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Hubspot CRM Review 2024: Is It a Good Platform Or Not?


If you’ve been interested in learning about customer relationship management software known as Hubspot CRM, you have got yourself to the right place.

What is Hubspot CRM?

The platform allows and helps businesses in maintaining and optimizing their relationships with other leads as well as customers. 😉

Hubspot Review

The CRM software curates better content, provides operational and management tools, maximizes conversions, boosts sales, improves marketing tactics and customer service. 

In this Hubspot CRM review we will be rating the platform on a number of factors and would be covering important aspects including the onboarding process, user interface & dashboard, dashboard library, pricing & plans, features, case studies and customer support.

Hubspot CRM Overview

Founded in 2006, Hubspot is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The platform provides service, marketing, sales and website management products that can be accessed without any cost or can be scaled up or down according to your business needs.

In addition to the latest resources and easy-to-use tools, Hubspot CRM lets you integrate and connect with more than 1030 APIs, third party apps and solutions in order to provide personalized user experience.

With the help of Hubspot you can manage deals and ads, analyze real time sales pipeline stats, track high-quality leads, automate marketing, maintain relationships with leads, salespersons and customers. 

The platform is highly reliable and the cause is backed by stats stating that more than 135,000 customers in over 120 countries have been readily using the platform, have more than 150 Hubspot user groups, exceeds the monthly traffic of 7M visitors and has 70K registered inbound users. 

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Hubspot Onboarding Process 

The platform offers you two choices from which you can select either; start free or get a demo. To be able to use Hubspot services you need to create an account first which takes no more than a couple of minutes. Follow the steps given below in order to register on the platform. 

Hubspot Sign Up
  1. Head to the official Hubspot website and click on the “Start free or get a demo” button present on the homepage. 
  2. You’ll be redirected to the products page where you need to select the “Get started free” button.
  3. You can either choose to fill the form asking for details like First name, Last name and email address or sign up with Google. 
  4. Next up, you need to choose the industry you are in and when done click on the “Next” button. 
  5. Enter your job profile and click on Next.
  6. Provide company related details like name, how many people work at your company, and the official URL. Once filled tap on Next button.
  7. Choose where you want your data to be hosted between the US and EU and press on the “Create an account” button once chosen.
  8. Lastly, provide answers to some CRM related queries like whether you have used CRM or not and which part of the CRM platform do you want to explore first. This is a personalization step for your account.

Hubspot Features 

Free Tools – You can access a selection of free tools suite irrespective of whether you have paid HubSpot plans or not.

Ads Software –  It helps you create, manage, and optimize promotional ads across multiple networks for higher return on investments. With ads software, you can target customers, analyze reports on actual returns from your ads, automated lead follow-up,  integrate with platforms like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, etc. 

Hubspot Ads Software

Easy to Create – HubSpot is beginner friendly and is super easy to browse as well for creating landing pages, forms and emails by dragging and dropping.

Free Builder Page Builder – Landing pages are created mainly for sales or marketing purposes in order to attract customers. The features includes a  WYSIWYG editor to easily design creative landing pages, built-in personalization, analytics, template library and various integrations. 

Hubspot Landing Page Builder

Lead Management & Tracking Software – The platform uses an automated tracking system, offers smart lead management functionalities, provides advanced analytics, automatically updates the lead record, records your customer calls and engages with your leads. 😍

Hubspot User Interface & Dashboard 

HubSpot CRM has a simple, organized and intuitive dashboard which displays real-time stats of the entire sales related aspects. You can personalize the dashboard by removing, adding or modifying the default modules.

Hubspot Dashboard

The dashboard library consists of the CMS, Marketing, Sales and Service divisions where you can create dashboards for various aspects. All of these dashboards consist of an active area in the middle of the page for you to proceed with your work.

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Hubspot Dashboard Library 


It is designed to create, manage and optimize websites for various devices. You can create dedicated dashboards for multiple aspects some of which are as follows. 

  1. Website Analytics – You can create eight reports based solemnly on website sessions. You can analyze the reports in detail regarding total session of a day with new and returning contact breakdown, percentage of new and mobile sessions, website visitor engagement rates, source breakdowns by day, visit traffic sources, bounce rate, page view totals by source, average duration, device type and totals by country. 
  2. Website Visits & Engagement – You can start with a total of eight reports which provide insights on quality of visitor engagement and traffic visits to your site. The stats include closed revenue amount by interaction source with first interaction model, landing pages with most views, new visitor sessions totals by day with source breakdown, etc. 
Hubspot CMS Dashboard

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Marketing Hub

Provides insights that help you attract the right audience by running inbound promotional campaigns, boost and convert sales. Some of the dashboards which can be created are as follows. 

