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SkillShare vs Brilliant 2024: Which One Is Worthy To Buy?


Online learning platforms are helping the students to learn any subject or skill at their own pace, any time, and anywhere.

In the market, we have various online learning tools, and among those SkillShare and Brilliant platforms are to look into.

SkillShare vs Brilliant

These two online learning platforms provide training on different courses, so one can pick and learn any subject they want. The SkillShare platform is all about exploring creative skills and Brilliant is to develop professional skills.

Both platforms offer different categories of courses but they provide interactive and high-quality training to the learners. 

🤔 What is SkillShare?


In order to explore creative skills, then SkillShare is one of the best online learning platforms in the market. If we look into the course categories, it provides Arts, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Video filming, etc. While learning a course at SkillShare, people can just not only explore to learn creative skills but also personal development skills. 

If you have any interests and want to be creative then SkillShare is the right platform to choose. The hands-on learning experience at SkillShare guides you to become a pro in that area. The trainers at SkillShare will teach everything from basic to advanced learning methods that assist your career development. 

✨ Pros and Cons of SkillShare 


  •  It has a free trial for 7 days
  • Courses are available with a wide range of categories
  • Explore creative & new skills
  • Video content is available with high-quality
  • Perfect for individuals as well as businesses
  • Experience hands-on learning
  • Good filter options
  • Real-time workshops
  • Create a course and become a teacher
  • Can learn in a mobile app
  • Learn offline by downloading workbooks
  • Suitable for creative passionates
  • Some classes are available for free
  • Customer support is good
  • Allows integrations


  •  Not affordable price
  • Trainers are not experts
  • Training is provided only in English
  • Memberships are limited

🤔 What is Brilliant?


Brilliant is another course platform that trains professional skills to the learners and they can experience hands-on training with interactive video lessons. It provides training on courses like Mathematics, software development, science, engineering, etc. 

At Brilliant, one will learn the subject in a better and easiest way, as the courses are suitable for all the age groups. Till now, over nine million students across the world are subscribed to the Brilliant platform. The best advantage is, one can learn the key ideas with the help of problem-solving skills. The learnings at Brilliant are supposed to build that every individual to step ahead towards the successful career paths.

⭐ Pros and Cons of Brilliant


  •  Interactive learning
  • Unlimited access to all the plans
  • All are professional courses
  • Offline access only for mobile devices
  • Discussions with the community are allowed
  • Offers additional practice sessions
  • Progress is synced to the web and mobile apps
  • Try a free preview for every course
  • Perfect platform for all age groups
  • Learn in a fun and better way
  • Learn problem-solving skills
  • Offers over 60 courses


  •  Does not offer any free membership
  • The group plan is a little bit pricey

👀 Comparison Of Course Categories [SkillShare vs Brilliant]

Looking into the course categories of SkillShare & Brilliant, they offer various courses whereas, SkillShare is suitable to explore creative courses and Brilliant is for professional courses.

SkillShare’s Courses 

Skillshare courses

To grow the creative skills, SkillShare online learning platform offers courses like Animation, Web Development, Graphic Design, Filming & video, Entrepreneurship, Photography, Lifestyle, Business, Fine Art, and other topics.

You can utilize the free trial period to analyze which course is better for you and also look into the curriculum whether it covers all the topics are not.

Brilliant’s Courses

Brilliant Courses

Looking into the courses of Brilliant online learning platforms, we can see the subjects like Maths, Science, Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics & Finance, Engineering, and software development.

✔️ SkillShare Features vs Brilliant Features 

The list of the features is mentioned below and look into them to decide which has more scope to pick the platform and learn the course.

SkillShare Features 

The list of SkillShare features are mentioned-below

Creation of Projects, Videos, and Workshops

SkillShare - creation of projects

SkillShare courses are designed for passionate people, individuals, and businesses, along with them it supports all the creators across the world. The real-time projects are the additional advantage to the learners to grab the knowledge on the subject.

These real-time projects help to accomplish the goal as well as experience more practical involvement on the subject. This type of learning environment definitely helps the students to get motivated and shows some interest in the subject to learn something new.

SkillShare provides quality training through excellent video sessions to listen and learn without any distractions. The best part is SkillShare offers some extra resources to the learners such as workbooks, checklists, and many more to some lessons or topics.

Quality Video Content Courses

The content quality at SkillShare online education is good and many of the users are liked its course content. Of course, the classes are like in-real-life situations so that anyone can listen according to the daily routine.

We can see that the courses provided by SkillShare are divided into beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. You can pick the standard that you want to learn in the course, and it provides a course description to every course to know what you’re learning. The content of the courses is provided with a quite informative and also in a more creative way.

Become an Instructor

Become an instructor - Skillshare

Teacher, it is the most liked profession by the people across the world, and for them, SkillShare offers a great opportunity. It allows you to create a course and share the knowledge on this platform by becoming an instructor or trainer. Go through the list of the categories provided by the SkillShare platform and create a course. To create a course on this platform, it offers various designing tools and customization tools that are needed.

