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Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Review 2024: Should You Buy It?


Cinema is like brushing your teeth, you can’t escape it. The impact of cinema is so strong which drives numerous changes and trends in society.

What does Cinema contribute?

The cinematic universe has always contributed to breaking generational curses. The magic we witness on screen is the collective perfection of masters of art and creativity. To inject the artistic approach individuals have to learn the process of work. 😊😊

Aaron Sorkin Masterclass Review

There are several branches of making a lively experience and each one of them has to be aced. One such aspect of cinema is screenplays. The content you witness is the result of the art of scriptwriting. It helps in creating the narrative, storyline of the script, dialogues, research and artistic approach of delivering it.

The emotions we will feel about our favourite characters and storyline is an outcome of the powerful screenplay. Screenplay carries different literary forms and the artist’s interpretations are highly related to it. The literal, visual aspects of the story are narrated via screenplay.

Many cinema enthusiasts feel confused about the place which will be able to give them ample guidance about screenplay writing but no more because Aaron Sorkin is here to teach –  participants detailed skills of screenplay writing in his world-class MasterClass. 😍

Aaron Sorkin is an American playwright, screenwriter and film director. The most precious award ‘Academy Award for best writing’ <Adapted Screenplay> portrays his crown excellence in the field.

Who is Aaron Sorkin

By joining his MasterClass one can learn how magic works and how the creation of magic can be learned. His knowledge of theatre makes the process well explicit and the participants get all round-upgrade in their skills and knowledge of the process.

The world needs a more beautiful cinematic experience and maybe if you mend your skills a little, you can achieve and contribute to the cinema collection of the world.

Lessons By Aaron Sorkin

The program is well designed to extract the best out of participants’ calibre. The class involves 13 video lessons, which are on average about 12 minutes long. Each minute will reflect the details desired to create screenplays.

Lesson 1 involves introductory aspects of the program which narrates the basics and synopsis of cinema. Lesson 2 is about “Intention & Obstacle” which narrates the basic need of “ script and the world” too.

Lesson 2 makes participants understand that the characters of the story must have an intention and the way to success have obstacles. Aaron Sorkin also shares his life incidents that show how important the clear understanding of the basic need’s importance in making the script interesting and not so obvious.

Aaron Sorkin Masterclass Lessons Plan

Lesson 3 focuses on how to create a story. The starting part dictates that a person must break down his imagination into keywords, like what is the matter of concern in the life of characters and what is helping them or dragging them down. This lesson assists in knowing how the story should be adapted if your story is good for T.V. or theatre. If this observational skill is not added then a good script can go in vain.

Lesson 4 & 5 shows how the characters should be created, this lesson also starts telling how to use the skills collectively. 😇

Lessons 6 & 7 are based on research. They help in understanding two different kinds of research: Aaron Sorkin also discusses why the factor of truth is important in fictional stories. The importance of truth leads to turning the script into a more logical and exciting thought process for the viewer.

Lesson 8 focuses on the satisfaction of the audience. It helps in getting the idea clear that a script must offer clues and hints along the way, only then the end can be attractive and interesting. This lesson helps in knowing how to make the story engaging, so that viewers can relate to it and try to find answers to the questions they are observing.

Lesson 9 is known as “Rules of the story”. Aaron Sorkin believes and has faith in the rules of art because he denies the fact that just writing something can be known as finger painting but not art. This lesson also shows how to watch a movie. Yes, we watch movies but you must know how to break stories in beats if you want to experience the storytelling and magic of script.

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

Lesson 10 & 11 is about writing scenes, the entrances from one scene to another must be done smoothly and this lesson teaches us how to do that. Lesson brings the skill of building sequences into the limelight. This lesson is important because it shows what can happen if someone fails to follow the writing sequence.

Lesson 12 helps in understanding how to write captivating dialogues. Dialogue is what creates trends and constructs a fanbase. The art of powerful dialogue creation. The lesson focuses on the fact that dialogue is something very personal and every writer has tried it but that too should be done under a set of rules.

