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5 Best LMS Platform In Australia: [1st One is Most Trusted]


There is no denying the fact that online education is the most preferred way of learning anything new nowadays. These digital platforms are obviously for the learners but so for the course creators. 

If you are looking for an LMS platform to create and sell your professional course program on, the given below are the five best options for you to start from. 😍

Top 5 LMS Platforms In Australia 

Five of the best LMS platforms according to us among all the options out in the market are as follows.

  1. Teachable
  2. Thinkific 
  3. Podia
  4. TalentLMS
  5. LearnDash

1. Teachable

The next one up in the line of the top LMS platform is Teachable. Started in 2014, the platform allows you to create and launch your online learning course and make money from it.

The online learning platform has a community of more than 37 million learners and over 100,000 course creators and instructors till date.


Teachable lets you create digitally sellable courses and provides you a plethora of tools to get it done. The platform grants you access to tremendously effective features some of which includes robust collaboration resources, a wide variety of customizable landing page templates, personalized support, professional and technical development functionalities, student progress and other detailed reports, etc. It has a fairly easy to use interface with minimalistic designs. 

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Teachable Core Features 

1. Easy Course Creation Tools 

Teachable is one of the online course creation platforms that provides the easiest and the most engaging tools to develop educational programs. The drag and drop builder lets you curate content deemed appropriate for live sessions, self-paced and cohort-based courses.

You get to create immersive learning content by factoring in educational materials such as powerpoints, images, videos, exams, quizzes, certificates and more. 

Teachable features

2. Boost Potential Income 

You have access to monetization features which can significantly help you generate more revenue off your courses. You can use methods such as memberships, upsells, order bumps, discount coupons, bundles, affiliate marketing, referral discounts and more. 

Teachable Pricing Plans

Teachable offers three different paid subscription packages along with a free plan on both monthly and annual basis. The details regarding the price structures are given below.

Basic Plan – The “Basic” package can be availed at $39 per month when billed on a monthly basis and allows benefits such as Integrated website and builder, Custom domain, Direct integrations, Unlimited students, etc.

Pro Plan – The “Pro” package costs $119 for a month and allows you to access features like Public API, Affiliate marketing, Advanced reporting, etc.

Business Plan – The “Business” plan costs $299 a month and provides functionalities like Advanced theme customization. 😉

Teachable Pricing Plans

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  1. You can incorporate multimedia learning content to make your courses more engaging and productive. 
  2. The platform offers a range of landing/sales page templates. 
  3. You have access to the best of integrated marketing tools. 

👎 Cons

  1. Limited number of third party plugins and platforms are supported. 

2. Thinkific 

Starting with Thinkific, the very first option present in our list of 5 best LMS platforms.

It was founded in 2012 and has been providing educators with a way to deliver their knowledge and monetize it for a decade now. You are allowed to create, host, market and sell your customized course program all from a single integrated platform. 

Thinkific Website Builder

Thinkific is a globally operable platform which provides tons of features, supports multiple file types, has student enrollment and tracking functionalities, media rich and interactive student learning experience, extensive surveys, creative templates, robust integrations with more than 100 third party applications and more. 

Thinkific Core Features 

1. Build Professional Courses 

Thinkific offers a wide range of easy-to-implement, creative and appealing website themes from which you can choose the one that you like without paying an extra cent.

The platform provides you access to advanced customization resources and styling options to create programs to match your brand.

You also have the privilege of removing all of the Thinkific branding and can very easily add your own domain. To increase the efficiency of your programs you are allowed to connect Thinkific with any of the supported integration tools. 

Thinkific Templates

2. Unparalleled Learning Experience 

Thinkific provides you the means through which you can deliver an unmatched learning experience to all of your learners.

You can add media-rich elements to make your courses interesting to attend, use blended forms of learning, and organize live and on-demand classes. You are allowed to create quizzes, comprehensive surveys, engagement assignments, regular assessments, tests and completion certificates. 

You can validate the certificates for rightfully completing the courses by using tracking tools to monitor your student’s progress. You have access to detailed and accurate reports for every single one of your learners.

You can develop a friendly learners community in order to provide them a medium to engage and communicate with other students by also generating regular profits through memberships. 😚

Thinkific Testimonials

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Thinkific Pricing Plans 

The platform provides a free plan along with three other paid subscription packages. You can either purchase the Thinkific package on a monthly or annual basis. 

Basic – The “Basic” package costs $49 for a month and offers you access to features such as Live Chat support, Custom domain, Coupons & Promotions, Drip content and more. 

Pro – You can avail of the “Pro” package for $99 per month and offers additional functionalities including Priority Support, Private & hidden courses, Subscription & Flexible Pricing, Completion Certificates, etc.

Premium – It costs $499 per month and offers exclusive benefits such as Unlimited Communities, Brillium exams integration, White labelling, API access and more. 

