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5 Best SkillShare Alternatives: Top Online Learning Sites


The SkillShare platform is the best online learning source where you can learn different creative skills as well as personal development skills.

This platform offers different categories of courses that are mostly focused on the creative side like music, arts, etc.

But still, want to increase more skills along with creative & personal development? then you’re at the right place. For you, we are providing a list of SkillShare alternatives that work for you. 

🔅 What is SkillShare?


SkillShare online learning platform which provides a hands-on learning experience for online learners from photography, videography, to graphic design, music, and other creative courses.

Overall SkillShare is a complete creative side where you can find interests, passion, or a hobby to develop from basic to advanced levels of creative skills. Innovators, creators, and icons are the instructors who are always provide training with detailed explanations for learners to achieve what they dreamt of. 

Want to increase career growth skills, along with creative & personal development then here are the best learning sites that meet your requirements to learn new skills that you want. 

💥 Top 5 SkillShare Alternatives

We can see here the top 5 SkillShare Alternatives and analyze which one is needed to improve your career growth.

✅ Lynda 


The other name for Lynda is Linkedin Learning which is referred to one who wants to achieve something in his life.

The main aim of Lynda is to train the learners with different technical skills and no doubt one can become a pro in any subject with Lynda.

It may be a foreign language or programming side, anything is possible with Lynda. It just not only provides training in creative courses but also for different disciplines like Technology, Business, and others.

To understand the concepts easily, it gives quality training by the industry experts and it’s your turn to choose the best online course for your future career 


  • Lynda does not compromise in providing a high-quality course content for the learners
  • Learning paths at Lynda helps to complete the course in a disciplined format
  • The navigation on the website is easy so that you can search for courses as soon as possible.
  • Get a certificate as a recognizable achievement at Lynda, so that you can add it to your resume to get more job opportunities.
  • Based on the on-demand jobs in the market, Lynda updates courses up-to-date by following the trends.

Pros and Cons 


  •  A free trial period is available for one month
  • Instructors are world-class experts
  • Courses are available with different categories
  • Focuses more in technology devlopement
  • Great video quality with excellent course content
  • Video format lessons
  • Provides course recommendations according to the lesson you choose
  • Monthly and yearly pricing plans which are affordable
  • Provides certification as an achievement
  • Can update on your resume or Linkedin profile


  •  No cons to provide


One month free trial is available at Lynda, coming to the premium details, the monthly version costs $29.99/month and $19.99/month for yearly pricing. You can utilize a free trial for both plans and also allows you to cancel the plan at any time according to your convenience. 

✅ MasterClass

Masterclass Review

The MasterClass is also the best site for students that offer courses from entertainment to technology for the learners. You can choose the course that you want from 11 categories and the best part is you can watch the lessons in offline mode too by downloading the class to your device. 

It offers more than 100 classes and per class count, there is a minimum of 20 lessons, and the industry experts will train the subject with in-depth concepts. The time you have to invest per lesson is 10 minutes and if in case it is difficult to search the course, then Masterclass is for you to find it for you and you can pick based on your interest. 


  • Providing high-quality video lessons to the students is its commitment so that they can easily grab the subject.
  • Listen to classes also in offline mode and on the other side, some classes are available in audio versions.
  • The unique feature of Masterclass is it provides a small glimpse of the course to get to know about the overview of the course.
  • Provides a workbook in PDFs for each class, and in this get key points, assignments, and materials to study.
  • You can get training on all types of devices like mobile, operating systems, tablets, and even on Television too.

Pros and Cons 


  •  Video lessons are provided with a high range of video quality
  • Celebrities and experts are the Masterclass instructors
  • One can invest in this as it is available at a low cost
  • To all devices Masterclass is compatible
  • For each class, it provides a PDF workbook
  • Listen to the classes in offline mode by downloading them to your device
  • New classes are added on a monthly basis
  • It takes only 10 min per class
  • A refund policy is provided
  • One can cancel the plan at any time
  • Provides course trailer and details of the instructor for every course
  • Teachings are fun and entertaining


  •  Only 11 categories of courses
  • No Trial period
  • Few lessons are addressed in the audio version
  • It’s impossible to create and host the course


It does not offer any free trial option, and the pricing plan is $15/month for the yearly billing payment cost. Get access to any course and enjoy all the features it provides to us.

✅ Coursera 


We can confidently say that Coursera is also one of the best online learning site that come with different courses and other job-relevant skills. It collaborates with top-ranked universities and some top-ranked companies across the world. So, naturally one can experience top-notch quality teaching, and moreover, it is a solution to find any course. 

Along with in-depth subject knowledge, one can gain more knowledge on the concepts that help to boost your career. Quizzes, Assessments, and tasks on a regular basis really help to do practice more and more to gain practical knowledge.

