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Domestika Vs Udemy: Which Online Learning Platform Is Best?


When you’re searching for online courses to gain knowledge by sitting at home or from anywhere then there is a huge list of platforms to learn many courses of different arts and technology etc.. to make you learn anything you want in a very convenient way of learning.

Udemy platform

Online studies are very popular nowadays before covid there were only a few platforms who used to provide online learning but during this pandemic, plenty of platforms was launched by many companies to provide courses to those who were interested in learning. 😊

When all learning institutions were closed because of lockdown then online learning platforms were the only option to reconstruct the schedule of colleges and schools.

Domestika Review

Domestika and Udemy are online learning platforms that provide video courses for different arts and studies to enhance the skill of students in that particular subject which leads to a positive impact on the professional life of that certain student.

What is Domestika?

What is Domestika (2)

Learning is a process that enhances the personality of an individual. Learning can be done in different ways and the recent most popular way is online education. Reliability can only be generated when the platform of learning is efficient enough.

Domestika is one such platform that offers numerous courses at affordable prices all around the globe. Domestika has a huge bank of courses and is capable enough to satisfy students’ cravings for curiosity. Domestika is a powerful platform and is clearly dominant in the domain of e-learning.

What is Udemy?

What is Udemy

Udemy is another name for brilliance in terms of education distribution via online medium. With an ocean full of courses in the rates of an affordable penny being spent gives an edge to Udemy over other users.

Udemy has become the top choice of users since its first market appearance in 2010. The wide range it offers from basic to advanced learning helps in putting Udemy on the top-spot whenever we mention platforms of e-learning.

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Why is this Comparison Important?

After the covid pandemic, there are a huge number of online learning platforms launched by different companies. These online learning platforms are competing with each other on a large scale to prove themselves best. In this competition, it’s very hard and confusing for students to choose the best for themselves.

Domestika and Udemy both are great competitors and both have a very good place in the market Domestika and Udemy both work the same so it’s a very difficult concept for students two find one best out of two. 😇

This comparison will tell you everything about both of these platforms so that you can choose the best for you according to your demands.

Plus points of Domestika

Customer Support

Customer Support

Domestika provides very strong customer support which helps customers to solve their problems immediately. This is very interesting and a big plus point for Domestika to get a unique place in the race of online learning platforms.

Domestika has a great technical team which helps in getting better and also provides great customer support. Domestika and its technical support is a very big reason for its popularity and good customer experience. This enables the app to gain a name among users.


Domestika provides very affordable prices on courses. Domestika is a budget-friendly learning platform that enables you to learn about many things at an affordable price of 299 per course.

Domestika provides more than 30000+ courses which enable students to choose a very suitable and accurate course for them by trying. After the covid pandemic, everyone is seeking a budget-friendly plan to learn the best knowledge via any course.

Affordable Courses

Many options available

Domestika has more than 30k courses in many different subjects. Domestika provides a larger number of courses to users who want to learn any specific thing, Domestika provides plenty of courses in quite small amounts which can be sold to anyone who’s interested in learning from the best. 😍


Domestika is a very popular platform for online learning and is very famous for its community and great work. Multiple options are available to find the most accurate course according to your demand.

No time boundation

Domestika doesn’t bind you to any time limit or anything. Domestika enables you to study on your own schedule by learning the course of your choice. Domestika gives you lifetime access to purchased courses which enables everyone to learn from anywhere and anytime. Domestika is so good at its work.

Minus points of Domestika

Language issues

Domestika Languages

Language is a weak point of Domestika. At Domestika many courses are available only in Spanish while the maximum number of people who learn from Domestika are from English.

Domestika is a very big platform with many incredible points and learning methods with attractive offers and discounts on courses but many courses are available only in Spanish which is a big minus point for Domestika.

Features not available on app

Within this, there’s one more negative point of Domestika. These all features are not available on the app. In Domestika some features that should be on an app are only available on the website and not on the app which is quite inconvenient for users to have access to every feature via the Domestika app. 😉


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Pros and Cons of Domestika

👍 Pros

  • Pricing is very affordable and attractive.
  • Lifetime access to purchased courses enables you to learn about many things.
  • The video quality of courses is very high which enables you to watch them properly.

