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Skillshare Vs MasterClass: Which Platform Is Best To Learn?


Today, students are most likely to learn something new course by researching different online learning platforms.

If you’re one of them, who unable to decide which is the best online learning platform and don’t know what exactly offers? then look into Skillshare vs MasterClass.

SkillShare vs MasterClass

Both the platforms are good at providing excellent training and they both mostly concentrate on training creative skills and personal development skills. Yes, they both offer different courses, but what is the right one to choose and which skill is very helpful for personal development is the biggest question.

To such types of questions, answers will be revealed when you review both the platforms and then decide which one is right for you. 

😍 What is Skillshare?


Skillshare is one of the online learning platforms that offer different courses and also provides different skills for the learners. One can experience hands-on learning at Skillshare, and if we look into the quick list of the course categories it offers animation, photography, music, web development, graphic design, and many more. 

If we go through the courses at Skillshare we can identify the interest areas and from this, it is possible to explore new skills.

So, find the course that relevant to your interests & passion, and build a skill that helps in future career development. The instructors at Skillshare are the industry experts, innovators, creators, & icons who always likely to share their wisdom with the learners.  

✌️ Pros and Cons of Skillshare


  • 7 days free trial period
  • Offers courses with a wide range of categories
  • One can explore new skills
  • Suitable for businesses and individuals
  • High quality video lessons
  • Learn practical skills
  • Workshops and hands-on experiences in real-time
  • Perfect for creative learners
  • Has great filter options
  • One can create the course and become an instructor



  • Instructors are not experts like as Masterclass
  • Pricing for teams is little bit expensive

😍 What is a MasterClass?


The MasterClass is also an online learning platform that allows various courses in different areas from arts & entertainment to science & tech. Overall, it offers more than 100 classes from 11 categories, and you can watch the video lessons offline that you want by downloading the classes to your device. 

The instructors at MasterClass are industry experts with 100+ classes, and per class, on average you’re going to cover 20 lessons.

The time taken per lesson on average is 10 minutes and if you don’t have any time to browse the topics, then there is no trouble as the MasterClass team helps you out to find the topics & choose that you’re interested in. 

🤞 Pros and Cons of MasterClass 


  • High-Quality video lessons
  • Instructors are industry experts and celebrities
  • Affordable price to invest in it
  • Fewer categories
  • Compatible with all devices
  • PDF workbook available at each class
  • Download and watch the classes offline
  • Every month it adds new classes
  • The average class time is 10 minutes only
  • Provides refund facility
  • Cancel at anytime
  • Watch trailer and instructor info before starting the class
  • Training is provided in an entertaining way



  • Some courses are available in audio format only
  • No free trial period
  • One cannot create the course and become an instructor

✅ Skillshare Vs MasterClass Features

Both the platforms offer various features that help the learners to choose which one is best for them. Let’s look into the features that give a great insight into which platform offers high-quality courses and training.

Here, the thing is videos are the primary medium to connect with the students and high-quality videos will create an impact on the learning experience. If the video quality is low means, the course will no longer be caught the attention of the learners. 

👉 MasterClass Features

❣️ High-quality Videos

The major goal of MasterClass is to provide high-quality video lessons to the students so that they can easily adapt & learn the classes. Even the set up of the instructors will create interest to learn something new skill through the classes.

MasterClass Stream AnyWhere & AnyTime

If you’re likely to listen to the class in offline mode means, you can download the video to your device and listen to them at any time and anywhere.

Some courses offer audio lessons, but they are audio-friendly and you can experience listening to the song. The best part of MasterClass is it adds new classes every month up-to-date regularly. 

🤗 Quick Lists 

If you’re not aware of the course, then quickly you can check into the glimpse or trailer of the course. It gives not only insight into the course but also highlights the key points of the course.

This makes you understand easily and providing the short segments of the course as it is a great feature & added advantage to this platform. When you’re watching course lessons, at the bottom you can see the recommended lists of video lessons that you may like. 

😚 Workbooks 

Masterclass Workbooks

A workbook with key points of the course is available at each video lesson at MasterClass. This workbook contains assignments with course materials that help you to learn more.

But the disadvantage is some content is not available in the workbook and so you have to prefer to go with the video content. Another drawback is it does not have any bookmark options, other than this everything fine with this feature. The workbooks of each class are available in PDF format to read the main points of the lesson. 

♥️ Mobile App 


You can get training any type of course at MasterClass on all types of devices like Desktop, Phone, and TV. You can download the app for iPhone through App Store, for Android through Google Play, and it is also available at Amazon AppStore, and also Roku channel store. 

On all devices, the video lessons support subtitles, captions and also it notifies if the lessons provide only audio versions. 

