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Bobbi Brown MasterClass Review 2024: Is It Worth The Cost?


“You can’t do the magic but you can do the makeup” this line sums up what makeup means for people.

Everyone who is a makeup enthusiast wants to hold the brush and do a makeover.

Bobbi Brown MasterClass Review

What is Beauty?

The beauty a person seeks in any form is pure bliss and no one can match this vibe. 😇

But one has to learn the makeup and beauty arts only then they can use their full potential. Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass will help students in understanding the details related to makeup via the medium of this explicit course.

Who is Bobbi Brown?

Bobbi Brown is someone who knows what makeup brushes want to communicate or what emotions each shade of lipstick displays.

Who is Bobbi Brown

She is given the tag of revolutionizing the industry. She has also written 9 books related to beauty and makeup. She prioritizes quality over anything and believes in delivering the best makeup brands to the world.

And she is the magician as she made Mike Tyson carry makeup and starting from just investment of 5000 dollars and 10 lipstick shades. The journey has now come closer to around 23 million products in a year showcasing the dominance of Bobbi Brown in the world of beauty.

Lessons By Bobbi Brown

A total number of 19 lessons are included in the MasterClass carrying detailed information regarding beauty and makeup. 😍

Bobbi’s Beauty Philosophy

“Makeup is not the world to hide anything, it is here to show who you are” and Bobbi Brown also trusts that makeup should be used to enhance the beauty an individual holds. The first lesson speaks about Bobbi’s beauty philosophy and which things she had trusted throughout her career.

She also talks about how the program will function and what she wishes to demonstrate to students by the medium of her calibre.

Meet Your Instructor Bobbi Brown

The Changing Face of Beauty

To change is the only not-changing trait of the world. Like many other things beauty too has changed a lot which is the reason, Bobbi Brown talks about the timeline of beauty and makeup from the 1960s to the present moment. This one also involves a story related to the origin of Bobbi Brown cosmetics in the world of makeup.

Colour and Makeup

According to Bobbi Brown, colour matters a lot while deciding the right makeup for an individual. In the soothen, no 3 Brown talks about what self-expression means and how the right makeup describes the worth related to it.

She seized down many misconceptions related to nude makeup too and helped students in understanding the right definition.

Inside Bobbi’s Makeup kit

Bobbi Brown Makeup Kit

The makeup kit of a makeup artist is equal to a wand to a magician and everyone has a curiosity about what it holds inside.

Lesson 4 helps students get an insight into what Bobbi’s makeup kit holds. This kit will help in understanding what is essential and what can be left behind. From daytime to evening touch-ups Bobbi shares all that she carried in her makeup kit.


Foundation is the foundation of any kind of makeup. It sounds like a bad joke but applying the wrong foundation can be worse.

Brown narrates tips helpful in finding the right foundation according to skin tone. The major two types of beautiful skins are black and white which is the reason both can only be decorated by the use of the right foundation. 😉

Using tinted moisturizer

Especially for the people who aren’t so fond of foundations, these tinted moisturizers work super best. Bobbi Brown shares techniques to apply the moisturizer in the right way and get the best-healthy glow for the skin.

Bronzer and Blush

Bobbi Brown Outstanding Skills

The top picks of Bobbi are these products which she thinks have the power to create beauty most finely. She talks about tricks used by her to use the full potential of bronzer and blush.

Creating a Statement lip

A lipstick does what a rose does to a bouquet. That’s why Bobbi helps students in getting the roots of using the perfect shade of lipstick and completing the elite look of the gorgeous.

Eyes and Brows

You must keep them beautiful which helps you see what is beautiful and that can only be done by using the right mascara. Brown shares her tricks to apply it like a pro and get the desired eye look. Topics related to applying eyeliners are included in this lesson by the instructor.

Skincare essentials

Skincare Tips By Bobbi Brown

The skincare routine needs to be taken care of at any cost by using the right products. Brown helps in listing the perfect products ranging from moisturizers, anti-ageing products to makeup removers.

She also focuses on the need to stay without makeup by taking a break too systematically.

1-minute makeup and makeup mistakes

The world never stops and you can’t miss opportunities. That’s why the way of applying the perfect makeup in a short period ranging 1 minute must be learned by Bobbi brown. She also helps students learn how to avoid making mistakes or fix them smoothly by using her experience.😚

Aspiring makeup artists and editorial makeup

Brown shares her advice for the students who wish to enter the industry. She narrates numerous incidents of her career for demonstrating the path for the students. She also tells artists to turn bold with their art and try new combinations as she trusts in everything that an individual finds beautiful.

