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Thomas Keller MasterClass Review 2024: Should You Join it?


The way to a person’s heart is always from good food because food carries love in the form of spices.

Just like food, art is another form of love that makes cooking as pure as worship.

Thomas Kellar Introduction

Everyone is an artist because they already have it in their heart, they just need to develop it. To learn the art of cooking legendary Chef “Thomas Keller” is the perfect choice on the platform “MasterClass”.

Who is Thomas Keller?

Thomas Keller is a lover who is in love with spices and dishes. The french cuisines flirt with him. Thomas Keller has been decorated with multiple awards including James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Pacific.

His chain of restaurants had been satisfying the craving of quality french cuisine lovers for a long time and he is surely a game-changer. 😚

What Includes in Thomas Keller’s MasterClass?

Who is Thomas Keller

From setting up the right kitchen to philosophies all is merged in this epic journey of cooking with Thomas Keller.

The class includes 36 video lessons elaborating some essential tips one needs to understand before entering the world of the kitchen. The class includes topics needed to increase the quality of the food.

Individuals who will focus on the words of Thomas Keller and practice the workbook will surely understand the style of cooking desired by the foodies of the world.

Lessons By Thomas Keller

Introduction, Kitchen Setup: Essential; Tools and Ingredients

The introduction lesson is self-explanatory as this lesson involves the introduction of the instructor and the key things one can seize from this class of cooking.

The kitchen is heaven for chefs but they must make sure which are the tools that must find a place on the shelf.

Thomas's Essentials

Thomas shares his priorities of the tools that can’t be missing from the kitchen. Just like the tools, some ingredients to carry to make the kitchen functional, are some ingredients that are discussed by Thomas in one of these lessons.

Kitchen Cookware, Sourcing Ingredients, and Vegetables

These three lessons help participants in understanding which cookware should find a place in your kitchen. One of the major problems chefs face while cooking in the kitchen is overcrowding of utensils on the shelf.

Requirements of  a Kitchen according to Thomas

Thomas lists some essential cookware that helps in removing some of the utensils that aren’t essential. Ingredients are the soul of the dish which is the reason they must be generated from the right place.

Thomas shares his secrets about sourcing ingredients in one of the lessons. Every vegetable should be available to a chef for 12 months a year to enjoy the flavour of seasonal vegetables. This can only be done by doing some preparations described by Thomas Keller.😇

Big-Pot Blanching: Asparagus

Blanching the Asparagus

Blanching helps in getting superior quality seasoned vegetables. Thomas talks about multiple methods that will help use the flavour of asparagus with the right peeling tool. The lesson helps participants understand the right methods supported by the right tools to ace the cooking.

Glazing: Carrots; Peeling: Tomatoes; Braising: Artichokes and Puree: Potatoes

Carrots, Tomatoes, Artichokes, and Potatoes are the flavour-giving vegetables for the dish Thomas step by step talks about the right way of using their 100% potential. Thomas firstly talks about the glazing of carrots to extract the sweet flavour from the carrots.

Glazing Carrots

The fruit “Tomato” if only peeled perfectly can generate the best salads, sauces, and sandwiches which is the reason Thomas Keller focuses on this topic. In these lessons, Thomas also shares braising and puree methods for artichokes and potatoes to generate magic for the dish.

Confit: Aubergine & Garlic; Roasting: Courgette and Baking

Beetroot. Garlic flavours add up stars to the dish but not everyone knows the way to make it, but no more worries because Thomas will show the way.

Aubergine & Garlic

The art of roasting matters a lot in French cooking and Thomas narrates how to upgrade any vegetable simply but applying the method in the right way Thomas Keller never wants to dilute any flavor and he helps students in learning how to bake beetroot perfectly.


Eggs are another favourite of Thomas Keller and the class in multiple lessons revolves around eggs. In chronological order the lesson talks simply about the essence of eggs then the class focuses on the minute details about boiling the egg.😍

The Thomas Keller Eggs

Thomas also shares tips related to scrambling eggs and how his mother’s techniques still help him. Not everyone knows how to poach an egg which is the reason Thomas spoon-feeds the poaching method to the participants.

Finally, the world’s favourite cuisine is “Omelette”. The right way or we can say “The Thomas way” will help students in understanding what an Omelette should look like.

