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CodeMonkey Review 2024: Does It Help Kids To Learn Coding?


Online learning platforms are just not only for college students but also for kids.

CodeMonkey Kids Learning Games

Today, There are many platforms for kids to learn coding just like playing games.

Among those, CodeMonkey got a huge fan base as it is one of the best online platforms to learn coding.

For more, check out the CodeMonkey review to know what is the reason to pick this platform for the kids to learn coding

Codemonkey Review

The approach of CodeMonkey is quite impressive as it will be like our own online kid’s coding platform and it works especially like the school environment.

๐Ÿ˜ What is CodeMonkey? Complete Review

CodeMonkey is one of the leading online learning platforms, specially designed for kids to learn coding. With the help of its award-winning courses, many students across the world learn coding in a real programming language.

Learn Coding For Kids

Any kid can easily learn to code, as it offers an enjoyable and engaging curriculum for schools, campuses, and also it provides self-paced online courses to learn coding at your own pace.

Coming to the statistics of CodeMonkey, it is one of the award-winning coding solution platforms as once the student starts solving the coding challenges will never stop.

Till now, 50M+ levels solved, 10M+ kids are trained, and 75K+ educators are empowered.

CodeMonkey is awarded as the best computer coding education solution by EDTECH BREAKTHROUGH in 2018, the best computational thinking solution by SIIA CODIE in 2019, best educational online/ digital program for kids by Whatson4kids in 2019, and skill development company of the year by EDTECH Review in 2020. 

๐Ÿ‘Š Why CodeMonkey? Is It Good For Kids

Why Codemonkey

Without any prior experience, kids will learn to code in no time as the learning process is completely filled with fun and game-based environment. After the completion of course, kids will achieve the programming skills with a great confidence in this competitive world.

Managing like as a Classroom 

The CodeMonkeyโ€™s dashboard allows the instructors to manage the students effortlessly, as it is equipped with curriculum management, automatic grading facility, and student solutions. From this, it is easy to conduct the coding lessons in engaging activities like teaching and playing mode. 

Development in Professional Way 

If you’re new to starting the course or want to teach the advanced courses, then CodeMonkey will provide MOOC courses, free tutorials, webinars. Even the full-time PDF staff are there to guide in every step that makes to understand easily. 

Align’s to Today’s Standards

CodeMonkey platform will always provide content with high standards according to today’s programming world. The students at CodeMonkey are just not only develop coding skills, but also ready to face online challenges, with computational thinking, logic, and reasoning skills. 

โ™ฅ๏ธ Do Kids Love To Learn At CodeMonkey?

Why love kids love learning with Codemonkey

CodeMonkey provides courses for the students based on different experience levels and grades, so everyone will be able to learn from coding basics to real programming languages.

With this platform, kids will learn & develop the necessary skills with fun and it will help for their future endeavors. Overall, it teaches the courses to the kids that are intuitive, gamified, and fun. 

All Courses are Ready to Go

The basics of computer science at CodeMonkey will be taught by anyone in the support team with the help of CodeMonkey’s teacher kit. 

Courses are in Real Coding Languages

The students at CodeMonkey will learn the program as a real developer because the instructors will teach the courses as text-based coding. 

Game-Based Learning Environment

The students will learn coding at CodeMonkey in an engaging & rewarding environment by utilizing some of the gaming elements too. 

One can gain algorithm thinking, computational thinking, problem solving skills, 21st-century skills, and lots of creativity to face any challenge in the future. 

๐Ÿค— Review Of CodeMonkey Courses 

Review on Codemonkey Courses

CodeMonkey courses provide educational resources that are suitable for all experience levels and different grades. The curriculum at CodeMonkey is fun and intuitive, so that any kid can easily learn coding in this platform in no time. 

The different courses that are available in CodeMonkey are Block-based coding, text-based coding, and advanced coding & creation.

Block-Based Coding

In Block-Based Coding, we have CodeMonkey Junior and Beaver Achiever, let’s know in detail about those courses. 

CodeMonkey Junior

For youngest learners, CodeMonkey Junior is apt with the length of the course is less than a semester and in this, the kids are going to learn the basics of coding with different gaming challenges. With the help of blocks, kids will create a set of visual coding and by following the instructions, they will lead the monkey to a treasure chest. 

Beaver Achiever 

To learn the essential coding skills, Beaver Achiever is there as this is for young students of first & second grades. The coding blocks will be used by the students to help the beaver to complete the different tasks in a friendly habitat and the length of the course is less than one semester. 

Text-Based Coding 

Text-based coding - Codemonkey

The Text-Based Coding at CodeMonkey, which is provided on both DoDo Does Math and Coding Adventure.

DoDo Does Math 

In this, there are highly engaging challenges for the kids, and they will practice math in a memorable way by coding in CoffeeScript. The students have to go through each challenge, by using real-world coding and maths skills, to help the dodo to get her eggs. This dodo maths is for 2-4 grade students and the course length is one semester. 

Coding Adventure 

The students of 3-5 grades are going to learn coding in CoffeeScript, as it is the game-based environment learning procedure where the kids have to help the monkey to catch bananas. This course is easy with the length of three semesters. 