Thinkific Prices

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  1. Thinkific offers immensely advanced and insightful features that make the whole process of creating, promoting and selling the courses very easy for you.
  2. It is compatible with a number of third party integrations.
  3. It has an easy to use interface, custom templates and themes.

👎 Cons

  1. The pricing plans are a bit expensive on a monthly basis in comparison to a yearly subscription. 

3. Podia 

Next up in our best 5 LMS platforms is Podia. In addition to developing and selling online education courses, you can also offer digital downloads, community membership, webinars,  course bundles, coaching and more for sale.


The platform is jam packed with features such as drip schedule content, pre-sell courses, customizable branding, video hosting, coupons, upsells, automated campaigns and more.

Podia Core Features

1. Variety Of Online Courses

The platform lets you create a number of online content including standalone, drip, cohort-based, pre-launch, pre-sell and bundle of courses. You can include multimedia such as images, videos, text, links, audio files, MP3, PDF, PSD and quizzes to make learning participative. 

Podia Features

2. Promotional Resources 

You have access to various course or content marketing campaigns tools, one of which is email marketing. You get to segment your target audience so you can pitch them what they are interested in to the best of your abilities.

You can broadcast as well as automate the drip email campaigns. You can reach out to your subscribers via messages, websites, affiliates and more.

Podia Pricing Plan 

Podia provides a 14 day free trial period and offers three paid subscription packages. The “Mover” plan is available for $33, “Shaker” at $75 and “Earthquaker” at $166 per month due to an ongoing offer. 😘

Podia Prices

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  1. It offers a 14 day free trail for you to evaluate its services. 
  2. Podia offers one of the most affordable pricing packages.
  3. Podia is equipped with top notch course creation and marketing features.

👎 Cons

  1. Lacks the features to support interactive learning. 

4. TalentLMS

The third alternative which makes it to our list of one of the most promising LMS platforms is TalentLMS. It is a cloud based Learning Management System and was launched back in 2012. The platform is operable around the world and is a medium of learning for more than 11 million learners. 

The platform provides a beginner friendly interface and is equipped with features and functionalities. Some of the resources you can take benefit from includes Homepage Builder, Surveys engine, Remote training Course authoring, Blended learning, White labelling, Progress tracking and Interactive learning tools, etc. 


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TalentLMS Core Features

1. Customize Learning Programs 

You are allowed to create training homepages and use your own brand content, visual representation and more. You have control over everything from the design perspective, right from logo to colors used. You can set up your content to be available in more than 30 different languages. 

2. Gamification 

TalentLMS Gamification

You can turn your educational course into more of a gamified version. You can engage the students by giving them points, assigning levels, awarding badges, reward based discounts and more. The leader board represents the top teams which works as a motivation for others. 

TalentLMS Pricing Plans

The platform provides standard and active plans with four different paid pricing plans each. 

Standard Plans – In addition to a free plan you have the availability of four different paid versions. The “Starter” plan costs $89, “Basic” costs $189, “Plus” costs $369 whereas the “Premium” costs $569 per month on a monthly basis.

TalentLMS Standard Plans

Active Plans – The “ Starter Active” costs $179 , “Basic Active” costs $339, “Plus Active” plan costs $489 and the “Premium Active” costs $649 for a month when billed monthly. 😊

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  1. Gamification version of the learning content is available. 
  2. It offers rich communication and interactive tools, analytical reports, etc. 
  3. You have the availability of a free plan and great customer support resources.

👎 Cons

  1. The pricing plans are a little expensive.

5. LearnDash

The last platform that makes it to our list of best LMS platforms is LearnDash. It is one of the most trusted WordPress LMS and lets you create learning courses for various use cases such as startups, colleges, designers, businesses, bloggers, etc. 

LearnDash has tons of interactive and engaging features including pre-designed themes, advanced quizzing, drag and drop builder, dynamic content delivery, automated notifications,  and more. 


LearnDash Core Features 

1. Sophisticated Course Creation 

LearnDash Focus Mode lets you create your own learning portal and eliminate distractions so your students can learn in a better online environment. The drag and drop course builder lets you seamlessly create your content very easily and provides you the ability to use advanced and dynamic features. 

2. Flexible Marketing and Sales Management 

LearnDash marketing and sales features

Promoting your courses for better revenue generation is as important if not more than creating one. LearnDash lets you set up one time purchases, recurring payments through subscriptions and memberships, create course bundles and more. 

LearnDash Pricing Plans 

The platform only offers its subscription plans on a yearly basis where the “Basic” package costs $159, “Plus” plan costs $189 and “Pro” version costs $329. 😇

LearnDash Prices

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  1. The course can be easily created, customized and managed using the course creation tools such as drag and drop builder, themes, etc.
  2. Offers tools to engage students such as forums, badges, certificates and more. 

👎 Cons

  1. The pricing plans are not available on a monthly basis.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

All the LMS platforms mentioned in this article have its advantages and disadvantages.

Which platform is appropriate for your requirements and woul help you gain profits is upto you to decide. 

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