  1. Email Overview – You can access six dedicated records on aspects like total email conversions by rep, sales email average first response time by rep, total email closed, average time to close, total open emails in inbox and sales email conversions totals over time. 
  2. Lead Generation – You have access to eight individual reports which include details like most recently created contacts by source, marketing qualified leads, total contact and qualified leads created by first conversion, closed revenue amount by interaction and content title, activity of recently created contacts, etc.
Hubspot Marketing Dashboard

Sales Hub

Provides detailed analysis related to sales and deals which help you accomplish more deals, building relationships and manage pipelines. Given below are some of the dashboard templates which can be created. 😚

  1. Sales – It consists of five reports which focus on team activities according to date, contacts created and worked totals with deals created and won totals, deal revenue predictions by stages, goal vs the total deals closed and team activities total. 
  2. Sales Manager – View reports based on details like deal leaderboard, activity leaderboard by team and rep with type breakdown, deals open by close date of specific month, deals closed won and lost all time by rep, etc.
Hubspot Sales Dashboard

Service Hub

It is built to improvise and create effective customer services by allowing you to design online help centers, knowledge base, ticket automation, live chat, etc. The service dashboard provides reports on various aspects as given below. 

  1. Chat Overview – It is an especially helpful feature for customer service managers and you can access pretty detailed analysis on total chat conversation by URL and rep, average first response time by rep, average time to close, total closed conversations, etc.
  2. Service Overview – Consists of eight reports bearing informational insights such as total tickets over time, chat conversations, ticket average response time, most viewed knowledge articles, total tickets by status and source. 
Hubspot Service Dashboard

Hubspot Pricing & Plans 

The platform offers Free plan along with three other paid subscription plans namely, Starter, Professional and Enterprise. You can purchase products related plans separately  (Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, CMS, Operations) or bundles (CRM Suite or customized bundle).

Free Tools

With the free plan you get access to HubSpot’s CRM, marketing, sales, operational and customer service tools. 

The accessible tools offered includes contact management, contact website activity, companies, deals, task & activities, company insights, Gmail & Outlook integration, app marketplace integrations, custom support form fields, prospects, ticketing, forms, ad management, shared inbox, reporting dashboard, email tracking & notifications, email templates, canned snippets, documents, calling, landing pages,  meeting scheduling, live chat, data sync and custom properties. 😇

CRM Suite

The bundle offers essentials to all the marketing, CMS, sales, service and operations software at discounted rates. 

Starter – The Sales Hub Starter plan can be currently bought for $45 on a monthly basis. You have access to all the free plan features along with eight hours per month of calling, removing Hubspot branding from landing pages, up to 1,000 custom properties, three automated emails perform, one-to-one technical support, around 5,000 email templates, canned snippets, two ticket pipelines per account and so much more.

The latest addition to features in this plan involves functionalities in operations and CMS hub such as List segmentation with 25 active lists, upto 1,000 static lists and few additional limits, built in payments, basic bots, Unlimited email open and click notifications, reporting dashboards, etc. 

Professional – The plan costs $1,600 per month and can be currently billed for $19,200 for a year at a discounted price.

In addition to everything that the Sales Starter plan has to offer, the attributes include upto 100 shared email inboxes, active and static lists 1,000 each, 25 dashboards with 30 reports each, upto 30 currencies, track around 10,000 logged contact interactions, increased call time to 16 hours per user per month, 15 deal pipelines, smart send times, 5 contact scoring properties, forecasting, around 300 workflows, Salesforce integration and so much more. 

Enterprise – You can subscribe for this plan at $5,000 on a monthly basis and are billed $60,000 for a year.

You get access to all the Professional package features along with a wide range of exclusive attributes including a 20X contact tier email send limit per calendar month, 15 types of available ads, 1,500 active lists, 1,500 static lists, 30 signatures per user per month, smart send times, sales analytics, predictive lead scoring, playbooks, single sign on, customer satisfaction surveys quote based workflows, recurring revenue tracking, conversation intelligence, Slack integration, etc. 

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Hubspot Customer Support 

The platform provides one of the greatest and comprehensive customer support services ever. You get access to resources such as dedicated blog posts, ebooks, guides, inbound methodology, free academic courses & certifications, developer documentation and educational academy.

The elaborative knowledge base consists of articles related to account setup, CRM, Marketing Tools, Website, Sales Tools, Service Tools, Chat & Automation, Reports, etc. You can reach out to the customer support team via phone call, email and live chat services. 

Hubspot customer support

HubSpot Customer Reviews

HubSpot is our #1 free CRM recommendation. It is going to work for a most businesses looking for a better way to manage customer relationships. (Full Read)

Implemented HubSpot at out company about 6 months ago. Has been great for our sales, marketing, and service teams to have one spot to centralize data. (Full Read)

HubSpot has been THE tool in the Inbound Marketing space for a while now. They provide great value to any company or organization that wants to really embrace inbound marketing. (Full Read)

Hubspot is the tool that will hopefully die really soon. For whatever reason, it is considered the industry standard. Every marketing tool, if you try to use it is like trying to work on PC computer 20 years ago. (Full Review)

Hubspot Review – Final Conclusion 

Concluding our Hubspot review by summarizing all that we have covered so far. HubSpot CRM is one of the best choices when considered in regard to CRM solutions. 😊


The platform is pretty simple to set up and use, and offers free tools along with three different paid plans which fit the budget as well as your requirements. In addition to impressive tools and resources you also have access to elaborative customer help options. 

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