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Lingoda Review 2024: Is It Worthy Online Language Course?


Online learning has been raging a lot nowadays.

The way it has gained popularity shows the potential in the sector.

The desire to learn new languages also has been witnessing a jump in it.

Lingoda Reviews

Numerous online learning platforms determine the fact of e-learning excellence. Lingoda is such a platform that narrates a lot about e-learning directing the betterment of students. 😇

As all of it depends on the features of Lingoda which structures the best platform for students willing to learn worldwide.

What is Lingoda?

Lingoda is the result of the vision of two language enthusiasts. Felix and Fabian Wunderlich are people behind the success of Lingoda and the journey of Lingoda was a bit curvy.

The urge to start a language learning platform got injected in the founder because of their structure of life which had made them travel a lot.

About Lingoda

They had structured a platform for language learning named Easy Languages in 2012.

Later it was rebranded in 2013 as Lingoda which changed its fortunes. As it stands strong in terms of delivering Lingoda’s mission of joining different cultures together and making the world a better place to be in.

What To Expect From Lingoda?

Lingoda believes in delivering the best to customers. They always had been fond of finding ways to decorate their platform with excellence.

Lingoda helps students have the finest assistance in their way of learning. All of the features construct the base of learning for students of Lingoda.

Why to Select Lingoda

And Lingoda trusts taking bold steps if needed to deliver perfection for example rebranding themselves to ace the markets. Vision of Lingoda also helps it stand firm in order to create an environment of interconnectedness between different people.

Students get all of the expectations delivered to them in terms of impactful learning via this medium and its effective features. 😊

Pricing Plan Of Lingoda

Lingoda has the finest pricing plan in place as it differs in numerous ways. Lingoda on average costs around 56$ for one month but it is only about a single language and not for one-on-one classes. One-on-one classes cost around 132$ to 730$ which gives access to special attention to an individual.

Lingoda Pricing Plan

Also the package of $380 gives access to 40 classes per month. This is how pricing plan goes for Lingoda as it wish to assist with all of the excellence in place.

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Features of Lingoda

Lingoda being an online learning platform had designed itself with the perfect features. All of these features result in making Lingoda a better platform in comparison to its alternatives.

Lingoda’s features are here to develop a bridge to fulfil the vision company carries.

The features generate the identity for Lingoda to make it a powerful medium for e-learning of some of the top languages of the world. Let’s have an insight into all of the features which contribute to making it a pick over others.


Some of such features which are part of Lingoda to add up excellence are as follows –

Focus on Talking and Pronunciation

Talking and pronunciation are two main factors which have to be nailed while seeking perfection in a language. On Lingoda specific time is given to students so that they can easily use it to understand pronunciation and conversational skills for students.

As classes focus on these aspects it develops the confidence in students. This confidence later leads to the practical usage of the language. Because what is the point of learning new languages when they can’t be pronounced or used for conversations? This is why Lingoda focuses on this factor efficiently.

Personalised Reviews

Lingoda Reviews

Learning a new language isn’t an easy nut to crack one must take care of the process to understand the development. On Lingado every individual gets a personalised review. These reviews help students in getting understand if they have been learning it right or not. 😍

The reviews keep a check on the progress of students too as they can get to know how well they have been focusing and what kind of changes they seek in the process of learning. And that’s what helps Lingado students with personalised review features designed for students.


Lingoda Professional Teachers

Lingado offers special teachers on its platform. These teachers have the finest knowledge of the way of teaching new languages to students. As their caliber decorates the platform of Lingado.

Different accents also find their place on this platform. All of the teachers create a friendly environment in the classrooms with interactive speakers on board. As interaction develops the idea of perfect learning experience for students.

The students also get multiple options as 1,600 teachers, so they get to choose and get the most suitable learning on Lingado. Flexibility is the factor which everyone seeks while dealing with a learning platform because stiffness doesn’t suit anyone.

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Different Levels of Learning

LIngoda Different Levels of Learning

Learning of languages should always be done at perfect levels. As the students should learn these languages in the most well constructed chronological order. Lingoda being a hub of excellence showers up perfection in the languages offered by dividing them into levels.

The students make their journey from absolute beginner level to the advanced level. As more or more levels contribute to better learning as new concepts get added to them. Complications keep on getting added as new levels appear. This is how different levels of learning help in accurate patterns for learning.

Small Class Size

Class size is kept low so that students can engage better with their study material. As one gets the space to interact better with their teachers. If class size is larger than average then it comes comparatively tough to learn. As some students might not feel included in the classes.

This is how a small class size feature gives a dynamic effect to classroom features and helps students learn better-faster-accurate in manner. 😚

This feature is all about students being included in the process of learning. Though Lingoda always offered an option for one-on-one class which can be used by paying subscription charges.

Customer Support

Lingoda Customer Support

When in between a mess, learning can’t be the easiest thing to do. All of the students desire a smooth learning experience from their teachers. As Lingado is about e-learning then the issues may be there to be a part of the platform.

This isn’t abnormal with e-learning as being providers on a global basis numerous conflicts have to be faced.

This is the reason customer support has to be perfect in order to deliver the best chaos free experience to users. As it offers 24×7 customer support in a bunch of languages to assist users in handling different areas.

Top Languages

Lingoda Top Languages

Bank of learning on Lingado involves some of the top most languages of the world. As it doesn’t offer a ton of languages but manages to deliver excellent learning in German, English, Business English, Spanish and French.

All of the languages being mentioned are discussed at different levels. One can pick any of the languages to jump start the learning process and finish from beginners to absolute advanced level.

These were some of the top features of Lingoda which makes it a top pick of users who desire the finest language learning experience. 😉

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Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  1. Top languages are offered by Lingoda. As users can use the app to learn the finest of them.
  2. Different level language learning helps in chronological learning which helps it in becoming a better platform.
  3. The 24×7 customer support assists in managing any kind of mess being faced from any corner of the world.
  4. The class size is kept small to keep it capable of giving out a perfect learning environment.
  5. Different pricing plans are available according to students’ needs whether they wish to learn with class or one-on-one basis.
  6. Free trial helps in understanding the functioning of the platform without involving money.

👎 Cons

  1. Less number of languages are offered by Lingoda which makes work tough for students. As they rarely get the language which they may desire to learn.
  2. Lingoda is comparatively expensive. As it asks for dollars in three digits which is not affordable by all.
  3. App doesn’t have much of an experience in the industry of e-learning.

Conclusion – Final Say

Lingoda is one of the finest platforms for learning new languages. The vision behind Lingoda has supported it in going in the right direction. All of the features construct best out for students seeking perfection in e-learning. 😘

Lingoda pronunes academic excellence like no one else with certified staff on board to deal with students and develop the highest level of brilliance.

For sure some of the flaws can be spotted but Lingoda still is top-tier in terms of quality in the education sector. With different models it shakes the market and mends it for perfection.

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