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Judd Apatow MasterClass Review: Should You Give It A Try?


Comedy is an art form that directly calms down the chaos and lets hopes fly.

Smile is known as the best medicine so by that logic comedians are the best doctors.

Intro to Judd Apatow

What is Comedy?

We all know to be a doctor one must learn the skills needed, don’t worry about the institute from where to learn because “Masterclass” has a program with Judd Apatow to teach how one can create jokes to tickle the bones of the audience to no avail.

Who is Judd Apatow?

Who is Judd

Judd Apatow is the undisputed king of comedy and has been recognized with awards such as Emmy twice with eleven primetime nominations included. Judd Apatow is a superb screenwriter, dedicated director, and classy comedian.

His top performances include offbeat comedies involving unconventional protagonists. Noone can ace the comedy genre like Judd because he knows what can be a joke when an audience is supportive or being boring.

Lessons By Judd Apatow

Judd’s masterclass involves 32 video lessons which are enlightening as well as exciting to learn.


Lessons Introduction by Judd

Judd Apatow’s masterclass begins with an introductory lesson that provides an insight into the course narrating what the comedy genre is and what aspects should be learned to become an audience’s favourite comedian.

Judd’s journey

Judd's Journey

Knowing your instructor’s personal experiences in the industry is the most valuable edge one gets by Masterclass. Judd Apatow had a long run in the industry with his comic timing which is the reason he talks about the ups and downs he had faced in his career of making people smile. πŸ˜‡

Standup comedy: Writing

Standup comedy writing by Judd

Judd believes that the more personal you go with yourself while creating the jokes on the stage, the funnier to become. Standup comedy is one of the most famous forms of comedy and creating relatable jokes is a tough job. Judd Apatow talks about how one can extract out story Comedy from simple writing methods.

Standup Comedy: Performing

Standup comedy performing by Judd

A masterpiece can get ruined if the way of performing isn’t right. Judd shares his secrets related to stage performances and how to communicate with the audience. The way of saying a joke is a tough nut to crack but Judd knows the way.

Developing life into the story

Developing life into a story by Judd

The best story one can write is the one he is experiencing. To extract the humor out of every incident is what developing life into a story lesson is about. Notice-write-react is the way of comedy and Judd Apatow nails the genre.

Crafting comedic storyline

Crafting Comedy Storylines

One should not forget that comedy is a genre of drama only and all of the aspects of drama must be satisfied while performing the piece. Crafting a comedic storyline holds information related to how to add humour to the obstacles the main character is facing and what he wishes to.

Structuring Films

Structuring Films Part I

The concept of creating a structure for a film is discussed in two parts. In one part Judd shares his basic template for creating films which he has used in multiple films.

The second part focuses on how the story should get satisfied in every scene and the set should contribute to creating the comedy.

Writing process, writing habits lesson

Writing Process by Judd

Writing is the soul of this genre, the more bright the writing process has been, the more exciting the reaction the audience pours in.

From making up the first draft by brainstorming ideas to cinematic scene creation all is discussed in this writing process lesson. Judd also shares his insight into the writing habits all people face and how to add consistency to their game.

Character, dialogue, and workshops

Dialogue by Judd

Judd focuses on the character development strategy which can excite the audience just by involving some tips in the game.

Dialogue writing is also an important lesson to be learned because a powerful dialogue can easily give goosebumps. Workshopping discusses the process of rewriting as Judd believes in writing again and again till the piece isn’t perfect. 😍

Directing comedy

Directing and Shooting Comedy

Making comedy involves multiple silk thread wide details which can affect the performance. Judd talks about the tone in the comedy and talking with actors.


Casting and production by Judd

The process of casting must be done with care because a single mistake in the process can take the charm of the action away.

Judd in this lesson teaches how one can cast the best actors according to the script. He talks about why the casting should be done as soon as possible and why the door should remain open for a vast variety of actors.


