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Teachery Review 2024: Is It Best Course Creator Platform?


Digital courses are the most preferred way of learning new skills and gaining knowledge nowadays. So, it’s only fair that the people who are good at delivering information to the mass audience through the internet get paid in return. 

If you are one of those people who are great at crafting and developing a well organized course in any of the related niche, it is time to give Teachery a chance. 😊


Teachery is one of the most popular and dynamic course creator platforms at present. The platform offers tons of technical tools and flexible features meant to make the whole course creation super easy by prioritizing accessibility, easy sells and affordable plans.

In this Teachery review we will be analyzing the platform in various factors including course creation, onboarding procedure, key features, pricing plans, customer support and more.

What is Teachery? 

Founded in 2015, Teachery is headquartered in London, England. The platform has a beginner-friendly digital interface which is designed to help you monetize your expertise by converting it into a sellable online course. 

Teachery provides flexible remote collaborative teaching tools, lets you tailor lessons for different groups, track student’s progress, offers technical tools to create engaging courses, provides a wide library of more than 1,000 of accredited lesson templates, professional development resources and more.

Teachery Review

As easy as the platform makes the tasks of content creators, it also offers an immensely organized and equally impressive experience for your learners and offers a whole set of student management services. Stick till the end of this Teachery review to know more about the platform and everything it has to offer. 

Who Should Use Teachery?

Teachery offers a highly intuitive, organized and beginner friendly interface designed to let creators develop and sell courses fairly easily. The online course creation platform is perfect for you if you are an Individual Instructor, Private Tutor, School Teacher, College Professor, Expert Course Creators, Employee, etc. 

Teachery – Onboarding Procedure 

Follow the steps given below to sign up for a free trial at Teachery. 

Teachery Sign Up
  1. Head to the official website of Teachery and click on the “Start For Free” button present at the top right corner of the home page.
  2. You will be redirected to the sign up form where you need to enter details such as first name, last name and your email address. 
  3. Accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Once done, click on the “Get Started” button. 
  4. Setup a strong password for your Teachery account and press the “Save Password” button.
  5. Next up you will be redirected to the welcome page from where you can start with the whole process of course creation.

Teachery – Dashboard 

The platform offers a simple, organized and easy to use dashboard which lets you analyze some pretty important information in a single glance. The following information is displayed across your account dashboard. 

  1. Your Courses along with active students and course insights.
  2. Customer Activity once you have successfully scored your first customer. 
  3. Manually Add a Customer option so you can add a customer on your own seamlessly fast.  
  4. Course Analytics for all your curated courses in one single integrated place.
  5. Purchased Courses which are courses you have purchased from other Teachery creators.
  6. Account information such as your Teachery Plan, name, email address, API key, password, billing history, Stripe connection, Mailchimp and ConvertKit integrations. 
Teachery Dashboard

Teachery Special Features

The online course creation platform offers tons of helpful features as mentioned earlier in this Teachery review. Let us look at the key aspects and available attributes of Teachery, which makes it different from the rest.

Pre-designed Customizable Templates 

You have access to two different looking inbuilt course templates designed to attract and engage more learners. These templates are flexible to work with, have been tested and are built around a framework to simplify the learning experience for students. The details regarding these two pre-designed templates are as follows.

  1. The Minimal Template – The layout is very clean as well as simple and is ideal for people who want to keep their aesthetics pretty minimalistic. It is both responsive and mobile friendly which allows learners to focus on your curated content due to a non distraction environment.
  2. The Sidebar Template – It gives you the ability to choose a custom color from a palette for your brand. It has an easy to navigate sidebar, is also responsive and mobile friendly. The layout is ideal for courses with tons of lessons and sub lessons. 😚

Unlimited Everything

With Teachery you have the ability to design, create and publish as many courses as you want without any limit restrictions or such. Want to add various lessons divided into multiple sub lessons? You have got it.

When the platform states unlimited everything it speaks for aspects such as courses, lessons, and students. Best part? You are not charged even a penny extra other than the monthly or yearly subscription plan.

Live Course Editor

Easy to use editor for creation of courses is a pretty important consideration. Well, fortunately, Teachery offers a simple and beginner friendly live course editor. According to the Teachery team, if you can compose an email, you can as well create a course, that’s how easy it is. 

Teachery Live Editor

The live editor updates and saves all the changes automatically so you don’t ever have to worry about losing your work done on the course or content creation. You can always come back and edit the aspect of your course you are unsatisfied with, translate your course in a different language and more. 

