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Wyzant Review 2024: Is It The Best Private Tutor Platform?


Sharing your knowledge is the work of God and to do this effectively one has to be on the right platform.

A platform that is capable of offering a place suitable to both students and tutors in order to promise quality education services.

Introduction to Wyzant

Wyzant is such a place where it helps tutors and students to find the match. With its several features, it allows them to avail the benefits of the platform. 😚

Let us know more about Wyzant and how well it is structured in order to become the top choice of users worldwide.

What is Wyzant?

About Wyzant

Wyzant is an ed-tech company that provides the space for tutors and students to get the service done. It was founded in 2005 with a fund raised by family and friends of its co-founder Andrew Geant and Mike Weishuhn.

It is a private company with headquarters being situated in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Wyzant has 80 full-time employees and 76,000 tutors providing tutorship to users.

It has a base of more than 300 courses to be offered. It is one of the most favorite platforms of users nowadays with its several features and benefits it offers.

Pricing Plan Of Wyzant

Pricing plan and Earning

Wyzant has tutors on board and it depends on them to decide the charges. Though the charges can’t be sky-touching as then for sure not many students will enroll for it.

The average cost being witnessed is $30 to $60. From it, around 40% is retained by Wyzant for providing the platform and a minimum of 60% is given to tutors. The payment had to be made for an hour.

It is quite affordable as the teachers are of high standards and deliver quality education to all of the users. This is all that the pricing and earning mechanism are for students and teachers.

Expectations from Wyzant

Expectations from Wyzant

Wyzant is the finest platform which has such an easy hiring process for teachers and also impressive earnings. It offers more than 300 courses promising variety to students. They can expect 1uality teaching from Wyzant which is impressive and accessible. 😊

Wyzant allows easy registration methods and offers worldwide reach to students. The urge of getting the perfect platform can be fulfilled by using Wyzant. Also, the commission charges are 40% which are justified by the platform and pay worth to every tutor serving on it. 

Registration As Tutor

Registered as a Tutor

To become a tutor on Wyzant the tutors have to fill out an application on the official website of Wyzant. It allows only those tutors who reside in the United States. They have to fill the subject which they wish to teach. After that, they will get a rundown on building relationships with students.

To complete the profile they must fill in the identity proofs. After completion, they should sign the agreement and start teaching on Wyzant. The process is easy and isn’t messy in terms of technicalities with easy eligibility criteria. To enroll at Wyzant and have the best teaching experience.

Registration As Student

Registration as student

Students have to visit the website of Wyzant in order to register themself as students on the platform. Details have to be entered regarding the course desired and the price range with some other requirements such as mode of teaching.

This way students can register by creating a student profile on Wyzant and have access to the hub of teaching where quality education is delivered. So enrol fast and make learning fun with an easy registration on Wyzant.

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Benefits of Wyzant

Benefits of Wyzant

Wyzant has several benefits generated out of its features which makes the work easier for users. Its major benefits for teachers and students are as follows-

Better pay

Wyzant offers payments of around $30 to $60 to teachers. By cutting down the commission of 40% for an hour it allows 60% of earnings to tutors only. 😘

Wyzant is all about assisting tutors to earn their full potential. So it’s on your caliber totally how well you are going to earn as Wyzant will surely be providing you with a ton of opportunities to boost the profile.

Easy enrollment and registration

The process of enrollment is easy for both teachers and students. As it happens numerous times, the enrollment process remains a bit chaotic and messy.

But with easy eligibility criteria and smooth assistance from the website. It works as a major benefit for all of the tutors. The students too don’t have to face the mess as Wyzant is easy to use and simple login facilities are available.



Wyzant has been one of the most reliable platforms available in the market with well-structured features that impress the users.

Being well recognized by the world’s top portals has gained trust over the years. As tutors and students, both can connect to it easily and not feel worried about any kind of scams and all. 

Quality teaching

Quality teaching

Quality teaching is offered to all of the users. The teachers are well qualified and students don’t need to doubt their caliber. Wyzant also focuses on making teachers understand about building up good relationships with students.

