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If you are looking for all-in-one work management solutions, from CRM to Marketing to Human Resources and everything in between, you need a dedicated application that fulfills all those requirements.

There are tons of platforms that can provide services required for your business including customer relationship management, operations, sales, workflow, and more.

CRM and HubSpot are undoubtedly two of the best platforms at present and offer solutions to various work management-related procedures.

In this Monday vs Hubspot article, we will be comparing both the choices on a number of factors such as offered features, pricing & plans, supported integrations, customer support, and more.

Read till the end of this guide so that you can choose the appropriate services for your business between HubSpot vs Monday.

What is is an intuitive and open source platform founded in 2012, developed with the aim to allow organizations to create work management software and meet their needs. Monday seamlessly connects multiple processes with the systems across every team in order for everyone to work together to achieve utmost transparency and ease. Review

As of now, the platform has an active community of customers totalling up to 152K users across 200 industries around the world. One of the main reasons why Monday has such a huge user base is due to the fully customizable control the platform provides its customers which can be modified to suit any business niche. has numerous physical locations, some of which includes London, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Kiev, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Sydney, Chicago, and more. 

You can leverage the benefits of a plethora of robust and powerful tools such as workflow automations, contact management, sales operations, sales forecasting, email tracking, intuitive dashboard, customer onboarding, sales pipeline, themes and templates, deal management, lead scoring, activity tracking and more. 

What is HubSpot?

Hubspot was founded in 2006 and has helped businesses in various departments, from sales to service, marketing to website management. HubSpot offers free as well as paid subscriptions and provides you the flexibility of scaling up or down the resources according to your needs.

It has been an all time favorite an all-in-one product for over 135K customers from more than 120 countries across the globe. To go by the numbers, HubSpot exceeds the monthly traffic of 7M visitors, has over 70K registered inbound users and more than 150 Hubspot user groups.

Hubspot Overview

The platform offers beginner friendly tools, lets you integrate with over 1,000 third party applications, provides advanced customization resources and more to deliver personalized experience to users. Hubspot enables you to manage promotional strategies and deals, track real time sales pipeline stats, monitor high-quality leads, encourage meaningful relationships with leads, salespersons and customers, automate marketing, etc. 

Stick till the end of this vs HubSpot to read more about the various aspects of the platforms and comparison between them. 

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Benefits Of

1. You have the flexibility to alter your dashboard according to your requirements by simply choosing the template and editing it with necessary variables to increase transparency and visibility. 

2. It offers robust and intuitive features which allow you to create workflows, assign, organize, monitor different tasks of multiple projects, etc. Features

3. The pricing plans are more affordable in comparison to that of HubSpot.

4. The advanced tracking tools enable you to track and analyze various statistics such as team members’ performance, the timeline of your projects, etc. 

Benefits Of HubSpot

1. The platform is ideal for organizations with small budgets as it provides a compact solution by merging the publishing tools together.

2. Smart Content feature lets website owners create a personalized experience for their visitors on the basis of multiple aspects. 

HubSpot Features

3. It supports tons of third party applications, platforms, widgets, automations and more.

4. The inbound marketing solution offered by HubSpot allows you to use personalization elements like forms and CTAs without CMS. vs HubSpot – How Much Does It Cost?

The amount of price charged by vs HubSpot for almost similar features, cost brackets can be a decision making factor for people with budget in mind. The details regarding the same are as follows. Pricing Plans & Functionalities 

The available pricing packages from which you can select the one you prefer are given below in detail. 

1. Free – The forever free plan can be selected for two seats only. With this plan you have access to attributes like Upto 3 boards, Customizable notifications, Over 20 column types, Unlimited boards and docs, Shareable forms, Embedded documents, Up to 1000 items and more. 

2. Basic – You can purchase the “Basic” plan at just $10 for each seat where the minimum seat capacity allowed for a paid plan is three, therefore the package costs $30 a month at least. This package enables you to leverage the benefit of features such as Templates for lead, Unlimited customizable pipelines, Unlimited free viewers, iOS & Android apps, etc. Pricing

3. Standard – The “Standard” package membership on the monthly basis costs $14 for a seat per month. In addition to all of the “Basic” package features, it also provides the following; Activity management, Advanced account, contact, & deal management, Merge duplicate data, Quotes & invoices, 5 boards per dashboard and more.

