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Hubspot Marketing Hub Vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud 2024


Just like a business needs CRM services to manage and analyze their customers, you are also probably going to need a well organized and professional marketing management software.

Hubspot Marketing Hub Review

You must have heard about Hubspot and Salesforce unless you live under a rock. Both of these platforms are well known when it comes to CRM, Sales, Marketing and IT management services and for all the right reasons.

In this Hubspot Marketing Hub vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we will be rating the platforms on a number of factors including ease of use, pricing structure, supported integrations, key features, customer support and more. 😚

Salesforce Overview

Stick till the end of this Hubspot Marketing Hub vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud to figure out which is the best pick for your business. 

Hubspot Overview 

Founded in 2006, Hubspot is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hubspot Review

If numbers are any indication, the platform caters to more than 143,000 customers in over 120 countries, has a community of over 150 Hubspot user groups, has over 26K registered inbound users and records visitor traffic of around 7M users per month.

Salesforce Overview 

Launched in 1999, Salesforce is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Going by the numbers for Salesforce, you might be impressed that more than 150,000 companies have been using Salesforce services to expand as well as manage their businesses. The platform’s inclusive community, “Trailblazers” consists of more than 10 million innovators and disruptors. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Review

Hubspot Marketing Hub vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Overview

Hubspot Marketing Hub – At A Glance

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a fully fledged cloud based software effective for developing digital marketing and promotional strategies. The marketing solution offered by Hubspot caterers to the needs and requirements of businesses of all sizes and shapes. 

It has an easy to use, intuitive and beginner friendly user interface and seamlessly integrates with Customer relationship management, campaign optimization tools and other hubs.

Hubspot Marketing Hub

With Hubspot Marketing Hub you have access to variety of features which includes but is not limited to the following; Email Marketing, List Segmentation, Mobile Optimization, Facebook Messenger Integration, Collaboration Tools, Duplicate Management, Responsive Landing Pages, Predictive Lead Scoring, Admin Notifications Management, Conversation Intelligence, Abm Tools And Automation and more. 😍

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – At A Glance

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a cloud based marketing solution that manages all aspects of digital marketing from one modern and dynamic interface. Some of the prominent clients of Salesforce include Godrej, Pepe jeans, Genpact,  Cleartrip, Ceat, Panasonic and more.

With Salesforce you can improve customer retention by  providing personalized experiences, implement campaigns across multiple channels, access and analyze detailed campaign performance reports, strategize audience engagement methods, leverage social media interaction and advertisements and so much more. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Report

Some of the features due to which Salesforce is so capable and a well known service in the industry includes Real Time Customer Engagement, Automated Email And Marketing, Analytics For Customers, Email Studio, Journey Builder, Marketing Cloud Personalization, Mobile Studio, Drive Mobile App Engagement, Google Marketing Platform, Datorama Reports and more. 

App Marketplace & Supported Integrations 

Let us look at the third party supported applications aspect of this Hubspot Marketing Hub vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It is worth mentioning that both of the platforms are self sufficient for operating and well managing the marketing aspect of your business.

However, you should always have the option of connecting and integrating your other in use applications with the chosen Marketing solution. The details therefore, regarding the same are given below. 

Hubspot Marketing Integrations

The Marketplace of Hubspot consists of more than 4,000 apps where you can find and filter out your preferred software from multiple criterias. The marketing category alone supports and accommodates over 500 different applications.

Some of the most popular software which are available includes the following; Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Zoom, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Typeform, Databox, Shopify, Canva, Google Meet, Hotjar, ManyChat, WhatHub: WhatsApp Integration and many more. 

Hubspot Marketing Integrations

Salesforce Marketing Integrations

Salesforce, similar to Hubspot, supports tons of third party integrations and intelligent marketing tools for better lead generation, effective ad campaigns and more, Some of the supported applications includes G Suite, Slack, Marketo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MailChimp, Shopify, Zuora, WooCommerce, Magento, Constant Contact, Eloqua, etc.

Salesforce Marketing Integrations

Hubspot and Salesforce Key Features

Let us discuss the key features of both the platforms, Hubspot and Salesforce individually.


Hubspot Marketing Hub Features

A/B testing

You can automate your A/B tests using AI powered tools, run them for landing pages and emails to figure out the best performing variation. This functionality lets you save time and improves conversion rates for your website. 😊

Ad Tracking And Management

You can connect your accounts from supported ad networks to your HubSpot account. You can manage various forums such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn from one integrated interface, engage and connect with audiences from your HubSpot contacts database, track ads to figure out best performing campaigns, schedule and publish updates, monitor terms and more. 

Hubspot Ad Tracking And Management

Dynamic personalization

Providing personalized experiences can really help you out with customer retention. With this feature you can create dynamic content across multiple channels powered by CRM objects, HubDB tables, programmable content, etc. 

Conversational bots

You can scale up your live chat services via bots. Conversational bots discover high quality leads, assign leads to the right salesman, store and manage contact data, book meetings, and more.

Hubspot Live Chat


Email Studio

Email Studio lets you customize email messages sent to the customers and prospects in order to provide personalized experience. You can leverage the power of advanced features like segmentation, reporting tools, automation, predictive capabilities, promotional and triggered messages to achieve your goals.

