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Brandon McMillan MasterClass Review 2024: Is It Worth It?


Dogs are our best friends and dog parents will agree that their dogs love them more than anything else.

Love is an important factor but to get better bonding with your pet it is necessary to get your dog trained.😊

Brandon McMillan MasterClass Review

“Dog training” helps in developing decent behaviour in dogs which eradicates multiple dog parenting issues and can guide you in developing a more healthy relationship with the dog.

The mess of finding an ace trainer is no more a worry because “Brandon McMillan” is teaching dog training on the legendary platform “MasterClass.”

Who is Brandon McMillan?

Brandon McMillan is an awesome multitasker because whatever field he picks, nails it. Brandon has ruled American television by winning an “Emmy Award” and adding charm to his career. He is a fabulous host and a marvellous animal trainer.

Who is Brandon McMillan

The world has already witnessed his dog training skills in the television series “Lucky Dog.” Brandon is an author too and his book “Lucky Dog Lessons: Train your Dog in 7 days” has excited many dog parents.

Brandon McMillan believes in staying active in his career as he also hosts the weekly podcast called “The Brandon McMillan Podcast” discussing dog training.

Lessons By Brandon McMillan

Meet your Instructor

This lesson is about narrating the methods ” Brandon McMillan” will be used to turning the learning process easier. This can be considered an introductory lesson because the more you know the teacher, the easier the learning process will be.

Meet Brandon McMillan

The lesson revolves around the facts about Brandon and his career in dog training. “The Brandon Way” will work for your day too and will be easy to learn. The aura of Brandon is not easy to ignore as he turns the atmosphere comfortable for “dog training” topics.

Variables that make your dog unique: lesson

Every dog is different and the choices parents make must be made after considering these factors. Topics that will be covered under this lesson are breed, age, history and imprinted DNA.

All of these factors should be analysed before opting for a training method. The lesson provides insight into different variables that make your dog unique.😍

Trust and Groundwork for training: Lesson

Brandon McMillan Training Techniques

The thought process Brandon uses is completely different. He believes in generating trust slowly and understanding the nature of the dog rather than forcing oppressive techniques to train the dog. Brandon shares tips to help in making the dog more social and the relationship more healthy.

Training foundations and the 7 common commands: lesson.

The lesson helps in understanding the 7 most common commands that should be learnt by every dog parent.

Control-train-treat is what Brandon believes in and tells his students that one should be regular with the training but that too should be done at the right time. The lesson will clear the concept of mental preparation needed to train the dog perfectly.

Signalling commands and leash techniques

Brandon McMillan Control On Dog

The dog training process includes both verbal commands and hand techniques; one who knows how to pair them both can only win the game of control. Brandon talks about better grip techniques, basic leash, double leash off and numerous techniques helpful in handling the dog better.

Sit, Down and Stay: Lesson

These lessons focus on techniques related to the methods needed to make the dog sit, go down and ace the cornered stay. It will discuss the seating technique which is a very basic skill that every dog should learn.😚

Another aspect is “Down” which is directly related to the controlling abilities of the dog. Brandon shares information about the nature of stubborn dogs and how parenting should be flexible. Lessons talk about the cornered stay, flat wall, orbiting and adding distractions techniques too.

No, Off, Come and Heel: Lessons

Brandon McMillan Dog Training

These four commands are very basic yet essential commands. “No command” helps in making it concrete order that if your dog is told to stop, it stops. “Come command” makes sure that whenever the dog is called, it arrives. This command also helps in the situations of being lost.

“Off command” helps in keeping dogs away from places that are dangerous or can get broken/ruined. The heel is another command that makes the dog walk easy by teaching lessons about pace management.

To keep your dog everyone’s favourite you must keep on the behaviour it follows. Bad habits such as dashing the door or chewing the mattress can create a lot of mess and be scary to the spectators.

Brandon ends his class with lessons related to behavioural development which will assist in keeping the decency maintained. These skills will help parents in not getting annoyed or distracted by some of the activities being done by their pet as these all can be corrected.

