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Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass Review: Should You Join It?


Writing is an art form that helps in translating ideas.

Emotions being scripted creates the best stories.

Words only have the power to create anything an individual wants which gives the author power of creation. 😇

Malcolm Gladwell intro

Malcolm Gladwell is now on the platform MasterClass to teach writing to new buds in the industry. The program will help students understand the process of starting writing and creating beautiful stories. The program will be instructed by legend Malcolm Gladwell.

Who is Malcolm Gladwell?

Who is Malcolm

Malcolm Gladwell is a library of narrative nonfiction kind of writing. The inputs he enters decorate the whole course of writing. Malcolm Gladwell’s first book “The tipping point” got fame added to his life by generating a wealth of one million dollars in advance.

He is an adorable author, journalist, and powerful public speaker. Currently, he is writing for the new yorker and feels proud for teaching the art of writing to students on the platform of “MasterClass.” The way Malcolm Gladwell describes his perspective regarding popular culture is unmatched and unbeatable.

Lessons By Malcolm Gladwell


The introductory lesson focuses on the outline of the program and the qualities of the instructor.

Introduction to Lessons

From the very starting, Malcolm Gladwell starts describing what is his idea regarding the course and how he is going to make the learning aspect easy for participants.

The importance of magic in writing can be observed in this lesson and to value what you got in yourself.😍

Structuring Narrative: The imperfect puzzle

Structuring Narrative

The lesson describes narrative and talks about the importance of imperfect arguments in a story. He discusses topics such as how one can make promises to not keep them, and add a surprise element to the story.

This topic is covered under the program to provide a detailed explanation of the concerned issue writers face. It also talks about the case study factor and how not to do the obvious things while writing and keep the audience engaged.

Holding readers

Holding Readers

Holding readers’ attention is the sole motive every writer wishes to achieve because once you know what keeps their readers engaged then they know what they exactly want to create. The ideas regarding holding the readers are discussed in two parts one revolves around tools of engagement and another one about controlling information.



An author should always be a researcher because to feel better you have to witness better. Gladwell helps students understand why it is important to not surf the internet for ideas and to focus on creating a muse by visiting the library.

Gladwell believes in following the things the writer feels curious about because it makes the research work very easy. The author should stay picky about the choices of the story and Gladwell suggests always choosing those who speak for themselves.

Selecting and developing a story

Selecting the Story

Choosing a perfect story is always chaotic. This is the reason one must know how to turn a story perfectly. Gladwell narrates the personal tips he uses to analyze the uniqueness in the story and starts focusing on further steps. 😊

Developing a story means developing the idea one thinks is worth writing. Gladwell talks about how one can test these ideas to get an insight into the narrative.


When you have to write about a non-fiction character then the research involves an interviewing process which is the reason the author must know the details related to it.

The type of interview, the questions, and the choice of the subject all matter a lot while extracting details of a non-fiction character. The finer details one can get the more beautiful and authentic story becomes.


From descriptions to the case study of the characters all topics are covered under the guidance of Malcolm Gladwell. Writers will learn how to create characters and then develop them into the soul of the story.


The right amount of injecting importance and keeping the details right is what a writer should do. Gladwell also presents a case study of “The pitchman” to provide a more descriptive approach to the topic.


Gladwell knows the best way of using the jargon and that’s why he further in the program discusses how to use them to excite the audience and sparkle the story. 😊

Titles, drafts, and revisions

The title is what gets you considered in the market. Gladwell shares his secrets of writing powerful titles and learns how one can think of their title as an advertisement.

The journey of a story from the first draft to the final copy is full of changes and is not easy to handle but Gladwell’s tips will assist students to understand how to hold on to this too.

When your story enters the world

Once the work is done on the desk it starts on the shelves. Gladwell also shares the way of creating powerful advertising and marketing strategies to attract the audience. He also helps students understand the difference between critics and audience and how to handle healthy criticism for your betterment.

How To Read And Who To Read

How to read and who to read

Writing is all about what you observe and the best observations come out of the best books. To get a hold on the perspective of the book being read an individual must know the way of critical reading.

