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Aaron Franklin MasterClass Review: Is It Worthy To Join?


Aaron Franklin is a renowned cook who provides knowledge about his cooking skills on the online learning platform MasterClass.

Cooking is a difficult and complex process and yet a beautiful process that let you have so many exciting experiences.

Why cooking is an art?

Controlling fire is the most important aspect of Barbecue teaching, so for learning cooking, you need to know many new and important elements which require a proper guide.😇

The MasterClass is a great platform that enables everyone to learn their topic of interest and for learning cooking skills MasterClass has introduced interesting lessons by great cook Aaron Franklin.

Cooking needs very detailed processes which are required for perfection, so be ready if you are planning to learn how to cook meat that waters mouths and Aaron Franklin is here to teach you to perfection.

Who is Aaron Franklin?

Who is Aaron

 Aaron Franklin is an American cook, one of the most famous and celebrated cooks in the world. He has won several awards for his amazing cooking skills including James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef.

Many celebrities and great personalities like Barack Obama, Jimmy and Gordan Ramsey celebrate and appreciate him for the splendid cooking of meat.

He is co-founder of Franklin Barbecue which has received appreciation across the world and has won millions of hearts for its amazing smoke taste.

Even celebrities wait for his cooked meat and don’t regret waiting in line for the amazing flavour offered by Aaron Franklin. He is the master in his field and is a great and guiding educator who can educate you on the topic the best.

What Includes Aaron Franklin MasterClass?

MasterClass has provided a great platform where you can learn many things.

Here, Aaron Franklin teaches Texas-Style BBQ in which he provides each detail related to the topic which one can find important and necessary.

His MasterClass includes 16 video lessons full of information regarding Cooking techniques.

Aaron's Teachings

The overall duration of his video lesson is less than 5 hours which is amazing and it can interest anyone. Each lesson will guide about a specific topic and his MasterClass provides varieties of education through which one can get knowledge about all aspects of cooking meat. 😍

Cooking meat is a slow process and one needs to concentrate on the process, so his lessons will guide you throughout the process and will guide you to the way of perfection. His video lesson will not only teach you the technique but will also guide you on how to use the techniques in the right process at the right time during cooking.

Lessons By Aaron Franklin

Aaron Franklin MasterClass is full of new information and it is really interesting to watch and learn. His 16 lessons are described below:


Introduction to Aaron's classes

The very first lesson of Aaron’s MasterClass introduces you to the reputed educator Aaron Franklin who will further guide you with the lessons.

Fire and Smoke

Fire & Smoke

When we talk about the term Barbecue, Fire becomes the most important aspect and this lesson will teach how the right process of controlling fire and managing it while cooking the meat.

Smoke: Pork Butt

Smoke Pork Butt by Aaron

This lesson will educate you about the step by step process for smoking the meat softly which waters the mouth and will also teach the seasoning and wrapping.

Smoke: Pork Ribs

Smoke Pork Ribs by Aaron

When it comes to the ribs, no one could do better than Aaron Franklin. So, this lesson is all about the process of trimming and smoking.


Smoke the primary flavour agent

In Barbecue, wood and fire play the most important role and this lesson will guide you on how to control and use the wood and fire to enhance the flavour which wins everyone’s heart.

Grill: Steak and Broccolini

Steak and Broccolini by Aaron

Aaron Franklin shares his techniques of grilling in this video lesson and also shares his methods of controlling heat for steaks and broccolini which makes the meal awesome.😊

Beef Quality and Selection

Beef Quality and Selection

For any Barbecue, the quality of Beef is very important and you need to be very careful while selecting beef for cooking. In this lesson, Aaron shares what to keep in mind while selecting beef and what does matter while selecting the meat.

Prep: Brisket Trim

Brisket Trim by Aaron

For even cooking of Brisket you need to give them a perfect and needed shape, which you will teach in this lesson. This will teach you the methods or techniques of shaping the Briskets for an amazing flavour.

Smoke: Brisket part I

Brisket Trim by Aaron Part I

This lesson involves creating fire and cooking the meat letting it undisturbed. He shares his techniques for perfect smoke and cooking which is helpful.

Smoke: Brisket Part II

Brisk part II

This lesson is an extended version of the previous video lesson which will deepen your knowledge on the same aspect of smoking the meat by using the right techniques.

Smoke: Brisket part III

Brisk part III

This video lesson involves the methods for wrapping the brisket. This also guides you about the right process of checking tenderness and how to check whether the meat is ready or not.

Finish: Brisket Slice

Brisket Slice

This lesson will teach you about the process of cutting the brisket which will further help you to reduce waste.

