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Simpliv Learning Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Time & Money?


Students are likely to learn something new through various online platforms to achieve their dreams.

These online learning platforms are just not only for students but also for people who love teaching.

Among the list, the Simpliv learning platform is for both students to learn and for teachers to teach their favourite subject.

SimplivLearning AKA Simpliv is a great platform for experts and students to share their knowledge and to gain more skills. If you want to learn & gain skills, then review the courses on the Simpliv platform and choose the course that benefits your career development.Β 

πŸ€” Pros and Cons of Simpliv


  • Easy to use interface
  • Free courses are available
  • Offers various categories of courses
  • Courses available in basic, intermediate, and expert levels
  • Courses are suitable for everyone
  • Instructors are industry experts and coaches
  • Exercises and practice sessions
  • Live interactive lessons
  • Offers attractive course bundles
  • Courses available at affordable prices
  • Price range selection option
  • Valid certification
  • Trains subject plus skills
  • Transparent and secure payments for authors
  • 20 days money-back guarantee



  • Some courses are expensive
  • Students reviews are not provided for some courses

πŸ˜‡ What is Simpliv?

Simpliv is an online learning platform for students to learn and for teachers are who excited & loved to train the students. It offers a wide range of courses provided by industry experts, coaches, educators, and other global business leaders.

No matter what you are going to learn, you can find every category here from technology to health and wellness.Β 


Simpliv helps the students to achieve what they want and the learning procedure is simple and interactive. If you are unable to decide which course to pick, then review all the courses of Simpliv and pick according to your interest. It provides courses in three different levels and they are beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced levels through video training for the students. 

At Simpliv learning, one can experience:

  • Live virtual classroom training and also interactive hands-on learning.
  • It offers more than 100000 video lessons and the videos are high-quality videos.
  • Get certification after completion of the course as an achievement and it is a valid certificate. 
  • Simpliv provides training as well as build confidence during the training period to the students. 

πŸ‘Š Why Choose Simpliv LLC Platform?

It is one of the best live virtual and interactive training programs that assist the students to learn at their own pace.

Even it allows you to pick the course that you want and learn them at your convenience whenever you want and wherever you want.Β 

The beneficial part of selecting Simpliv is it has the capability of solving the problems like lack of materials for the courses. Today, students are likely to learn more concepts with exact study materials, and they are supposed to research various ways or resources to find them.

The only reason for this research is to compete with today’s scenario in the entrance exams and also to reach the goal successfully. In order to solve this, the Simpliv learning platform steps ahead and making arrangements with colleges across the globe to provide such materials for the students.Β 

Most of the online learning platforms offer courses that lack credibility and they just provide according to the learner’s interest. Moreover, these courses are not valuable and to overcome such problems Simpliv offers accredited certified courses for the learners.

It means the people who enrolled in Simpliv are going to take professional, genuine, and valuable courses. They are just not only valuable courses but also useful for their lifetime career development and Simpliv trains the students not only subject but also skills with real-time experience.Β 

The online learning platforms that are available in the market just provide some courses only and especially they focus on the tech industry.

But if we review the Simpliv platform, there is a pack of programs of different categories from tech to arts, health & wellness. So, the visitor can navigate into various courses and pick the course that they wanted to learn. They just simply log in to the Simpliv learning platform and go to the course that they are most likely to learn.Β 

πŸ‘ Simpliv Courses

Simpliv Courses

The advantage of Simpliv is you can learn at any place and anywhere you want as it gives access to login to the course 24/7. Yes, Simpliv is a completely self-paced learning platform and without feeling any stress and risk you can easily understand the topics and complete the course. Here, one thing to notice is that the courses at Simpliv are prepared & designed by industry experts and subject professionals. 

Simpliv LLC courses come with a wide range of categories such as Development programs, IT & Software, Marketing, Product Expertise & Efficiency, Health & Vigour, Language & Vocabulary, etc. As of now, it offers 5420 courses and you can search the courses through price range and published dates. 

The best part of Simpliv is it offers some free courses to the students so signup and just have a look into the free courses. You can experience, analyze, and review how the Simpliv platform helps in your career development. The available free courses of all categories are to give an insight into the basic details of the course. 

πŸ€— Live Virtual Classroom Training 

Simpliv Live Virtual Classroom Trainings

Simpliv is a unique online learning platform that provides Live virtual classes for the students with interactive sessions. It means the students can experience like as a classroom by interacting with the instructor directly. These Live interactions help the students to get clear their doubts or else ask to explain the topics again.