Advanced Coding & Creation

After the completion of coding courses, the students will be able to navigate to the programming world with a bit of confidence in accomplishing the overall course. Let’s go to what is in Advanced coding & creation

Game Builder 

The students after completion of all game design courses will step into the next stage that is the game creation process. It is all about picking the background to program the rules of the game and the length of the course is one semester. The Game Builder course is for the students of sixth to eighth grade. 

Banana Tales 

Banana Tales - Codemonkey

Another comprehensive course in front of you is Banana Tales, where the students will learn Python by moving the banana towards the baby monkey.

In this process, the students have to clear all the paths and at the same time overcome the obstacles that come all the way. The length of the course is one and half semester and this course is for 6-8 grades. 

Coding ChatBots

Coding Chatbots is perfect for the older students as it is a project-based solution with an easy interface that helps the students to read & understand the instructions quickly, and will enter into real-world programming.

The students will learn Python in coding chatbots, and the chatbot elements will help to learn the real program skills as well as the real chatbot is to host the popular game. The length is one semester and the students of 6-8 grades will learn this course. 

๐Ÿ”ฅ Hour of Code at CodeMonkey 

Hour of Code - Codemonkey

With CodeMonkey’s free hour of code games, teach coding and the students will learn the basics of computer science in a fun way. Hour of code is nothing but an international movement where the millions of students across the world will represent their goal that anyone can learn to code.

The free hour of code activities are CodeMonkey Junior, Beaver Achiever, Space Adventure, DODO Does Math, coding adventure, banana tales, game builder, mon lander, and trivia chatbot. 

Working of Hour of Code 

The Hour of Code works in just four simple steps. 

Step 1: Pick the course that is perfect for you according to the experience and class level. 

Step 2: Review the CodeMonkey course’s teacher notes by giving priority to the class. 

Step 3: Be sure whether your operating system is connected to the strong internet connection or not. 

Step 4: Start coding, after completion of the course get the Hour of Code certification. 

๐Ÿ˜‡ Summer Camp 

Summer Camp - Codemonkey

CodeMonkey offers some coding activities for summer camp, and for kick-starting the camp there are some of the award-winning courses to learn. The courses teach text-based coding for the students, and they learn to code as real developers. 

The summer camp package of CodeMonkey will teach the programming language in a fun and enjoyable way. It does not offer any prior experience in learning coding at CodeMonkey, and it provides a unique and exciting opportunity to get succeed with the essential skills.ย 

  • One can learn real coding
  • Create challenges in coding 
  • Learn how to build games 
  • Practice math along with code

In the summer camp, get four courses along with the activities that are included are more than 270, and everyone will get a classroom dashboard & lesson plans. Without any prior experience, you’ll find the solutions to all the challenges in coding.  

Without any Prior Experience 

CodeMonkey comes with full-guided lesson plans, so without any prior experience, the instructors will teach the topics in Computer Science. For all the lesson plans, it provides complete video tutorials for the students to learn at their own pace. 

Monitor the Progress of Kids Regularly

The instructor from their dashboard can watch the progress of the kids and from this, they can save a lot of time and effort.

In the dashboard, it gives the complete details on how far the students are performed on the course they selected. The automatic grading system in CodeMonkey will provide how the kids are assessing the course, and it will save more time. 

Text-Based Coding 

Without the usage of software, life is so difficult and it is even hard to imagine, so the text-based coding at CodeMonkey is the fundamental part of learning to code and will prepare more than ever before. 

  • CodeMonkey is just not only teaches courses, how to solve problems but also helps in nurturing skills, creativity, logic, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. As all these skills are very helpful in future to them in both personal life as well as professional life. 
  • Today, text-based coding is a more preferable one, and most software products use this computer language across the world. 

Virtual Camps & Remote Learning Classes

Students can learn coding at their own pace, throughout the game they’ll get help in the form of hints & tips from the instructor. All they have to follow the instructions in the learning process remotely.

On the other side, teachers at CodeMonkey will track the kid’s progress regularly on their dashboard and review the different student’s performance to give feedback. 

๐Ÿ˜˜ CodeMonkey Going Bananas 

Codemonkey Going Bananas

CodeMonkey going bananas is a fun and fast-paced board game, that creates attention on the essence of coding & its thinking is in both funny and challenging ways. The game is completely loaded with monkeys, wits, bananas, and little tricks where the kids will enjoy learning code with ease. 

CodeMonkey and Typo team joined together to create a board game that captures the essence of coding in both a fun and challenging manner that builds physical presence & social pleasure while playing the board game.

The main agenda of the game is to control their monkey in the jungle by collecting the bananas to become the belly satisfied monkey in the jungle. It is a fast-paced game in programming, and your monkey needs all the movements, actions all depend on creating the best coding combos as it is all about luck too.

The game contains:

  • Basic coding for the kids/students
  • Comes with the witty modular design 
  • Has multi levels 
  • Has cool 3D design gameplay
  • It is a fast-paced programming game
  • Variable complexity
  • 2-4 players
  • 20 minutes
  • Ages 7+ are eligible

All About Typo Games

Typo games, which believe in innovation and develop strategy games as they are easily caught your attention while keeping captivated and intrigued. Typo games are from a board games publisher, which makes the game both easy to learn as well as easily approachable. 