Multi Language Support

Learners are not supposed to be from a single place or are expected to know a certain language, neither do the creators.

Teachery lets you translate your course content and customize almost all of your account aspects in a number of languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. However, the platform does not have the availability of language selector options. 

Multimedia Content Creation

The platform supports and allows you to create your courses by adding a variety of multimedia options. You can use the combination of audios, videos, and slide presentations to make your course content and lessons engaging as well as interesting to learn through.

Teachery lets you embed content through multiple third party services, however the recommended ones are as follows.

Teachery Multimedia

  1. Video – For adding videos to your lessons you can use YouTube (free version), Wistia (paid version), and Vimeo (either free or paid).
  2. Audio – Use Soundcloud’s free or paid version for embedding audios. 
  3. Slide Presentations – For slides integration you can use Canva, Google Slides, Prezi, and Slideshare (free or paid).

Tracking & Analytics

The platform provides basic insights related to your courses, lessons, and overall sales generation. These reports are provided at account level as well as individually for each course.

If you need deeper insights into your course evaluation you can either use in-built Google Analytics integration or can plugin your analytics provider’s code. 😍

Teachery Analytics

Engaging and Interactive Pages

The platform offers sales or landing and email page builder to simplify your tasks of creating one from the very scratch. These pages are recommended to look professional, creative but most of all engaging in order to promote your course digitally through affiliates and referrals. 

The landing pages can be used in two modes, namely, sales mode and email capture mode. Whenever you create a new course, you have an option to three different landing page categories by default which includes Course pages, Payment pages and Login Pages.

Course Style Editor

The course style editor provides you the full control and authority over the designing aspect of your course. You can customize everything from the hover states of your buttons, to sub-lesson and background colors.

Teachery Course Style Editor

You can customize your course, lessons, payment pages as well as sales pages. You have accessibility to help resources such as walk through videos about course styling.

Teachery – Course Creation Process 

Once you have successfully registered for an account you can directly start with the project creation process. Follow the steps given below to do the same. 

Teachery Course Creation Process

  1. Click on the “Courses” tab from the navigation bar of your dashboard. 
  2. Enter the name of your course and choose the type of template you want from between Sidebar and minimal template style. Click on “Get Started” when done. 
  3. Enter the course description and topics to be included in your lessons. 
  4. Once done, you’ll be redirected to the course dashboard. Here you can further edit and customize your course. 
  5. You can link landing pages, add lesson drip options, payment pages, login pages, course email and more.  
Teachery Course Creation

Teachery Pricing & Plans 

Unlike other course creation platforms that offer various pricing tiers depending on the features included in the packages, Teachery keeps it pretty simple. The platform offers pricing plans on a yearly and monthly basis, both of which are equipped with highly elaborative features. 

Teachery Free Trial

The pricing structure is basically one of the benefits of Treachery. Instead of offering you a make believe excellent pricing model like other platforms, it offers everything it has irrespective of what you choose and saves you the trouble of wasting time over which subscription plan to go with.

Teachery’s monthly plan costs $49 per month and offers a two week free trial period. Whereas the annual plan costs $470 per year, saving you from a margin of $118 in total when compared to that of monthly charges. You also have the benefit of a 2 weeks free trial period with an yearly plan too. 😉

Teachery Pricing Plans

Some of the collaborative and advanced features you have access to with Teachery includes the following; Unlimited courses, Unlimited students, Custom domains, Email provider integrations, Customer analytics, Upsells and bundles, Recurring payment pages, Course editor, Promo codes and discounts, Lesson drip scheduling, Zero transactional fees, Unlimited landing & sales pages, Affiliate program, Custom HTML support and more. 

Teachery Customer Support 

The platform offers an immensely elaborative help center consisting of detailed articles and blogs. You have access to live chat help and email support in order to reach out to the Teachery Support Team.

Teachery Customer Support

Once you have logged in to your account, the video tutorials availability makes the whole course creation process relatively easier. 😇

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Teachery is an e-learning course creator platform developed by course creators themselves and therefore offers several helpful and flexible features. You can leverage the power of all the provided functionalities to create fully customized and engaging course content. 

You can create unlimited courses for unlimited students, customize your course, landing pages and more, create affiliate programs, track student progress with detailed analytics, set up a custom domain name, offer coupons and promotional discounts, provide course lesson scheduling, integrate with third party apps and more. 

So as far as the question revolves around whether Teachery is worth investing in or not, the answer remains, yes. And that’s the end of our Teachery review.

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