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Busuu Japanese Review 2024: Is It Worth The Cost & Time?


Languages assist in making communication fluent and create a bridge between two beings.

Out of thousands of languages, some of the languages have found their place so firmly.

Busuu Japanese Introduction

As of now, they carry prestige with them because they build up a strong way to world citizenship. It is used by 128 million people and is the national language of Japan. The value of Japan is so high in the global market which directly boosts the value of knowing the Japanese language.

And the fastest and finest platform to learn Japanese is Busuu as it has got the perfect structure ready for students.

What is Busuu?

About Busuu

Busuu is a language learning platform. It has major support for students seeking support for learning new languages from the comfort of their homes. Busuu has 13 languages that can be learned. It has one of the largest user bases and is a trusted top-tier brand.

From pricing to customer service all are kept pretty well by Busuu which makes it stand firm in this competitive world. It was founded in 2008 and since then has been performing for students’ benefit in the domain of linguistic learning.

About Busuu Japanese Language Course

Busuu Japanese language course

Busuu offers 13 language courses from which one of the most popular courses in the Japanese language course. Reviews by students narrate the popularity of Busuu’s Japanese course itself.

Structure, pricing, and all are placed so well so that students can get a smooth learning experience in the learning process of such a powerful language. The focus is on different aspects of language build-up which makes the work easier for students.

Those who seek well-paced and a course worth their time and money should pick Busuu as it has proved it is best numerous times.

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Pricing Plan for Busuu Japanese Course

Pricing plan of Busuu Japanese

The pricing plan for the Busuu Japanese course is affordable. The vision behind Busuu is to increase the standard of learning in the domain of languages. It also includes widening the arena of learning as more people should learn more and more languages.

And this can be only possible if the rates are reasonable. Busuu also offers free registration which helps in getting an insight into some of the features and limited learning.

As by going premium one gets access to all of the languages being offered by Busuu. The premium subscription cost around $9.99 per month which sounds affordable to many.

Features of Busuu Japanese Language Course

Features of the Japanese language course

The features define any platform or service provider. As these are the only things that can be considered when making up a choice.

Japanese learning on Busuu is too supported with the features offered by Busuu. Features differ from premium to basic as the premium version has somewhat more features than the basic version.

Let’s have an insight into these features which help students in picking up Busuu even after having multiple options available. Some of the features of Busuu are as follows –

Vocabulary Build-up

Vocabulary Build up by Busuu

A stronger vocabulary is the backbone of excellence in a language. The way Busuu decorates its courses with strong vocabulary helps in getting the understanding of language in a more interactive way.

It involves numerous techniques which build up a strong and steady vocabulary for students. These activities help in making the repetitive process more fun and easier for students.

Feedback by Others

Feedback by native speakers is highly helpful in understanding the progress being made in the process of language learning. This feedback is about getting the errors corrected and extracting the fluency out of beginners.

Busuu Review

Once one gets to know the errors then correction isn’t so tough to handle. These feedbacks are so valuable as these work as reviews for students.

Division of Language

Language bank of Busuu

The language is distributed in division orders which narrates how one should learn the language in the right chronological way. This division is done on the basis of an expert opinion. If this order is followed then the chaos no longer stays part of learning as students get to learn it accordingly.

From Basic to advanced all of the lessons are distributed so well to mend the caliber of students properly.


The final section of the course involves numerous tests which give direct explanations about the learning Japanese. These tests are a set of questions and activities which help students mark themselves to understand if they need more practice or now they are ready to use the language in professional activities.

These tests aren’t so tough but still capable enough to get a fair judgment drawn regarding the learning of students.


Busuu Grammar

Grammar is essential if a student desires to use a language in its purest form. Even if the grammar isn’t handled well then the usage of language in the professional domain becomes tough and messy. The grammar is part of Busuu lessons which makes sure that the right transfer of languages is made.

As the wrong details related to the language are even worse than the condition of not knowing them perfectly.

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How is the division of Language done on Busuu?

