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Udimi Review 2024: Is It A Legit Solo Ads Platform?


Udimi is a platform for buying and selling solo ads with elite email lists. There are plenty of sellers present over Udimi across the world who provide clicks at different prices and sellers are available from different niches so that the buyers have plenty of options.

Udimi Review

If anyone wants to post a health niche ad, then they can find sellers specializing in that. Every new seller has to undergo a 3 stage ID check- passport scan, phone verification, and webcam scan. This assures that they have the ‘real deals’ and there is no one providing bot-based traffic.

There is no need to provide the sellers anything apart from the website, the platform even customizes solo ad text on their own.

Udimi provides the seller data and statistics based on how many sales they have made in the past years and what is their niche based. Prices are present on a PPC basis and it is pretty affordable. There are some more different and unique things present on this platform. Want to find more about it? Check it out below in our Udimi review.

Udimi Platform Review- A Brief Introduction

Udimi is a kind of platform where various buyers and sellers can come together and trade for solo ads. The sellers have elite email lists where these advertisements can perform well and bring a good conversion rate.

A buyer has an option to find out the sellers based on ranking and filter out what’s best for them. It works for affiliate and digital marketers as well, making it an all-in-one platform for many people. They operate on a ‘blind rating system’, which means that a user can be confident that the scores are accurate and honest. It maximizes the rate of interest for a buyer and makes sure they get effective results for their investment.

The sellers offer opt-in lists that are updated on a regular basis to reach recipients who are familiar with the senders. These people are already engaged with their content, so there are great chances they would also click on the specific advertisement, bringing more conversion rate. Let’s take a look at the features now.

How Does Udimi Work?

Udimi has a filter bar that features its entire working. Without operating that particular bar, nothing can be ‘specifically’ searched. Here are the specific filters:

  • Udimi Pricing options:

Udimi Pricing Options

Udimi has pricing options from 40 cents to 95 cents based on the seller’s choice. As per your budget, you can filter the seller & review its rating & price in the Udimi pricing option. Not everyone wants to spend too much, hence rather than wasting time by looking at each and every profile, the buyer can filter with this option.

  • Niche:

Udimi Niches

A buyer can identify their niche on the basis of this filter and save their time that usually goes into finding every seller’s specialized filter. This filter makes it possible to identify on the basis of niche and search for their options.

  • Seller rating:

Udimi Seller Ratings

There is the option of seller rating present on the platform, to filter out the rating in order to find out the better seller for their type. However, the best ranking sellers might be slightly expensive, and to figure that out, the pricing can also be set simultaneously in the filter option.

  • Got sales:

Got sales feature

This filter brings out the best output from the sellers. A buyer can find out how many sales the seller has made in the past few months and figure out how many sales or conversions a buyer needs in their advertisements.

  • Sorting filter:

Udimi Sorting Filters

With the Udimi sorting filter option, A person can filter out the options & review them based on sales, pricing, and ratings which makes it an even better task to find out the best for the solo ads. It is a great option to make it even easier to bring out the sellers in a shorter span of time.

  • Seller located in:

Udimi Seller Marketplaces

Udimi location filter is available to review & figure out the sellers present all across the globe in order to attain email lists from different marketplaces. For eg., if a buyer from Canada wants to find out a seller in the United States, then they can do so.

  • Start within:

Udimi Traffic span filter

The start within feature figures out the span a buyer can receive the traffic in or get the email lists set up in the funnel. If someone wants to make it asap, then they can search out an urgent providing seller with the help of this filter.

  • Main traffic source:

Udimi Traffic source

The buyers can find out the traffic source country for their better convenience. This filter is different from the seller location since this is mainly the traffic area to target the right audience.

  • Seller languages:

Udimi seller language

The filter figures out the language sellers use, in case a buyer isn’t fluent in one specific language such as English. This is a great filter since anyone regardless of knowing English can access the platform.

Features of Udimi

Udimi features

1. Various sellers present with email lists

There are various sellers present on Udimi with great elite email lists and can provide fair conversion rates on the landing page. Any buyer can come and identify sellers based on their niche, pricing packages, sales, etc. A person can also fix the number of visitors they require according to them with the help of a bar.

2. Provides seller data

The platform provides data about every seller and it includes everything from their specializations to the number of sales they’ve made in recent times. With this, a buyer can decide whether they wish to go with the selected one or not. The Udimi data is 100% accurate and genuine to review & figure out things.

3. No need to provide anything

There is no need to provide anything to the sellers, all the buyer needs to do is make the payment for the number of visitors. The ad text is also provided by Udimi only and the placement and sending it to the target audience is done by the seller. This is a great thing as the user can stay tension-free and focus their time on something else.

4. Deals based on different pricing

Who said it’s necessary to spend a lot on advertisements? Udimi provides flexible pricing options on a PPC basis and the buyer can decide based on their budget, requirements, and niche.

The prices range anywhere between 40 cents to 95 cents per click. This is a great thing since not many people can afford expensive advertisements, and this resolves the entire budget issue.

