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Coursera vs Udacity: Which Online Learning Platform Is Best?


There are many online education platforms where we can learn a wide range of topics and skills that helps to achieve the goals.

Luckily in this digital world, we can learn anything that we want at our fingertips but the main problem is here, which is the right online education platform that meets our specific needs.

Coursera vs Udacity

Today, we bought you two popular online learning platforms Coursera vs Udacity that offers different programs and courses for everyone. If you are eager to learn a new skill, then have a look into these platforms as they offer a great variety of courses and all you need to do is just pick the right one that you are interested in. 

✔️ What is Coursera? Learn Without Limits

What is Coursera?

If you’re likely to transform your career into next level, then Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms available with different professional courses. The best part of Coursera is it provides world class learning experience to the students as it collaborates with more than 200 top-ranked universities and leading companies across the globe. 

You will gain subject knowledge as well as job-relevant skills with Coursera, and because of its teachings, it is now popular with 35+ million users, over 2500 courses, more than 150 university partnerships, and full degree programs. 

Gain Latest Skills with Experts 

Find path to success with Coursera

Coursera has come up with different specializations and courses in various subjects such as computer science, humanities, and many more. The instructors or trainers at Coursera are the experts of top-ranked universities who have in-depth knowledge on each topic of the subject. To gain practical knowledge it tests the students with quizzes and assessments regularly.

Learn Job-Ready Career Skills 

With Coursera, you’re just not only learn the subject but also prepare for the skills that are required for the job. In Coursera, there are the courses like Clod Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. 

Earn a Degree 

The instructors at Coursera are from the top-ranked universities and leading companies of different fields such as Business, Computer Science, and many more. It is easy for you to understand and learn the courses from those experts and earn a degree.

Upskill your Organization

The Coursera education platform is for not only students who want to begin their career but also for organization employees that can train them with various skilled programs. With this platform, you can upskill your organization employees with development and training programs. 

😛 Pros and Cons of Coursera


  • It is having professional and specilization courses
  • Flexible timetables are its specialty
  • Offers great features
  • Easy to use
  • Courses are helpful for governments and NGOs
  • Award with certifications and Degree
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Instructors are from leading companies and top-ranked universities
  • Coursera guides you to accelerate your future with skilled programs
  • Provides job relevant skilled programs
  • World class learning facilities
  • Free trial is available
  • Free courses are available



  • Some Coursera courses are a little bit expensive
  • For beginners, it is absolutely difficult to learn
  • Waiting periods are the major drawback
  • Price of some courses are not clear

✔️ What is Udacity? Latest Digital Skills

What is Udacity

If you’re planning the right path for your future career by learning the latest skills that are required for the job then Udacity is for you. Yes, it is one of the online learning platforms where it offers different courses that help and prepare you for job ready. In this platform, the experts will teach you in-depth knowledge of the course topics in the most effective way for your future career.

For individuals, Udacity will easily transform their career, for enterprise, it transforms the business, and for government, it has the capability to transform the workforce. If you’re serious about your career and looking for the real results the Udacity is here for you as it comes up with some critical factors that boost your career or business. 

Get Real Employable Skills 

Udacity Critical Factors

The Curriculum of Udacity is designed by top-tier industry partners, and so you can gain knowledge in academics as well as learn the skills that companies are required. 

Project-based, Active Learning 

You’re going to learn the subject with real-time projects and also you can gain mastery with the real skills as it conducts hands-on exercises or assessments to test your knowledge. 

Learn on Schedule 

Learning the course at Udacity is easy as it allows you to study at your own pace whenever and wherever you want. You can graduate with Udacity by learning a course or program part-time as it takes 10 hours/week. 

The Help you Need, When you Need it

If you have any queries regarding your subject or anything related to the course, you can reach out to the mentors of Udacity. They will immediately provide the answers for you and so it is easy to understand and learn quickly.  

