Extraordinary program are recommending this program for those people who are unable to do something in their life, They can find inner peace in life and start achieving things in their life if they join this program.

Refer to the below image to review the provided feedback by students of Mindvalley enrolled Be Extraordinary program.

Customer Stories
Students review & feedback on Be Extraordinary program

⭐ Pros and Cons of Be Extraordinary


  • Offer free bonuses
  • This educational program is compatible with all device versions
  • It is the best way to reinvent yourself
  • Get all the consciousness levels
  • It allows you to set objectives and goals for your life
  • This program is all about new practices of personal growth
  • It fills positive energy in your life
  • 30-day quest program
  • You can find significant changes in you while learning the program
  • It gives complete access for a lifetime
  • It offers a leading-edge curriculum


  •  Enjoy the third bonus when you buy Mindvaley Membership
  • No cons

🎁 Pricing Plans of Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Program 

Pricing Plans

If you want to buy a single program on Mindvalley – Be Extraordinary program, then it costs $449 and it is a complete lifetime access program. Otherwise, you can choose to pay three installments of $159 of each installment. Overall, you pay the total amount of $477 for three installments and it works on all devices. 

The most popular Mindvalley membership program has more than 50 programs. It unlocks the program on all devices and also you can get the programs to unlock for less than a day for $2.  The whole cost of all the programs that are available in the Mindvalley programs is $499. 

It accepts the payment through VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. For the EU billing addresses, EU VAT charges are applied, and don’t worry about the card details and information as the orders are processed on a secured server. 

If you decided to upgrade to the complete Mindvalley Membership program, then you are out risk-free for up to 15 days by investing money. You can invest money in any program and also it allows you to cancel at any time.

πŸ₯‡Bonuses Provided at Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Program

After enrolling in the Mindvalley Be Extraordinary program, get the bonuses that are available in it. It offers three bonuses and moreover, it is complete lifetime access, so you can learn at any time you want. Review all the bonuses provided by Mindvalley in Be Extraordinary program and decide how these bonuses are really added value to your life.


Bonus 1: The Consciousness Engineering Program 

To upgrade the inner world or inner peace in you, Vishen’s Consciousness Engineering program is right for you. Coming to your hardware which is nothing but society beliefs into everything and this hardware which is installed in you that will hold you back. 

The next one is your software, which is all about how to spend your day with daily activities, and it is a complete day-to-day activity structure. When you installed perfect software, then you can be more productive and also you can do more in your life. You got a feeling that you do more in your life.

When you learn the consciousness engineering program, you can examine the faster results, and also you can examine the change in you yourselves.

You can improve the progress of your life activities on a daily basis. This program is available absolutely free of cost when you buy Mindvalley Be Extraordinary program and enjoy this bonus.  

Bonus 2: The Meditation Quest – 6 Phase

The author Vishen designed the 6 phase meditation quest program based on various scientific studies and also hundreds of personal growth books. One can enjoy all the benefits of performing meditation within a period of 7 days. 

No matter you’re a beginner or a complete pro in meditation, this 6 phase meditation program helps you out in the breathtaking awakening of your mind, soul, peace, body. We can say that this program is completely based on personal growth practices and it definitely works for you. 

Of course, this 6 phase meditation quest is a complete companion to the Be Extraordinary program where you can experience a great spectrum of your life without any limitations. 

Bonus 3: Be Extraordinary for Teens – It is only for Mindvalley memberships only 

This Be extraordinary for teens bonus is available only for those people who are the member of Mindvalley program. It is a complete online adventure which is conducted by Vishen Lakhiani and along with another expert Gahmya Drummond-Bey. They provide all the personal growth principles and transform the lives of teens. 

The teens of this world will be able to learn things such as how to make decisions, how to set goals in life to achieve, and get clarifications on what they want to become in their life.

The best part of this bonus is you are going to identify your hidden talents. Not only these but you can also explore many more things that help for your future career.   

If you want to enjoy the third bonus means, you have to be a member of Mindvalley otherwise you do not get this benefit with the Mindvalley Be Extraordinary program. 

πŸ”₯ Final Words on Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Review

Be Extraordinary is an effective program that can transform lives into positive energy in different ways and one can examine personal growth too. People are able to build their self-confidence when they join this program. One who wants to become an extraordinary person then this Be Extraordinary is the right pick. 

This program helps you to move forwards always on the right path and also you can find a bright career. It comes with various techniques that help you to manifest yourself and also you can identify the changes while the program is ongoing. After completion of the program, you perform new things and also be productive while performing day-to-day duties. 

You’ll get complete positive energy and enable to tackle the situations in a calm way. You’re going to discover yourself and learn how to build self-confidence and be guided to step ahead to achieve the goals and success in your life. 

⚑️ Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ‘Š Is the Vishen Lakhiani Program Worth it?

Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, speaker, author who created Be Extraordinary course Framework at Mindvalley. Many people who took his course are satisfied as they find the changes in their personal growth. He is an award winner of the education movement with the inclusion of millions of students across the world.

🀞 Does Mindvalley Be Extraordinary offer any refund?

Yes, it offers 15 days risk-free money-back guarantee method and if you’re not satisfied with the program means just cancel the program at any time you want.

✌️ To whom does Mindvalley Be Extraordinary is suitable?

No matter who you are, or whatever be the profession maybe this Be Extraordinary is suitable for everyone. You’re working something local, an engineer, a volunteer, or a doctor, anyone can join this program.

πŸ‘ Can anyone learn from Be Extraordinary Quest at their own pace?

Mindvalley Be Extraordinary is designed to learn at your own pace and all you need to do is just follow the curriculum. It is 30 days program and provides lifetime access. No matter, where you left as it allows you to continue that topic or lesson at any time but one thing is you should maintain consistency and commitment towards completing the program.

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