Advice for Actors

One should always know what goal extraction they desire from the actors. Judd talks about how to boost the performances of actors and not let the communication gap affect the performance negatively.

Judd also talks about what the aspiring actors should do and how the audition process can be nailed by following some simple tips.

Case Studies: Improvisation

Case Studies Improvisation

This lesson helps participants in understanding what improvisation can do for them and their projects. Judd trusts the factor of surprise and motivates his actors to try to improvise as much as they can. 😊

Music in Comedy

Music in Comedy

Music is the soul of every genre, the right scoring can get the magic done. This lesson focuses on the tips and details an individual should understand while adding the music. The better the way of avoiding the pitfalls the more easily one can create the perfect music for the film.



With multiple other lessons, Judd ends the masterclass on a comic note. The journey of the masterclass with Judd shows participants what the comedy genre is and how even the process of making people smile can be learned.

Pros and Cons

πŸ‘ Pros

  • The structure is based on chronological order starting from very basic to deep details related to the genre.
  • The experience of Judd Apatow is a cherry on the cake and works as a magic spell over the teaching process.
  • “Multiple arena focus” masterclass focuses on different factors making the vast earning effect.
  • The duration of the course is so limited and can be easily managed by students.
  • Class will help students in getting hold of the grips of the comedy genre.
  • The display of personal artworks by Judd Apatow works as an illustration for students.

πŸ‘Ž Cons

  • No Cons found.

What To Expect From This Masterclass?

Judd Apatow Teaches Comedy

Keeping your expectations low if you want to feel satisfied isn’t the thing with a masterclass, because it is never going to disappoint.

The structure of the course is perfect and never feels like a burden on the students. The time of the course videos is also well managed and students can easily handle stuff. 😚

#5 Key Benefits of Judd Apatow MasterClass

The class can be a life-changing experience for the students willing to make careers in the comedy genre.

Basic learning

The students get to learn the very basic details about comedy at the beginning which is easy to handle and decorate their performances. The more beautifully one carries these details, the more easily one can stun the audience.

The instructor

The instructor is the epitome of success and knowledge in this field. Judd Apatow is the name many of us reflect on whenever we hear the word comedy. Only the thought of learning under him excites me. I just think about what will be the experience of getting his tips and tricks from the industry.

Explicit videos

The count of the videos is 32 meaning that 32 video lessons will be provided to the participants. The count itself says how explicit the breakdown had been done. The videos explaining every factor involved in the process of performances are so engaging that one will never feel bored.

The Apatow way

The quotes and pieces of advice Apatow shares with the students keep them motivated for the rest of their lives. The students who had gone through the course still feel how the one-liners Judd used in the videos helped them in understanding the process of creating comedy and the reason for creating it too.

The comic learning

We all will be expecting a tonne of jokes from Judd whenever he appears and of course, he is with a bag full of them. Judd always involves hilarious jokes which tickle throughout the closing lesson.

How to Register Judd Apatow MasterClass

Masterclass in Arts and Entertainment

The process of registration is always easy on the platform of the masterclass. An individual just has to enter the details related to personal information and pay the fee. After the process, the benefits of Judd Apatow’s masterclass can be enjoyed to understand the comic genre.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

The numerous aspects of the comic genre can be learned under the brilliance of Judd Apatow to get the grips tight. The platform serving online has delivered a wide range of teaching irrespective of geographical boundaries.

The teaching by the king himself is a golden opportunity and one can’t afford to miss the golden chances life throws at them because they may pop to someone else if never grabbed.

FAQs πŸ€”

Who is Judd Apatow?

Judd Apatow is a legendary comedian who got multiple awards added to his profile involving “Emmy”

How many lessons are in the masterclass?

A total of 32 video lessons is there in the masterclass by Judd Apatow.

What is the total duration of this masterclass?

Judd Apatow covers all topics in under 6 hours 33 mins.

Where does the class take place?

The class takes place on the platform “Masterclass” in the online medium.

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