4. Pro – The “Pro” plan can be subscribed for $24 a seat for a month and provides additional advanced attributes like Customizable email signatures, Sales forecasting, Custom CRM automations and integrations (Up to 25,000 actions for a month), Email tracking & automations, Google Calendar sync, Sales analytics, etc. Pricing Plans & Functionalities

5. Enterprise – The “Enterprise” package offers exclusive functionalities along with all the “Pro” plan features. Some of the available tools include Advanced analytics with up to 50 boards, Account management, Lead scoring,  HIPAA Compliance, Documents for sales, and more. As there are no fixed charges for this plan, you have to get a custom quoted price by contacting the sales team.

Hubspot Pricing Plans & Functionalities 

The platform lets you purchase individual products as well as bundles for services like Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, CMS, and Operations.

1. Free Tools – Lets you access basic HubSpot tools for CRM, marketing, sales, operational and customer service. Some of the features incorporated in this free plan include the following;  ad management, reporting dashboard, custom support form fields, email tracking & notifications, data sync, landing pages, meeting scheduling, custom properties and more.

Hubspot Prices

CRM Suite – The CRM Suite bundle includes all of the essentials in fields of CMS, marketing, sales, operations and service. The main benefit of purchasing a bundle is reduced total cost. 

1. Starter – The HubSpot’s Sales Hub Starter plan can be bought for $45 per month on a monthly basis currently. It provides you access to all of the free plan functionalities along with eight hours per month of calling, List segmentation with 25 active lists, removing Hubspot branding from landing pages, up to three automated emails per form, one to one technical support, two ticket pipelines per account, built in payments, etc. 

Hubspot Pricing Plans & Functionalities

2. Professional – The “Professional” package can be bought currently for $1,600 a month at discounted price. In addition to all of the Sales “Starter” package features, this plan includes the following attributes;  increased call time to 16 hours per user per month, upto 100 shared email inboxes, smart send times, 15 deal pipelines, 25 dashboards with 30 reports each, track around 10,000 logged contact interactions, 5 contact scoring properties, and more. 

3. Enterprise – You can subscribe for this plan at $5,000 on a monthly basis and are billed $60,000 for a year. You get access to all the Professional package features along with a wide range of exclusive attributes including 15 types of available ads, Smart send times, predictive lead scoring, single sign on, recurring revenue tracking, conversation intelligence, etc.

How Secure Are and HubSpot?

Let us discuss the security measures followed by both the platforms in this section of vs HubSpot. ISO Certificate – The traffic to and from the website is protected by 256 bit encryption, follows FIPS 140-2 certification standard, has regular external audit checks, is SOC 2 Type II,  ISO/IEC,  HIPAA and GDPR compliant, backs up data every 5 minutes and more.

HubSpot – The infrastructure is hosted on AWS, applies TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 in transit, has Web Application Firewall, regularly scans for vulnerability, performs annual penetration test,  is compliant with SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3 and GDPR, has 24/7 monitoring and incident response, etc. vs HubSpot Of Customer Support – The platform has a customer centric support team which offers extremely professional assistance whereas the official website has published a wide range of resources so you can help yourself out. You are allowed to use self-help resources such as an extensive help center, frequently updated blog posts, live and on-demand webinars, global events, a dedicated community channel, etc. You can reach out to Monday’s representatives via 24/7 chat and ticket support, social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more. Customer Care

HubSpot – The customer support services offered by HubSpot are speedy and provide access to resources such as ebooks, comprehensive guides, elaborative knowledge base, dedicated blog posts, inbound methodology, developer documentation, free academic courses & certifications, and educational academy. You can reach out to the customer support team via phone call, email, live chat services and social media profiles.

Which One Is Better B/W & HubSpot?

Both of the given platforms are two of the most reliable and widely used worldwide. However, there are pros and cons, which are discussed in this part of vs HubSpot.

Hubspot Customer Support

Monday as well as HubSpot offers similar services, in-built security features like SSL certificate, 256-bit encryption, secured data servers are provided. Some of the key features offered by both the platforms include a library of templates, email automations, workflows, contact management, etc. Even though HubSpot has created an ecosystem which is highly flexible and secure, there are downsides too.

The platform has quite a bit of a learning curve, and does not store the version history of page data,, on the other hand, is affordable and easy to use, the average response time of the support team is slower in comparison to HubSpot, lets you execute a limited number of automations each month and more.

Therefore, before deciding on which CMS platform is right for your company, you need to fully analyze both the services, as well as HubSpot. 

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