5. Got sales: Seller Database

There is a filter named ‘Got Sales’ where there are different percentiles present. A buyer can estimate the seller’s capacity by putting in the percentage such as ‘30%’ and identify their reach. If someone wants some extremely high reach or specific low reach, then they can identify it with the help of this feature.

6. Order traffic and use it

The ordered traffic can then be put into the private funnel present for the business on any platform. Udimi lets a person find out the traffic that they have specifically received from the platform. That traffic can be added to the sales funnel to expand their business reach and attain good profits.

Want to build your own sales funnel? Check Kajabi review & get free trial.

7. Filters best sellers

The Udimi platform review & filters out the best sellers based on their ranking on Udimi and on the basis of niche. They also display the prices provided by the top sellers and how well are they doing on the platform.

If the seller’s ranking is good, then it would provide a cream clientele to the buyer and a good conversion rate from their email list.

8. Specialized sellers

There are thousands of sellers based on the platform, and each of them has their own specialization. Almost everyone has mentioned in their description such as “I specialize in Win iPhone ads” or anything like that.

Although there are specific niches present to specify the users with. The niches are marketing, finance, health, mobile, social, and crypto.

9. Orders

In Udimi Orders, A person can see & review their purchases and sales in the bar present on the left side of the screen. Check all or specific orders at any time of the day. There are cells present to track the bought, sold, and all orders together. It also provides traffic delivery statistics for better clarity and information.

10. Ad texts

The buyer never needs to worry about ad texts since Udimi does that for them. If they want to stay tension free, then this is the right thing for them since the biggest task is already simplified by the platform. All they need to do is just provide the URL and the rest will be taken care of.

11. Money

The platform keeps a total record of the money and provides detailed data about the same. The option can be found on the extreme left bar present on the page and has three cells for the same, namely ‘all’, ‘plus’, and ‘minus’. It also shows data on the basis of Earned and Returned from solos.

12. Friends

There is an option to add the desired buyers or sellers in the following list present on the platform. It’ll be a great way to connect with everyone and maintain terms with them for a longer duration.

There are cells present namely ‘My Friends’, ‘I follow’, and ‘Following me’. There is also a setting cell present where the user can set their criteria on the basis of who can send them the friend request.

13. Landing Pages

A buyer can build a landing page by hiring page-building sellers for a better user experience. The option is available in the left corner under the name ‘My Landers’. It provides a quick overview of the site, statistics, subscribers, allows to rename the site, edit the site, or rename the site. It helps in designing the landing page and the last page, a.k.a the ‘Thank you’ page of the website.

14. Optin Tracking

Udimi provides tracking pixels from which a buyer can track & review Optins and Sale received. This will help the buyer to identify which solos are effective & performing well. Once it is identified then it will help to reduce the cost by not buying unprofitable traffic & increase in income because of buying only effective traffic from the sellers

Udimi provides data without including the other traffic arriving apart from the platform and helps a person analyze the centric data for better knowledge. This option is present under the ‘Settings’ bar available on the left side.

15. Affiliate Program

There is an option to earn in some other way apart from solo ads on this platform. Udimi has an Affiliate Program present for its current buyers and sellers where they can earn a five percent commission by promoting the product to other people who might be interested to join it. There are three programs that go by the name ‘General’, ‘Recommended’, and ‘Prime Subscription’.

Features Review of Udimi Prime

Udimi Prime

1. Provides membership site

With Udimi prime, the platform’s user can access their microsite designer which will help them to create their own custom landing pages, adding text, images, and formatting. They’ll be also able to view the web stats report that’ll give up-to-date analytics on their page, and will also receive free hosting for as long as they’re a prime member.

2. Click Filter Upgrade

This filter is very different and is based on the platform’s experience of over 6 years in this industry and analysis of millions of data points. With this membership, a person gets advanced filtering on all their solos apart from just the base filtering. The platform’s upgraded click filter uses advanced technology to remove the useless or bot interfaced visits to save more money and provide a better conversion rate.

3. Let’s make more money with affiliate program

The program pays 15 percent of every order referred through the person, but the number goes up to 25 percent if someone joins as a prime member. If someone promoting is also a prime member, then Udimi provides them a commission of a whopping 50 percent. The number is huge and this is how a person can make more money by being a part of the program.

4. Discounts

When prime members post a rating, they are twice likely to win a discount or an offer. If someone is a Prime member, then the platform automatically applies the available discount on the next purchase they’re going to make. The member doesn’t even have to worry about adding it manually.

5. Email Validator

Udimi knows that it takes a lot of time in creating the perfect campaign, and hence provides the buyer with the option of using the email validator. This verifies the lists and makes sure that the traffic helps in bringing better ROI. It separates low-quality addresses from high-quality contacts that actually come to use. This will improve campaign performance, drive segmentation decisions, and maintain high deliverability.

