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MobileMonkey Review 2024: Is This ChatBot Worth For Money?


Looking for the best chatbot software for your business…

Then it is good to have a look into MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey has huge benefits from getting engagements to driving sales to your business. 

🤗 What is MobileMonkey? In-Depth Review

MobileMonkey is an advanced chatbot software that helps online businesses for marketing purposes and drives traffic & sales.

By using MobileMonkey, you can provide customer support to customers with instant chat via Facebook messenger, Instagram, SMS, webchat, and other social media applications.


On the whole, MobileMonkey is designed for B2C companies for marketing, sales, customer support, and also for other business activities.

If you’re a creator or having a small business, a digital agency, then good to use MobileMonkey platform and grow your sales.   

MobileMonkey For Instagram 

  • For creators, coaches, and brands there are tools that help to grow the reach and engagement. 
  • It activates the sales funnels that convert website traffic, Instagram traffic into leads.
  • It boosts your online presence, which results in more engagements and sales.

MobileMonkey for Agencies 

  • Enable the messaging option, so that you can grow your agency across the actual clients of your business.
  • In order to gain more clients, expand your services with the help of powerful marketing funnels.
  • Boost the engagement for your agency via web chat, Facebook messenger, SMS, and Instagram.

MobileMonkey for in-house Marketers 

  • Connect, engage, and get leads with the help of 24/7 customer support across the multi-lead messaging channels.
  • Automatically it brings the leads to your business and from this, fills your sales pipeline.
  • Overall boost your engagement and reduce the lead costs by connecting to CRM, email marketing platforms, and other event platforms.

MobileMonkey for SMBots

  • In one place, chat with your customers and leads as it is a 24/7 chat marketing service provider.
  • For faq’s, it offers simple and time-saving automation.
  • According to the leads, sell more your products and services with the tools it offers to us.

🤔 Why MobileMonkey? Is It Worth To Buy?

Why MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is created by Larry Kim to help marketers to connect with the customers via messaging. The reason to choose MobileMonkey by a Marketer or a business is to get

  • More Leads 
  • More Sales
  • Build a long-term customer relationship
  • Get leads or it refunds your money

✔️ MobileMonkey Chat Main Tools

The chatbot builder at MobileMonkey allows you to build a chatbot on your own, as it offers a wide range of chatbot elements without having any experience in coding skills.

Within minutes, you can create Web Chat Marketing chatbots, Facebook Messenger chatbots, Instagram chatbots, etc.

Chatbot Elements/Widgets

The collection of widgets that are required to build a chatbot such as 

  • Images
  • Text
  • Image Galleries
  • Native videos
  • GIFs
  • PDFs and other Attachments
  • Email Marketing Notifications
  • Navigation Elements
  • Forms and Queries
  • Audios
  • Emojis
  • Tags
  • Opt-ins

Chat Blaster

MobileMonkey chat blaster

The Facebook Messaging Chat blaster at MobileMonkey helps you to get more engagements, within an hour there is a huge chance of getting 70-80% of engagements.

It is difficult to compare with other channels as it has a 10X better open rate. Today, the business’s preferred chat blast to reach more audiences, as a result, get more sales. 

If we compare the open rate to other channels. 

  • Email blasts – 10-15% open rate 
  • Search ads – 7% CTR
  • Facebook ads – 1-3% open rate
  • Facebook newsfeed – 0-1% by followers.

Chat Drip Campaigns

Marketers across the world rely on drip campaigns to welcome new customers, keep the people engage with the business, and many more.

The drip campaigns at Facebook messenger are to automate the audience engagement with better visibility compared to emails.

It brings excellent open rates and superior engagement to your marketing. Even it is an easy procedure to set up, just create the chat pages, segment the right audiences, and schedule the drip campaigns. 

