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TalentLMS vs Teachable 2024: Which One Is Best For You?


Digital learning platforms have always been a lifesaver for students and people in general who want to enhance or learn some new skills but haven’t got the time to attend an actual degree. 

Well, there are tons of online learning platforms out there but which one should you go with?


TalentLMS and Teachable are two of the most popular and comprehensive learning platforms, which must be well aware about. They offer great knowledge sharing tools and provide online coaching. 😊

In this TalentLMS vs Teachable, we will be rating both platforms on a number of factors including pricing & plans, key features, integrations, customer support, and more.

Teachable Overview

Founded in 2014, the platform has over 37 million students enrolled in one or the other Teachable course and reportedly paid 100,000 instructors around $500 million till date by publishing their courses online.

Teachable Review

The coaching production platform offers their learning services and lets you create as well as sell courses by uploading them on the platform. 

You have access to extensive tools and intelligent resources for sales, report generation, income tracking, insights and more. You can curate courses on analytics, marketing, hosting, arts, health, languages and more. 

With Teachable you have access to features such as custom domain, dynamic dashboard, multimedia support, third party integrations, flexible page editor, customized permissions and roles, live sessions, schedule bookings, spin up support, affiliate marketing tools, compatible international currencies, etc. 

TalentLMS Overview

TalentLMS review

Launched in 2012, TalentLMS is a cloud based learning management system backed by Epignosis, which allows you to design and develop interactive e-learning content for students, corporate employees or more.

It offers high capability tools that help you create, publish, manage and sell your courses online. You can  leverage the power of beginner friendly and intuitive user interface, top notch customer support and more.

The platform has an active customer base of more than 10K people, has been a medium of learning to over 11 million students and let more than 3 million courses be created and published on the site. 

TalentLMS is equipped with an elaborative set of features which includes but is not limited to the following; Employee training, Remote training Course authoring, Surveys engine, Interactive assessments, Blended learning, White labeling, Rich communication tools, Third party integrations, Progress tracking tools, Extensible profiles, Homepage builder and more. 


TalentLMS and Teachable Key Features


Customized Experience – The platform offers an easy to use interface and lets you develop interactive learning sessions to offer learners a personalized experience. You can use the power editor tool to create interactive coaching sessions using multimedia, tutorial videos, and training lessons.

Easy Selling – Leverage the comprehensive dashboards availability to track and analyze sales and student insights to strategize your courses and marketing aspects better. You can use the flexible page editor tool to create dynamic sales pages to attract and engage more learners. 

Teachable Features

Schedule Booking and host live sessions – You can very easily book clients’ appointments and schedule learning through native integrations with Calendly. You also have the ability to host one on one learning live sessions with easy to build call hosting and task features.

Learning Tasks and Feedbacks – You can create engaging learning tasks for your students such as quizzes, issue certificates of completion to encourage students, distribute third party surveys to gather student feedback and more. 

Teachable Unlimited Courses

Customer Referrals & Affiliate Marketing – Nothing works better than the positive words spread through your learners about your course. You can incentivize your existing students for referring your course to others. You can also use the offered affiliate marketing tools to promote your learning courses.


Blended learning – With TalentLMS you can organize instructor led coaching classes either in offline setting or online through videoconferencing. 😚

Communication tools – With built in communicational tools you can track and engage with your learners through private messages, a calendar and discussion forums.

TalentLMS Features

Homepage builder – You can design, develop and launch your public website along with your learning portal. You can extend its capability of it with the help of pages that are available only to the logged in users.

Surveys engine – You can create personalized surveys in order to gain intelligent insights into your learners requirements and training programs. You can send, store and analyze responses from one integrated interface. 

Assessments engine – With TalentLMS you can create numerous types of tests from multiple choice, fill in the blanks, to drag and drop matching, ordering, open ended questions and more.

TalentLMS White Label

Multilingual – The platform lets you create your specialization course in more than 30 languages which gives you the ability to transcend language barriers. Some of the supported languages include English, Spanish, German, and French.

Teachable Pricing & Plans 

The platform offers three different paid subscription packages along with a free plan. You can choose to pay on a monthly or annual basis. The offered prices and features with each subscription plan are given below.

Free Plan – The free plan offers all the basic features for you which includes Unlimited students, $1 + 10% per transaction, Unlimited courses, Unlimited coaching services, Instant payouts, Third-party integrations, Product bundles, Product support, Basic quizzes, Student management, Course design templates, 1 admin-level users, and Lecture comments. 

Teachable Pricing Plans Features

Basic Plan – The Basic package costs $39 per month when billed monthly and at $29 for a month when billed annually. In addition to all the features included in the free plan you have access to the following; 5% per transaction, Private student community, Members-only community, Instant payouts, 2 admin-level users, Third-party integrations, Coupon codes, Product support, Course creator training, Custom domain support, Drip course content, and Integrated email marketing. 

