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EngageBay Review 2024: Is It The Best All-In-One CRM?


As a company owner, you need to focus more than just coming up with business ideas.

You are required to take charge of everything right from the development of your services to customer retention.

If you have been wondering about selecting a CRM, Sales, Marketing and Service platform, you must have heard about EngageBay. 😉

EngageBay Review

In this EngageBay review, we will be rating the all in one solution for customer relationship management, sales, marketing and more.

The article covers various important aspects of the platform including key features of all the products, onboarding process, pricing structure, integrations, solutions, customer support and more.

EngageBay Overview

EngageBay Marketing Software

Founded in 2018, EngageBay is an integrated all in one sales, marketing, and support software along with customer relationship management.

Designed for small businesses and startups, EngageBay helps you acquire, engage, and nurture your visitors’ traffic by delivering feature rich user experience to the potential customers. The platform provides professional expertise in aspects such as given below.

  1. Marketing Automation
  2. Email Marketing 
  3. Web Forms 
  4. Social Media 
  5. Analytics
  6. Landing Pages
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Sales Automation 
  9. Web Pop-ups
  10. Appointment Scheduling 
  11. CRM
  12. Live chat software
  13. Ticket Collection and more. 

The platform has a simple to use yet dynamic interface suitable for people with all levels of proficiency. The services offered by the platform are divided into three different bays, namely, Marketing, Sale and Service. 😊

You can either subscribe to the complete package offered by EngageBay or any one of the offered bundles. Stick till the end of this EngageBay review to know everything about the platform and decide whether it is good for your company or not.

EngageBay – Onboarding Process 

The platform has the easiest onboarding process ever. It takes no more than a couple of minutes to register for an account on EngageBay to get started with their services. Follow the steps given below in order to create an account on the platform.

EngageBay Sign Up

  1. Head to the official EngageBay website and click on the “Free SignUp” button present at the top right corner of the home page. 
  2. Next up, you will be redirected to the sign up page where you can either enter your personal details like your name, website URL, username and password or choose to sign up using G Suite credentials. 
  3. Once done with the initial signing up, you are required to fill up the marketing form asking for details like number of employees at your company, industry that best describes your company, your role and phone number. 
  4. Once you have filled the form completely, click on the “Done” button and you will be redirected to the account dashboard. 

EnagageBay – Marketing Bay 

The platform integrates all the features and tools required for the marketing domain. With EnagageBay you do not need to purchase other services because the platform provides it all.

Some of the advanced tools offered are; Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Email Sequences, Landing Pages, Web Forms, SMS Marketing, Site Messaging, Push Notifications, Email Templates and more. Let us discuss some of the vital aspects of the marketing hub in brief. 

Marketing Automation 

EngageBay Marketing Dashboard

EngageBay’s free marketing automation tool applies an integrated technique to provide seamless operations between various departments including sales, marketing and service through the use of a single software.

It also ensures that your customers receive the best possible support experience across all the departments necessary for client retention. You can automate your lead scoring process so that the scores increase and decrease depending on the individual activities. 😘

The drag and drop visual builder enables you to design and easily create various sales and marketing workflows. You can create custom domains, lead forms, unlimited landing pages and so much more.  

Email Marketing 

The platform provides tons of visually appealing email marketing templates appropriate for all kinds of business needs and tasks which can be customized however you want.

You can take help of an easy to use drag and drop builder to seamlessly add data content, images, social share buttons and more. Nothing works better than personal emails and so with EngageBay’s email marketing tool you can auto fill details like full name and email address.

You also have access to tracking and optimization tools through which you can see the ongoing campaign’s performance and accordingly strategize to create more engaging content. 

Landing Pages 

EngageBay Landing Pages.png

Creating an engaging landing page is very important and therefore EngageBay offers a wide range of landing page templates. These creative, responsive and fully customizable templates help in increasing your conversion rates.

After your landing pages go live you can monitor and analyze reports related to information like number of visitors and number of subscribers. 

SMS Marketing 

EnagageBay allows you to customize your bulk SMS campaigns by offering various editable customer attributes including but not limited to location, first name, last name, full name, age, and company.

You can include automation workflows which are responsible for automatically sending the messages on the basis of user behaviour or specified trigger points.

You also have the ability to filter out relevant SMS campaigns for users based on a number of factors such as location, source of contact, date, tags based on actions, etc. 

EngageBay SMS Marketing.png

EngageBay Marketing Pricing Plans 

You have access to three paid subscription plans along with a free one. You can subscribe to the services on a monthly, yearly (10% off) as well as a biennial basis (2 years offering 20% off). The details regarding all the available plans are as follows. 

Free – It costs you nothing to use the free version of EngageBay and offers basic functionalities like Email Broadcast, Sequences, Lead Grabbers, Landing Pages, Email Templates, etc. 