Prepare sauce

Prepare Sauce

Aaron Franklin shares the amazing recipe for the sweet and flavorful sauce which wins the hearts of many and you will be taught this special recipe in this video lesson. 😚

Offset Smokers

Offset Smokers by Aaron

His years of experience will teach you how to maximise the output of smokers used for Barbecue.

Aaron’s journey to Pitmaster

Aaron's journey to Pitmaster

Aaron is the pitmaster and through this video lesson, he shares his wonderful journey with you which will teach you many things about the struggles that one faces in his career.

Bonus Chapter

Bonus Chapter by Aaron

How Brisket Became King: The History of Central Texas Barbecue

This is a bonus lesson offered by Aaron Franklin which narrates the history of the origin of Central Texas Barbecue.

#5 Key Benefits of Aaron Franklin MasterClass

Detailed teaching

His video lessons are very rich in information and knowledge. So through his video lessons, he conveys his methods and techniques to you where you get detailed knowledge about the particular topic. His teachings are very detailed so that you don’t miss out on any information regarding the process.

Journey to Perfection

Aaron’s master lesson is the master of meat cooking which will teach you the way to perfection where you will learn the things which are important for the process.

Learning through Experience

Aaron Franklin has experience of many years which makes him the perfect teacher for teaching you the cooking skills for meat. Through his experience, he will guide and mentor the process of Barbecue and you will catch the things easily and will learn too.

Teaches each step of the Process

Learning each step of cooking is important for enhancing the desired flavour and mastering the field. So, his master lessons teach you each step in a very detailed and organised manner which helps you a lot.

Teaches you to avoid unnecessary things

In any field, you need to avoid some things which are not useful and can disturb the process. So, Aaron shares his useful tips which guide you to avoid unnecessary methods which will help you to maintain flavour and perfection.

What To Expect from Aaron Franklin MasterClass

One can expect to learn many new helpful things from Aaron’s MasterClass. His master lessons have so many things to learn for a newbie which guides them to the right process of cooking the meat.

You will learn all the aspects of cooking the meat like beef selection and cutting the brisket in shape. 😉

You will be taught how to check the good or bad quality which will further decide the flavour and taste. His lessons teach you the things step by step by deepening your knowledge of the subject.

He will teach you the whole process of Barbecue which will help you in your journey and will guide you on how you can be perfect.

Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas Style BBQ

How to Register for Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass?

The registration process is very simple and is the same as for another tutor on MasterClass.

You need to check the official website of MasterClass where you will find the course offered by Aaron franklin in the Food section.

You need to check the course and register for it by providing the required contact details.

MasterClass Food Classes

After you register, pay the fees and here you are done with the registration. You are all set for logging in and accessing all courses available on MasterClass and jumping into the sea of knowledge where experts educate you on the respective topics.

Pros and Cons


  • Lessons are very benefitting, full of new things and experience
  • Aaron’s MasterClass is very engaging
  • Guides you about each step of cooking the meat
  • Shares his methods and techniques which will guide you to the perfection
  • Teaches you the ways to maximize the output
  • Lessons include the methods to enhance the flavour which wins the heart
  • Constant guidance throughout the journey


  • No Cons found.

Is this MasterClass Worth the Money?

The answer is a big yes without a doubt because he is an expert at cooking meat and is a great educator. His lessons are informative and include useful tips for cooking.

His MasterClass is a must to watch for a newbie cook who aspires to be as master as Aaron Franklin is.

His lessons teach you the things very carefully which enables you to master the cooking of meat so it is worth the price and you will learn many things while watching the lessons.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Aaron Franklin is the master and learning from the master is a great opportunity for anyone. MasterClass has provided an excellent platform for all of you for learning cooking skills directly from the expert.

Aaron Franklin

He teaches very detailed lessons in an organised way which maximise the learning and will further help you to maximise the taste and flavour. So, learning from an expert can be a very enriching experience for you and the classes are super helpful.

FAQs 🤔

Who is Aaron Franklin?

Aaron Franklin is a celebrated cook who is famous for his splendid cooking skills

What is the name of Aaron Franklin’s startup?

Franklin Barbecue is the name of Aaron Franklin which is world-famous for its flavour and taste.

How many lessons are there in Aaron’s MasterClass?

There is a total of 16 lessons including one bonus lesson which are very informative.

Has Aaron Franklin won the James Beard Award for Best Chef?

Yes, Aaron Franklin has won the James Beard Award for Best Chef.

What is the overall duration of Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass?

The overall duration for Aaron’s MasterClass is less than 5 hours which makes it easy to watch.

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