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Freshsales Review: Is It Best Sales Software? Start At $0


If you are looking for software that makes sales and customer relationship management tasks easier for you and your business, you have got to the right place.

Freshsales is one of the most sought after sales and CRM platforms. It provides everything a normal CRM services are supposed to offer but it doesn’t stop there. 😚

Freshsales Review

Make sure to read till the end of this Freshsales review to get a proper idea of what this platform is capable of offering in order to improve the operational system of your company. 

In this Freshsales review, we will be going over tons of different factors in order to fairly judge the abilities of the sales and CRM services.

This Freshsales review consists of aspects such as brief overview, onboarding process, ease of use, pricing structure, key features, help resources and contact support details. 

What is Freshsales?

Freshsales is one of the products developed and deployed by Freshworks which was founded in 2010. Freshsales is a fully fledged cloud based sales force automation solution designed and built with integrated tools needed by a salesperson.

Freshsales Overview

With Freshsales you have access to resources required to attract prospects, gain quality leads, engage with customers in meaningful conversations, detailed insights to make data driven decisions, boost deals and more.

The platform thrives on automation and therefore, helps you get rid of the same redundant tasks which significantly increases the sales efficiency and productivity.

The platform has an easy to use interface which is backed and powered by an AI system available on both the web browser and an app.

Freshsales offers advanced features and intelligent tools which are highly capable of managing the operations of small to mid-sized companies.

Freshsales Customers

You have access to a fully customizable dashboard, comprehensive contact and account management tools, highly detailed reports, email integrations, and so much more.

Unlike its competitors, Freshsales offers a forever free plan for sales teams to let them organize and engage with quality leads faster with the help of built-in communication tools such as chat, email, and phone services. Stick till the end of this Freshsales review to know more about the platform and its benefits. 

Freshsales – Onboarding Process 

To be able to use Freshsales functionalities and services, you are required to sign up for an account. The whole onboarding process is super easy and all you need to do is follow the steps given below in order to create one. 😍

  1. Head to the official page of Freshsales and click on the “Sign Up” button displayed at the top right corner of the home page. 
  2. You can either sign up using an email address or through google credentials. 
  3. Next up, enter your company name along with the mobile phone number. 
  4. Once done click on the “Sign Up For Free” button. 
  5. Upon approval you will be redirected to your account activity dashboard where you can sync in your contacts and Gmail conversations. 

Key Features Of Freshsales

Contact Management 

This feature provides you with a 360 degree view of your contacts and offers you the ability to track your contact’s interactions and therefore nurturing as well as improving customer retention. Some of the key aspects of contact management includes:

Freshsales Contact Management Dashboard
  1.  The activity timeline provides customer’s engagement related to your business in chronological order. 
  2. You can prioritize your prospects with the help of AI based contact scoring and allow you to send personalized emails.
  3. You can set up real time alerts to engage with prospects depending on which actions they are performing. 

Cloud Telephony 

Freshsales is equipped with integrated phone capabilities which enables you to boost conversions by effectively improving customer engagement. The key aspects involves the following:

Freshsales Cloud Telephony
  1. You can record conversations with prospects which can serve as a quick recap to their requirements, schedule follow up calls and more. 
  2. You can mask calls to provide personal sales conversation experience. 
  3. Schedule a follow up appointment, segment potential clients on the basis of interactions, etc.

Deal Management 

This functionality lets you manage pipelines, monitor deals, discover high quality deals and so much more. The main features of Deal Management tools lets you do the following.

Freshsales Deal Management Dashboard
  1. Predict the success rate and estimated revenue generation by setting up the weighted pipelines.
  2. Access the sales forecast reports generated by an AI driven assistant to determine the current statuses of the deals. 
  3. Ensure seamless collaboration by sending personalized emails and assigning tasks from your pipeline views, manage incentives of various teams, etc. 

Freddy AI 

The AI powered assistant, Freddy, suggests suitable actions regarding deals, provides detailed insights across the customer journey, discovers qualifying leads, empowers conversations with potential clients and so much more. 😘

It lets you identify priority contacts with the help of predictive scoring, helps you make data driven decisions, optimize calendar appointment scheduling, automates chat conversations for your site, etc.

Freshsales Analytics

Email Integration 

Freshsales offer you the ability to manage your third party email accounts directly from your CRM platform and handle all the operations seamlessly.

You can schedule your emails, set up real time notifications, customize layout using HTML and templates, automate email communication, share the templates that bring most responses, etc. 

