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LinkedIn Learning Review: Is It Best For Online Courses?


If you have been thinking about investing your time and money in learning the skills appropriate for your future job hunting or climbing the ladder at work, you have got yourself to the right place.

With all kinds of learning paths available now, it is very easy to get swept up in the abundance of educational materials. LinkedIn Learning is undoubtedly one of the most popular and trusted e-learning platforms ever. 😚

LinkedIn Learning

With LinkedIn Learning you do not have to enroll yourself for a full time but rather complete or gain the knowledge over a period of time whenever and wherever you want.

In this LinkedIn Learning review we will be covering tons of aspects related to the platform including key features, functionalities, types of classes, learning courses and resources, pricing structure, pros & cons and so much more. 

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What is LinkedIn Learning?

Officially launched in 2003, LinkedIn Learning is one of the country’s leading online educational platforms which helps you discover and develop business, technology, and creative related skills along with professional development opportunities.

The network consists of more than 810 million members in more than 200 countries all around the world. The platform offers more than 16,000 courses with new ones being added on a regular basis.

LinkedIn Learning Review

Unlike some other academic platforms, you can be rest assured that all the courses are curated as well as taught by industry-led experts with real world experience. The course library is kept up to date where you can sign up for the most in-demand skills’ course and receive personalized recommendations.

LinkedIn Learning improves and provides top notch learning experience by offering courses on a wide range of topics that comes jam packed with resources such as exercise files, assessments, and video transcripts.

To know more about the platform and its  educational aspect, make sure to stick till the end of this LinkedIn Learning review. 

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LinkedIn Learning – Key Features & Functionalities

The platform offers a plethora of learning benefits as well as functionalities that come handy while embarking and during the learning journey, some of which we will be discussing shortly. The key aspects of the LinkedIn learning platform are as follows.

Wide Library Of Educational Courses

At present, the platform has more than 17,000 expert published courses on all types of technologies, skills and business related expertise. Not only are these courses designed, developed and taught by professionals, they are very much aligned with practical or as we like to call real world usage.

LinkedIn Learning Review

Instead of teaching you some washed up theoretical knowledge, you get to learn how to imply solutions to real world situations. You can choose the desired courses from your preferred industrial field and easily get started. 

Free Trial Available

One of the best features of LinkedIn Learning according to me, is the availability of a free one month trial program. Rather than paying the amount initial to the commencement of the course, LinkedIn Learning lets you access as well as explore the platform.

Not only does this provide an idea of what you are signing up for but also give you a sufficient amount of time to make up your mind about it. You can decide whether you want to continue your learning journey with LinkedIn or not, without investing a cent. 😉

LinkedIn Learning Business Courses

Personalized And Interactive Learning

Okay now that we know we have access to a wide library of courses on all different sectors, it is important that we actually gain something out of these educational resources. With an integrated LinkedIn account you can receive personalized course suggestions based on your profile.

When it comes down to offered learning material, the LinkedIn courses are equipped with various assessments, tests, hand-on practice labs, and quizzes.

These various academic resources are meant to track your progress and provide you with pretty accurate insights on how much more work you actually need to put in to be able to master a particular skill. You can also set a particular learning goal according to the time you can dedicate.

The course material can be downloaded and viewed offline through the mobile app only if your subscription is activated for offline viewing. 

LinkedIn Learning Recommended Courses

Integrates With Your LinkedIn Account

In case you are already registered on LinkedIn platform, you can set up your LinkedIn Learning account very easily as well as use it since the interface and everything is similarly designed.

The platform has access to all the account related information including skills, job profile, subject of interest along with automatic relevant course recommendations.  

Learning & Completion Certificates

Once you have successfully completed a course published on LinkedIn Learning platform, you can download the PDF displaying the same as well as add them to your LinkedIn profile.

The course completion certificates are provided for every individual course whose information can be found in the overview.

These certificates, however, do not represent anything more than just the completion of a course as they are neither accredited by any organization nor readily accepted.

LinkedIn Learning Cerificates

LinkedIn Learning Subscriptions

The LinkedIn Learning subscription offers tons of benefits that come handy during your learning journey. You are entitled to receive personalized recommendations for courses based on your LinkedIn job profile, interests, preferred skills, etc where you can also showcase these certifications to the potential employer organizations. With the LinkedIn Learning subscription you get access to the following benefits.

LinkedIn Learning Subscription

Interactive learning opportunities – You can access as well use all of the offered academic materials including exercise files and course quizzes to optimize your skills gaining endeavor. 