Salesforce Email Studio

Mobile Studio

You can reach out to your targeted audience and customers using SMS, MMS, push messaging, and group messaging sent out on the basis of different criterias such as events, location, proximity, etc.

You can send real time alerts, deliver transactional notifications, trigger interactions using geolocation technology, run cross channel mobile marketing campaigns and more with the help of a mobile marketing solution.

Salesforce Mobile Studio

Journey Builder

This feature allows you to track every stage of the customer journey, accommodate customer’s path based on their current and predicted behavior, connect and store data from customer interactions such as email, mobile, advertising and more. 😇

Web Studio 

With Web studio you can design and develop immensely dynamic and creative looking landing and web pages for your website, can promote special offers with the help of CloudPages, track insights through marketer centric dashboards, native web and mobile analytics, use predictive recommendations to provide personalized customer experience and more. 

Salesforce Web Studio

Pricing & Plans 

Okay, so we have access to immensely intelligent marketing features and tons of tools, but are they affordable? It is important to find the best suitable alternative to fulfill your marketing managerial needs in your budget.

Let us go over Hubspot Marketing Hub vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud precise pricing details to figure out which is better in this aspect. 

Hubspot Marketing Hub Pricing

The platform offers three different pricing packages along with a free plan from which you can select based on your business needs and can consult the sales team for the same. 

Free Tools – The free plan provides tools for HubSpot’s CRM, marketing, sales, operational and customer service. Some of the offered marketing features include Email marketing, Forms, Landing pages, Live chat, Facebook, Instagram, Google & LinkedIn ads and Contact management.

Hubspot Marketing Hub Prices

Starter – The starter marketing hub suite costs $50 and $45 per month when billed monthly and yearly, respectively. It includes everything in Free package along with 1,000 marketing contacts, free non-marketing contacts, limit of 15 million overall contacts, Simple form follow-up emails, Ad retargeting, Landing page reporting, Multiple currencies and HubSpot branding removed. 

Professional- The package costs $890 and $800 per month when billed on monthly and yearly basis respectively. In addition to all the Starter package features you have access to the following functionalities; 2,000 marketing contacts, Omni-channel marketing automation, ABM tools and automation, Dynamic personalization, Multi-language content, Video hosting & management, Contact and company scoring, Website traffic analytics, Campaign reporting, Custom reporting, A/B testing, Ad conversion events, Contact create attribution and more. 

Hubspot Pricing Plans Features

Enterprise – Enterprise package starts at $3,200 per month billed at $38,400 per year. Besides all the features included in Professional package it consists of the following attributes; 10,000 marketing contacts, Single sign-on, Partitioning, Email send frequency cap, Adaptive testing, Sandboxes, Multi-touch revenue attribution, Behavioral event triggers & reporting, Predictive lead scoring, etc. 

Salesforce Marketing Hub Pricing

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing depends on your business needs and therefore the package can be tailored to accommodate your requirements and price considerations. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data Prices

Corporate – It costs $12,500 per month when billed annually and can be subscribed by a mid-sized business.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data Prices

Enterprise – The package costs $50,000 per month when billed annually and is perfect for large scale organization. 😘

Enterprise Plus –  It costs $65,000 per month when billed annually and is effective for large enterprises. 

In short, when it comes down to the budget friendly pricing plans, Salesforce is clearly not it. You should go with Hubspot if you need top notch functionalities at comparatively lower rates. 

Customer Support 

Both the platforms offer a comprehensive and elaborative customer support options making both, Hubspot and Salesforce reliable and customer favorites.

Hubspot Help Resources

You get access to resources such as dedicated blog posts, inbound methodology, ebooks, guides, free academic courses & certifications, developer documentation, educational academy and the elaborative knowledge base. 

Hubspot Customer Support

You can reach out to the customer support team via community channel, phone call, email and live chat services along with social media plarforms. 

Salesforce Support Resources

With Salesforce you have access to an extensive knowledge base consisting of various detailed articles, blogs, modules, webinars, articles, impact stories, demos, technical documentation, projects, and Trailhead Academy. 

You can reach out to the company’s support team via live chat, feedback form, phone call, Trailblazer community and assistance team along with social forums. 

Salesforce Customer Support

How Does Marketing Software Help You?

Marketing solutions offer intuitive and automated campaigns displayed across multiple channels to help you attract, engage and convert leads. It also lets you analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and ad campaigns.

Marketing softwares simplifies collaboration between different teams, lets you create and deliver content, manages all of your business marketing assets in one integrated platform, deploy targeted ads, provides solutions to complex customer journeys, offers better marketing experience and more. 

Conclusion – Final Verdict

The answer to the question, Hubspot Marketing Hub vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which platform is better, is highly subjective and abstract. 

Go ahead with Hubspot if you need a straightforward and intuitive interface with less time consuming training to learn the way around the platform. 😉

Hubspot offers great features at lower prices in comparison to Salesforce and is perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

Whereas you should prefer Salesforce, if you need features and functionalities that help you manage large scale enterprises, you do not mind the learning curve and the prices do not matter much.

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