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Margaret Atwood MasterClass Review 2024: Should You Buy It?


Creativity is nomadic but it rests in creative people’s hearts.

The art of creativity can be learned if one can cover themselves under the blanket of love and observe the beauty of nature. πŸ˜‡

Margaret Atwood Introduction

Stories are timeless as they never die and the one who creates them stays alive whenever the world mentions them.

Poetry is the language of peace and silence, but no one is a born poet or a creative writer it is always learned. This masterclass will focus on the structural learning of creative writing under the guidance of Margaret Atwood.

Who is Margaret Atwood?

Margaret Atwood is a fountain of knowledge in the arena of creative writing.

Who is Margaret

Who hasn’t heard about “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood? She is a marvelous poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, teacher, environmental activist, and inventor who hasn’t left any stone unturned. πŸ˜‰

She nails the fiction genre as one feels sunk under the ocean of literature. Numerous awards can be considered proof of her fabulous work. The words she spells out carry poetry in them like mother earth carries nature.

Lessons By Margaret Atwood

The total count of lessons is 23 in which Margaret Atwood covers different sections of creative writing.


Introduction to Margaret

The introductory lesson provides a basic overview of the program. Being the very first lesson of Atwood’s class this describes what all a participant is going to have throughout the course. This one includes the introduction of the instructor as well as the course.

Getting started as a writer

Getting started as a Writer

Life is all about living a journey and when your work is of a writer then you can start as many times you feel like it. Apatow in this lesson talks about how to start as a powerful writer and keep the love of writing alive for the rest of their life.

Story and plot

Story and Plot

Apatow has the strongest plots which is the reason she will be sharing some super powerful literature pieces which must be learned by students to get full of the muse. This lesson will help students understand the process of developing a story from the ideas they came across. 😍

Structuring the novel

Structuring the novel

The novel has the whole world in it and the structure is the thing that makes it different. The instructor talks about how one can use myriad ways to create multiple narratives and decorate the format perfectly. She shares the advice of starting from a very simple background and then injecting other variations.

Point of view: case studies

This lesson is about understanding the importance of point of view in the story. Apatow shares her own stories and how she came across the idea of choosing the right point of view instincts from which the story should flow and reach the heart of the audience.

Bringing characters to life through details

The characters can only be covered with reality when the writer chooses to add some charismatic details which turn relatable to the audience. Apatow in this lesson helps participants understand how they can add life to their characters simply by upgrading the detailing game.

Speculative fiction

Apatow shares the secrets she uses to build the storyline and the tone for the plot. This lesson will help in getting through the process of developing new ideas and learning the best way to execute them on paper and stage.

Research and historical accuracy

Research and History

Apatow teaches the right way of doing the research work for the project. She believes that the right historical accuracy injection turns the story more reliable and exciting.

Many people find themselves stuck in the process of researching which slows down the execution but Apatow with her tips will help them get the flow while researching too. 😊

The writer’s path

The Writer's Path

The journey of a writer comes across numerous blocks as ups and downs hit them in their career. The writer’s path lessons are about what the life of a writer holds, Apatow also shares the book she feels like the world should read.

Parting words

Parting Words

This lesson with its title only can turn someone emotional. This is the closing lesson in which Apatow helps students understand what the lovable life looks like.

Apatow trusts the process of passing in knowledge as wisdom can only support society and in every generation, this point stays the same.

#5 Key Benefits of Margaret Atwood MasterClass

Detailed Introductory Classes

Margaret Atwood MasterClass starts with very detailed introductory lessons which introduce students to the tutor and the subject topics which help students to build the structure of creative writing. It also helps to define creative writing in your ways and you can discover your own path which you want to follow.

Structured Lessons

Atwood’s MasterClass is structured in a very organized way which helps students to learn things step-wise. It enables students to learn the lessons in an easy way where they get to understand the process and methods of creative writing.

