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Jimmy Chin MasterClass Review 2024: Is It Worthy To Join?


Who says we can’t stop the moments and relive them?

They must haven’t known about the magic of photography.

Each photograph carries a story, the emotions, and the moments we wish to keep with ourselves. 😇

Jimmy Chin Intro

Photos will become more beautiful if the photographer has the skills to hold the scene. To learn the art of photography from anywhere in the world, the MasterClass platform has brought you a chance of learning adventure photography under brilliant photographer “Jimmy Chin.”

Who is Jimmy Chin?

Who is Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin is a guy who can make any occupation his fortune and nail it. He is a professional American climber, best-selling author, Photographer, and Academy Award winner for direction. Adventure photography is the domain where no one can beat Jimmy.

Awards from PDN, Communication Arts, the American society, Magazine editors, etc have been won by Jimmy sealing his excellence in the industry. Jimmy believes in opening the portal to enter a completely different world by the medium of photography.

Lessons By Jimmy Chin

The art of adventure photography can be learned by going through the following lessons by Jimmy Chin-

On location: Climbing photoshoot

Climbing photoshoot by Jimmy

The journey of learning starts with on-location lessons in which students get to know Jimmy and know what on-location climbing means. The location is one of the most important aspects of adventure photography that’s why it must be learned perfectly. 😍

On Location: Portraits and Natural light

Portraits and Natural lights

The outdoor location gifts you the x-factor of natural light. The art of using the effect of natural light can be understood by this lesson as Jimmy shares his observations and tips for effective photography.

Capturing your passions

Capturing your Passions

The “Those who are wandering aren’t lost,” this line says a lot about why it is important to find yourself. Jimmy talks about how one can find their passions and communicate to people by the medium of their photography. Jimmy advises students to get driven only by their passion if they seek beauty in their careers.

Principles of Narrative: Concept, Research, and pitch

Principles of Narrative

The chronological order that should opt is shared under this lesson. The journey starts with a concept which means the process of picking up a story.

Then photographers should dig deep into the core of the story through powerful research. At last, comes the pitching process for which Jimmy shares his method of creating the layered narrative.😉

Principles of narrative: Shoot and edit

Shoot and the edit

The final effect is of editing in which the photographer has to decide what they exactly seek. The talk with the editor means a lot as it helps in creating the image from the perspective of the photographer.

Photo Studies: Shooting at the top

Shooting at the top

Jimmy helps students in understanding the shooting at the top process by providing the breakdown of his two photographs, one from the World Trade Centre and another one from Mt. Everest. Jimmy shares the narrative he uses and how the shooting at the top works.😚

Commercial working: Pitching and working with clients

Pitching and working with clients

The world is full of brands and every commercial work needs the right way of pitching. Jimmy helps students understand how they should pitch and use their creativity to decorate brand campaigns. This lesson will also help in teaching how to advocate the resources you seek to the partner you are working with.

Commercial Case Study: Canon Shoot

Canon Shoot

Jimmy demonstrates his work in this lesson to share the process of briefing the team and nail the mountain shoots.

Building and leading the team

Building and Leading a team

Your team is your biggest asset and Jimmy knows the way of creating the right and the ways of leading it. The values must be shared with the whole team and all of the team members should carry the right vision only then a team can flourish.

High-stake photography

Jimmy teaches how to focus on the stakes involved in photography. The lesson revolves around the art of noticing the environment and keeping numerous backup plans ready for situations of failure.


Post-processing is discussed in two lessons. The first one teaches about editorial processing and arranging photos. This one is known as “Conrad of the wall.” Then in the next lesson “Portrait” involving the tips to give retouching and nailing the wide shots. 😊


Working as a photographer, pieces of advice from Jimmy regarding the industry, Gear, settings, and creative partnerships are discussed along with the lessons mentioned above to reach the conclusive part where the journey of adventure photography ends enlightening the students.

#5 Key Benefits of Jimmy Chin MasterClass

Focuses on equipment related to photography

Photography is a profession where you require specific tools and knowledge about them so that you can capture the moments. Jimmy Chin’s lessons are a complete guide to how to use tools and which tool to use where. He will teach you enough about cameras and related tools which will help you to click the best.