Pro Plan – The Pro package can be bought for $119 per month when billed monthly and for $99 for a month when billed annually. The plan includes the following attributes; No transaction fees, 5 admin-level users, Instant payouts, Priority product support, Graded quizzes, Unbranded website, Advanced reports, Course compliance, Course completion certificates, Integrated affiliate marketing, and Group coaching calls. 

Teachable Pricing Plans

Business Plan – The Business plan can be availed at $299 and $249 for a month when invoiced on monthly and annual basis. With a Business plan, you have access to exclusive features such as 20 admin-level users, Bulk student enrollments, Priority product support, Manual student imports, Advanced theme customization and Custom user roles. 

TalentLMS Pricing & Plans 

TalentLMS offers a free version of their services along with four different paid packages you can subscribe to. You can choose to either go for standard plans or active plans. The details regarding the same are as follows. 

TalentLMS Standard Plans 

Free – This version is completely free of cost and allows basic features like access Up to 5 users, Up to 10 courses and Unlimited email support. 

Starter – The package costs $69 and $89 per month when billed yearly and on a monthly basis respectively. In addition to Free plan you have access to the following attributes; Unlimited courses and Up to 40 users.

Basic – The Basic plan costs $149 for each month when billed yearly and $189 for a month when billed on a monthly basis. The Basic package consists of the following features in addition to the Starter plan; Up to 100 users access, Unlimited email support, Single Sign-On support, One Branch, Custom domain and SSL. 

TalentLMS Standard Pricing Plans

Plus – It can be bought for $279 for a month when billed yearly or for $369 per month billed monthly. You have benefits to features such as 3 Branches, Custom reports, Success Manager and Up to 500 users access.

Premium – The premium package for the standard plan costs $459 and $569 per month when billed yearly and monthly individually. The exclusive features you have access to with Premium plan includes the availability for Up to 1000 users, Priority email support, 15 Branches training portal, Automations, Custom mobile app and Live chat support.

TalentLMS Active Plans 

Starter Active – The package costs $149 per month when billed yearly and $179 for a month billed monthly. It consists of the following features; 40 active users each month, Unlimited registered users, Unlimited courses, Unlimited email support and $4.00 per additional active user. 

Basic Active – The package costs $269 and $339 for a month when billed on a yearly and monthly basis respectively. In addition to the Starter Active plan, this package is jam packed with functionalities such as 100 active users per month, Single Sign-On support, One Branch, Custom domain, and SSL.

TalentLMS Active Pricing Plans

Plus Active – The Plus Active plan costs $389 and $489 per month on annual and monthly tenure. In addition to all the Basic Active features, you have access to 250 active users per month, 3 Branches, Custom reports, Success Manager and $3.00 per additional active user. 😘

Premium Active – It costs $519 for a month billed yearly or $649 a month billed monthly. You have access to 500 active users per month, Priority email support, 15 Branches, Automations, Custom mobile app, Live chat support and $2.00 per additional active user.

TalentLMS vs Teachable – Customer Support

Both the platforms offer pretty extensive and comprehensive customer support services.


You have access to a dedicated help center, video tutorials, blogs and frequently asked questions. You can contact the support team through multiple options including support ticket, phone call service and social media platforms.

TalentLMS Customer Support


The platform offers an elaborative knowledge base, blog posts, support articles, newsletter, podcasts and dedicated community. You can reach out to the customer support team via support ticket, live chat and social forums. 😇

Teachable Customer Support

TalentLMS vs Teachable – Supported Integrations

Third party integrations are quite a necessity for seamless content delivery and rightly presenting the sessions. Some of the supported native and third party apps are as follows. 😍


TalentLMS Integrations

You can integrate and leverage the benefit of the following apps with the help of TalentLMS. Some of the included applications are GotoMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BigBlueButton, Slack, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Trello, Paypal, Stripe, Shopify, Woocommerce, LDAP, SAML2, Okta & Onelogin, FB, Google, LinkedIn, OpenID Connect, Google calendar, Outlook calendar, Yahoo calendar, SCORM, Aiken & Gift, Watershed LRS, Google Analytics, Zendesk chat, Inspectlet and more.


The platform supports the following third party integrations; Google Analytics, Sumo, Segment, Zapier, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Facebook Pixel and more.

Teachable Integrations.png


Wrapping up our TalentLMS vs Teachable by concluding for all that we have discussed in this article and so far along with which platform to use and when. 

If you are one of those people who are a firm believer in sharing knowledge irrespective of the source, e-learning platforms can prove to be a really great support.  

Go ahead with TalentLMS if you need more variety of options with pricing plans, minimalist user interface, wide multimedia capabilities, instructional tools, multilingual and more third party integration support.

Whereas Teachable is great if you need lower price packages, dynamic interface, advanced promotional tools, to create referral coupons and high quality relevant online coaching courses. 😉

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