This online platform offers a full degree program and you can learn at your own pace at any time you want. It has a record of that till now over 35 million students are enrolled on this platform as it offers over 2700 courses, and also it has partnerships with 150+ universities. Overall opinion on Coursera is it is a good place to learn the course to achieve professional goals.   


  • Provides flexible learning to the students is its top priority
  • Most of the courses that are available are from beginner to advanced levels
  • Track the progress of the course and earn certifications
  • Online Degree programs as well as Master’s degree, Bachelor Degree
  • Learn the course from industry experts and university professionals

Pros and Cons 


  •  Offers a wide range of online classes and programs
  • All courses are related to specializations and professional ones
  • Provides timetables with flexible options
  • Some courses are available at an affordable price
  • NGOs and Governments are can learn courses at Coursera
  • Instructors are from leading companies and universities
  • The learning experience is good
  • The free trial option is there
  • Provides job-relevant skills to achieve goals
  • Massive open online courses to explore
  • Achieve credentials related to the industry
  • Learn on any device through web or app


  •  The prices of some courses are expensive to invest
  • Few courses are not beginner-friendly
  • Frustrating waiting periods


Coursera comes with both free as well as paid courses, and also get 7 days free trial period for paid courses. It refunds your payments within 14 days, and for business costs $319/year/person. This plan is suitable for small organizations and for big organizations you can proceed with a free demo option or also contact the community.

✅ Udemy

Udemy Review

When we are looking for SkillShare alternatives, then there is the best online learning platform which is Udemy. It has over 155,000 video courses where the learners can develop professional skills and also can easily reach their goals.

The best part is it provides unlimited access to the courses for a lifetime, so it’s your turn to pick the course and learn at your own pace. 

It has not only industry toppers to teach the classes but also well-experienced industry experts from across the world. From designing to music, any course category is available at Udemy, and also it offers a wide range of tools to create the course.

For content creators, course creators it is a great opportunity who loves to share knowledge and host their course for the students.


  • It is also a great place to create and sell your own courses 
  • Lectures are in the video, audio, and also text formats
  • Provides quizzes, assessments, and exercises for more practice and to understand the concepts.
  • Get a certificate as it is accredited and recognizable around the world.
  • It has a thriving community of instructors who can text with students to clarify their doubts.
  • With the help of a category, you can browse the course.

Pros and Cons 


  •  Pricing plans of the courses are affordable
  • Instructors or Trainers are top-class experts in their relevant industry
  • Some courses are available for free of cost
  • A refund policy is available and it is 30 days time period
  • For a lifetime it gives access to the courses
  • Different categorization of courses is provided


  •  According to the course, price is provided
  • For few courses the video lecture content is shorter


The starting price of the Udemy online education platform is $12.99 and based on the course the cost is provided.

✅ Brilliant 


Among the SkillShare alternatives, Brilliant is also one where the learners can learn professional skills. The interactive video lessons training is the main advantage of Brilliant and the list of courses it provides to us are Engineering, Science, Math, Computer Science, etc.

The learning process at Brilliant is like a fun, better, and easy process, without any doubt the courses it provided are perfect for any age group. It means Brilliant provides from basic to advanced level of courses to the learners. We can take the number stats that it has 9+ million students who select Brilliant across the world.

From problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills to key ideas, everything you can learn on this platform. In order to create a successful career path, Brilliant is recommended.


  • Has professional courses 
  • Interactive training is provided to the learners
  • Assessments are provided on a regular basis
  • For each course, there is a free preview and it is a big advantage for the users
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Trainers and Teachers are well-expereiced persons and they are experts in their respective fields.
  • One can explore and become a pro easily as the learnings are in fun and better way

Pros and Cons 


  •  Video lessons are interactive
  • Gives access unlimited to the courses
  • Courses available are professional type courses
  • One can discuss with the online community
  • Great practice sessions are provided
  • Courses progress is linked to mobile and web
  • Over 60 courses are provided
  • For every course, it comes with a free preview option
  • Learn problem-solving as well as critical thinking skills
  • Any age person can choose Brilliant


  •  Offline access is provided for mobile devices
  • Free plan or membership is not provided
  • Expensive group plan


Unlock all the courses math, science, software programming, other courses and the $24.99/month is a monthly version plan, $12.49/month yearly version plan. Coming to the groups of more than three members price is $299.88/year.

👊 Which One is the Best SkillShare Alternative?

All the online learning platforms are excellent and they’re good at providing different course categories. Here, the point is you have to select the platform according to your interests. First of all make a plan, in which area you want to develop and then decide to review all the above online education platforms.

If you want to proceed with a career in the creative side means, you can go with SkillShare, or else you can go with the Udemy and Masterclass platforms. If you want to grow on the technology side means Lynda aka Linkedin Learning platform is the best to choose.

We have Brilliant which is suitable for all age groups that deal in providing critical thinking skills, how to face challenges, and many more. Coursera is to complete a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and other specialization skills that you want to get into a specific job.

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