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Armin Van Buuren MasterClass Review: Is It Worth To Join?


Party-vibe isn’t easy to get and only the people who know the nerve of dance music can create it.

When the dance music plays the audience must get their soul feeling restless to dance and shake the stress out of their heads.

Armin Van Introduction

What is Dance Music?

The music itself is magical but dance music has the power to generate an aura that can’t be managed easily. To learn to create the best dance music numerous aspects have to be careful of.

So no more annoying mixing over the floor because the platinum-selling DJ “Armin Van Buuren” is on the MasterClass to teach details related to dancing music.

Who Is Armin Van Buuren?

Armin Van Buuren is a platinum-selling DJ who has crown excellence in the field of dance music creation. Whenever Armin Van is in the house, the public roars on the floor with their sassy dance moves. Armin has been rated top world DJ five times by DJ Magazine.😇

Who is Armin

The way he plugs in does the magic with mixing and starts trends in a rare gem to find. The crowd gets super excited simply by knowing the fact that “Armin Van Buuren” is in the house for a party. Armin is going to guide you in finding your way to understanding dance music.

Lessons By Armin Van Buuren


Intro to Armin's lessons

The introductory lesson involves an overview of the program and the instructor. The classes commence with this lesson describing the goals the instructor wishes to archive via the program.

The lesson provides insight into how one can follow their passion when situations make life tough.

Finding Melodic Inspiration

Finding inspiration by Armin

An artist is all about what he/she is being inspired to and what is the dream creation. To find your organic muse Armin shares techniques to create melodies by using emotions. Armin also gives a one-line mantra that says “if it sounds good, it is good.” 😍

Building your Home Studio

Building your home studio

Professional sets cost a lot at one point you have to get it but to practice and polish your skills a home studio works the best.

Armin narrates how to create a vibe under your acoustic limitations without exceeding your financial calibre. He also discusses the basics related to music creation and how limitations can motivate you and act as an inspiration.

Templates and Organization in Logic Pro

Templates and organisation

Music is full of emotions but one has to be organized because in chaos only mess can be generated and not the melody. Armin shares how to stay logical, maintain color code and back up your work.

In the Studio, part 1: Melody

Part 1 melody

This lesson talks about one of the first parts of the studio in which Armin shares information related to the sketching of melody and building a melody. The lesson helps in understanding the concept of melody in terms of dance of music.

Working with Pads and Leads

Working with pads and leads

Armin shares splendid production skills to enhance the game of production for the music. Armin discusses the beauty of pads in music and why one should not let the gap be constructed in the vacuum of pads. Armin also urges students to inject creativity into their plug-ins.

Pads and Leads

In the studio pads and leads

Armin and Benno show the journey of finding soulful melodies and sound to get the aura for the floor. The lesson discusses topics like creating a lead and starting the breakdown.

More Leads

In the studio more leads

Armin talks about the importance of experiments in the industry. The lesson shows how one can find inspiration and create magic by adding the top melody. The lesson helps in understanding the production process of Armin. 😊

Creating a Groove

Creating a groove

The grooving impact should be the goal that an artist desires. Armin narrates topics to focus on, which can assist in generating the vibe and getting that sonic effect. The topic is covered under two parts to enrich information to add loops and layers to his drum sticks.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering

Mixing is the skill you need to make the mocktail of melodies you have discovered so far. The lesson will help in mastering the art of music and how well things can go if planned. Details related to topics like when to mix and how to max. 😉

Working with Lyrics and Vocals

working with lyrics and vocals

Top-class vocals and melody can make the music more powerful. Armin suggests students trust their instincts and nail the ideas they are getting. The goal Armin wishes to achieve via this medium is to help students find their voice and create an impact.

Vocal Session

Vocal sessions

The vocal session has three parts that focus on different aspects. The making of a  track, editing, and how to manipulate love vocals is discussed in part 1. Vocal session part 2 helps in understanding the “comping” process. Armin in part 3 helps learn the editing and mixing procedure.😇

Armin’s early Influence

Armin's Early influences

Armin is an inspiration to numerous people but who were the people who inspired him in his early days. Armin’s early influence lesson shares information about some of the people who have helped Armin become who he is.


