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SkillShare Review 2024: Is This Learning Platform Worth it?


Nowadays people are likely to learn a new skill or course to achieve their dreams or else choose it as a hobby. Luckily, we can find any course with a single tap at our own pace with the help of many online learning platforms that are available in the market. 

If you’re always looking to develop a new skill or want to develop the creativity in you then the SkillShare platform is right for you. Still doubtful whether the SkillShare platform is perfect or not, then review the platform especially the course categories to choose which one is the right choice for you. 

πŸ˜‡ What is SkillShare?


SkillShare is an online learning platform where you can explore different skills that meets your creativity. Yes, to develop your creative skills, SkillShare is one of the best online education sources. It provides training in different courses such as Arts, Music, Photography, Entrepreneurship, Business & Analytics and more.

Along with the creative skills, even you have the opportunity to explore personal development skills through this platform. If you have any goal and interest to achieve something in the creative side field then give it a try and review all the courses that are provided by the SkillShare platform. SkillShare guides everything from the basics and even the instructors are creators who assist you in every aspect to become a Pro in the field that you want.  

πŸ€” Why Choose SkillShare?

Why to choose SkillShare

There are many reasons to choose the SkillShare platform because today it is one of the prominent ones among the list for online learning purposes. Even though there are many sources and online platforms to learn the course but SkillShare is unique as it provides training in the creative area. It is easy to learn creative skills with this platform and the main advantage is the instructors are creators. Here is the main reason why chose the SkillShare platform isΒ 

  • You can take and learn from the award-winning original classes on this platform.
  • Coming to each lesson that is available at SkilShare will take just a short period. Along with that, you’re going to experience hands-on real-time projects.
  • Your Membership at the SkillShare platform really supports the instructors and trainers of the courses.

😍 SkillShare Course Categories 

Skillshare courses

SkillShare offers different categories of courses that belong to the creative area and if you’re interested in the creative side then these courses are helpful for you. So browse & review all the SkillShare courses and then decide which course is the best fit for you. 

The list of course categories of SkillShare provides to us are:

  • Animation 
  • Creative Writing
  • Film & Video
  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Designing
  • Illustration
  • Music
  • Photography
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Business Analytics
  • Freelance and Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and Management
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Productivity
  • Videography
  • Typography
  • Writing

πŸ‘€ For Whom Does the SkilShare Platform?

The eLearning industry is helping many people around the world to learn new professional skills, creative skills, and other personal development skills at their own pace. The advantage of choosing an online learning education platform is they are compatible with any device and one can learn at any time and anywhere they want. 

If we review the SkillShare platform, it mainly focused on creativity-related courses like Photography, Art, Design, Videography, Music, and many more. This platform is mainly suitable for creative workers, Entrepreneurs, and other small businesses or freelancers. 

If you’re looking to earn a professional skill and want to achieve the certificate to join as a job-holder means, it is absolutely not suitable for you. It is good to go with other professional online learning platforms, it is clear that SkillShare is to increase your creative skills. 

βœ”οΈFeatures of SkillShare

The SkillShare features give an insight into how this platform is helpful for you and look at all of them before going to pick the course that you want to learn. 

Discover New Skills 

At SkillShare online learning platform, one can easily explore new skills and also deep dive into specific skills and passions. Overall in other words we can say that one can get lost in creativity with SkillShare. The courses and the lessons that are available at SkillShare online education platform really might surprise you as well as inspire you too. 

Membership with a Great Meaning 

Creation of projects

There is so much to explore at SkillShare especially in the creative side of the courses. Along with that, you’re going to create real-time projects and also get the support of creatives. On the whole, one can learn the new skill successfully as it empowers you to accomplish real growth. 

When you have practical knowledge of the subject, then it is easy for you to accomplish the goal that you want to achieve. So, SkillShare provides real-time projects to the learners and it is the added advantage to choose this platform. It definitely helps the students and always gets motivated to learn something on this platform. Even it provides some extra things along with the video lessons like checklists, workbooks, and the related topics or skills at the bottom of every lesson. 

Training is Designed for Real Life 

Now, you no need to put a pause in your life, as if you have any passion or want to showcase any skill then this SkillShare is for you. It helps you to move forward and expose your creative journey successfully with great support from the team. The short online classes at the SkillShare platform really helpful to find inspiration and they actually fit according to your daily routine. 

Learn From Anywhere 

Mobile app

SkillShare is compatible with all electronic devices such as desktops, mobile apps, Apple TV, Andriod, iOS devices, and tablets. 