Guides you throughout the journey

Her MasterClass will not just provide you with the basic lessons but will also guide you on how you can modify your writing skills to convert them into a masterpiece. Her lessons are very informative and can guide you on how to create a heart and award-winning masterpieces.

Refine your creativity

Every creative person needs guidance so that they can polish their skills to write better and no one is better than Margaret Atwood for this process. She will help you to polish your writing skills which will be very useful for your writing career and can make you able to write a masterpiece like The Handmaid’s Tale.

Learning through experience

Margaret Atwood is a very experienced writer who has also won Man Booker Prize, her experience can help you to have a better vision of writing work of any genre. From her experience, you can learn the things which will be helpful for you in writing in the future.

Pros and Cons

πŸ‘ Pros

  • Focuses on each aspect of creative writing.
  • I will guide you about each step of writing.
  • Teaches you to write from scratch
  • Provides analysis of different Case Studies.
  • Teaches to write each part of the narrative in a detailed way.
  • Opportunity to learn from an influential person of literature.
  • Her experience proves to be very helpful.

πŸ‘Ž Cons

  • No Cons found.

What To Expect from Margaret Atwood MasterClass?

Margaret Atwood is a pioneer of Writing poetry and fiction and this makes her the most suitable tutor for teaching creative writing. Creative writing is not just about only one or two elements or aspects, it has many elements which you need to learn in a detailed manner.

Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

So, when you join Atwood MasterClass, you are going to learn each aspect of creative writing like how you can start writing and improve your skill. Once you join Atwood MasterClass you can expect that you are going to have the best tips and techniques of creative writing. 😚

She teaches you to step by step so that you don’t miss out on any element and can have complete knowledge of writing. Whenever you log in to her MasterClass, it is guaranteed that you are going to learn something very important and much required.

Margaret Atwood is an award-winning writer who can guide you to write a plot in a structured way so that you can write better.

Is This Writing MasterClass Worth the Money?

Absolutely yes, this MasterClass is worth the money and you are going to learn many new things about writing. Her 23 video lessons will help you throughout your writing journey and will prepare you to deal with the hurdles which you face in writing. πŸ˜‰

Atwood’s lessons are neither too long nor too short, so anyone can watch the lessons whenever they are free or want.

Her lessons are informative and full of methods and techniques of creative writing which will ultimately benefit you. This is a great opportunity to learn from the wizard herself and you will never regret learning from her.

How to Register for Margaret Atwood MasterClass?

The process of registering for Margaret Atwood MasterClass is very simple and can be done through two or three simple clicks on the official site of MasterClass.

You need to check the official website of MasterClass, after that, you need to sign up by providing personal contact details like email.

Masterclass Arts and Entertainment Classes

After signing up, pay the required fees and here you are, in the universe of knowledge where you have access to Margaret Atwood MasterClass too. Once you pay the fees, you can learn as many things as you want to learn.

Conclusion – Final Say

Creative Writing is a field where you need to focus on each element and you need to pay attention to your skills. When you get to learn from an expert on the subject or topic, you need to be assured that it will teach you about the whole process like from starting plot to writing climax.

Margaret Atwood

Atwood’s MasterClass will guide you to write from start to end of the work and will also guide you to become better. Once you take her lessons, you will notice the differences in the quality of your writing and then you will realize that she is the best tutor you can get.

FAQs πŸ€”

Who is Margaret Atwood?

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian writer who is famous for her brilliant writing skills.

How many times has Margaret Atwood won the Man Booker Prize?

Margaret Atwood has won the Man Booker Prize two times.

Margaret Atwood’s MasterClass consists of how many lessons?

Margaret Atwood MasterClass consists of 23 video lessons which are very informative and helpful.

What is the overall timing for Atwood MasterClass?

The overall timing for Atwood MasterClass is less than 4 hours i.e. 3 hours and 43 minutes.

Is a free trial available for Margaret Atwood MasterClass?

No, there is no such option as a free trial is Available for Margaret Atwood MasterClass.

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