Pasta: An Introduction and Pasta Dough

Thomas teaches how only the use of 5 simple ingredients can make the Pasta fingers likening. The program involves an introductory lesson talking about Pasta fundamentals which assists students in getting an overview of the dish and its importance in french cooking.😊

Pasta Introduction by Thomas

Thomas also talks about the techniques he learned from his Italian grandmother to determine if the dough prepared for pasta is perfect or not. These lessons are also about Pasta and help participants understand why it must be their master dish.

Agnolotti, Agnolotti with Peas and Bacon

Agnolotti with Peas & Bacon by Thomas

Pasta with sauce in the pockets turns into Agnolotti. Thomas shares his experience in making agnolotti and how the sauce in the pockets turns the dish magnificent.

Agnolotti with peas and Bacon is another favourite of Thomas. He believes that peas and bacon complete the dish and their flavour decorates the cuisine perfectly.

Spaghetti Lessons

Two lessons specifically focus on spaghetti. First, the lesson is all about understanding how one can make two pasta shapes and can enjoy the super delicious magic of spaghetti.

Another lesson is known as Spaghetti Aglio E Olio. Thomas teaches how one can use homemade pasta, garlic, and olive oil to decorate their cuisine to satisfy the craving of people.

Essential Philosophies

Personal inputs by”MasterClass-Instructors” help students in getting a reality check while still being optimistic throughout their careers. Thomas Keller shares his philosophies to guide students and help them understand the love of cooking.😚

These lessons will be of no use if one can’t hold on to the passion and love for food. A simple theory sums up the passion for cooking which says “if you love vegetables then no one is going to beat you in your style.” The lessons end on a good note describing essential philosophies enlightening students.

#5 Key Benefits of Thomas Keller MasterClass

Workbook and Theory combination

The workbook and theory structure helps in gripping the roots of the techniques being shared with the students. Thomas elaborates on detailed skills which must be observed fully to ace the cooking.

Thomas’s experience

Experience Thomas has to give him the upper hand over many other instructors. His career and active participation in the cooking arena help him in sharing numerous techniques.

Basic to advance structure

The class takes off from very basic things such as kitchen setup to advance dish decoration with numerous flavours. This structure of the program helps students in understanding the love of cooking under the blanket of skills.

Explore your style

Everyone has got a style, they just have to explore it. The best flavour an individual can add to your dish is the uniqueness one carries. The program helps in self-discovery which leads to the betterment of chefs.

Philosophies by Thomas

The lessons revolving around his philosophies by Thomas help students understand which advice Thomas had trusted in his award-winning career.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  • Thomas discusses flavours one can add to their cuisines
  • The program discusses very complex topics in such a simple manner.
  • The course is divided into 36 video lessons making it very explicit.
  • The instructor is full of experience which helps in the teaching process.
  • Students get to explore their style of cooking throughout the course.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

What To Expect From Thomas Keller MasterClass?

Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques I

One can keep their expectations very high because they are not going to get disappointed. From the instructor to the lesson structure all are student-friendly.

The fees are also affordable which eradicates the financial obstacle from the journey of learning. Intellectual insight into cooking can be observed from the course making it one of a kind.

How to Register Thomas Keller MasterClass?

The steps for registration for Thomas Keller’s MasterClass McMillan are very simple.

One has to visit the official website of MasterClass where you can find the lessons of Thomas Keller. 😉

MasterClass Food Classes

For the next step, you need to sign up by providing the required details and pay the amount. Once you pay, you can enjoy the unlimited knowledge and cooking skills of MasterClass.

Is Thomas Keller’s MasterClass worth it?

The worth of the class can be easily evaluated by the famous name of the instructor “Thomas Keller.” The experience he holds will eradicate the obstacle one will face in creating magic out of spices.

The fees being paid are feasible which increases the demand for this course. The students get to explore their style, simply by observing the world, they want to create with spices after the course.


The MasterClass being instructed by Thomas Keller is an opportunity that will lead to drastic changes in the career of chefs. One who needs to be the chief of the kitchen world must enrol and rock the spices.

Thomas Keller

The structure of the course covering multiple aspects helps in constructing a better understanding of the kitchen chaos and harmony one can feel in the French cooking style.

FAQs 🤔

Who is Thomas Keller?

Thomas Keller is multiple James-Beard award-winning chefs leading the way in french cooking for decades.

How many lessons are included in the program?

In total around 36 video lessons are involved in the program by Thomas Keller.

Is there any workbook with the theory?

Yes, students get access to a workbook with theoretical classes making the learning more firm.

What is the overall duration of this MasterClass?

The total duration is 18 hours of this cooking MasterClass.

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