The live question and answer sessions also benefit the students as well as instructors in every aspect to meet the knowledge and skills together. The class takers of Simpliv receive a one-on-one live interactions schedule and from this, the instructors proceed to participate in the discussions with the students.  

😚 Course Bundles

Simpliv Course Bundles

If you are likely to become a professional in any field, then it is a perfect choice for you to go with the Simpliv learning platform. Of course, it offers a wide range of categories of course bundles and they are from beginner to advanced levels.

So, one can easily become expertise or professional with these course bundles in any industry by building skills and knowledge. The pricing plans of Simpliv course bundles are affordable and attractive, now it’s your turn to review and pick the industry that you want to be an expert in.  

πŸ˜‹ Features of Simpliv

The online learning and teaching platform Simplv has some highlighting features for both the students and instructors. 

Huge Library of Courses 

There is a huge library of courses available at Simpliv, that offers more than 100000 video lessons. In the library, you can find every category of course from the tech industry to health & nutrition programs. It is your choice now whether to choose a full-time profession or else like a part-time hobby.   

Perfect Platform for all Types of Learners 

The courses provided by Simpliv are suitable for everyone, as the courses are not limited to certain people. At Simpliv, the courses are available in three different levels from basic to advanced. If a platform offers three types of course levels, then it benefits all types of learners from zero knowledge people to expertise. 

One Subject with Various Options 

Simpliv Marketing Category

For one subject category, it offers various courses with a detailed explanation of video lessons, and even it offers plenty of courses to each sub-category of a subject. Each subject is divided into course names and also structured with the skill names for all types of learners. So, that they can easily find the course to learn they want and for instance if we take Marketing, it shows the 277 number of courses to us. 

Industry Experts are Coaches and Instructors

The trainers at the Simplv learning platform are experienced and industry experts in their particular subjects. So, one can trust to learn in this platform and the trainers provide in-depth subject concepts to the learners. Clearly, the students are guided on the right path to achieve success by gaining skills and knowledge. 

The other opportunity it offers is if anyone is interested to work as an instructor, they can join Simpliv. Yes, it allows the people who are passionate about the teaching profession then it is a golden choice to enter into this platform. If you join as an instructor then you’ll gain more popularity as an instructor across the globe.   

Practices and Exercises 

The student who enrolled in Simpliv just not only get training on the subject and skills but also involves them to participate in various quizzes, workshops, etc. It seems that everyone will get hands-on experience on subjects with different case studies, exercises, and many more. The trainers provide real-world examples to make the students understand the concepts easily and quickly. 

πŸ‘‰ Become an Author

Simpliv - Become an Author

As you know now, Simpliv is just not only for learning purposes but also for people who belong to the teaching profession and subject experts. If you’re one among them? love to share knowledge and want to give classes to the learners? then simply utilize the opportunity provided by Simpliv. 

The supremacy of becoming an instructor at Simpliv is you can gain in-depth knowledge in your subject area and become an expert. This platform helps you in many ways like sharpening your teaching skills and proceed with your passion. Along with this, you’ll become a part of a pool of experts globally and it is a great opportunity as an instructor.

All you need to do is just review and choose the topics at Simpliv that could interest you and remember the topic must be really interesting especially for the learners. Now, step in to utilize this extraordinary opportunity to get famous & popular with its community of learners. The three steps to follow if you want to become an instructor at Simpliv are

  • Select the Topic – It allows you to pick any type of topic that you’re interested in, like programming, photography, geology, or food whatever you want.
  • Upload the Video – After selecting the topic, prepare a sample video and send or upload it to the Simpliv team to review. Once they look into your video, they’ll get back to you with an update. 
  • Leverage your Community or Network – For every instructor or teacher, the most favorite thing is to see the excitement in the students to learn something new from them. At Simpliv, it is possible to fulfill what you dreamt of as a teacher because it helps to connect you to your students. 

βœ”οΈ Why Simpliv Learning Platform for Instructors?

Why Simpliv for Instructors

Everyone has a doubt about why to choose Simpliv, just review the below points to choose Simpliv. 