Mobile Applications

Skillshare Mobile app

The SkillShare education platform is available to access on all the devices like mobile apps, desktops, Apple TV, iOS devices, Andriod, etc.

You can stream the online classes or else you can download the video classes and learn in offline mode too. Learn at your own pace, at the subway, watch the lessons on the plane, wherever you want as it access classes at any part of the world.

Video Annotations

It allows the learners to mark the videos and so it is easy to get back to the videos where you left, also can watch them again at any time. These marked videos are like reference videos that help to understand the upcoming topics or else keep a note of the videos as your convenient.

Offline Classes

SkillShare allows its users to watch the videos offline so that all you need to do is just download the videos to your device by giving a click on the download option. But this advantage does not beneficial for desktops or web purposes as you can download to your mobile devices only.

Brilliant Features

At Brilliant, one can learn problem-solving skills and learn to think like a mathematician, physicist, statistician, data analyst, etc.

Engaging and Interactive Learning

Engaging and Intercative Learning - Brilliant

Brilliant is a great platform that provides interactive lessons that means it allows you to drop the objectives and can also manipulate variables so that the learning moments will be quicker. It offers various interesting topics, from algebra to quantum physics. One can learn in a fun and the quizzes guides you to learn the subject in an interesting way.

The problem-solving techniques and in-depth explanations assist you to master the concepts by providing step-by-step explanations. Overall, a Brilliant platform is good to learn and improve critical thinking, by solving quizzes, puzzles, other mind-blowing problems.

Get Feedbacks

If you have any queries then don’t worry get instant feedbacks and improve the learning technique rapidly. All the step-by-step explanations and instructions allow you to learn more and the concepts are easily understandable.

Learn By Practicing

Learn by Practicing - Brilliant

If you’re learning something online, then interactive problem-solving training is more effective when compared to regular lectures. Once you start exploring the courses at Brilliant, you’re going to explore out of the box. It is a great advantage to the learners who choose the Brilliant platform.

Explore and Inspire

It is important to be aware of why we are learning and what we are learning so at Brilliant the courses are curated with natural curiosity. The best of Brilliant online learning platform is it teaches the learners to become mastery by intuition but not using the formulas.

Inquiry, curiosity, and openness are the three weapons a learner should have and a Brilliant platform creates learning according to it. While learning journey, you may fail but you have to try and solve challenges, and this experience helps you to solve further challenges easily.

Master the Course

Master the course Brilliant

At Brilliant, you’re going to learn the subject and become a master in it as the learning procedure in this platform is to not memorize. From the scratch, you’re going to learn everything at Brilliant and also learn how STEM works but the path to excel is not easy. But the learning path is simple and excellent, at the same time some struggle is necessary to get successful.

On the whole, the Brilliant platform is Brilliant, and you’re going to replace the visual online lessons or video classes with hands-on lessons. It means you’re practicing more and more to get mastery of the course that you choose.

👊 SkillShare vs Brilliant [# Key Feature Comparison]

Course TypeCreative CoursesProfessional Courses
Interactive Training YesYes
Learning ExperienceLike a Daily routineFun and Better way
AssessmentsAvailableAvailable Daily
DevicesAvailable on all device typesAvailable on all device types
PricingLittle bit ExpensiveAffordable
Certifications No
Free TrialYes – 7 daysNo
Free CoursesAvailable for Beginner levelAvailable Preview for each course

🤠 Course Trainers {SkillShare vs Brilliant}

Before choosing the course that we want to learn on a particular online learning platform, it is a reminder that to look into the instructors. SkillShare vs Brilliant Which one has the best online course trainers? let’s look into who are the instructors are:

SkillShare Trainers

Skillshare Tutors

The trainers at the SkillShare platform are the experts and creators who are having experience in particular areas. Even if you want to become an instructor means it allows you to become a trainer.

According to the student’s feedback, the content and course quality is good. These reviews are helpful for the learners to subscribe to the platform and can learn something new.

Brilliant Trainers

Brilliant Trainers

The instructors and course creators at Brilliant platform are industry experts as well as researchers across the world. They are from the top universities and also they are lifelong learners.

💛 Customer Testimonials – SkillShare vs Brilliant 

The customers of both the platforms SkillShare & Brilliant have shared their views throughout their learning journey process. They are satisfied with their online classes and also with their interactive learning process.

Below you can see the individual testimonials.:

SkillShare Testimonials 

SkillShare customer review

Brilliant Testimonials 

Brilliant Testimonials

🎁 SkillShare vs Brilliant – Pricing Plans 

Coming to the details of the pricing of SkillShare vs Brilliant, we have great news that a free SkillShare premium trial is available for a period of seven days. Along with that, it offers some free courses at the beginner’s levels with unlimited access that are taught by the creators.