Gladwell will provide the list of his favorite writers whom the budding author can’t afford to ignore.


In the conclusive lesson, Gladwell shares theories related to other minds and accomplish the mission of non-fiction writing with all your heart.

#5 Key Benefits of Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass

Proper Guidance

Malcolm Gladwell is one of the best writers who has achieved success in writing. In his MasterClass, he guides student writers to read and what to read, and whom to read which helps students to have a better understanding of authors and their way of writing.

Trains you from facing hurdles

When you write any content, you face too many problems like lack of thinking and inspiration, which you need to solve. So here, Malcolm provides you with tips to find inspiration and write good content without being demotivated or blank.

Focuses on each element of writing

For writing only one or two elements’ knowledge is not enough, you need to know each element and part of writing which can add quality to your work. Malcolm teaches you the basics and standards of writing which can help to make a place among readers.

Teaches you structuring

Writing any book or story needs structuring which you learn with practise and teaching you the best process and way of structuring. Malcolm Gladwell is here on MasterClass where he teaches the methods for starting a novel and finishing the climax in a meaningful way.

Provides the best writing methods

Malcolm Gladwell is a legendary writer who has won many awards for his work and on MasterClass he teaches student writers the methods and techniques of modifying the draft in an organized way that makes sense for readers. Here, you will be taught to add meaning to the work which will make our work recognized.

What to Expect from Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass?

Malcolm Gladwell teaches writing on MasterClass which helps many aspirants to master writing skills. His MasterClass has 23 video lessons that are embedded with information about the process of better writing.😉

Once you join his MasterClass, you are going to learn each element of the writing process, like how to start a plot and how to develop the story and dialogue which further completes the story.

Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing

His lessons are helpful for beginners as well as for an average writer, his lessons teach you the most important lessons about writing.

As for a writer, the tone is really important and there are many aspects of writing which cannot be taught by anyone but Malcolm Gladwell teaches you all aspects of writing. His knowledge of 5 hours will teach you a lot about the process of mastering writing skills.

Pros and Cons


  • Guides you step by step for the process of writing.
  • Teaches you modulation of tone and structure.
  • Inspire you to start better writing on your own.
  • Focuses on building a plot that further shapes the story.
  • Provides you with the experience of a writer.
  • Teaches you through case studies to provide better insight


  • No Cons found.

How to Register for Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass?

The process of registering for Malcolm Gladwell’s MasterClass is easy and can be done with a few clicks. For the first step, check the official website of MasterClass where you can find many lessons by professionals.

Masterclass Arts & Entertainment Class

For signing up you need to provide your contact details which will allow stepping forward for registering. After you sign up, finish the process by paying the required amount and enjoy the learning process. The process is easy and can be done by any person who is interested in writing.

Is This Writing Class Worthy or not?

The MasterClass provided by Malcolm Gladwell is a must lesson to try which you will not regret taking. Malcolm is an award-winning writer who has written many masterpieces like *** so, his experience teaches you things in a more simplified way. 😚

His lessons are explained in a much more simplified way which makes things easy for student writers. He has shared his technique of structuring the story in an organized way which wins the reader’s heart and when you take a lesson from him, you too become able to do so.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Malcolm Gladwell is a master of writing and is also a successful journalist. He Has experience of many years which makes him the perfect choice for a student and it is guaranteed that you are going to get the best in his MasterClass.

Malcolm Gladwell

His lessons contain a variety of information and you can take what you need. Through his video lesson you can enhance your writing skills which will help you to become a skilled and organized writer, so get ready to master the skill with the help of video lessons provided by Malcolm Gladwell on MasterClass.


Who is Malcolm Gladwell?

Malcolm Gladwell is an English-born Canadian Journalist and writer who is famous for his incredible contribution to the world.

What is the full name of Malcolm Gladwell?

Malcolm Timothy Gladwell is the full name for Malcolm Gladwell.

Name some International bestsellers of Malcolm Gladwell.

The Tipping Point and Blink are his International bestsellers which have provided him recognition.

How many lessons are there in Malcolm Gladwell’s MasterClass?

There are a total of 23 video lessons in MasterClass provided by Malcolm Gladwell.

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