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VIPKid Review: Is It The Best Place To Teach English Online?


The world deserves all of the talents to be shared. The more we share the more we contribute to the betterment of society.

Language excellence is one such skill that is required by many as it decorates the professional domain. English is one such language that has global value. 😘

Introduction to Vipkid

It is accepted in almost every part of the world as a way of communication. Teaching English isn’t easy work as English is a tough and complicated language.

But many have developed a grip over its complications. These are the teachers of language who should share their knowledge and caliber with students via powerful platforms such as “VIPKid.” Let’s learn what specialties VIPKid holds and why teachers should consider it.

What is VIPKid

About Vipkid

VIPKid is a teaching platform and education company that connects teachers to students. This helps teachers give their energy in the right place and get the deserved price for their work. It was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in China.

It is a private platform constructed by Cindy Mi, Jessie Chen, and Victor Zhang. It has been a hub of teaching for tons of teachers connecting from different corners of the world. With its structure, it helps in delivering the best of English language learning to students with perfect staff on board.

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Is VIPKid Reliable Platform?


In the market, for more than 9 years VIPKid is totally reliable. It provides the best education to students and a platform for teachers to teach.

It has been ranked number 1 in terms of online English language learning. Recognition by Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Business insider, and The Economist says a lot about its reliability.

VIPKid has global recognition which makes it legit and helps it become the top pick of both teachers and students when it comes to the English language.

What To Be Expected From VIPKid?

What can be expected from vipkid

VIPKid is capable enough to serve better to all kinds of expectations from a private education company. VIPKid has different features which make work easier for students. The structure of the platform also assists teachers in making good earnings and has a good environment for teaching. 😉

Also, acceptance by the world means a lot about the fulfillment of expectations from the platform. All of the features decorate it with a remarkable experience and serve the high expectations of users connected to VIPKid for English language teaching and learning worldwide.

Is There Any Controversy About VIPKid?


Yes, controversy can be considered about the VIPKid platform. As has been mentioned VIPKid is founded in China and has its headquarters there too.

The issues related to Taiwan have always been concerning China. The same happened when an American teacher discussed issues related to Taiwan with students.

This ended up being the reason behind the teacher being fired from the platform. This can be one such controversy related to the VIPKid platform. Other factors have been fulfilling and remarkable if this can be justified by the VIPKid platform which is highly accepted by the world.

What Are The Features For Teachers On VIPKid?

VIPKid facilitates the working for teachers with a combination of several features. These features help in betterment of the experience. Some of these features are as follows-

Short classes

Say goodbye to those hour long classes which tease the lives of students as well as teachers. Now teachers on VIPKid platform can go for 25 minute classes which are short and easily understandable.

Hours and locations

Teachers are tagged as drivers of the platform. They can choose any time for the service as it is in their domain when they wish to teach. Also no minimum hour requirements helps in removing the burden of forced schedules.


Payments fundamentals

Everyone deserves to be paid the right amount in return for their services. VIPKid understands this very well and pays every teacher according to their calibre.

This is an essential factor in choosing VIPKid as the platform for sharing your learning as a teacher. The pay is around $14-$22 for an hour which is quite impressive.

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What Are The Requirements For Teachers?

To get hired by VIPKid some requirements have to be fulfilled. These requirements are eligibility criteria for teachers. Some of the requirements are as follows-



Minimum of two years of experience is required in order to get hired by VIPKid. Experience is counted in tutoring, coaching or institutional teaching. This is important to keep the check so that students get the best teaching delivered. 😇



A BA degree spanning 4 years is required in any subject from a recognized university. This promises that the hired teachers are educated and are capable of teaching students.

Work Authorization

The work authorization from the U.S or Canada is required in order to get hired by VIPKid. This is a basic legal requirement by VIPKid for hiring.

Basic technical requirements

Technical requirements

As the platform serves online the teachers must have reliable technology such as personal devices except chromebook, system rather than chrome OS and Linux, wifi network and VIPKid app.

