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Domestika vs Skillshare: Which Is Best For Creative Courses?


Online teaching is a very creative and difficult art it’s totally different from physical teaching you have to teach students by staying under the footage of the camera and you don’t have a direct connection with students like in physical classes.

What is Domestika (2)

Online learning is in vogue after the covid pandemic because every sector announced work from home and learning from the home rule so that the chances of spreading covid can be reduced. Online learning is a very convenient way of learning because it contains many pros within it like learning without traveling anywhere, budget-friendly courses, etc.


Domestika and Skillshare both are online learning platform that provides a creative course of different genres and both are good at their work but now we’re going to compare both.

Why This Comparison Is Important?

We have noticed that before lockdown there were only a few platforms who was providing online learning service but after this pandemic now there are plenty of platforms available so it’s very hard to choose the right one to learn in a better way. πŸ˜‡

Discover Yourself With Skillshare

Learning is a very main part of life a person doesn’t grow up by his body only the real growth of a person can be seen by how much he learned. Learning leads to a successful and good life if we learn from good ones so this comparison is all about finding a better learning platform for you to grow in a better way.

What Does Domestika & Skillshare Do?

Domestika and Skillshare both are online learning platform that provides creative course to make people’s future brighter by learning different things.

Both platforms are simply some manner so people get confused in choosing better one Domestika & Skillshare.

Domestika and skillshare are high-rated and well-established companies that provide higher-class learning with a top-class professional in the subject.

Why to choose Domestika

Plus Points Of Domestika

1. Domestika is a platform that sells online courses at very affordable prices with great offers and conditions.

2. Domestika provides a big selection or option in selecting creative courses. If you have a long list of choices then you have an opportunity to choose what is best for you according to your demands.

3. Domestika also provides very affordable prices at Courses that start from $10 with learning by professionals. This attractive pro of Domestika is very good at marketing as well as for students which enables you to learn at a very affordable cost. 😊

Affordable Courses

4. Discount on multiple courses. Domestika is using a trending marketing strategy of giving offers if you want multiple courses this strategy is not only good for businesses but is a very good opportunity for students as well. Having multiple courses at this affordable price with a discount also is a very good reason to bet on Domestika.

5. Domestika also provides unlimited access to purchased courses which enables you to learn anytime from anywhere after buying the course. You can learn from anywhere no matter where you are and whatever time is unscheduled learning is the best option for those who are bad at timings.

6. Certificate of attendance is also provided by Domestika after completing any course which can be mentioned in your CV in the column of qualifications external courses are very useful to gain knowledge about anything and it also helps in getting better in work by learning techniques via professionals.


7. After you buy any course there’s no deadline of access so that you’ll learn at your own speed without forcing yourself this is a very beautiful option to learn naturally so that those things you learned will be set forever in your mind. Video courses at Domestika are higher in quality which enables students to learn in a better way with high video quality for enhancing the experience of users.

Plus Points of Skillshare

1. Skillshare is online learning which provides membership for courses. You can also call it OTT of courses which provides courses at membership. πŸ˜‰

2. The pricing of premium membership for Skillshare is very affordable and attractive which starts at $14/month learning this much in only this much is a very attractive point of Skillshare. When a platform is providing high-class learning at such affordable pricing then it’s a very good option for every student.

SkillShare Free courses

3. With this attractive pricing, Skillshare also provides access to all 30,000+ courses under their membership plan. It’s a very incredible and unbelievable plan because in this situation you’re getting access to 30,000+ courses at the price of one membership so that you can find the best course for you by trying different.

4. Skillshare is a pro in marketing so they are providing also a 30-day free trial to the new users so that they can explore and find the best one for them. In 30 days of the free trial, you have the opportunity to select the course with your personal experience.

5. You have the opportunity to learn according to your own schedule. You don’t have to manage your timings of learning you can spend 10 minutes learning as well as 30 mins according to your comfort level and convince.