Closing by Armin

After discussing performance, career, and skills Armin walks to the final closing lesson describing that artists should start focusing on their work by eradicating doubts. Armin also assigns a job to have “fun” while creating dance music.

#5 Key Benefits of Armin Van Buuren MasterClass

Introduce to the World of Melodies

Through his first lesson, he introduces you to the meaning and definition of melodies that you will later create on your own. His lessons help you to define melody in your term which gives a better insight into the melody production.

Teaches from Scratch

Dance Music production requires practice and better skills which you are getting with the help of Armin’s MasterClass. He starts teaching the production from the very starting point and finishing it with a perfect melody.

Guides to create Melodiously as well as catching beats

Armin Van Burren is the no. 1 DJ in the world because of his perfect beats which can make dance anybody and his lessons teach you the same process and techniques. Armin will guide you to produce beats that are melodious as well as are catchy.

Teaches each element of Music Dance production

Music Dance involves many processes like creating, mixing, refining, editing, and so on and these processes require proper attention which you will get through Armin’s MasterClass. His lessons will train you to mix and edit the music so that it can be refined and become ready for release.

Focuses on Building better Skills

Armin’s teaching methods are interesting and easy to understand and provide deep knowledge of the topic. He will help you to make your skills better as he focuses on building skills that will help you to make the melodies perfect.

What To Expect from Armin Van Buuren MasterClass?

Armin Van Buuren teaches dance music that makes people vibe and his lessons are available on the online learning platform MasterClass.

Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music

His classes will deepen your knowledge of the process of dance music production and will train you enough to face the struggle which you will be facing while creating.😍

His MasterClass is a complete course that anyone would require for learning the complete and thorough process of crafting dance music. Armin is the master of creating Dance music and has enough knowledge & experience for teaching you the correct and organized process.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  • Focuses on professional training of skills management.
  • Help to master the basic but useful skills.
  • Live composition of perfect music to provide experience.
  • Detailed lessons for effective practicing of each skill.
  • His experience proves to be a wonderful medium for better learning.
  • Guide to set up own studio with a minimum finance.
  • Helps to collaborate with good music labels.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

Is It Worthy To Join or Not?

The lessons provided by Armin Van Buuren are very informative and include various ways and methods for creating dance music.

His MasterClass includes 3 lessons lasting up to approx 7 hours which will provide you with enough techniques and information about the process.

His MasterClass is worth the time and time too as he is the best DJ in the world and has given many hits to the world for vibing.

How To Register Armin Van Buuren MasterClass?

For accessing lessons provided by Armin, you need to register first on the MasterClass. Firstly check the official website of MasterClass where you will find the lesson of Armin Van Buuren in the category of Music.

For signing up, provide the personal contact details such as e-mail and pay the required amount of fees and complete the process. Once you are done with the process of signing up, you can get access to your account on MasterClass through which you can watch the lessons anytime and anywhere.

Conclusion – Final Say

Masterclass Arts & Entertainment Class

Dance music is a genre that requires many skills and not only skills but also requires effective skills like editing, and mixing. If one wants to learn to create dance music, they need to learn these skill sets, and for teaching you the best techniques, master Armin Van Buuren is here with his splendid lessons on MasterClass.

FAQs 🤔

Who is Armin Van Buuren?

Armin Jozef Jacobus Daniel Van Buuren popularly known as Armin Van Buuren is a Dutch DJ, famous for his catchy hits.

Are lessons of Armin Van Buuren Available on MasterClass?

Yes, lessons of Armin Van Buuren are available on MasterClass.

What does Armin Van Buuren teach on MasterClass?

Armin Van Buuren teaches Dance Music on the online learning platform MasterClass.

How many lessons are in the Armin Van Buuren MasterClass?

There are 33 video lessons Available for Armin Van Buuren’s MasterClass.

What is the total duration of Armin Van Buuren’s lessons?

The total duration of Armin Van Buuren’s lessons on MasterClass is 6 hours and 50 minutes.

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