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Freshservice Review 2024: Is It Worth The Price? [Truth]


If you have been looking for an honest Freshservice review, look no further.

Needless to say, Freshservice provides IT service management tools suitable for companies of all sizes.

Freshservice Review

Freshservice is often compared with Freshdesk, two different products developed and launched by the company, Freshworks. However, there are more differences to both of them than similarities, since Freshservice can be considered as a level up of Freshdesk. 😍

In this Freshservice review we will be going over various aspects of the ITSM software including but not limited to the following; brief overview, key features, case studies, integrations, pricing and plans, support resources, contact details and more. 

What is Freshservice?

Freshservice is one of the five products launched by Freshworks as a series of software to help carry out various business operations.

Freshservice is a fully equipped cloud based software solution designed and developed to help you with all of the IT related tasks for your business. 

Trusted and used by more than 40,000 customers, Freshservice is one of the most reliable ITSM software in 2022. Companies like RingCentral, Chargebee Technologies, TaylorMade, Vice Media Group, Ocado Retail, Alterra Mountain are some of the biggest Freshservice customer names. 

Freshservice Customers

Freshservice has an easy to use, intuitive and dynamic user interface for a seamlessly unified service management system. The software helps you increase your work efficiency and therefore significantly maximizes the return on investment with the help of automations, integrated platform and rapid deployment. 

With Freshservice you have access to tons of different features along with intelligent tools that help you modernize as well as simplify the workings of IT service management.

The platform has easy setup, powerful automations, multi-channel support, extensive mobile capabilities and app marketplace for integrations.

Freshservice ITSM Software

Some of the functionalities that you can expect from this intelligent solution software includes ITIL, Service Desk Software, Incident Management Tools, Asset Management, Project Management, SaaS Management, Integrated CMDB, Unified Service Catalog, Alert Management, Orchestration Center, Asset Lifecycle Management, Contract Management, Project Portfolio Management, and more.

Pros and Cons of Freshservice

👍 Pros

  1. Easy to use interface, intuitive dashboard, seamless integrations, and beginner friendly platform. 
  2. Freshservice offers robust automation and no code workflows which eliminates the need to do repetitive and manual tasks and thus increases work efficiency. 
  3. The platform offers out of the box features that lets you develop and deploy rapidly, provide migration services, round the clock support, an elaborative knowledge base and more.
  4. You can leverage the AI driven platform to unify customer experiences and improvise employee productivity with the help of drag and drop integrations.
  5. Freshservice is available in various languages including  Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, etc. 

👎 Cons

  1. Although, Freshservice supports quite many native third party applications and plugins, it still lacks in number where external integrations are concerned.
  2. The platform offers four different types of pricing structure designed to tackle the needs and requirements of companies of all sizes, but the prices can be quite expensive for smaller businesses. 

Freshservice – Onboarding Procedure 

An easy to follow onboarding procedure of Freshservice takes no more than a couple of minutes to get through.

In order to take advantage of the free 21 days trial offer of the Freshservice software all you need to do is sign up for an account. Repeat the steps given below to get a free trial pass. 😚

Freshservice Sign Up

  1. Head to the official page of Freshservice and click on the “Sign Up” button displayed at the top right corner of the home page. 
  2. Next up, you will be asked to enter details such as your legal first name, last name, business email, company name along with your mobile phone number. 
  3. Once done click on the “Create A Free Account” button. 
  4. Upon approval you will be redirected to your account portal.
  5. From the account dashboard you can start by configuring your helpdesk, setting up the support email address, inviting teammates and adding account admin details. 

Freshservice – Key Features 

The platform offers a plethora of useful features however, in this section of Freshservice review we will be going over key aspects of the software solution. 

Major Incident Management

You can route incidents intelligently with the help of AI powered automations and a unified interface to drive incident resolving efficiency.

You can enable multi-channel support through which end users can reach out to the support team across email, mobile app, self service portal, Freddy chatbot, walk ups and feedback widgets. 

incident management

SLA Management

You can create, set up and manage service level agreement (SLA) policies that align with your business needs and team members requirements.

You can track and resolve tickets based on priorities, set service level targets according to time zone and business centers, automate escalation rules to send notifications about SLA breaches and more.

SLA Management

Unified Service Catalog

With Unified Service Catalog you can simply streamline all your service requests and deliveries seamlessly from a single, intuitive and modern interface. 😘

You can set up business rules along with workflow automations for agent assignment, timely notification triggers based on rules, request prioritization, service item level customization and more.