😛 Pros and Cons of Udacity


  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 support by the mentors
  • Get job relevant skills
  • Regular schedules of assessments
  • Allows to study Part-time
  • Real-time projects
  • Cirrculum is perfect
  • Self-paced learning
  • Quality Instructors
  • High qulaity courses
  • Provides Nanodegrees
  • Flexible courses
  • Honest and real feedback
  • More specilized in technical fields



  • Nanodegree program is pretty expensive
  • Limitations in terms of subjects
  • Unproven credentials
  • Lack of community
  • Some material is outdated
  • Always technology related topics are updating

🤗 Learning Technology of Coursera vs Udacity

Coursera vs Udacity, both has different learning technologies and now we’re going to compare these two platforms how it helps the learners to study during the entire program. 



You’re going to experience world class training program at Coursera as the instructors are from the leading companies and top-ranked universities. The main focus of Coursera is it provides online-training based on the student flexibility, convenience, and give training according to the job relevancy.  

World Class Learning 

The experts at Coursera are more than 200 members who are from top-ranked universities and leading companies across the world and so you can learn the course with a great knowledge. Now, it’s your turn to achieve the goals by start laerning from these experts and fulfill your dreams. 


In Coursera there are hundreds of courses that are absolutely available for free of cost, and so you can explore different courses on differnet fields. At the same time, the paid courses are also available and start learning the paid courses by going with a free trial period. The high-quality cirrculum courses at Coursera are avaialble at low price with flexible scheduling and gain a reward i.e., University Degree. 


The courses or programs at Coursera are available in the form video lectures, and so you have to pick the course that you’re interested in and start learning on any device at any time and anywhere. You have various options to select the course from hands on projects, free and paid courses, stackable credentials, and certificate programs. 

Job Relevant

With Coursera, you’re going to build both professional and personal skills by learning comprehensive skills and essential career skills with applied learning. So, Coursera is a great online learning platform to start learning and achieving the goals with ease.  

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What Udacity offers?

If you start learning with the Udacity platform, then it provides a wide range of services and support to the learners in order to get excellent results from job search to job success. 

Get Noticed 

When you learnt any course at Udacity and submit your resume at different job portal sites like Linked In, GitHub, then there are many chances for actionable feedback from the companies. This is because the courses at Udacity offered and designed according to the job relevancy and when you train hard there are many chances to recruit you.  

Leverage your Network 

Leverage your network - Udacity

Increase the network by connecting fellow students and alumni, and Udacity is exceptional in providing great training to the students by interacting with them 24/7 to clarify their queries all the time. 

Land the Job

If you’ve got the skills with Udacity, then its time to get the job and it helps you to optimize your job application materials. So from this, your resume will get noticed and stand out from other applicants. 

The students of Udacity who enrolls the Udacity Nanodegree course will have a huge benefits like it gives access to various career services such as covder letter review, GitHub review, Resume reviews, and Linked In Reviews. It means Udacity provides complete resume optimization tips. 

😇 How Coursera and Udacity Works?

Coursera vs Udacity, both online learning platforms having instructors and experts of top-ranked universities and leading companies, and they teach every detail of subject topics with ease for students, organizations, and other categories too. 


Coursera online learning platform is not only suitable for students but also works for Businesses, Government, and Campus. Let’s get into the detail of how this online platform will works and benefits all the categories. 

Coursera for Business 

Coursera for Business

You can create a great impact for your business with Coursera online learning platform as it provides an excellent world-class training facaility for all types of categories to learn and adopt the subject with ease.

Today, most organizations use Coursera to train their employees as this platform delivers the goals by building extraordinary skills and also build a data-driven digital fluent workforce. At the same time, it teaches them how to invest money in technology and how to utilize it according to the requirements for your organization. 

Companies are use Coursera for businesses because it has the capability to create an high impact on skill development for all the teams. And it also gives access to explore content developed by leading companies and universities.

Coursera for Campus 


Coursera gives access to more than 4200 courses, and when you start learning with this platform you can transform your University with ease as it provides job relevant skills for all the students, staff, and faculty. Along with top courses, you’ll get over 1000 guided projects, and more than 100 skillsets from top companies and universities. 