Access to LinkedIn Premium – This aspect of LinkedIn provides  unlimited profile viewing, job and salary insights, InMail credits, and so much more.

Learn Remotely – You can start with your course from wherever and whenever you want without any issues.

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LinkedIn Learning Subscription – Pricing Structure 

The platform provides two billing options, that are, you can either pay the charges on a monthly basis or annually. However, if you pay for a yearly subscription you can reportedly save upto 32% in comparison to monthly plans. 😘

Irrespective of what subscription tenure method you sign up for, you will be reminded of the renewal charges at the end of each month or year. The details regarding both the plans are given below. 

For Individuals 

Monthly Plan – After a month of a free trial, it costs $39.99 per month.

Annual Plan – Similarly like monthly plan, after a month of free trial, you have to pay $26.66 on a monthly basis. 

LinkedIn Learning Prices For The Individuals

For Teams 

If you want to subscribe to the services of the learning platform and reserve seats for people between 2 to 20 then you have to pay $379.99 per seat for a year. 

For Organizations

To reserve more than 21 seats for your team, and access enterprise level integrations along with skill development insights you need to contact their support team to get a quoted price for your company. 

LinkedIn Learning Prices

It is to be noted that you can cancel or downgrade your LinkedIn Learning subscription whenever you want. Although you cannot claim for any refunds, the platform does excuse some exceptions.

You can also try to file an expense report for the reimbursement of your LinkedIn Learning subscription by your company through the generated receipt sent to your email address. 

LinkedIn Learning – Types Of Course Categories 

You can browse and find suitable courses for yourself among the three available categories, namely, Business, Creative, and Technology. 

The courses can be filtered out on a number of options such as Type (Courses, Audios, Videos, and Learning Paths), Proficiency Levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and Time To Complete in order to suit the needs and requirements of every individual.

LinkedIn Learning Courses

The Business courses are based on skills related to Business Analysis And Strategies, Career Development, Customer Service, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Project Management, Sales, etc. 

Technology related courses are created on subjects like Cloud Computing, Data Science, Devops, Software Development, Mobile Development, Security, System Administration, etc.

Creative courses are based on skills such as Illustrations, Graphic Designing, Photography, User Experience, Audios, Videos, Music, Visualization, etc. 😍

LinkedIn Learning Creative Courses

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Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Learning

👍 Pros

Easy To Use – No matter which e-learning platform you choose, the one thing that helps us decide whether to sign up for their services or not is the user interface. If you are one of those people that need an easy to use, organized and minimalist interface with seamless browsing and learning experience, LinkedIn Learning is highly recommendable. 

Wide Library Of Courses – The LinkedIn Learning currently offers more than 17,000 courses on a number of topics including Business, Creative and Technology sectors. The courses can be filtered out on the basis of Proficiency Levels, Type, Continuing Education Units, Time To Complete, and Software. 

Top Tier Content Quality – Why invest in the educational courses if they are not capable of delivering the quality education. With LinkedIn Learning you can be assured that the quality of academic resources you receive including test assessments and quizzes are all top notch as they are designed and developed by industry specific instructors. 

👎 Cons

Too Many Courses Available – Yes, the idea of having an endless availability of learning material is more impressive than in reality. With too many courses available online for consumption, it can create a lot of confusion if you are not clear about what you need. So you must be real focused in order to achieve the most out of what is presented to you. 

No accreditation – The certifications provided to you by the LinkedIn Learning after the successful completion of a course is rather more of an accessory. You can showcase or add these certificates to your

Conclusion – Final Say

If you are looking to enrich your knowledge or develop the relevant skills in Creative, Business or Technology related topics then LinkedIn Learning is one of the best options for you.

The platform offers a wide range of course libraries for you to choose the preferred one from starting with just $39.99 on a monthly basis. The learning materials are designed, created and taught by industry experts which assures the quality of content being delivered. 😇

LinkedIn Learning Technology Course

So, as far as the question revolves around the legitimacy of the learning platform, we’d say it is worth investing every penny in and that brings the end to our LinkedIn Learning review.  


Q1. Is LinkedIn Learning Free?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn Learning is not free and you have to pay a certain amount to access their course catalog. However, you can access LinkedIn Learning for free if you have subscribed to LinkedIn Premium. 

Q2. Does LinkedIn Learning Offers Any Refunds?

Sadly, LinkedIn Learning doesn’t offer any kinds of refunds on monthly or annual subscriptions. However, you do have access to a free monthly trial before any charges are applied to your account. In case you are not satisfied with their platform you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. 

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