👉 Skillshare Features  

Videos, Projects, and Workshops 

One can experience high-quality learning at Skillshare because it provides excellent video quality training to the students. Along with this, you’ll get hands-on projects and workshops during the learning program. Also, it provides extra resources like checklists, workbooks, etc. to some of the video lessons. 

Become an Instructor 

Become an instructor - Skillshare

Yes, at Skillshare one can become an instructor especially those who are passionate about teaching, The individual who wants to share the knowledge with the students then this is a great opportunity to them, and also it offers various tools that are required to create the course. You can create any type of course among the list of categories it offers. 

✔️ Lists

It provides recommended lists of video content classes that help you to decide which video lesson have to pick. The best part is it curated the syllabus portion for the courses and from this also you can find courses that interest you to learn. 

♥️ Mobile Apps 

Skillshare Mobile app

Like MasterClass, Skillshare online learning platform also available for devices like desktop and for mobiles android app. Even you can watch the lessons on Apple TV as well as on iOS devices too.  

☄️ Video Annotations

Skillshare allows the students to mark the videos, and so they can get back to that video quickly again and again. These marked videos can use like as reference videos, that make them understand the upcoming topics based on this video. 

👀 Skillshare vs MasterClass Tutors Difference

For every online learning platform, we have to just not only look into courses and their details but also to know about who is teaching the courses. At Skillshare vs MasterClass, let’s see who are the tutors and how they teach the students. 

MasterClass Tutors 

Masterclass Tutors

One of the best ways to get the audiences to your courses is its tutors, and yes, the learners check about the teachers and their info too. At the MasterClass platform, the instructors are word-class experts as well as celebrities too. 

The learners can learn the subject in an entertaining way as well as can educate in a serious way too. If we compare to Skillshare, the tutors at MasterClass are on the top and can get more attention from more audiences. The most advantage is the tutors have more practical experience in their respective fields. 

Skillshare Tutors

Skillshare Tutors

The instructors or trainers at Skillshare are experts but not much high as the MasterClass platform. But they have experience in their areas but they are not much popular as MasterClass and even their degrees are not impressive and recognizable. 

One of the best parts is it allows anyone to become an instructor on their platform. From this, there is an advantage as well as disadvantage regarding the course quality. But if we check the reviews provided by the students, they say that the quality of the course content and video quality is good. This is an assurance for the new learners who want to learn something on this platform. 

🤔 MasterClass Vs Skillshare: Which One Is For You? 

The two platforms Skillshare vs MasterClass are the best online learning platforms but let’s see for whom it is beneficial and suitable.

MasterClass offers courses in various categories like photography, music, food, and many more. Not only this, you can learn personal development courses from business analytics to production quality.

You can pick the course that is interested in you and also if you have any creative thoughts, and curious about learning something then MasterClass is a perfect choice to choose. On the other hand, for the student who wants to learn something in an entertaining way, and also wants to gain personal development skills then it is a perfect platform. 

Whereas Skillshare is an online learning platform that provides training to the course in a traditional and engaging way. You can invest the time and money to gain some practical skills and also can learn tech skills too.

Discover Yourself With Skillshare

It offers courses to gain technical skills like excel, coding, photo editing, and many more. From business analytics to entrepreneurship, you can find everything on this platform to learn. 

The best part of Skillshare is the students can gain and perform practical projects in real-time. It helps them in many ways to understand the topic as well can perform it in their future workspace.

Once you completed the course, you can earn the skill to apply them immediately according to the situations and if you become an instructor at Skillshare can also earn money by teaching the courses that you learned on this platform. 

💥 Skillshare vs MasterClass Courses

To understand more about the platforms, you have to look into which platform has more courses to choose from by going through its curriculum.  

Skillshare Course Information 

Skillshare courses

Course Filters play an important role while searching the lessons because there may be thousands of courses and it is difficult to search and choose. To make it a bit easier, filters are a great option, and coming to Skillshare, in the library we can see some categories of courses and in the search option, we can find both paid courses as well free courses. 

Along with the course filters, we can see the duration of time taken by a course. From this, you can set a particular time to find the list of courses easily. When we launch a course, firstly it provides the information about the topic and next there will be the instructor details.

At the bottom of the video lessons of every course, you can see the reviews & feedbacks provided by the students. According to these reviews, you’ll get to know whether the course is important for you or not. 

Skillshare Course Categories: Animation, Creative writing, Film & Video, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Music, Photography, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Business Analytics, Freelance & Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management, Marketing, Lifestyle, and Productivity. 

MasterClass Course Information 

At MasterClass, there 11 categories of courses for the learners there is a search option where you can find the course based on the instructors, classes, and topics. If you want to check the recently added classes then just give a click on the Just Added option, at the same time you can look into trending courses & popular courses too. 

