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Spreaker Review: Make Money Podcasting Easily & Consistently


We all know that the rise of the almighty internet has opened gates to various industries and has made it accessible for the masses too.


Be it commercial, educational or show business, nothing is too far out of the reach. So, if you’ve been wondering about creating your own podcasts and are in need of that one right podcast hosting, stick till the end of this Spreaker Review. 😊

In this Spreaker review we will be rating the platform on a number of factors including offered features, products, tools, podcast creation procedure, pricing & plans, customer support along with pros and cons. 

What is Spreaker? (In-Detail Review)

Launched in 2010 by Francesco Baschieri, Marco Pracucci and Rocco Zanni, Spreaker is a 360-degree podcasting tool, provides solutions to help creators of all sizes and shapes. Recently, iHeartMedia reached an agreement to acquire Voxnest, the parent company of Spreaker.

Spreaker Review

The platform provides robust tools so that you can create, distribute, access stats and monetize your audio catalog as well as backlog content. You can start and upload your podcasts on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.

You get access to full stack solutions for audio publishing, IAB Tech Lab certified analytics, Easy Dynamic Advertising Insertion, One click distribution, Detailed listener analytics, Collaboration roles and permissions within teams and organizations. Whether you’re a listener or a creator, Spreaker has got you covered. 

Spreaker Onboarding Process

Creating a Spreaker account is a process of no more than a couple of minutes. Follow the steps given below to do so. 

Spreaker onboarding process
  1. Click on the “Sign up” option present on the top right corner of the Spreaker home page. 
  2. Select the subscription plan most suitable for your needs and requirements. 
  3. Do either of the following; fill out the form asking for information like name, email address and password or sign up using Google or Facebook Credentials. 
  4. Agree to the T&C and your account is successfully created. 
  5. You can either select “Create podcast” to be redirected to the content management system (CMS) dashboard or opt for “Listen podcast” to get Spreaker studio app.

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How to create your own podcast?

Creating a podcast has never been easier, follow the steps given below to get started with making your very own podcasts. You do however need to register on the Spreaker site and once you have created your account you’re good to go. 

Spreaker podcast creation

  1. Click on your profile icon displayed on the top right corner and select “My Podcasts” from the drop down menu.
  2. You will be redirected to the CMS dashboard where you can select either of the following options; Create a New Podcast, Upload a new episode or Import Episodes. 
  3. Assuming you’re creating a podcast, fill out the asked details such as title, language, category, picture, cover image, visibility, description and email. 
  4. Once you’ve entered details correctly, click on the “Create” button present at the bottom of the page and your podcast will be successfully created. 
  5. You can modify and adjust a lot of attributes like collaborators, distribution, podcast page settings, autosharing, RSS customization, etc.
Spreaker Create a Podcast

Features For Podcasters and Editors 

You get access to multiple functionalities in order to create a podcast such as Enterprise Podcasting, Podcast Monetization, Podcast Analytics, Podcast Distribution, Podcast App and Recording App. Let us discuss all of these features in a little detail. 😍

Enterprise Podcasting

Spreaker Enterprise Podcasting

The platform provides a suite of solutions that helps you in creating as well as managing the podcasts effectively. You can monetize your digital audio inventory to earn revenue and can actively promote them using Ad Exchange. The following are the attributes of Enterprise podcasting. 

Content Management System

The platform’s  content management system or quite commonly referred to as CMS, is API based version which helps you to create, manage, and customize content of your podcast. The interface can very easily be integrated with your current CMS.

The dashboard consists of tools for quick access to multiple aspects which incorporate podcasts, statistics, Ad Exchange, Campaigns, Promotion, General and Admin settings. 

Spreaker CMS


The “Podcasts” page displays the overview of attributes like available audio storage ( 0 to 5 hours on free plan) and total episodes limit ( 0 to 10 episodes on free plan). The podcasts are containers for episodes and each of them has  corresponding information like title, language, cover, description, contact information, etc.


The CMS dashboard provides detailed analytics & reports which you can check and analyze depending on various aspects. You can use the filter option to view organizational statistics depending on the time period. You can break down the stats according to the following categories. 

  2. Live plays
  3. Geolocation
  4. Sources
  5. Devices

The platform guarantees that the statistics are always accurate as Spreaker is IAB Tech Lab certified since 2019. 😉

Spreaker stats

Ad Exchange 

On paid plans, you can promote and monetize your podcasts to start generating income off them. The whole procedure is automatic and the income you make is directly proportional to your audience’s size. You have full control over ad insertion, and Spreaker takes care of sponsorships on your behalf. 


Spreaker’s Campaign Manager allows you to create and advertise direct campaigns on your inventory in order to increase the incoming traffic. You can maximize the effect of ads by targeting a particular group, organize your existing deals and self-promote your unsold catalog content. 

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The CMS dashboard offers general as well as admin settings. You can edit a few details when it comes to your account including profile data (name, picture, biography, birthday and DOB), password, email, connected accounts and organization. 