On the other side, Brilliant also offers a free preview for each course, and at the same time in the today tab, you can look into the new daily challenges. 

At Brilliant, you get:

  • In today tab, new problems on a daily basis
  • Wiki of the subjects Science, Math, and Computer Science
  • Across web and mobile apps, the progress is synced
  • Allows community discussion

Let’s see the individual paid pricing plans

SkillShare Premium 

Skillshare Teams Plans

For individuals, go with a SkillShare premium version and for businesses, teams of any size, shape, and stage. The starter and enterprise plans are for learning & development, and these are best for sizes 2- 20+.

The cost of a starter plan is $139/year/user, and get over 35,000 classes with unlimited access, easy-to-use interface, offline, casting, mobile capacity, monthly real-time & digitalized workshops, live classes, access to the public class list based on the topic or skill, project-based training, feedback from the community & instructors, reassignment of the license, and management portal for the users. 

Pay for the enterprise plan by contacting the sales, and get the features of the starter plan including a dedicated manager, reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, learning modules, workshops, engaging support, unlimited access to the SkillShare originals, private workshops, community groups private, tech support, and others. 

If you have a team of over 51, then go with the Revive plan, and for pricing contact the salesperson. Get all the features of the Enterprise plan including, curated wellness offerings as well as lists, and get reporting two times a year. 

Brilliant Pricing

Brilliant pricing

The monthly version costs $24.99/month, the most popular annual subscription version costs $12.49/month, and for a group of over 3 members costs $299.88/year.

In all these plans, get unlimited access to all the courses it offers like math, computer science, and science. In order to supercharge your learning, at Brilliant unlock all courses and daily challenges. 

  • In the Today tab, get new problems to solve every day.
  • Offers a complete daily challenges archive
  • Wiki of the courses it offers- math, science, and computer science.
  • Progress is synced to all the mobile apps and across the web
  • offline mode is provided on mobile apps.
  • Supports community discussion
  • Additional practice sessions
  • Foundation of Mathematics courses
  • Advanced courses for Maths subject
  • Science and Computer Science courses

Even Brilliant platform offers to share a gift plan of math and science to others and group plans is to share family, friends, etc. 

🔥 Final Words On SkillShare vs Brilliant 

In SkillShare vs Brilliant comparison, both online education platforms are for the students, and if still doubtful to choose which platform is best, then you have to proceed based on which course do you want to learn. 

Select SkillShare if:

  • Free trial seven days 
  • Free classes at beginner level
  • Download videos to your device and learn
  • Courses are related to creative skills
  • Real-time digital & private workshops
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Creative courses of various categories
  • Instructors are creators not experts
  • One can become an instructor

Select Brilliant if:

  • Offers free preview for each course
  • Suitable to learn on all devices
  • Courses are related to tech and professional
  • From fundamentals to advanced learning courses
  • Interactive learning procedures
  • Suitable for students, professionals, and lifelong learners
  • Provides excellent video course content
  • Every day new problems and challenges
  • Brilliant offers more courses compared to SkillShare

✔️ Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 SkillShare vs Brilliant, What are the differences between these online learning platforms?

The SkillShare platform is all about exploring creative skilled programs like filming videos, music, arts, photography, and many more. Coming to Brilliant platform is like professional course programs like data science, software development, science, math, etc.

👍 What have been the experiences of the people who have taken the classes from the SkillShare platform?

The people who take the classes from SkillShare are shared their learning journey and said that they are well-defined courses with great content. The video quality of the classes is good and the lecture style, workshops, etc are the interesting aspects of the platform.

👊 For what Age groups do Brilliant is suitable?

A Brilliant online education platform is suitable for all age groups starting from 10 to the age group 110. The courses available at Brilliant are available for all age groups and those who are ambitious to learn something means it is a good platform to pick. The courses are provided from beginner standards to advanced levels.

☄️ How good is SkillShare Or Brilliant video tutorials?

SkillShare and Brilliant, these two online education platforms are great to learn at your own pace. The video tutorials of SkillShare are available with good quality and interactive training for the learners. The real-time digital and private workshops are its added advantage.

Coming to the Brilliant, the lecture videos are replaced with hands-on training and interactive programs with high-quality videos. In fact, the learning procedures are fun and understandable.

🤗 Does SkillShare allow you to cancel the subscription plan after a free trial?

SkillShare allows the users to cancel the subscription plan at any time they want and also can renew the plan whenever they want. To cancel the plan, you have to do it only from a mobile web browser or else you can do it on your operating system.

👉 Can Skillshare and Brilliant really help to break into a job?

The main intention of SkillShare and Brilliant platform is to provide knowledge and help the students to develop their skills personally. The quizzes and daily tasks assist you to analyze how much you learned and in which areas have to fill the gaps.

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