Basic – The plan costs $12.99 on monthly basis, $11.69 on a yearly basis and $10.39 for every two years. You have access to features like Lead Scoring, SMS Marketing, Third Party Integrations, Tag Manager and more. 😇

EngageBay Marketing Monthly Prices

Growth – The Growth plan can be bought for $34.99 on monthly basis, $31.49 on an yearly basis and $27.99 for every two years. With this plan you have access to features like Site Messages, Email Broadcast A/B Testing, Landing Pages A/B Testing, Custom Domain and more. 

Pro – You can avail the plan $69.99 on monthly basis, $62.99 on an yearly basis and $59.99 on biennial basis. It offers functionalities like Web Analytics, SSO, Custom Reporting, Dedicated Account Manager, Uptime SLA and Phone Support.

EngageBay’s – CRM And Sales Bay 

With EngageBay’s CRM and sales suite you have access to plenty of advanced tools and features including 360 Degree Customer View, Appointment Scheduling Software, Contact Management Software, Free CRM, Sales CRM, CRM Email Integration, Sales Tools, Lead Scoring, Project Management, Employee Engagement and more. Let us cover some of these aspects in detail. 

EngageBay Sales Automations

Appointment Scheduling Software 

EngageBay has a built-in calendar tool which syncs all your scheduled appointments with Google and Office 365 calendar. It also enables you to send reminder and confirmation mails to various attendees before a scheduled meeting so they never have to miss out on any meeting ever.

You also have the ability to create appointment links to schedule meetings with multiple prospects, generate leads from appointments, customize time slots, and more. 

Project Management 

The tools offered for project management involve drag and drop project builders to create, assign and track all of the tasks from all in one dashboard. You can take help of customizable filters to track and analyze the progress based on priority level, due date, task or deal value, etc.

It lets you add quick notes for the purpose of sharing ideas, commenting on progress, marking important details and more. 

EngageBay Sales Dashboard

Lead Management 

The lead management tools let you save ample time by  automating the routine tasks, recording ongoing calls, analyzing detailed customer information in order to personalize follow ups, managing your sales pipeline and monitoring your leads.

The software enables you to tailor your lead workflow and automates them according to various conditions including geographic locations, different industries, time zones, priority of leads based on email response, etc. 😚

EngageBay CRM and Sales Pricing Plans

Basic – The plan costs $12.99 on monthly basis, $11.69 on an yearly basis and $10.39 for every two years. You have access to features like Multiple Deal Tracks, Calling, Predictive Lead Score, Third Party Integrations, Tag Manager, etc

EngageBay CRM and Sales Yearly Prices

Growth – The Growth plan can be bought for $24.99 on monthly basis, $22.49 on an yearly basis and $19.99 every two years. With this plan you have access to features like Email Scheduler, Leaderboard, Multi Currency, Sales Automation, Products, Proposals, etc.

Pro – You can avail the plan $49.99 on monthly basis, $44.99 on an yearly basis and $39.99 on biennial basis. It offers functionalities such as Proposal Analytics, Auto Dialer, Proposal Analytics, Role Management, Call Records, Call Scripts, Custom Reporting, Conversational Inbox and more. 

EngageBay – Service Bay  

The service solutions offered by EngageBay includes but are not limited to Free Live Chat Software, Macros, Tickets, Helpdesk Reports, Service Automations, Canned Responses, Support Groups, Custom Ticket Views and more.

Free Live Chat Software 

With the live chat software you can talk to your customer in real time which enables you to build lasting customer relationships by providing professional and fast support services.

You can track and follow up on your customers using personalized approaches based on their location, time spent, pages visited, etc. You can also search and find particular chats as you have easy access to all the transcripts. 

EngageBay Live Chat Dashboard

Helpdesk Reports 

The reporting metrics provide advanced and meaningful insights through which you can monitor the overall performance of your support team.

The software lets you streamline your customer support operations, view metrics of solved, unassigned & pending tickets anytime you want, help you make data driven and strategic decisions, etc. 

Custom Tickets View 

View functionality helps you sort and organize your tickets, track them to provide accurate support processes, customize views based on various criterias, and so much more. 

EngageBay Custom Tickets View

EngageBay Service Pricing Plans

For help desk and live chat software for the support team all you need to do is sign up at EngageBay’s platform and access their services for free. 

EngageBay – Supported Integrations 

The platform supports various third party apps and plugins including Zapier, Xero, Mailgun, Mandrill, Postmark, Sendgrid, QuickBooks, Stripe, BulkSMS, JotForm and more. 😍

EngageBay Integrations

EngageBay – Customer Support 

The platform offers extensive yet elaborative guides on various topics including inbound marketing, landing pages, lead generation, pop-ups, email marketing and more. To contact their support team you can either book an appointment through their website or use a live chat option. 

EngageBay Customer Support

Conclusion – Final Verdict

EngageBay Get Started

The platform offers all in one marketing, sales and CRM tools to help you out with all the aspects of your business. The basic services offered by EngageBay can be availed for free but you have to subscribe to any of the three paid plans if you want to access other features.

As far as the ease of use, customer support and quality of services are concerned, EngageBay is an excellent platform. It is one the most trustworthy, reliable and useful platforms ever and this brings an end to our EngageBay review.

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