Transform your university with Coursera
  • Coursera provides standalone courses in one core curriculum as a credit or as an honors credit. 
  • It enables supplementary content that is scheduled to the curriculum by the experts. 
  • With multi-disciplinary courses at Coursera, it delivers stronger outcomes to the students as a dream job. 
  • It will increase the student learning capacity without increasing the cost of the infrastructure.
  • With a stronger global reputation, attract the new students to join the courses and programs that you offer. 

Coursera is an online learning platform to learn skills according to the job relevancy. 

  • Deliver word-class learning online – The experts of top companies and leading universities will engage the students with powerful content and certifications online, offline, and on mobile or desktop. 
  • Build Credit eligible courses – To create credit eligible courses at Coursera, you have to leverage custom assessments, quizzes, and academic integrity tools. 
  • Author your own content at ease – To create hands-on projects, courses, tailored assessments at Coursera, you have to use private authoring capabilities. 
  • Provide hands-on learning with guided projects – Coursera offers more than 450 step by step guided projects because to help the students to learn all job relevant skills quickly and implement them in work place. 
  • Enable students to learn anywhere, anytime – The students and learners of Coursera can take the courses and programs on the go as it works with apps on Android and iOS devices. All the courses and programs at Coursera are said to be downlaoded and so you can access those videos offline also. 
  • Benefit from an enterprise grade platform – You can deliver and manage learning programs by scaling with this Coursera platform. 

Coursera for Government


Coursera will transform your workspace with development skills by connecting the citizens and employees to the experts of world-class learning platforms who are from leading companies and top-ranked universities.

Today, Coursera has reached the citizens of more than 100 countries worldwide with the help of the workforce recovery initiative it helps them by giving training in all the job relevancy skills and apply them in their work place. 


Like Coursera, Udacity is another online learning platform that is also suitable to learn the courses for not only students but also for enterprises, government, and schools. 

Udacity for Enterprise 

Udacity for Enterprise

With Udacity, transform the workforce according to your requirement of the workforce that you want as the technology is disrupting the enterprises no matter the industry is.

Be sure, that you have the right people to manage all the challenges faced by the business. Udacity will help to upskill your workforce and so when you learn the right tech skills then the growth of your organization will rise in the future. 

The programs at Udacity will find the skill gaps of the organizations that are facing problems in core and so it emerged the technologies like Cybersecurity, Data Science, and many more. So, you’re going to learn all these things which are designed by technology experts who have hands-on project experience. 

Udacity for Government 

Udacity for Government

When you invest in your workforce then you’re going to achieve your nation to transform into digitally and Udacity is the bridge to fill the gaps between the people and the technical skills. For the workplace development, Udacity is the powerful catalyst as the programs at Udacity are designed and tailored to the specific goals. 

🤔 What Coursera vs Udacity Offers us?

Today, students are upgrading their skills through the online learning platforms and Coursera vs Udacity make a mark in boosting their career by teaching different skills according to job relevancy. Let’s see the programs offered by these platforms. 



If you want to advance your career in different areas, then Coursera is the best pick and in this platform you’re going to explore various courses and programs. Select a course that you want to learn and start gainaing knowledge. 

Top Online Courses 

From beginner friendly to advanced learning skills, you can find every course at Coursera such as from introduction on cloud computing to programming languages, and many more are available. 

Top Online Specializations 

If you want to specialize in a particular subject like Python, Graphic Design, Data Science, and many more are avaialble.  

Online Certificates 

Big Data Certificate, Google Cloud Architecture, and many more courses are available in this category to learn. 

Online Degree Programs 

computer science degrees, Business degrees, and many more are available in Coursera. 

Master’s Degree 

The Master’s Degree at Coursera will create a great path for the students for their careers in many fields. So, for you, it is easy to transform your career with Coursera as it offers different online courses and programs to explore and learn in order to build your career in a successful path. 

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree at Coursera is available at affordable prices and so it is easy learn a new skill because the instructors or trainers available are from top-ranked universities and leading companies. 


