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Wix Online Website Builder Review 2024: Should You Buy?


Want to build a beautiful website for your online business but do not know how to code?

No problems, Wix online Website Builder is one of the best in its category, you can craft your ideas into reality and take your newly made website to heights with the help of Wix!

You can look up the samples of websites made using Wix website builder and other previous clients who have crafted their websites using the platform.

wix website builder review

You can see that the websites are beautiful with the perfect blend of professional looks too. It is amazing and surprising if you look at the example sites because you cannot tell the difference between the sites created by professionals and the websites created using Wix, they are professional, elegant and beautiful, just the way you want them.

What is Wix?

Wix gives you industry specific tools and the benefit of such tools is that you can create more professional looking websites on any niche you want.

You can use these tools which are beneficial and made to deliver ease to photographers, designers, restaurant & hospitality related websites, musicians or small businesses and your work becomes more simplified if you use these tools while building your website.

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This feature is exclusive and no other potential competitor of Wix online website builder can give this feature built in so you know which one is being more professional and user friendly.

Why Wix?

Wix is most probably the best option for a do it yourself – website – building category you will find because it has one of the best costumer care system.

Moreover, the tools and widgets on their website building platform are updated on a regular basis, so if you do not have a specific feature on Wix which can help you build your website than no need to worry because it is more than likely that it will be added soon to your tools because Wix listens to their customer’s requests and demands.

The designs they feature are also up to date, you do not even have to as much as touch the codes itself, instead you can just drag and drop the features and you can easily like 1- page parallax designs, insert background videos, create different background sections and much more and you do not have to necessarily learn coding for this, just make use of the drag and drop feature and that is almost it!

WIX Website Templates Free Website Templates

Other online website builders can not even come close to the customer satisfaction Wix provides that is the level of professional website designs you can make on Wix without even knowing anything about codes is just marvelous.

Coding was thought to be the most crucial and in my opinion a very boring part to learn when you do not want to but Wix has eliminated its need and you can build the websites having the perfect blend of professionalism which comfort the eyes at the same time.

Wix is all about updating its tools and user experience to provide you with latest and most advanced tools to make your work of building beautiful and more professional looking websites easier.

Here are the pros of using Wix Website Builder

WIX Free Website Builder Create a Free Website Review
  1. No Coding Knowledge Required Whatsoever

If you look at the dashboard you can see that navigation is so easy. You can easily access all the aspects of your website.

For instance, look at the dashboard of this online store website I tried to make with Wix Website Builder. You can easily click on edit site to continue to editing your site. The following editor opens:

You can then begin editing the site. Till now you did not need to use any code and will not need it any further too. The pages and themes are all designed to suit the look and feel of your business. You can customize it using the numerous tools available on the page.

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  1. Simple One-click functions

You can easily access all the elements of the page and make changes in them. This screenshot shows the various tools expanded which will give you an idea of what you can do.

For instance, you can open pages and then add or remove them. You can edit them one at a time.

  • You can see and change almost all design aspects.
  • You can add design elements like text and images.
  • You can insert entire galleries into your pages.

You can then check the technical settings too, like SEO and also access vital site stats like traffic.

Wix Website Builder

wix website editor
  1. Innumerable customization options

As seen above the site can be customized in the simplest ways.

  1. Incredibly smooth and fast

As the entire framework is cloud-based, you get speedier operations. Every function runs faster and smoother.

This is not the case with many paid providers like GoDaddy and Ipage whose cPanels often hang. Personally I like this one better.

  1. Easy backup and publishing

You can backup your site and publish it at the click of a button.

  1. Easy transfer to domain

Right in the dashboard there is an option of easy shortcuts from where you can connect your own personal domain to your website. This makes making your website more personally branded.

  1. Support and Feedback

You can ask for feedback on your designs and these guys will guide you through the design process.

They also have this video about how to use the Wix website builder to its full potential.

Once you start using the builder you will love it. So stop thinking about learning to code and get your website done yourself now!!


wix pricing plans

Is Wix a Credible Product?

The number of its happy customers can affirm the success of any online business. If it is continuously growing then you know that it is more than likely that the business is credible, and you can compare it with other online website builders and see where Wix stands when compared to its competitors.

If we talk about the people who have selected Wix to build their website, we can see that Wix has over 77 million registered users and about 45,000 users are joining the online website building platform every day.

Amongst these users, Wix website builder has over 1.77 million paying subscribers who are using the premium services by paying subscription fee and if you ask us then we would say the stats speak for themselves, it is not one of the best online website building platform for no reason.

Final Verdict

Thank you for reading and choose the website building platform for your new website wisely because the looks and how your website performs, all depends on your decision.

You can always look up to other options and compare the pros and cons of the other online website building platforms with Wix and make your decision.

Feel free to leave your views on Wix online website builder, whether you liked it or not and any questions regarding it, we will try to reach you as soon as soon as possible, and good luck with your new website!

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