👎 Cons

  • Many courses are available only in Spanish.
  • All features are not available on the app.

Plus points of Udemy


Udemy provides affordable pricing of courses which enables you to learn for such a low amount of money with lots of knowledge and top-class instructors. Udemy has a starting price of $11.99 which is affordable and good for that much knowledge.

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Provides Free Courses

Free Coursees

Udemy also provides free courses which is a plus point too. Udemy has 600 free courses from word press to fitness. Udemy allows you to learn free via some no-cost courses.

Udemy is a very popular and well-established company that provides video courses and some of those are free so that those who can’t pay will learn without any charge or anything. 😚

30 Day refund policy

Udemy 30 Days Refund Policy

Udeme also provides a 30 days refund policy, Udemy allows you to get your fee within 30 days if you didn’t like it or have any other problem. Udemy is a very big company and provides many attractive offers every day but this 30 days offer is a game-changer for everyone.

Lifetime access to purchased users

Udemy Lifetime Access To Purchased User

Udemy also provides lifetime access to purchased courses you can learn from anywhere at any time. It allows you to learn at your own speed without any disturbance and stress from the syllabus. You can learn anything without any disturbance via Udemy.

Provides Certificates

Udemy also provides certificates for every completed course. This certificate will be very useful for your CV to make it more attractive.

These were the pros and cons of Udemy and Domestika. Both are very good at their sides and have great offers and facilities for those who are interested in learning more and more.


Minus points of Udemy

No Certificate provided

Udemy does not provide you with the official certificate. Udemy generates its own certificate for students who do courses from Udemy.

Control on Courses

Udemy has quality control on courses. Udemy runs quality checks on courses but somewhere it’s too much and some good stuff can’t be reached.


Pros and Cons of Udemy

👍 Pros

  • The affordable pricing of courses enables you to learn at a low price.
  • ere at any time.
  • Free 600 courses which enable you to learn without paying anything.
  • Udemy also provides a 30 days refund policy.

👎 Cons

  • No official certificate was provided.
  • Extra quality check on courses.

Which Platform Is Worth To Join?

We came to result that Udemy is the best platform to join and it’s 100% worthy to join.

Udemy provides very affordable prices and very interesting offers on pricing and all of which attract many students to learn.

Otherwise, Both platforms are very informative and relatable to new users. Courses available on these courses are being taught by specialists in that particular subject which provides a great opportunity to learn about the subject a student chose.

Domestika and Udemy both are good at their work without any second thought. Domestika and Udemy are online learning platforms that were founded in 2010 and till now they are the best online learning platforms.

Domestika and Udemy have many things in common but also have some things indifferent. Udemy and Domestika provide a very powerful experience to the users because of their technical background and all.

Domestika Customer reviews

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Conclusion – Final Words

There are hundreds of online learning platforms available on the internet but it’s too different to choose the best out of a hundred. In this comparison, we got to know everything about Udemy and Domestika.

Udemy and Domestika both are one of the best online learning platforms which provide a great opportunity to learn many things. Both platforms have many attractive offers and prices which provide a great time. 😇

Customer Support

These 2 are so accurate and best at their work and have many options for the future. Domestika and Udemy sell courses on the internet which are conducted by experts on the subject.

Online learning is a very popular culture nowadays. People choose online learning over offline nowadays because of the convenience of time, money, etc.

Udemy platform customer review

Online learning is a very affordable type of learning in which your course will be conducted by specialists in the subject and the pricing is also affordable, via online learning you can learn from home, you didn’t have to go according to your schedule online learning leads to proper guidance of someone who is successful in his career.

Domestika and Udemy both are very amazing knowledge apps who enable to learn via video courses for different subjects and by specialists of that particular subject in a very affordable range. The whole details of both platforms are written above, choose according to your opinion.

FAQs 🤔

What are Domestika and Udemy?

Domestika and Udemy both are online learning platforms that sell video courses for different subjects.

Which platform is better between Domestika and Udemy?

The whole detailed description of both platforms is written above choosing better for you according to your demand should be your choice and decision.

What are the starting prices of courses at Domestika and Udemy?

Starting price of courses at Domestika is $10/course and the starting price of courses at Udemy is also $10/course.

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