#5 Key Benefits of Brandon McMillan MasterClass

Brandon McMillan is the world best dog trainer for your dog and can teach & train the dog in a more organised way. Here are some key benefits of having lessons from Brandon McMillan:

Friendly Training

Training a dog is not an easy job that can be done by anybody, it requires specific skills and most importantly friendly techniques which do not disturb Dog’s health. He will train the dog with his techniques and methods which are friendly to the dog.

Can train any breed

Brandon McMillan is not restricted to any specific breed, he can train any breed of dog and can train better than anyone else. You will be surprised with your behaviour after the training by Brandon and will love your dog’s organised behaviour. 😇

Effective Methods and Techniques

Brandon McMillan is the best trainer because of his effective methods and techniques which trains dogs about each aspect of good behaviour. He will provide the right information to you through which you can teach your dog how to behave decently.

Teaches Commands

 His MasterClass will guide you about the right command which you can command your dog to behave in a certain way. Dog training is a long process that requires dedication and effective methods, so he will guide you to how you can command your dog to make them a dog with good behaviour.

Trains the dog step by step

Dog training is a long process that includes many steps and Brandon follows each step to train the dog effectively. He will train the dog for every daily routine work like running, sitting, eating etc. which will make your dog behave appropriately anywhere.

Pros & Cons

👍 Pros

  • Trains the dog with a friendly and effective technique
  • Will guide you to have a healthy relationship with your pet
  • Provides separate lessons for separate movement
  • Guide the human about the diet for the pet
  • Will provide useful information for petting the dog
  • Guides you to how you can love your dog without dominating them
  • Will help in training your dog enough to behave in the house and anywhere near your friends and colleagues

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

What To Expect from Brandon McMillen MasterClass?

Brandon McMillan trains the dog so that humans don’t face problems while petting the dogs. Brandon can train any breed which makes him the master of a dog trainer, he has experience of many years which has helped him to master the techniques for training pets.

He comes from a family who trains animals and their love for the animal has motivated Brandon to train the dogs so that animal lovers don’t face any problems regarding their wild behaviour.

When you join Brandon McMillan MasterClass, just be sure that your dog will be trained by the best and you will see the changes in McMillan’s behaviour after the training.

Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training

How to Register for Brandon McMillen MasterClass?

The steps for registration for Brandon McMillan are general and easy. You need to visit the official website of MasterClass where you can find the lessons of Brandon McMillan. For the next step, you need to sign up by providing the required details and pay the amount.😉

Once you pay, you can enjoy the unlimited knowledge and fun provided by MasterClass. For Brandon’s lesson, you need to pay the amount and just sign in for learning. The process is super easy and can be done by anyone for accessing the lessons on MasterClass.

Is This Dog Training MasterClass Worthy?

The MasterClass for Brandon McMillan is worth the price. You get useful and effective tips for making your dogs behave by just paying a simple amount of money which is affordable and pocket friendly.

He trained each movement of the dog by using his techniques to help the dog’s owner.

It is guaranteed that if you train the dog by using his techniques and methods your dog will have a healthy and decent life and it will eventually be good for you.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Brandon McMillan is an experienced trainer and he knows how to train different breeds, so when you take lessons from him, you need not worry about the training and results.

He has trained so many dogs of a different breed that he has acquired enough knowledge to train any breed without having difficulties.

MasterClass Home and LifeStyle Classes

His training process is healthy and smooth, so be tension free because he will be providing the best to you and your dogs. He trains dogs across the globe and has deep knowledge of training. His love for animals has turned him into a successful professional pet trainer.

FAQs 🤔

Q1. Who is Brand McMillan?

Brandon McMillan is an American celebrity known as the best animal trainer and a famous television celebrity.

Q2. Does Brandon McMillan provide lessons on MasterClass?

Yes, Brandon McMillan provides lessons on MasterClass in the section of “Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog training”.

Q3. What is the rating for Brandon McMillan MasterClass?

Brandon’s MasterClass has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars which is amazing.

Q4. Brandon McMillan MasterClass includes how many lessons?

Brandon’s MasterClass includes a total of 15 video lessons for training the dogs.

Q5. What is the overall timing for MasterClass provided by Brandon McMillan?

The overall duration of Brandon’s MasterClass is 2 hours and 58 minutes.

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