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Preply Review 2024: Is It Best Language Learning Platform?


Languages help us communicate and the globe will be shaken to its roots in absence of communication.

Imagine a situation when every puzzle can be completed just if communicated with the right person and language is a medium to do so.

Introduction to Preply

Languages help in decorating the personality and extract the best out of employees communicating with the world.

Language learning platforms are now roaring in online mode too.

The more an individual seeks perfection the more they scroll in between the alternatives present to them.

But ‘Preply’ is still managing to make its presence count with its effective structure and features.

What is Preply?

About Preply

Preply is an e-learning platform in the domain of linguistic learning. It has got its headquarters in Brooklyn, USA, and is the result of the collective hard work of 300 employees from 35 different nationalities.

Preply was founded in 2012 and has Kirill Bigai as CEO it allows usage of the platform in 6 different interface languages. Preply serves worldwide and has its roots in Ukraine.

It is a private company and deals in the educational sector only. Most of the clients it deals with use ios or Android as it offers high compatibility with both.

What To Expect From Preply?

What can you expect from Preply

Preply allows higher expectations from users as it is capable of ending the cravings for perfect language teachings.

Its structure offers several languages to learn with an effective board of teaching. Currently, it has around 1,40,000 tutors to teach around 50 languages in more than 200 countries.

This shows the range Preply offers to the globe for becoming the best pick for language learning enthusiasts. An investment of more than $ 50 million has helped it construct better features for its users and work efficiently for them.

Features Of Preply

Preply’s features make it one of the finest choices in the market full of different language learning platforms.

Features of Preply

Preply with its decade-plus experience helps in understanding the details of this domain and dominates the market in a powerful manner. The features are the result of the hard work of 300 employees and the massive funding done in the 8 rounds. Some of such features are as follows –

Pick Your Tutor

Pick your tutor

Picking up a tutor should be in the hands of students. The 27 different languages are taught by Preply’s thousand language teachers.

This wider variety works in favour of students as now they can pick their kind of tutor. Only the availability of options promises the feature of choice and Preply does it so well for its customers. The more variety the more the customers feel connected to the platform as they feel flexible there.

Learn At Your Comfort

Learn at your own comfort

One can feel like learning at any stage of life and in that case, time management becomes tough too. But not with Preply as with this grand base of tutors one can pick tutors anytime from any corner of the world to access education. This provides flexibility in terms of the time at which one desires to learn.

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Different Filters Can Be Used

Different filters can be used with Preply

Usage of filters in a platform helps in getting clarity in terms of making a choice. These filters have to be filled with the personal preferences of this customer itself. These Filters help in getting the work done on behalf of students. Some of such filters are as follows –

Money Factor

Money Factor

As different students have different financial standards and have budgets that they wish to spend on learning. This filter of choosing a tutor is about money. As the students have the right to pick a tutor in the price range of $4 to $40. By using this a user can easily find the perfect tutor which also comes within the budget of the user.


Students are allowed to know the country to which their tutor belongs too. As if someone wishes to learn Spanish then a tutor from Spain can be more promising than someone from Asia. This is what a country filter is all about. Students apply the filter of the country and then pick up the tutor from the region they wish to.

Pick The Time

Late-night classes or early morning lessons both can be availed by students on Preply. As students can pick up their tutor according to their schedule, if someone wishes to have a tutor for a specific period of time then they can easily use this filter to achieve that facility.

Multiple Language Learning

The feature of multiple language learning also helps in getting a multi-tasker satisfied. If a student wishes to try hands-on two different languages at the same time then they can search for a tutor who knows both of the languages. This filter saves time as it eradicates the mess of switching between tutors to manage parallel learning.

Preply Multiple Language Learning

Expert Area

The filter of the expert areas helps in reaching up the list which includes options of different sections. Options like business lessons, specific lessons for kids, or someone being differently-abled lessons can be opted from this expert area to find your kind of tutor.