Udacity Nanodegree Programs

Udacity offers various courses and programs to learn and let’s see what it offers to students to select and learn. 

NanoDegree Programs 

The NanoDegree Programs is a combination of hands-on projects and lessons that are designed by industry experts and it is very useful for technology practitioners. The curriculum of Udacity will help the students to prepare and use it in a professional setting.

The course materials at Udacity have partnerships with top companies in the world such as Amazon, IBM, Accenture, Uber ATG, BMW, GitHub, and many more. The Udacity Nanodegree programs are mainly focused on-demand core and emerging technologies like Application, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Development, and Programming. 

Free Courses

Some of the courses at Udacity are also available and at the same time, it offers a discount sitewide and get started to learn a course at Udacity. 

💜 Testimonials of Coursera and Udacity 

The students and many other organizations are gained skills through different courses offered by Coursera and Udacity, and they are given some reviews and shared their overall experience while learning the course or program and also share that how the experts help the students to learn the courses with ease. 




Udacity Testimonials

🎁 Pricing Plans of Coursera vs Udacity 



Coursera offers some free courses to the learners and other course prices are completely dependent on the program.

For business, the pricing plan is $319/year and it is for one user as this plan is perfect for start-ups and small size businesses. If you’re not satisfied with this plan, you’ll get your money back within 14 days. For larger organizations, go with the Enterprise plan, and for pricing the contact the vendor. 


Java Developer4 Months$1436
AI Product Manager 2 Months$718
Senior Fusion Engineer4 Months$1436
Data Visualization4 Months$1436
Cloud Developer 4 Months$1436
Cloud DevOps Engineer4 Months$1436
Programming for Data Science with R3 Months$1077
Introduction to Machine Learning3 Months$1077
Marketing Analytics3 Months$1077
Data Engineer5 Months$1795
Data Structures and Algorithms 4 Months$1436
C++ Engineer4 Months$1436
Business Analytics3 Months$1077
Artificial Intelligence for Trading 6 Months$2154
Programming for Data Science for Python3 Months$1077
Blockchain Developer4 Months$1436
Deep Reinforcement Learning4 Months$1436
Data Scientist 4 Months$1436
Natural Language Processing3 Months$1077
Computer Vision3 Months$1077
AI Programming with Python3 Months$1077
Flying Cars and Autonomous Flight4 Months$1436
Intro to Self-Driving Cars4 Months$1436
Data Analyst4 Months$1436
React4 Months$1436
Intro to Programming4 Months$1436
Robotics software Engineer 4 Months$1436
Digital Marketing3 Months$1077
Deep Learning 4 Months$1436
Artificial Intelligence3 Months$1077
Self Driving Car Engineer6 Months$2154
Predictive Analytics of Business3 Months$1077
Android Basics3 Months$1077
Machine Learning Engineer3 Months$1077
Front-End Developer4 Months$1436
Full Stack Web Developer4 Months$1436
Android Developer6 Months$2154
iOS Developer6 Months$2154
UX Designer 2 Months$718
Data Streaming3 Months$1077

🔥 Final Conclusion on Coursera vs Udacity

Udacity vs Coursera both are popular online learning platforms that offer various courses to students, the government, businesses, and if you’re looking for the best pick, then it completely depends on your requirement of the course that you want to learn.

Select Coursera if:

  • You’re serious on professional training like Business Degrees
  • Offers 7 days free trial period
  • Offers 14-day money back policy after purchasing any plan 
  • For large business, you can proceed with a free demo
  • offers high-quality courses from partner institutions

Select Udacity if:

  • You’re looking for beginner to advanced courses 
  • Provides certification after exam 
  • Offers specialized courses 
  • Offers Non-degree courses
  • 30 days free trial period

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

👊 What is the difference between Coursera and Udacity?

Udacity more targets vocational training courses and programs that are expensive and Coursera has university lectures which are affordable.

👍 Does the certificates provided by Coursera vs Udacity are officially recognized?

Yes, the certifications issued by these two online learning platforms are valuable and recognized.

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