โœ”๏ธCodeMonkey for Educators 

CodeMonkey is for all, here is the list how this platform is helpful for people across the world.


Codemoneky for Teachers

The teachers do not require any coding skills to teach coding to the students at CodeMonkey as the games are come up with detailed explanations in the form of video tutorials.

For teachers, there is a dashboard to look into the student’s progress regularly to provide feedback. The teachers can discover fun teaching with 21st-century skills, computational thinking, programming, and many more. 


Parents can help your kids to learn code as it offers home plans, all you need to do is just pick and plan and proceed to learn the award-winning courses. In this platform, your kids are not only going to learn, how to code but also trained with different skills that are required for their future.

Mainly kids nurture multi-step thinking, critical-thinking, analytical-thinking, problem-solving skills, etc. The coding concepts at CodeMonkey are statements & arguments, objects, loops, variables, arrays, functions, and conditions. 


The teacher ambassador at CodeMonkey is like an advocate to share the experiences of teaching coding for young learners. 

  • Exclusive access to the CodeMonkey community 
  • First test the products of CodeMonkey 
  • Chance to get first feedback to the team 
  • Exclusive swag as CodeMonkey ambassador

๐ŸŽReview on Pricing Plans of CodeMonkey 

The pricing plans are divided into Teacher plans and Parent plans. 

Teacher Plans

Teacher Plans - Codemonkey

In this, we have school and district custom plans, you have to request a demo to get the pricing details. 


  • Unlimited accounts for teacher 
  • Customized course selection process 
  • Tracks and Records Students progress 
  • Develeop skills in a professional way 
  • Customized Rollout options
  • Standards Alignment 
  • Personal Manager for Accounting


All features available in School including 

  • Various campuses 
  • Discount in a bulk

Parents Plan (Home Plans)

Home Plans - Codemonkey

The individual plan starts $6/month

  • One Child Account
  • One Parent Account
  • Progress Tracking Report
  • Online Support

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The family plan starts at $12/month

  • Three Child Accounts
  • One Parent Account
  • Progress Tracking
  • Online Support

Home school plan starts at $20/month 

  • Five Students
  • Two Teacher Accounts
  • Classroom Dashboard
  • Lesson Plans
  • Solutions for All Exercises
  • Online Support

All plans include 

  • Block-based coding courses 
  • Text-based coding courses 
  • Python courses 
  • Game creation courses 
  • Game Builder 
  • Challenge Builder 
  • Hour of code courses 
  • Future releases

๐Ÿคก Parents & Teachers Review on CodeMonkey 

The Parents of the students and some of the teachers provided their reviews about CodeMonkey, they shared their complete learning journey of coding.

The best part is the engagement level of teaching at CodeMonkey helps them to learn in the easiest way.

Check out the reviews here mentioned in the below picture:

Codemonkey Testimonials
Parent Review - Codemonkey

๐Ÿ˜‚Pros & Cons Of CodeMonkey 


  • Ease of use
  • Free Trial is available
  • Engaging learning
  • Affordable cost
  • No need of prior experience
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Video tutorials
  • Track progress
  • Classroom dashboard
  • Lesson plans
  • Hour of code
  • Automatic grading
  • Fun and enjoyable environment
  • Improvement in skills
  • No download required
  • Teachers can learn alongside kids



  • Courses perfect for only kids
  • No live lessons
  • Requires technical support
  • No access for new model devices

๐Ÿ’ฅ Do We Recommend CodeMonkey?

Yes, CodeMonkey is an online learning platform that teaches coding especially for kids in joy and engaging ways. Kids ages more than seven are perfect to learn coding without any hassle as it provides teaching in an engaging way.

Any kid can learn the course at their own pace at any time and anywhere. 

Kids will just not only learn coding at CodeMonkey, but they’re also able to learn the skills that are helpful in the future. The teachers will track the student’s progress, to define to improve the areas which they’re lack.

After completion of the course, they’ll navigate into the programming world with great confidence and accomplish the coding skills in learning with the help of this platform. 

๐Ÿค Frequently Asked Questions

๐Ÿคž Does CodeMonkey offer any free trial period?

Yes, CodeMonkey offers a free trial period, and anyone can utilize this period without providing the credit card details.

๐Ÿค— Does CodeMonkey requires to download or install to use?

No, it does not require to download or install as it is a complete web-based platform.

๐Ÿ‘Š Is it possible to teach lessons without any experience at CodeMonkey?

Of course, anyone can teach the lessons without any prior experience and purchase the teachers plan to get the curriculum and explanations that are required.

๐Ÿ”ฅ How many languages does CodeMonkey available?

CodeMonkey is available in 20 languages and it is working on more translations at the same time if you didn’t find your language, then simply contact the team to get support.

๐Ÿ˜‡ CodeMonkey is designed for whom?

CodeMonkey is for all ages and it provides a curriculum for K-8 grades. Without any prior experience in coding can also learn at CodeMonkey.

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