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Advantages of Using WixStores: The Online Store Builder from

Ecommerce has presented huge opportunities for experts and craftsmen to get out their offering to the whole world. The difficult part though is to create a personal online store as it usually involves a lot of technical know-how and coding knowledge.

Earlier web development used to be a very tough task. If you needed a website then you would have to find professional developers who had the technical know-how and knew coding and programming. Those days are long past though:

WixStores allows you to create perfect online stores at the click of a button

You can design a wonderful online store using its Website builder and even add them to already existing sites which you own.

WixStores is a 3rd party web development platform which allows you to create online stores based on HTML5 templates and framework. It has pre-designed layouts and themes which make your work easy. It also provides you with design tools and packages which allow you to customize your website in more ways than possible.

You can easily manage your inventory, add coupons, product collections (create and publish collections) and what not. The payment methods are many and you can choose what suits you best.

The awesome part is that WixStores doesn’t earn on your sales. You can upgrade to premium plans and also take benefits of advanced and quick website solutions.

Advantages of Using WixStores The Online Store Builder from Wix

You can make a website in minutes if you want. All you need is to have the basic knowledge of computers and the internet. There are numerous tools in the market but in my personal opinion there is one which stands out.

I am talking about the WixStores Website Builder

Choose Template on Wix Website Builder

I have tried numerous tools for website development across my career as a digital marketer. Many hosting and domain providers have their own website builders. WixStores comes from the developers of and can be thought of as their product extension. is a cloud-based web development platform based on the freemium model of revenue. This means that it does not charge you for your free website. You can design one, publish it and even earn through it without giving a penny to the guys at Wix.

As your site progresses you will need to upgrade and that is chargeable.

I believe it is great model as it provides a fair chance to all online enthusiasts to realise their dreams. What I particularly like about the entire Wix ensemble is its website builder. It has many advantages. In this post here, I will discuss only seven.

Before going to that, I personally recommend the Wix web development platform to you if you are looking to create a website and are short on funds. You can do a great deal with it.

Here are the pros of using the WixStore Website Builder

Choose Template on Wix Website Builder

  1. No Coding Knowledge Required Whatsoever

If you look at the dashboard in the image you can see that navigation is so easy. You can easily access all the aspects of your website.

For instance look at the dashboard of this online store website I tried to make with Wix Website Builder. You can easily click on edit site to continue to editing your site. The following editor opens:

You can then begin editing the site. Till now you did not need to use any code and will not need it any further too. The pages and themes are all designed to suit the look and feel of your business. You can customize it using the numerous tools available on the page.

  1. Simple One-click functions

You can easily access all the elements of the page and make changes in them. This screenshot shows the various tools expanded which will give you an idea of what you can do.

For instance, you can open pages and then add or remove them. You can edit them one at a time.

  • You can see and change almost all design aspects.
  • You can add design elements like text and images.
  • You can insert entire galleries into your pages.

You can then check the technical settings too like SEO and also access vital site stats like traffic.

Everything is at the touch of a button with the Wix website builder 

Wix Web SIte Builder Editing Dashboard

  1. Innumerable customization options

wix website builder

As seen above the site can be customized in the simplest ways.

  1. Incredibly smooth and fast

As the entire framework is cloud-based, you get speedier operations. Every function runs faster and smoother.

This is not the case with many paid providers like GoDaddy and Ipage whose cPanels often hang. Personally I like this one better.

  1. Easy backup and publishing

Use can backup you site and publish it at the click of a button.

  1. Easy transfer to domain

Right in the dashboard there is an option of easy shortcuts from where you can connect your own personal domain to your website. This makes making your website more personally branded.

  1. Support and Feedback

You can ask for feedback on your designs and these guys will guide you through the design process.

    8. Price

Pricing Information  Coupons and Premium Upgrades   WIX

They also have this video about how to use the Wix website builder to its full potential. Once you start using the builder you will love it. So stop thinking about learning to code and get your website done yourself now!!

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