Conclusion and bonus lesson

Bobbi Brown Lessons

After talking about multiple aspects related to makeup and beauty Brown ends the program by making the conclusion describing the importance of makeup artists in keeping the flow going.

She also offers a bonus lesson that talks about the business philosophy to help students understand how to create a powerful business and reach every corner of the world.

#5 Key Benefits of Bobby Brown MasterClass

Make-up and Styling require certain knowledge so that you can be a star. So, there are many benefits of having lessons from a master of make-up herself, Bobbi Brown:

Starts from Scratch

One of the best things about Bobbi Brown MasterClass is its Teaching methods. She starts from scratch with a process and guides on each level so that you can improve your knowledge and skills.

Explain the importance of Style and Color

For make – up you need to understand the meaning of style which is different for different people, once you get the idea of the style you need to know the importance of color which will help you to do better make-up accordingly.

Provides you a professional experience

In this sector, you need to get real-life experience for better performance and Bobbi Brown in her lessons gives you the required experiences. Experiences teach you the best methods and techniques which can make you a better artist.

Debunks Misconceptions

For the profession of Make-up, there have been many myths developed around skin tone and shade which need to be debunked. In her master lesson, Bobbi debunks many misconceptions which help students to have a better understanding.

Focuses on the professional aspect of Make-up

In this profession, you need to have professional behavior which is taught by Bobbi in her MasterClass in a detailed way. She will guide you on how to create bonds and business more professionally which will further help you to have a better career.

What To Expect from Bobbi Brown MasterClass?

Bobbi Brown is a professional make-up artist who has mastered the profession through her dedication and hard work which will inspire you constantly.

Her MasterClass includes 19 video lessons including a Bonus lesson which lasts up to 3 hours and 48 minutes and will teach you enough about the profession of make-up. 😊

Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup And Beauty

She is a self-made woman who has created Bobbi Brown Cosmetics which has provided her enough experience to teach others. Once you join her MasterClass where she teaches Make-up, you will get very detailed lessons on each aspect of Make-up which will help you have a better understanding of this profession.

She just doesn’t cover one tone, one shade, and one ag, she covers every possible skin tone and shade and focuses on make-up style from the 1960s to till date. She is very dedicated to her profession and will teach you the same professional dedication through which you can have the best career and your identity. 

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  • Her experience teaches you everything required
  • Focuses on each aspect in a detailed way
  • Inspire you to experiment in this profession
  • Decodes each step for aspiring make- up artist
  • Teaches you the best methods and techniques to create a natural look
  • Guides you to avoid the possible mistake
  • Teaches you from a 1-minute look to a detailed make-up look

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

How To Register for Bobbi Brown MasterClass?

Bobbi Brown is an expert in make-up whose lessons are available on MasterClass and you can have access to her Classes through a few simple clicks.

Once you check the official website of MasterClass, you will find her lessons in the category of Designs & Style. You need to provide your contact details for signing up and once you provide your detail, just pay the required fees.

After you pay the fees, the process is completed and you can surf MasterClass and Bobbi’s lessons too.

Is This Makeup MasterClass Worthy?

The answer to this question is very obvious and very true, it worth the time and money. Bobbi’s MasterClass covers almost every possible topic about make-up in a detailed way which will make many things clear and teaches you the importance of professionalism in this field.

She is the pioneer of her profession, and when you get the chance of learning from the master herself, you shouldn’t miss the chance. The price is affordable and you can complete the course anytime and anywhere because it lasts up to less than 4 hours which is a great option.


Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass is a great option for people who are keenly interested in having a successful career in the profession of Make-up. She has scattered lights on every important thing about make-up which makes her lessons reliable and important.

Masterclass Design & Style Classes

Teaching methods are super easy and you can learn many things in just a short period. She guides you in every possible way and method of improvement. Once you take lessons you can observe changes in your skill level.

FAQs 🤔

Who is Bobbi Brown?

Bobbi Brown is a professional American Make-up artist who is also an expert in her field.

What does Bobbi Brown teach on MasterClass?

On MasterClass, Bobbi brown teaches Makeup and Beauty in a detailed way

How many lessons are there in Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass?

There is a total of 19 video lessons including a bonus lesson that covers almost every topic.

What is the time duration of Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass?

Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass lasts up to 3 hours and 48 minutes which makes it easy for students.

Is 30 – days money-back guarantee available on MasterClass?

Yes, the option of 30-day money-back guarantee is available on MasterClass.

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