This shows up the efforts made by the platform to get excellence delivered.  These are the benefits offered by Wyzant to all of the users connected to Wyzant, one of the best ed-tech companies available in the market. 

Features of Wyzant

Features of Wyzant

Wyzant has several features which help in developing an upper hand for the platform. Some of its core features are as follows-



All of the tutors enrolled for teaching on the platform are high in caliber and offer quality teaching. Also, the students get the chance of picking from a variety as more than 76,000 teachers are available on Wyzant. 😉

So pick with your own requirements and never let boredom or lack of technique hamper your growth. The tutors offer education only after learning the core methods which melts down the wall between them and the students.

As all of them were taught well by Wyzant and the team to make sure that the quality of education never gets compromised.

Variety of course

Variety of course

The platform’s promising variety never gets off demand and this technique is well learned by Wyzant. It offers more than 300 courses and different subjects.

So any type of subject you are now thinking of would surely be available for learning on this platform. Students mostly get access to all subjects at somewhat the same rates as rates depend on teachers and they usually ask for the same amount. 

Live Teaching

Live teaching is available for all on Wyzant as 1:1 classes are delivered. These personalized classes help in focusing more on an individual’s progress.

As they help in understanding the barriers and struggles they might be facing. Live teaching also helps in deciding on personalized curriculam more easily.

In group classrooms, some end up ignoring the problems which are not faced by the whole class and are limited to individuals but in 1:1 classes everything gets the space that bothers the students. So Wyzant can be accessed in order to try hands-on life and one on one classroom experience.


Wyzant Whiteboard

Wyzant makes whiteboards available for tutors for sure these whiteboards are online. They can be used in order to visualize the context while teaching. The whiteboard data can be saved from one class to another. In case students want to access the information as an aid in further lessons.

This helps in getting an experience that enriches learning. As visualization of context is highly important in order to make concepts clear. Whiteboards give magnificent classroom vibes and make Wyzant learning more special and easy to learn.

Recording lessons

Lessons can also be recorded for a period of 30 days. As the learner may find it difficult to keep track of all of the data themselves. This is the reason Wyzant allows the recording of lessons for the next 30 days.

So in case, anyone wishes to revisit the classes they can simply go to their student’s profile and experience all of the lessons as many times they want.

Through this students gets flexibility and can do revisions more effectively than ever before. So visit the lessons library and gets notes constructed to ace your learning game with Wyzant.

Bilingual teachers

Many teachers connected to the platforms  As users may need to learn in another language than English. So tutors are able to help them in understanding and learn better even if English isn’t their comfort language. 😇

Pros and Cons of Wyzant

👍 Pros

  1. It is an easy place for earning as a tutor because it offers good pricing.
  2. It is affordable to all the students.
  3. It offers a wide variety of courses taking the count to 300+.
  4. Many bilingual teachers are available on the platform.
  5. The app is serving worldwide.
  6. It is highly reliable and recognized globally.
  7. It serves whiteboard benefits to users.
  8. More than 76,000 tutors are available on the platform.
  9. Lessons can be kept recorded for 30 days.

👎 Cons

  1. Only teachers from the United States can enroll.
  2. Tutors have specialists that cost more.


Wyzant makes teaching easier and more fun. It helps in making the work of students and teachers more beneficial with all of its features.

Wyzant with its features makes the learning process well and helps students learn better and teachers earn better. 😍

Conclusion of Wyzant

By offering variety and ease Wyzant stands firm in the market. It makes its place stand strong by adding up more excellence with each passing day. And yes it got some flaws which will surely get sorted.

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FAQs 🤔

Tutors from anywhere in the world can deal with Wyzant?

No, only tutors who reside in the US can apply for teaching with Wyzant.

What is the basic pay offered on Wyzant?

Basic pay on average is $30 to $50 per hour.

How much commission is charged by Wyzant?

40% of the fees being charged by the tutor are taken by the platform and the rest of it goes to the tutor.

Do international students enroll for learning?

Yes, but they will access only online classes by Wyzant.

Can lessons be kept recorded?

Yes, students can visit their lessons library where lessons get recorded for 30 days.

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