6. Access to profile view stats

It lets the user review the stats of the Udimi profile, and how many times have they visited. This will help both buyers and sellers on how to boost and improve their profile on Udimi to get more sales and convert more visitors to potential buyers.

7. Enhanced support

It is obvious that the prime members have some better facilities, and one of them is the enhanced support. The prime member gets better support, fast-tracking of support tickets, and it takes lesser time in resolving the entire issue. The person can also see when the manager is online in order to converse with them. The members also get early bird access to all the new features a month before they’re provided to the standard users.

8. Historical Data with detailed statistics

Standard accounts only have the option of attaining historical data that is only a few months old, whereas, on the other hand, Udimi prime members are provided access to review the data for lifetime throughout their membership.

Review of Udimi Extras

Udimi Extras

1. Ad text writers

There are Ad Text writers present who are killing it with amazing advertisements written by them. These advertisements are made keeping the user in mind and hence as a result, the outcome is also pretty great.

2. Custom Landing Pages

There are expert designers present who create proven and high-convertible landing pages tailored to their offers. This a great thing since a buyer doesn’t have to spend too much time on the other things.

3. Freebies

The things that usually come at a good amount of money may be provided as a gift that the user would receive for free after buying or selling the solo ads.

Udimi for Buyers and Sellers

Udimi For BuyersUdimi For Sellers
An extensive platform with options from different prices to rankings.Sellers who specialize in providing solo ads can join it and use their email list to sell.
It doesn’t require any extreme registration and purchasing is easy.It requires a three-step registration and the traffic provided by the sellers should be highly qualitative.
Very affordable since it costs barely 40 cents to 95 cents per click.Generates great profits with efficient sales of traffic according to the desired price between 40 to 95 cents.
Various niches to opt from in order to find the right seller.Various niches present to sell in and a seller can also specify their specific genre for better results in terms of sellers.

Udimi Pricing

Standard buyers: 40-95 cents per click.

Premium Plan: $30.00/Month

Pros and Cons

Check out the pros and cons before you finally go for it:


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Great features for both standard and prime.
  • Very affordable for buyers.
  • Generates profits in bulk for sellers.
  • Customer support present.


  • A little fewer options for the sellers.

Pros in Detail

Easy to use interface:

The Udimi platform is very easy to use and doesn’t require any skill to operate. Anyone can operate it, even a beginner can use it without any issues.

Great features for both standard and prime:

The platform provides great features for both standard and prime, making it a good platform for people belonging to both kinds of budgets.

Very affordable for buyers:

The platform is very affordable for buyers since they can buy a click for somewhere just between 40 cents to 95 cents and get high-quality traffic which can convert into leads & customers.

Generates profits in bulk for sellers:

As sellers tend to buy multiple visitors together, the sellers can generate a good amount of profits. They also have the option to set the pricing on their own anywhere from between 40 to 95 cents.

Customer support present:

There is customer support present to help out users throughout the day. Anyone can just contact them and they will give their level best to resolve it as soon as possible.

Cons in Detail

A little fewer options for the sellers:

There are a little fewer options present over here for sellers, it mainly provides all the great benefits to buyers, but yet it is a great platform for profit maximization.

Testimonials and Appreciation

Although there are no still testimonials present in the text, there are certain video testimonials from various buyers and sellers. They tell how being a seller has got them so many orders and how well are they earning.

Whereas on the other hand, the buyers say that they are able to get high-quality email list visitors at such affordable prices. The filters have helped them filter out the sellers of their kind and connect with them for affordable clicks. A person said he generated 1000 clicks and now he has added them to his private funnel and is earning very well with it. There are several people explaining how Udimi has helped in a thousand ways.

Final Verdict – Totally Recommended

Amidst today’s times when advertisements are essentially required to boost a product’s sales, Udimi brings the best of the email lists to the people willing to generate traffic on their landing page. Udimi is a great platform to go for when it comes to promote with solo ads.

The extra benefits such as landing pages and ad text writing are also pretty great since it practically saves a lot of time and money. It has sellers present from each and every niche which makes it even better to use. The platform also creates a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers by providing affordable prices to buyers and bulk sales to sellers. Overall, it is a great platform and one must totally go for it.


Is Udimi value for money?

Yes, Udimi is a great and unique platform to trade in solo ads. It is very affordable for buyers and provides bulk sales to the sellers at the same time.

How is prime different from standard?

Prime is very facilitating and has extensive customer support. The newly launched features are available at prime first and then the standard users get it. There is also access to their microsite webpage builder and get more commissions with affiliate programs.

Is Udimi good for sellers?

Yes, at first it may seem like they are getting a low PPC price, but usually, buyers over here buy traffic from them in bulk, leaving a good profit for sellers.

How does the affiliate program work?

There are 3 levels of commission alongside three programs. The general one provides 15%, the referral to prime provides 25% and a prime user himself promoting gets 50%.

What are the extra benefits for joining Udimi?

A person gets a landing page and thank you page custom made by the platform. On the other hand, the buyer doesn’t need to write ad texts and they also receive some freebies with their orders!

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