This feature also allows you to rebrand the service catalog to suit your business policies by configuring fields based on departmental and team members’ needs. You can strategize the purchases and fund allocation by analyzing the service availability insights, personalize end user experience, etc.

Freshservice unified service catalog

Alert Management  

Automate your IT operations by unifying alerts from all the different monitoring tools to reduce the service downtime.

With Freshservice alert management tools you can consolidate as well as analyze various notifications, identify critical alerts, route incidents to the right agent or team, minimize mean time to resolution rate using Freddy AI engine, automatically update severity level of alerts on the basis of new notifications, etc, 

Freshservice Alert Management

Orchestration Center

You have the ability to deploy, monitor as well as scale up workflow automation by integrating with third party applications. All you need to do is install the required apps and invoke them within the workflow automator. 😊

Orchestration Center

SaaS Management 

The SaaS Management tools provide a 360 degree view of your SaaS applications and enable you to optimize them using appropriate data driven actions.

You can use integrated service delivery to secure SaaS allocation and maintenance, automate as well as scale end to end processes by pairing workflows with orchestration apps, and more.

SaaS Management

Freshservice – Pricing Plans 

Once you have signed up for a free 21 days trial, you have unrestricted access to all the Freshservice features. You have access to four paid packages which you can subscribe to according to your business requirements. 

The payment transactions can be done via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. You can also pay via checks or online transfers for annual contracts. 

Starter – The package is available at $19 per agent per month when billed annually and costs $29 for every agent per month when billed on a monthly basis. The plan includes the following features; Incident Management, Knowledge Base, Self Service Portal, SLA Management, Workflow Automator, Orchestration, Multiple Portal Languages, Custom SSL, Marketplace Apps and Mobile Apps.

The “Starter” plan is beneficial as well as more than enough for organizations that are just getting started with their operations or fall under the category of small business venture.

Pricing Plans

Growth – The “Growth” package can be bought for $49 for every user per month when billed annually and for $59 per user per month when billed monthly. In addition to “Starter” plan features it also includes the following attributes;  Purchase Order Management, Employee Onboarding, Service Catalog, Asset Management, MSP Mode, Multiple SLAs, Approval Workflows, Portal Customization, and Business Hours. In case your organization is growing rapidly, this is a perfect plan for you.

Pro – The “Pro” subscription package costs $89 per agent per month when billed on yearly basis and for $109 per agent per month when billed on monthly basis. The “pro” plan is equipped with all the features needed by a large organization. Along with all the “Growth” package functionalities you have access to Problem Management, Software License Management, Contract Management, Change Management, Project Management, SaaS Management, Release Management, and Alert Management.

Enterprise – This plan offers service management solutions that are specifically designed and curated to work efficiently for large enterprises. It costs $109 and $129 for every agent each month when billed on yearly and monthly basis respectively. The subscription package consists of all the functionalities included in the “Pro” plan along with exclusive features such as Sandbox, Audit Logs,  Freddy Agent Assist and Freddy Virtual Agent on MS Teams and Slack with 2000 suggestions per month per account. 

Freshservice – Supported Integrations

In this aspect of Freshservice review, we will be going over the third party integrations and plugins that are supported by the software. 


Some of the integrations supported natively by Freshservice include Freshdesk, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Suite, Jira, Rescue, Freshbooks, Harvest, Zapier, Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, Quickbooks and few more. Since, as an enterprise you might need to add various apps, the platform does miss external integrations. 

Freshservice – Customer Support 

Discussing the customer support aspect of this Freshservice review, it is impressive to note that you have access to the most extensive and comprehensive help resources ever. 

Freshservice offers tons of support resources which include elaborative API docs, how to guides, webinars, blog posts, video library, case studies, academy, glossary, datasheet, release notes and articles on various solutions. You also have access to regularly updated system status, reports, ebooks, demo tour and RemoteIT support. 

Customer Support

You can reach out to the Freshservice’s support team through either of the following options; live chat, support ticket or phone call services.

You can also use the community channel as well as social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube along with Glassdoor to connect with peers and representatives. 😇

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Wrapping up our Freshservice review by summarizing all that we have covered so far along with our honest opinion. The platform offers tons of useful and intelligent tools that are designed to help you out with ITSM operations. Needless to say, Freshservice does not lack in the features department. 😉

Freshservice transform your business

You also receive immensely professional, extensive and speedy customer support from representatives along with comprehensive self help resources.

You have the benefit of 21 days of the free trial, excellent security measures, multiple language support, native integrations and more. On the contrary, the pricing plans can be quite expensive for some organizations. 

The bottom line is that the Freshservices offers top notch functionalities and is therefore worth every penny investing in.

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