You can review & listen to the SkillShare classes on the go with the help of the app, as you can SkillShare live stream or else download the classes to your device. So that, it is easy to listen at any time that you want, and also you can listen to them on the plane, coffee shop, subway, or any place according to your convenience. 

Quality Video Content of the Courses

SkillShare provides high-quality course and video content to the learners and we can see the reviews that the students are happy and satisfied with the content. The classes at SkillShare are like your daily routine so that it is easy to grasp the points they teach. 

SkillShare courses are divided into different levels such as beginner level or starter level, intermediate level or medium level, and lastly the advanced level of the course who will become a Pro or mastery in that subject or area.

Now, it’s your turn to choose the standard that you want to learn the course and to analyze more for every course there is a description. It gives an idea of what you’re going to learn about the course with clear information. If we conclude this course content topic, to be honest, the courses are quite informative as well as they’re in a creative way.  

Download Videos Lessons for Offline Classes 

If you are unable to follow the classes regularly means, you have the option i.e, download option to all the classes. Just give a tap on the download option, so that you can listen to them whenever, and wherever you want. You can download this through the SkillShare app to your mobile device. Yes, you don’t have the option to download the classes to desktops and web purposes. 

Video Annotations of the Classes

SkillShare provides a video mark option so that the learners can review and mark the videos, from this, they can easily start the video where they left. The best part of the video marking option is you can watch the lesson at any time you want from where you left. Even the marked video facility is really helping the learners to use it as a reference because it is easy to understand the upcoming topics or else keep it in a note format based according to your convenience.

Free Courses/Classes

Free courses

SkillShare offers some free classes to the students, and it is a great opportunity for new learners. In this, we can find the beginner levels of classes which means you’re going to learn the basics of the courses. When you proceed with the paid plan for the premium courses, it provides intermediate and advanced levels of the courses. 

On the whole, we can say that SkillShare provides in-depth course concepts in the premium versions only. The free classes are available for a short period of time probably which means it takes minutes and you’re going to invest less time to learn the course. 

At the end of each lesson, you can find how many students are enrolled in the course and how projects are done related to the course. Even you can find the details of the class at the bottom of the video lessons and also you get to know about the instructor who teaches the class. 

Class ratings, students feedbacks, and the learning expectations that are met by the students are also mentioned below the video lessons. In clear words, you can understand why the students have liked this course based on the clarity of the instruction, helpful examples, and the organization of the lessons.

🀠Details of SkillShare Course Instructors 


It is important to know more about the details of instructors at SkillShare or any online learning platform because to analyze how they provide training. No matter which course do you pick, the classes at SkillShare are taught by the real creators.

If we talk about the SkillShare instructors, they are actually icons, industry rock stars, and experts. All the instructors or trainers at SkillShare are always ready to provide training and wanted to share the experience, wisdom, and tools for their learners.

Yes, the instructors are Pro in that particular area like the example Aaron Draphlin is at Design, Brandon Woelfel at Photography, etc. 

The best part of the SkillShare platform is for every lesson of the course the students provide their reviews of how the instructor explained the topic. It really helps the new students as they can view all of them to decide whether it is useful or not.

The students are referred to like the courses provided by instructors are trained with excellent and of courses, they are great classes. Even if you have any interest to become an instructor means, SkillShare allows you to become a trainer and share the knowledge with the students. 

πŸ€— Become an Instructor

Become an instructor on Skillshare

One of the most favorable designation by the people across the world is Teacher and their main aim is to share the knowledge with others. For those people, we have brought excellent and good news. Yes, you can become an instructor at SkillShare online learning platform.

If you want to become a teacher or trainer on this platform, you have to first overview all the courses that it offers, From the list, choose the area that you want to teach. Now, create a course as it provides various tools to customize and design the course as you want.

πŸ’« Pros and Cons of SkillShare 


  • 7 days free trial offer is available
  • Courses are available especially on the creative side
  • One can explore creative & personal development skills
  • Provides high quality video content
  • Businesses and individuals anyone can use it
  • One can experience hands-on learning
  • Has filter options to choose the course
  • Provides real-time workshops and projects
  • Become an instructor by creating a course
  • Can learn the course in mobile app
  • Download the workbooks to learn in offline mode
  • Perfect for creative learners and passionates
  • Free classes are also available
  • Provides a great customer support system


  •  Plans are a little bit pricey
  • Provides training only in the English language
  • Limited Memberships is another drawback

πŸ’ SkillShare Customer Reviews

Many of the SkillShare users shared their reviews especially the personal experience with the learning procedures of the platform and many more things. Most users are satisfied with its training methods and one of the customers Paul Johnston – Global Design Manager at Dentons, says that once he decided to make the team more powerful with a creative mindset, Also, he tries many other platforms from face-to-face training to everything but it does not work for his team. But once he choosed SkillShare, it transformed everything and made his team more collaborative as well as engaged. 