  • The Simpliv online learning platform has the world’s best online video courses. 
  • The students of Simpliv are different age groups who want to explore any part of the world for job purposes and career settlement.
  • If you’re a teacher and passionate about teaching or sharing knowledge with the students, then you are allowed to become an instructor at Simpliv. Even you can gain in-depth knowledge and grip over the subject at the Simpliv platform. 
  • It allows the instructors to set & work at their convenient timings, and also teach the course according to their choice. 
  • It pays a good amount for the instructors with secure online transactions. It is a reminder that it is always punctual and transparent in payments matter. 
  • You can become popular across the world when you start teaching at the Simplv. 

πŸ’› Student Reviews on Simpliv Learning

The trained students of Simpliv provided their learning experience in the form of a review and they say that it is a kind of platform to learn something new. One of the Simpliv students HOWARD A GRACIA, who completed Java Programming beginner to advanced level wroteThe instructor was very knowledgeable and the course was well organized the lesson was really helpful for different people from different parts of the world. I learned an awful lot from this course.” 

Another student who completes the course Data Management Systems – MySQL wrote “Hello, Even though the last module of this course shows that the course is still continuing, I am still happy with the course content, and I am sure I can still work in database development. Thanks, Manfred.” For more student reviews, you can check the below picture. 

Simpliv Student reviews

🎁 Pricing Plans of Simpliv

Pricing Ranges Simpliv
Pricing Ranges Simpliv

Simpliv LLC’s online learning and teaching platform offer different categories of various courses i.e., 5420 courses count. The beginner level has 4856+ courses, the intermediate level has 3705+ courses, and the advanced level has 2943+ courses. For all these courses, the pricing plan is dependent on the course you select, and also it offers some free courses to the learners. 

To check the pricing of the courses it has given some filter options where you can select according to low to high, high to the low, published date from the oldest to newest, or from newest to oldest. The minimum pricing of the courses is $2.99 and the maximum price is $800. For Live virtual training classes, it offers a flat 40% off and now it is your turn to select the course that you want.


πŸ”₯Conclusion: Worth Your Time & Money?

It is recommended to choose the Simpliv online learning and teaching platform because the learning experience is always excellent. The best part is it offers different categories of courses from Marketing, IT to Health, Music, and many other courses. One can explore different courses and can pick according to their interest and passion.  

The instructors at the Simpliv platform are talented and industry experts, so they provide quality training as well as in-depth analysis of the subject concepts. This platform allows access to any part of the world and to use this website is quite simple and easy. 

If you’re still in doubt about training procedures at Simpliv learning, then simply proceed with the free courses, and from this in-depth review, now you know everything about how this platform works & its benefits. The most attractive part of Simpliv is its virtual training and interactive classes, where the students can talk with the instructors to get clear their doubts. The discussions with the instructors are really very helpful for students and also the interaction will be remembered for a long time. 

Coming to the pricing conclusion of Simpliv, it offers at affordable prices and the course bundles may costs expensive but they are worth to invest. On the whole, Simpliv is a great platform for learning as well as teaching, all you need to do is just select the course that you want and start learning.  

Simpliv HeadOffice Location

39658 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539, United States

Located in: Mission Stevenson Center

🀑 Frequently Asked Questions

🀞 Do certificates at Simpliv are really worthy and help to get a job?

Yes, Simpliv offers valid certification after completion of the course as a recognizable achievement. The learners can update it to their resume and their resume stand out, then there is a chance to catch the attention of the recruiters.

✌️ Does Simpliv offer any Discounts or Coupons for the courses?

Yes, the Simpliv platform offers a flat 40% discount to all the virtual training courses.

πŸ€” Is the Simpliv platform worth picking?

Simpliv learning platform is great to learn the courses as it offers video courses and Live interactive training sessions. Along with that, it gives access to learn at any time and anywhere and it is easy to use the website. The instructors are industry experts and coaches.

✨ Is the Simpliv platform is legit one?

To learn courses online, Simpliv is one of the best platforms and all are self-paced professional courses. The best part is it offers Live virtual classes to the learners to interact with the trainers. Overall, it is a good platform to learn any course at your own pace.

⚑️ Is Simpliv is good for AWS certification?

Simpliv offers a certification bundle of courses to complete AWS cloud practitioner and for those who want to achieve AWS certification, this is a great opportunity.

⭐ Why choose Simpliv learning?

The Simplivlearning platform works like a bridge to the instructor and learner without any barriers. The dynamic and interactive learning approach helps to engage with learners to clear the doubts and give in-depth knowledge on the subject.

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