Podcast Monetization

No matter the audience size of your podcasts, Spreaker provides scalable and elaborative tools which dynamically inserts high revenue ads to your content and lets you earn from the very first episode. Let us discuss three of the ways through which you can achieve it. 

Spreaker monetization
  1. Traffic your ads with our campaign manager

You can create, configure, target, traffic and monitor your promotion campaigns by using the Speaker’s tech solutions. You can use dynamic ad injection across your network of podcasts to promote your audio monologue, events, as well as releases and can, connect to DSPs through Adswizz, Triton & Targetspot. 

  1. Harness the power of programmatic ads

Programmatic advertising is the marketplace where the automatic buying, selling and optimizing of podcast advertisements happen. The dynamic ad insertion lets you insert ads anywhere in an episode (beginning, middle or the end). You can either manually choose where you want to place the ads in a particular episode or let it auto optimize. 😚

  1. Spreaker Ad Exchange

Spreaker lets you monetize your unsold catalog by backfilling your audio content with ads from their partners including Nielsen. They seamlessly add timely, relevant and dynamic ads in order to boost and maximize your earnings. No more searching for your sponsors, the platform delivers targeted ads on your podcast, increases incoming traffic and audiences. 

Podcast Analytics

Insights and analytics are one of the most important aspects irrespective of any circumstances. Spreaker provides detailed reports that guide you towards what needs to be optimized to stand out from your competitors and target a more niche audience.

Depending on the chosen subscription plan, you can customize the level of details you can actually view and analyze. The platform provides information on a number of factors including downloads, listeners, likes, followers, sources, geolocation, devices and evolution.

Spreaker podcast analytics

RSS Feeds

Rich Site Summary, often abbreviated as RSS, is a feed which is used to deliver the content created on the web. You can curate web content and distribute it.

It can be blog posts, articles or media files like podcasts. It lets you syndicate content to various platforms so that it can reach different audiences instead of them visiting your website.

Spreaker provides customization of the RSS podcast information, easy-to-enable RSS redirect option and is compatible with Apple Podcasts.

Spreaker Studio App

The app provides a full suite of podcast editing, voice mixing tools with music and sound effects. It lets you record, live broadcast and invite guests using Skype integration. 

Spreaker studio app

Spreaker Podcast App

It is a podcast listening app which lets you discover new podcasts, download your favorites, curate listening lists and your own personalized playlists. 

Spreaker Pricing & Plans 

The platform offers four paid subscription plans along with a free version too. The details are as follows.

Free Plan – Obviously the plan costs you nothing and offers basic functionalities like stats for six months and 10 episode upload limit. 

Spreaker pricing plans

On-Air Talent – The plan costs $8 on a monthly basis and offers features like making money with ads, auto-upload to iHeartRadio, Spotify and Apple podcasts, customizable RSS, statistics for 6 months and 100 hours of storage. 😇

Broadcaster – It can be purchased for $20 on a monthly basis and in addition to On-Air talent, it offers enhanced private podcasts, advanced statistics, in-app support, stats for 12 months and 500 hours of storage.

Anchorman – You can buy it for $50 per month and you get access to exclusive features such as full statistics, customizable player color and 1,500 hours of storage. 

Publisher – It can be bought for $120 for a month with access to functionalities like collaboration feature, audio ads trafficking tools, ad campaign manager, priority support, stats for 24 months along with unlimited podcast storage hours.

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Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  • One of the most significant benefits of Spreaker is that you have access to a free plan. 
  • Easy to use, intuitive and sleek user interface. 
  • Simple to create, upload and migrate from your current podcast host site to Spreaker.
  • You have access to insights and analytics reports on your entire audio catalog. You can receive detailed breakdown on a number of factors which consists of downloads, listeners, likes, devices, followers, sources, geolocation and evolution.
  • You have access to comprehensive tools for monetization such as programmatic ads, campaign manager, smarter ad placement using silence detection and ad exchange. 

👎 Cons

  • To access the monetization feature and use it for the betterment of your podcasts, you need to purchase a paid plan. 
  • Although you can cancel or upgrade a subscription plan at any time, Spreaker does not provide any money back guarantee. So, make sure what you are paying for is what you need since there will be no refunds, partial or full.

Customer Support 

Spreaker support

The platform provides an extensive and detailed help center along with tons of blog posts dedicated to various subjects. You can reach out to the support team through live chat and social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Final Say About Spreaker

Wrapping up our Spreaker review by summarizing all that we have covered so far.

Spreaker Discover More

The platform provides ample helpful features such as a personalized & embeddable podcast player, customizable RSS feeds, Spreaker’s mobile application, studio app, promotional campaigns, CMS, monetization & distributive tools and so much more at affordable prices. 😊

The user interface is beginner friendly and offers a seamless experience. However, the customer contact options are limited and you have to subscribe to paid plans if you want to exploit platform’s abilities to the full extent.

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