Masterclass Courses

Before stepping into the course, you can watch the course trailer, and also you can proceed to look into the sample info that provides full details of the course. At the bottom, you can find the instructor details and it gives the share option to share the class with your friends through different social media platforms.

MasterClass Course Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Home & Lifestyle, Writing, Business, Food, Music, Design & Style, Sports & Gaming, Wellness, Community & Government, and Science & Tech. 

🥇 Skillshare vs MasterClass for Businesses

Both platforms offer courses for businesses to develop the business skills within their organization members.

MasterClass For Business

The MasterClass provides training for the business that has teams of 20+ members, and on the other side, Skillshare is suitable for all sizes and shapes of businesses.

The team can learn soft development skills from the top instructors and the best quality at MasterClass and they can learn the business skills in an engaging and entertaining way.

Skillshare For Business

With Skillshare, you can learn in an engaging & traditional way, as it helps to shape your workforce and the team members can learn from creative experts & innovators.

💝 Customer Reviews Of Skillshare & MasterClass

The Skillshare students have shared their learning experiences on different courses, and one of the students Jennifer, who listened to the ultimate self-care playbook: discover & nurture your central life wrote a review that “This class was AMAZING! I loved it.

The teacher is fun and engaging, and does a really great job at explaining the topic, but also encouraging you and making you happy and excited to practice self-care.” 

Skillshare Student Reviews

The students who got trained at MasterClass are shared their learning journey at this platform, and among them Clarissa – Founder & Teacher, USA wrote “I’ve watched 36 MasterClasses by tuning in while I’m in the bathroom, eating, and doing chores around the house.

MasterClass teaches us how to live with passion, grit, humility, and with a process that makes our life journeys something to savor instead.”

Masterclass Customer Review

🎁 Pricing Plans Skillshare vs MasterClass

Skillshare Pricing Plans

Skillshare Teams Plans

If you want to give a try to Skillshare online learning platform, then go premium option as it offers 7 days free trial period after sign up. Skillshare offers different team plans for every size, shape, and stage of business and select according to your requirement. 

The starter plan costs $139 per year per user and this plan is suitable for the team consists of 2-20 members. 

  • Unlimited access for over 35,000 classes
  • Easy-to-use admin dashboard
  • Casting, offline, and mobile devices
  • Live classes, monthly real-time workshops, and more

The enterprise version is suitable for the teams who are more than 20 members and the pricing is custom pricing.

You’ll get all the features that a starter plan offers including:

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager support
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly custom tracking & reporting
  • Custom learning paths & real-time workshops

The Revive version of Skillshare offers to learn the courses of an organization that have more than 50 members.

It offers custom pricing and you’ll get:

  • Curated wellness lists & offerings 
  • Onboarding & engagement support system
  • Reporting & analytical numbers 2x per year
  • Custom workshops are available

MasterClass Pricing Plans


The Pricing plan of MasterClass is $15/month and the payment structure is the annual bill payment structure. You’ll get access to any course that you want to learn at MasterClass, sign up, and before sharing your email address, one has to agree to the privacy policy as well as terms & services.

🔥 MasterClass Or Skillshare?

Select Skillshare if:

  • Free courses are available 
  • Icons and Industry experts are the instructors 
  • High-quality video lessons
  • Offers courses for 16 categories
  • Helps to gear up your practical skills
  • Who want to take extra courses
  • Free trial period for seven days

Select MasterClass if:

  • Instructors are world-class industry experts and celebrities
  • Video quality is high to experience great learning
  • Offers fewer courses compared to Skillshare
  • Can watch trailer and instructor info before the start the course
  • Suitable to those who are likely to learn the course as well as want entertainment

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Is it possible to download MasterClass & Skillshare videos?

For MasterClass, you can download and listen to the classes any time you want in offline mode. But coming to the Skillshare platform, it does not offer a download option.

✌️ Which one is the right pick MasterClass or Skillshare?

The quality of the content is the major priority to learn the subject, in MasterClass you can experience quality learning from the industry experts & celebrities. But Skillshare, you cannot learn much from their instructors even though it offers a wide range of courses.

👊 What is the difference between Skillshare free and Skillshare Premium?

The free trial period will give access to limited video lessons whereas the Skillshare premium version will give access to all classes it offers to us.

👍 Does Skillshare and MasterClass courses are accredited?

Both the platforms Skillshare and MasterClass courses are not accredited by any institution and they do not provide any certifications. The courses at these two platforms are just helping the learners to learn something new skill who are passionate in that particular area.

✔️ Can MasterClass video lessons be shared?

Yes, the video lessons of the MasterClass online learning platform are shared with your friends through different social media platforms.

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