6. With this much, you also have high-quality video quality to enhance your experience of learning. The quality of the video is very clear and high so that you can learn in a better way by capturing every single detail of the class.

Skillshare Teams Plans

7. Skillshare also provides workshops for all members so that they can also learn practical sessions with theories and all. This technique of learning enhances the envy of the class and also increases the interest in learning. 😚

8. We discussed plus points of both Domestika and Skillshare but like everything these two have some minus points also and now we’re going to discuss minus points of Domestika and Skillshare.

Minus Points Of Domestika

1. Language is a weak side of Domestika. On Domestika many courses are only available in Spanish while a maximum number of people expect English. Domestika is a very big platform with many attractive points and learning methods with incredible offers and discounts on courses but many courses are only available in Spanish which is a big minus point for Domestika.

Domestika Languages

2. With this, there’s one more negative point of Domestika which is that all features are not available on the app. In Domestika some features that should be on the app are only available on the website but not on the app which is quite inconvenient for users to have access to every feature via the app.

3. Domestika provides many things in a very helpful way so that you get some help in getting success in life but with good points, everything has bad also.

Pros and Cons of Domestika


  • Big selection option in creative courses.
  • Affordable pricing starts at $10 per course.
  • Unlimited access to the purchased courses.
  • Certificate provided for proof of attending the course.
  • High quality of videos in video courses which enhances user’s experience.
  • There’s no deadline for attending the course so you can learn anytime and anywhere and also can revise any course.


  • Many courses on Domestika are only available in the Spanish language.
  • All features of Domestika are not available on the app.

Minus Points Of Skillshare

1. Skillshare does not provide certificates on courses which is not a good point to choose but still, this platform provides learning from professionals with this many facilities and very affordable pricing is a good thing.

2. Skillshare didn’t clean their old junk from their library which is quite useless today because the library of Skillshare is very huge but many courses are old and outdated for now which are quite useless for today. Having a huge library enables you to explore many things but having outdated courses can also be wasting of time which is a negative point.

Discover Yourself With Skillshare

3. They provide 30 days of free trial but if you didn’t cancel your membership before the ending date of the trial then they’ll start charging membership without asking you which is a bad part of the platform.

4. Skillshare is a very attractive platform to learn different courses with their affordable low-cost membership plan and access to 30,000 courses at $14 per month but with pros and cons, it’s very different to choose but the choice is all yours. 😍

Pros and Cons of Skillshare

πŸ‘ Pros

  • The price starts at $14 for per month membership.
  • Have access to all 30,000+ courses in one membership plan.
  • Skillshare also provides a 30-day free trial.
  • Video quality is very high to experience a better way of learning.
  • Skillshare also provides workshops and live sessions for every member.

πŸ‘Ž Cons

  • Skillshare does not provide a certificate for any completed course.
  • Skillshare has a big number of options available but many of them are outdated.
  • days trial at the time.


Choosing the best out of the bests is a very difficult concept for everyone. When two platforms both are one step ahead another are providing incredible offers and very attractive points to choose them for learning then it’s not easy to take one out of those two.

Domestika Customer reviews

Skillshare and Domestika are two learning platforms that can shake up the market of online learning market. Both platforms are very high in quality for user experience and also for learning. Both platforms are giving an opportunity to learn from the best professionals on the subject.

Skillshare Student Reviews

Domestika sells courses at exclusive prices whereas Skillshare is selling membership of their platform to get access to all courses for $14 per month now it depends on your opinion that what you want to experience and which platform is suitable for you.

FAQs πŸ€”

What is the main difference between Domestika and Skillshare?

The main difference is Domestika sells courses while Skillshare sells membership for their platform.

Which platform is better than the others?

e good at their points choosing better depends on your choice and suitability of their features according to you.

Do both platforms provide good instructors?

Both platforms provide top-class professionals as teachers.

What is the pricing of both platforms?

Domestika charges $10/course and Skillshare charges $14/month.

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