What Are The Features For Students On VIPKid?

Students are the ones who learn from the platform. This is the reason it has been decorated with numerous features. Some of its features for students are as follows-


Experience counts a lot while picking up a platform for classes. This is the reason VIPKid is the favourite pick of students. VIPKid has delivered more than 200 million classes which shows its efforts done for a decade.

Top rated

English language learning is the new synonym of VIPKid. It has been rated the top most used app for English language learning by numerous sites. So no more confusion in order to choose the best English learning platform as VIPKid is the only choice.



Students don’t have to worry about the quality of teachers. As all of the teachers pass the eligibility criteria in order to get hired which promises the quality education to all of the users. 😍


VIPKid is used and trusted by more than 1 million parents. This denotes the reliability it has earned in order to be ranked best english language learning platform.

What Are The Benefits Of Using VIPKid?

VIPKid offers several benefits which makes it helpful for everyone connected to the platform. Some of its major benefits are as follows-


It is highly reliable as it has been in the market for more than a decade and is one of the highest rated learning platforms. The recognition from top portals too denotes its reliability.

Good pay and flexibility

Good pay and flexibility

A teacher only wishes to be paid according to their service and have time for maintaining their schedule. This is the reason VIPKid is being the best for teachers as it pays best to teachers with freedom to decide when they wish to teach.


The platform is tagged highly innovative as it makes the job easier for students and teachers with its structure and features. 

Easy hiring

The requirements of getting hired by VIPKid aren’t so many; this makes the process easier. As the process becomes easier it becomes a top choice of many to share their services with.

Short lessons

Lessons of around 25 minutes can be shared with students. This removes major longevity of classes which becomes quite boring and less engaging.

These were several benefits offered by VIPKid to teachers and students.

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How To Register For VIPKid As A Teacher?

How to register for Vipkid

To teach in VIPKid one has to create a teacher account by adding up required information on the official website. 😚

After this, the option of uploading a demo video will appear by uploading your video and asked documents to prove eligibility the contract with VIPKid can be signed. The process is easier and one can have desired contract in the shortest span of time.

Pros and Cons of VIPKid

👍 Pros

  1. It offers a good pay structure to teachers.
  2. Classes aren’t so long and are more engaging.
  3. Innovative Techniques are used to make it more exciting.
  4. Flexible timetable is one of the core features of VIPKid.
  5. It is internationally recognized by forbes amd many other platforms.
  6. 1 on 1 classes are available.
  7. Minimum requirements are there for getting hired by VIPKid.
  8. It is rated the top most English language learning platform.

👎 Cons

  1. Some feedback is highly negative.
  2. Taxes has to be paid by teachers.
  3. Platform shows technical issues.
  4. Language barrier is one such difficulty faced by users.


Conclusion by Vipkid

VIPKid is surely a platform where anyone can learn and teach english. It is the destination of teachers with minimum eligibility to deliver their talent to the world. 😊

Being recognized by many top portals it became reliable and stood firm for more than a decade. Except for the controversy some cons too are negative points about the platform. Still it is one of the most used platforms worldwide and deserves a try by anyone belonging to the same domain.

So if you are fluent in English and makes up to the requirements then go for teaching on VIPKid and in case you wish to learn then too VIPKid is the go to destination.

FAQs 🤔

Does VIPKid pay well?

Yes, VIPKid is one of the most paying platforms for teachers. It pays $14-$22 for service of an hour which is comparatively highly impressive.

What domain does VIPKid belong to?

VIPKid belongs to the educational domain and delivers language learning online.

Where is VIPKid’s headquarters situated?

VIPKid’s headquarters are situated in China as it was founded in the same region.

Which language is taught on VIPKid?

English language learning is offered to all of the students by VIPKid.

What are the minimum requirements of being a teacher on VIPKid?

The teacher has to be trained with at least 2 years of teaching experience with a bachelor degree of 4 years in any field. Also the work permit from the USA or Canada is required.

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