Teaches Editing

In the profession of Photography, you need to learn the editing skills which will add features to your clicked photographs. When you learn better editing skills, your clicks’ quality automatically increases and creates a good impression making you a better photographer.

Case Studies

Jimmy Chin uses a lot of professional case studies which make things easy and more understandable for aspiring photographers. Through case studies, you get to learn about the common mistake which you can make, so it gives you a chance to avoid the mistake and learn from his experiences.

Complete Course covering all aspects

Jimmy covers all aspects of professional photography in his MasterClass, where he teaches you editing, capturing, setting, and adjusting lights. So, you learn all the elements of photography in one course offered on MasterClass.

Teachers Leading Qualities

Once you enter the profession of photography, you need to learn the qualities of leadership which will boost your career and you can be a better photographer who can lead the team. He also teaches you the qualities of a commercial photographer through which you can learn many skills.

What you can Expect from Jimmy Chin’s MasterClass?

Jimmy Chin is a professional photographer who works for National Geographic which makes him an expert on the subject and when you take lessons from him, it is guaranteed that you will be covering almost all the elements of Photography.

Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography

His MasterClass has 20 video lessons that teach you Editing, setting of light and frame, and many more things related to photography. When you join his MasterClass, you can expect that you will be learning very important and required things that will help you to capture the most amazing frames.

He teaches you to shoot from the plane as well as from the top of the hill which adds to your skills. Jimmy is an expert in adventure photography who will teach you a to z of photography which helps you to master the subject and when you practice your skills it helps you to improve. 😇

He concludes the class by narrating his story which also teaches you how to face the hurdles and overcome them.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  • Complete guidance on adventure photography.
  • Teaches ignored but important aspects of Photography.
  • Focuses on Frames during photography.
  • Teaches you to narrate the stories through photographs.
  • Provides enough knowledge and techniques to have a successful career.
  • Provides constant inspiration and motivation to learn better.
  • Breaks down the process step by step to make it easy for everyone.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

How to Register for Jimmy Chin MasterClass?

For registering Jimmy chin MasterClass, you need to first check the official website of MasterClass where you will get the option of signing up through which you can log in. For signing up, you need to provide personal details like email after which you will need to pay the required amount.

Masterclass Design & Style Classes

After you pay the fees you are ready to surf the MasterClass, and you can log in whenever and wherever you need accordingly. After you create the account you can get access to the lessons offered by Jimmy Chin on MasterClass.

Is This Photography Course Worth it or Not?

Once you join Jimmy Chin’s MasterClass, you will understand the importance of lessons offered by him. The lessons offered by him are worth the price and time because they provide the best methods and techniques to improve the skills which will further help you to pursue a successful career.

His class doesn’t teach you only one or two aspects but teaches you almost all the parts and steps regarding adventure photography.


Jimmy Chin offers lessons regarding adventure photography which helps students to understand the process and methods related to it. He covers all the parts which need to be discussed for a perfect click. 

Jimmy Chin

He is a professional photographer so you can learn commercial as well as the general aspects of adventure photography. You can notice the changes which you will have after joining his MasterClass as he will teach you and will help you to improve Turing.

FAQs 🤔

Who is Jimmy Chin?

Jimmy Chin is a professional American Climber as well as a National Geographic Photographer.

What does Jimmy Chinn teach on MasterClass?

Jimmy Chin teaches Adventure Photography on MasterClass which helps students in improving their skills.

What is the total number of lessons included in Jimmy Chin’s MasterClass?

There are a total of 20 video lessons included in Jimmy Chin’s MasterClass which covers a broad aspect of photography.

What is the duration of Jimmy Chin’s MasterClass?

The duration of Jimmy Chin’s MasterClass is only 4 hours and 10 minutes, a great option for students to watch the lessons anywhere and anytime.

Does MasterClass have a 30-day money-back guarantee option?

Yes, MasterClass has an option of a 30-day money-back guarantee available.

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