These all were some filters that come under the feature of choosing a tutor on the Preply platform. All of these filters make work easier for students by giving them exactly what they seek as they have the control of finding the perfect tutor for themself.

Placement Test Feature

Getting tested is very important before one jumps into the learning process. The tutor can teach way better if they know the standard of students for that specific domain. If the tutor knows the strengths and weaknesses of the students then work becomes very easy as the focus can be managed.

These placement tests are only for this observation. It is highly advised that everyone goes through them as these are there for their own benefit.

These were some features of Preply that make it dominate the market for linguistic learnings. These all help in understanding the platform better so that a choice can be made by drawing a comparison in between them.

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What Is The Pricing Plan For Preply?

The pricing plan of Preply involves a free trial with it too. An individual can go through a free trial to understand the working of the platform.

The best thing about availing of his free trial is that the individual gets a 100% refund if not satisfied. The average cost of Preply is around $50 for one hour. As it does differ from tutor to tutor and the filters applied by the students.

How To Use Preply?

How Preply Works

Preply is very easy to use. One has to visit the website of the Preply. Then they have to fill in the details asked to get registered. A free trial can be availed which is of course refundable. The numerous plans can be picked by students to pay according to the tutor they had chosen.

After going through this process students can decide what they wish to learn and at what time they wish to have it. This is all about Preply usage which is user-friendly and can be easily managed. Students don’t have to deal with any kind of chaos as they should just focus on learning because Preply is very well structured.

Benefits Of Using Preply

Preply offers a tonne of benefits to its customers. One can decide between Preply and other language learning platforms to understand the difference between both.

All of these benefits decorate the market presence of Preply and keep the customers bound to its legacy. These benefits give the edge to the platform as it stands firm in the market because of all of these attractions.

Some of such benefits are as follows which makes Preply what it is –


Preply offers multiple options no matter either in terms of languages or the tutors. Students can choose between 40,000 tutors to pick the best for them. To make a choice numerous filters can be used so that the filter of their own choice becomes the choice being made. This variety is taken into consideration by students seeking specific choices in terms of time, region, and price.


The pricing plan has been discussed in the earlier part of the article. As it showcases the average rate of using Preply for an hour of class. Yes, Preply costs higher than many other platforms. But if compared in terms of services, features and flexibility then one can say that the rates are justified. Though students can still choose a tutor in the price range of $4 to $40 to pick their own affordable tutor.

Customer Support

Preply Support

Customer support of Preply is available via emails as one can construct a mail to reach the developers. Customers are well assisted on the mailbox as Preply promises to fix any kind of issues faced by any of the students. Customer support facilitates learning for students as they can handle any mess off the platform by simply mailing the problem.

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What Are Some Pros Of Using Preply?

Preply has numerous pros which make it go higher in the bars of comparison.

Some of such pros are as follows –

  1. A wide variety of tutors is available as a student can pick from 40,000 tutors available.
  2. Around 27 languages are taught on the Preply platform which provides multiple options to students.
  3. Customer support based on email works smoothly as Preply provides services worldwide.
  4. A Ton of filters can be applied to find the perfect tutor for the language learning being sought.
  5. The price range of $4 to $40 make sits affordable to students not coming from so strong financial background.
  6. The availability of a free trial helps in knowing the platform better and the option of a refund keeps the money safe too.

Conclusion – Final Say

Preply Conclusion

Preply is a perfect linguistic learning platform by which students can connect to different tutors from worldwide. One seeking perfection in this domain will remain satisfied with the services being offered by Preply.

Preply has been in the market now for more than a decade and promises to become better in the coming years to keep the good work going for its students.


Is Preply free?

No, Preply isn’t free but a free trial can be availed by students.

How many languages are part of Preply learning?

27 languages are offered by Preply to students by 40,000 tutors from worldwide.

How can one contact developers?

Customer support is based on emails.

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