Japan is divided into four major types which makes the order of learning decided. This order should be followed and considered by students to know to what extent they wish to learn the language.

Four major divisions are as follows –


Learn Hiragana

Hiragana is like baby steps toward the learning of a language. This one should be adopted by anyone totally unaware of the Japanese. As to be familiar one should get to know about the alphabets and their sounds at least in order to expand the learning.

Hiragana involves different levels too as A1 has 52 lessons and then elementary A1 has 15 lessons. So do the B1 and B2 have 14-11 lessons.

The Japanese for Travel Course

Busuu Japanese For Travel

Whenever we have plans to go abroad a major concern is about communication. This is about understanding at least the bare minimum of the language so that communication can be done. This course is such a short course that assists in having a huge paced learning of most used phrases and two scripts essential to understand the language.


Busuu Hiragana And Katakana

Katakana’s course makes students understand the foreign words involved in Japanese. These words have to be understood completely if one wishes to get a hold of the roots of the language more efficiently. Katakana is differnet from Hiragana majorly in this detail only.

Complete Japanese Course

Then there is a complete Japanese course that narrates the brilliance of the whole language. From the minute details to several complications, all are involved in this course. This one also has the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation involved which makes the learning tough but the excellence easier for students.

Busuu Complete Japanese Course

Benefits of Busu for Learning Japanese?

The benefits offered by Busuu assist students in picking it up as a platform to learn Japanese. These benefits make work easier for the users and attract more customers for the brand. Some of such benefits are as follows –

1. Affordability

The price of Busuu isn’t so high as $9.99 on can unlock all the features that are offered by Busuu premium. These features contributed to the strong learning of the language. If one goes for an annual plan the cost also decreases to around $5.68. Also, the basic plan of the platform to assist in having reach to some of the basic features which aren’t useless either.

2. Vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing.

Major skills one has to get for perfection in a language are a strong vocabulary, fluent pronunciation, and fast writing. All of these can be achieved by the users enrolled with Busuu. The techniques and activities offered by the Busuu help in accessing the vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing all at once. These techniques also contribute to making the work easier for students.

3. Different types of courses.

Four different types of courses are offered to students willing to learn Japanese. The choice can be made by students themselves after considering the reason why they need to learn the language. This helps in understanding the right course for themself and making their time count.

4. Experience of Busuu.

Busuu isn’t a new platform as it was founded back in 2008. This has helped it get the trust of users which creates a wider user base for the app. Students have the trust in the platform as it also is the pick of top brands.

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Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  1. Busuu has the finest rates when compared to other linguistic apps offering this standard.
  2. The basic version of Busuu is free and unlocks several features after registration.
  3. As Busuu doesn’t offer a tonne of languages and offers only 13 it makes sure that proper focus is given to these languages.
  4. Course distribution assists students in making the right choice related to the course they want to pick.
  5. Grammar isn’t neglected by Busuu by any means so that the purest teaching is delivered to students.
  6. Feedback from other speakers boosts the confidence of the student.
  7. Also, the reviews help in understanding where the errors exist and how they can be corrected.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

How to use Busuu?

Busuu is an easy-to-use app. There aren’t so many technicalities involved in the web portal. Busuu is compatible with almost every system because having a particular system isn’t a necessity.

Expectations from Busuu

The students have to enroll by adding up the details and deciding whether they wish to go with the paid plan. If chosen to pay then after paying the fee, full access to the course can be enjoyed easily.

Conclusion – Final Say

Busuu is a top-tier name in the domain of linguistic learning.

Introduction to Busuu

The prestige of the Japanese can’t be handled easily as it is one of the oldest langue to survive. The features of Busuu had helped students get the finest learning experience. Also the benefits it offers make it the top pick by students.


How many languages can be learned on Busuu?

In total 13 languages can be learned on Busuu.

How many course types do the Japanese language have?

There are 4 major types of Japanese language courses.

Is, there any basic (free) plan for Busuu?

Yes, one has to register in order to avail of the free services.

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