The last lesson is just the way the name suggests which says “closing thoughts”. Because you must end it beautifully if you seek viewers’ loyalty for your next project. This lesson is also about satisfying the viewers. 😉

What Makes Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Special?

The MasterClass by Aaron Sorkin is a perfect one. First of all the participants can trust the teacher, because Aaron Sorkin carries every radiation that can make someone know and accept the fact that he is the best. The structure of the class is also so clear with the approach.

The 13 video lesson set helps in understanding the screenwriting most simply. The chronological order never let the mess happen and create an impression of crystal clear understanding. The parallel screenplay videos help in illustrating the concept Aaron Sorkin is trying to teach.

Masterclass in Arts and Entertainment

Aaron Sorkin is kind, humble and an expert, the way he helps in creating bonds with students and keeping the place warm. The way he shares his personal experience helps the student in knowing how things work in the industry and what conflicts they may face.

The affordable price helps in choosing the course and the availability of videos according to different subscription plans help students in feeling satisfied with their penny being spent. The class helps in feeling connected to Aaron. Advice he offers guides students committed to screenwriting. 😚

Material suggestions given to students also help them in studying the craft of screenwriting. Master inputs by Aaron assist in knowing the nature of scripts and getting their magic done. Lessons focusing on different aspects of writing.

The detailed discussions about movie scripts help in understanding story beats. All over the writing arena is covered under the workshop. The worldly input will nail the script and story ideas desired by students.

Aaron’s thoughts on theme and metaphor help students learn that maybe sometimes they can start with a theme and sometimes they may discover a theme while writing the script. He keeps on giving suggestions and examples from the world-class script.

The idea of want vs need is also understood by students. The workshop also helps them understand how not to turn back after the very first hurdle. They must be dedicated and determined to fulfil their honest desires.

Students also get observatory skills of how to recognise what kinda script is suitable for what kinda medium.

Aaron’s thinking that the script is never finished, it is just abandoned, makes students understand that their act is not getting concluded ever it will just offer the satisfaction of ending to an audience.

The structure of the class is beautiful and worth taking the time out for learning screenwriting. Aaron Sorkin is a living legend and this MasterClass is leading to the creation of some masters in the cinema.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

If you truly seek something then the best way to have it is by being competent enough and competence can be generated by learning. This is the motivation students should carry while pursuing their dreams.

If they love cinema and wish to make it part of their life then they must enhance a skill because it will turn them into an asset. This MasterClass will help students in knowing the depth of screenwriting by explaining the fundamentals of the process.

The calibre of Aaron Sorkin will motivate participants in creating the magic. They will get to know that multiple layers should be known before writing a script.

The learning will not go in vain ever and somehow will lead to the betterment of personality.

After the program, they will feel sorted about the skill and choices they had been making. The explicit nature of class will decorate their thinking and create the “next big thing” for world cinema. Every penny spent here is worth it and Aaron Sorkin’s excellence and kindness will make your heart happy.

The legendary screenwriter’s presence will help in boosting the confidence of young buds. With each passing time competition is blowing up which makes the importance of learning also boost. As much as you will learn, the more you can stand strong in the winds of competition.

Enroll in the class and enjoy the artistic learning by the ace screenwriters. After the program writers will feel that they have magic in their pen and on paper they are going to create a really beautiful piece of art. What they have to do is just to know the pattern to nail their artistic imagination.

Creativity exists in every beautiful heart but it asks for confidence and competence to showcase the best to the world. Learn and draw the spell of creativity because the world needs your talent.

FAQs 🤔

Who is Aaron Sorkin?

Aaron Sorkin is an Academy Award-winning director, screenplay writer and American playwright.

What is screenplay writing?

Art of writing a script of a film which involves the description of actions by actors.

How many lessons are in the program?

13 video lessons having focused on the chronological understanding of scriptwriting.

How can we register for the workshop?

Visit the MasterClass website to take the subscription by evaluating different payment plans.

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