SkillShare customer review

On the other side, individuals also shared their experiences and provided reviews & feedbacks on each lesson of the course. From this, we can understand how it creates an impact in providing creative training to its learners and students.  Here, in the below image we can see the review provided by the students after listening to the video lesson.

Skillshare Student Reviews
SkillShare Students Review

🎁 SkillShare Pricing Structure 

SkillShare offers a seven-day free trial period and allows one to experience unlimited classes. In the free trial version 

  • Get thousands of inspiring classes with unlimited access at any time. 
  • The instructors are creators and working professionaly
  • The topics that are included are design, photography, music, illustration, and more.

Along with the free trial period, it offers some free classes that range from basic levels for the courses it provides to us. After completion of the free trial period offer, you can proceed with the SkillShare premium version i.e, the subscription model. 

SkillShare Pricing in Detail

Now, let’s review the pricing for SkillShare Team plans and it is suitable for businesses, teams of any size, shape, and stage. The Starter plan of learning & development which is suitable for teams with 2-20 members costs $139/year per user. 

  • Get unlimited access to over 35,000 classes 
  • Admin capability is completely easy-to-use
  • It offers casting, mobile, and offline capabilities
  • Get monthly workshops, live online classes, and more
  • Gives access to SkillShare originals
  • By topic or skill, it gives access to public class lists
  • Offers courses that are project-based
  • Get feedback from the community as well as teachers
  • Digital workshops on a monthly basis
  • License reassignment and user management portal
  • Offers basic tech support

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The Enterprise plan in learning and development is perfect for teams that have more than 20 members. For pricing cost, contact the vendor, in this version get what starter plan offers and also features addon

  • A dedicated customer manager 
  • Provides reporting on daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Digital & Private workshops and also custom learning paths
  • API capabilities, and integrated to LMS
  • Excellent tech support is provided
  • Onboarding and implementation – 1:1
  • L&D consultation is available
  • Community groups are provided privately
  • Live experience in both virtually and on-site
  • All integration & reporting features available

The Revive version is for teams of 51 members or more than 51 and in this, the employee gets more benefits & perks. To know the price of the version is you should connect with their vendor. Get everything in the enterprise plan and at the same time  

  • Get curated wellness offerings and lists 
  • Engagement and onboarding support to the customers
  • Clear details of analytics and reporting – 2 times per year
  • Custom digital SkillShare workshops per year – 1
  • Onboard kit

πŸ”₯ SkillShare Review – Final Words

SkillShare is one of the leading online learning platforms by providing endless services to the students. If you’re a keen interest in the creative side means, SkillShare is a great addition to your career. With this platform, you can develop your career on the creative side and if you’re an enthusiast in showcasing new skills to the world means it teaches everything right from the first step of the basics to advanced level.

The courses available at SkillShare are Arts, Photography, Music, Videography, and other creative areas. The best part of selecting SkillShare is it does not only provide training in creative skills but also provides personal development skills too. These two skills are very important nowadays, to get success in your future projects as well as for a great career.

Real-time projects, hands-on learning experience are the key aspects to choose SkillShare, and also the course content is extremely good, one can understand easily. You can choose any course and learn at your own pace, and even the SkillShare app allows you to download the classes to listen to them in offline mode.

At the bottom of every lesson, you can check the ratings, instructor details, students feedbacks, course descriptions, and many more. So, review the SkillShare platform by utilizing the seven days free trial period offer to decide which course is best for you.

✨ Frequently Asked Questions 

🀞 Can the SkillShare online learning platform allows the students to share with their friends?

Yes, SkillShare allows its students to share the classes with their friends. All you need to do is just give a click on the share icon, then select which platform that you want to share, or else you can share the video lesson directly via emails.

✌️ How to download the playlists of SkillShare at Once?

For premium members, SkillShare offers to download the video lessons to their iOS and Android devices via the SkillShare app. Once connected with the internet connection, and then give a click on the download button on which classes do you want to listen to offline mode, then it automatically downloads to your device.

πŸ‘ Can I put courses completed on skillshare on my resume?

The main intention of SkillShare courses is to develop creative skills and personal development skills. Yes, it does not provide any certification after completing the course, so even adding the course completion details on the resume means it doesn’t help much. But you can showcase your project details and other experiences on your resume.

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