Freshsales Email Integration

Freshsales – Pricing & Plans 

The platform offers a free version along with three other paid plans in case you need access to advanced AI features, higher limit for the number of sales teams members, to create pipelines, workflows and sequences, bot sessions and more.

You can use a 21 days free trial period for any of the preferred subscription plans. In this section of Freshsales review, all the details regarding different packages are given below. 


The free plan is perfect for the sales team that are just starting out and need help in organizing and engaging the leads in order to convert them. As the name suggests, the plan does not charge you with anything and allows you to access some of the most basic services. 

You have access to contact and account management for organizing records in Freshsales, Contact Lifecycle consisting of customizable stages which capture the lifecycle of your contacts, Built in communication tools to connect with prospects and customers within CRM using phone, email and chat.

With this free plan, you are offered 24×5 customer support through phone, live chat and email along with mobile app availability to access Freshsales from your mobile device. 

Freshsales Prices


The “Growth” package is available at $15 per user every month when billed annually and costs $18 per user per month when billed on a monthly basis. The plan works effectively for sales teams that need help in getting rid of the redundant tasks by accessing and setting up the automations accordingly. 

The package includes everything that comes equipped in the “free” plan along with the following. Visual Sales Pipeline to track deals in a kanban, timeline or funnel view and get deal statuses instantly, AI-powered Predictive Contact Scoring to get scores for every individual contact based on geographic information and contact behavior. 😊

You also have access to Sales Sequences through which you can set up a series of automated steps needed to nurture and convert your sales contacts. You can set up WhatsApp Business and are eligible for Up to 2,000 Bot Sessions per month.


The “Pro” plan can be bought for $39 for every user per month when billed annually and for $47 per user per month when billed monthly.

Pro package is convenient when you need to manage multiple sales teams within an organization and increase revenue rates. In addition to the “Growth” subscription plan features, you have access to the following functionalities.

Multiple Sales Pipeline to accommodate every sales process of your business venture, Time Based Workflows for actions to be performed on daily, weekly and monthly basis and are eligible for up to 3,000 Bot Sessions per month.

Freshsales Add Ons

Use AI-powered Deal Insights & Next Best Action to find out if a deal is likely to trend, close, at risk or has gone cold and choose the best suitable action along with the recommendation from Freddy.

Sales Teams & Territory Management feature lets you create teams to help you collaborate with users faster and allows you to build territories as well as assign users according to set rules based on factors such as business unit, regions, etc. 


The “Enterprise” subscription package costs $69 per user per month when billed on yearly basis and for $83 per user per month when billed monthly. The “Enterprise” plan is equipped with all the “Pro” plan features along with some exclusive functionalities which are mentioned below. 

You can access and add up to 10 Custom Modules specific to your business, take help from the assigned dedicated account manager to resolve issues, and up to 5,000 bot sessions each month.

Access audit logs to track the account configurational changes such as for Workflow, Territories, Plans and Billing, Sales sequence, Account, and CRM settings. You can also use  AI-based Forecasting Insights where Freddy suggests deals to you that can be committed to your sales forecast. 

Freshsales – Customer Support 

Coming onto the help resources and contact support section of Freshsales review, needless to say, it is very important that the support team of a subscribed service is reachable and offers help when needed.

Freshsales Customer Support

With Freshsales, customer support should be the last thing you need to be worried about. 

Freshsales offers a plethora of help resources which consists of comprehensive how to guides, webinars, a dedicated academy, elaborative library resources, recorded videos, and case studies. You also have access to regularly updated blog posts, product tours and product updates. 

If you want to contact Freshsales’ support team you can choose either of the following options; live chat, support ticket or phone call services. 😇

You can also reach out to the company’s representative by connecting with them online using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube along with Glassdoor. 

Freshsales Case Studies

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Wrapping up our Freshsales review by concluding all that we have covered so far along with all the goods and the bads of the CRM software.

With Freshsales you have access to comprehensive tools which allows you to find the best leads and drive them to closure, allows contextual engagement, lets you manage multiple pipelines and nurture prospects along with the existing customers. 

Freshsales Features

Some of the benefits of choosing Freshsales include beginner friendly and intuitive user interface, customizable dashboards, a unified view of customers’ interactions, AI-powered assistant (Freddy), intelligent workflows, advanced forecasting & insights, built-in phone and chat options, a compatible mobile CRM app, and more. 

On the downside, the free plan lacks advanced tools and one to one personal customer support is only available five days a week.

However, as far as the question revolves around whether the Freshsales software is worth investing in, the answer remains yes, and that’s the end of our Freshsales review.

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