Chatbot Growth Tools 

In order to get more contacts, it has in-built lead generation tools for Facebook and they are 

  • Post comment guard
  • Give a click to Facebook Messenger ads
  • A facility of Facebook Messenger scan codes
  • Facebook Messenger landing pages
  • Opt-ins
  • Direct link to messenger
  • Send to messenger button (to send specific dialogues or messages faster)
  • Website widget for chat purposes
  • Activation to the lead magnets to grow the contacts list quickly

Chatbot Analytics and Integrations

The chatbot Analytics showcases all your Facebook marketing campaigns data and also provides valuable insights. In this, get  

  • Select the date ranges
  • Visual graphing related to the trends
  • Total and new contacts
  • Conversions as well as sessions
  • Displays the data of campaign value
  • A deep insight of marketing campaign value
  • Tracking all the activities
  • Clean reporting

MobileMonkey allows you to connect with any app that you want with the help of Zapier integrations. Dialogflow integration, live chat integration, Active Campaigns, MailChimp, etc you can integrate with any app. Whereas Zapier has over 1000 applications to integrate and now no need to worry about add-ons. 

Chatbot Templates

MobileMonkey chatbot Templates

MobileMonkey offers 14 ready-made Facebook chatbots and within minutes you can launch your first chatbot easily. These templates are suitable for different industries and you can utilize them according to your marketing requirements. 

🎁 MobileMonkey Pricing Plans 

MobileMonkey provides free plan accounts to the users for Instagram, Agencies, in-house marketers, and SMBots. Now, let’s look into the review of the MobileMonkey pro plan of each category.

Pricing for Instagram 

For VIP creators & Influencers, MobileMonkey provides a free account to engage and monetize with the help of Instagram direct messaging automation.

MobileMonkey Instagram Pricing

The Platinum version costs $9.95/month, and it is to boost your growth by using lead generation and advanced messaging automation. 

Pricing for Agencies 

The starting price of the Boutique Agency Edition is $112.13/month, it is a messaging solution to get more engagement for social media and also to generate leads.

MobileMonkey Agencies Pricing

Contact the vendor for the Full-service agency edition to get omnichannel messaging tools with a high volume of message allowances & a dedicated manager.

Request the price for the Powerhouse agency edition to drive major volumes and it is suitable for creative and digital agencies. 

Pricing for In-House Marketers

MobileMonkey in-house marketers pricing

The startup plan’s starting price is $44.25/month, the Enterprise edition’s starting price is $93.38/month which is a multi-channel chat marketing solution. You have to request the pricing details of the MultiLocation & Franchise Edition.  

Pricing for SMBots

MobileMonkey SMBots pricing

The Operator edition starting price is $14.25/month, and the Engagement edition starting at $44.25/month.  

👉 Pros and Cons of MobileMonkey 


  •  Provides customer service
  • Live chat is possible
  • It has an ease of use interface
  • More suitable for digital marketers
  • Drip campaigns
  • Grow engagement and reach
  • Free trial is available
  • Analytics, reporting, and integrations
  • Allows to build a chatbot
  • Various designed templates
  • Chatbot blaster to get a more open rate
  • Various chatbot growth tools
  • Money-back guarantee


  •  Little bit expensive prices
  • Do not have A/B testing or split test

💝 Customer Reviews on MobileMonkey 

The MobileMonkey customers have shared their experiences, and also provided a review on how chatbots are very helpful for their businesses.

MobileMonkey customer reviews

One of the customers wrote, “what a complete software that covers all the marketing concepts and its tutorials are very helpful to know more about the good overview on the chatbot tools”.

Today a lot of people are using MobileMonkey, you can see more reviews below here. 

🔥 Final Verdict on MobileMonkey Review 

The review of MobileMonkey states that it is a complete chatbot software to create chatbots for your website, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Instagram, and others. It has an easy user interface so you can build a chatbot effortlessly and fastly.  

MobileMonkey is one of the favorite tools for Neil Patel as its chatbot marketing really helps businesses to grow their audiences by engaging with them. It is recommended to your businesses to increase your customer management and relationship for a long time.

👀 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 What does MobileMonkey do?

MobileMonkey is an automated messaging software for Facebook, Website, Web chat, Instagram, and other apps that help to interact with customers. In one place, the marketers can make Facebook ad bots, native webchat bots, and SMS bots to boost sales and leads.

✌️ Does MobileMonkey perform all the activities that are required for a business?

MobileMonkey can just not only be useful for messaging purposes but also for maintaining long-term relationships with the customers. Yes, from marketing the campaigns to getting the leads everything is possible with MobileMonkey.

👍 Is it easy to create a chatbot at MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey offers different templates that fit according to your business niche and also it has a chatbot builder option with different elements to choose from according to your requirement.

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