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Tom Morello MasterClass Review: Is This Guitar Class Worthy?


A MasterClass is a class of a particular discipline that is given by any specialist or professional of that discipline.

Many people start MasterClass to solve problems and to dispense knowledge about that thing in which they are a specialist.

Tom Morello MasterClass Review

Same like that Tom Morello who is a 2 times Grammy winner American singer musician and songwriter started his MasterClass to help those who are interested in music and vocals. Tom has a god gifted art of creating good music and a creative voice which leads his fans to a different side of craziness.

Under the brilliance of Tom, you’ll get to learn much informative stuff about music and control your vocals and instruments by practicing daily with a perfectly structured practice chart which will be taught by your instructor via this MasterClass.

Who is Tom Morello?

Tom Morello is an American singer, musician, performer, and songwriter who’s also known for his rock music and acoustic solo acts. Tom is a very talented, popular, and creative artist who gained a very impressive fan base with his hard work. 😇

Who is Tom Morello

Tom was born on 30th May 1964 in New York and raised in Libertyville, Illinois he was also a student of Harvard University and did his BA(Bachelor of Arts) from Harward. Tom is so good at creating vocals and music with controlling pedals.

He’s a very good musician as well as a rock singer He’s also known as a “night watchman”. Tom also earned grammy awards 2 times which testifies his successful career. Tom is the king of his way.

Lessons By Tom Morello


In this lesson, you’ll get a session of introduction about Tom and his journey.

Developing your creative voice

Develop Your Voice

Tom will teach you to develop your voice as a musician so that it’ll go right with music.


Powerful Riffs are the main ingredient of Tom’s success. He will teach you how to experiment with tuning, slides, chukkas, and more, to unleash heavy, rocking riffs by yourself.

Pedals and Effects

You’ll get to learn about how to control and use pedals and effects to create an attractive and creative beat.

Tones and Sounds

Maintain Your Tone

Tom says that no matter what pedals you’re using he’ll teach you some techniques of how to use your pedals to play with tones and sounds.

Tom’s Noise Chart

It’ll be a rough tour of Tom’s noise chart to show you his system for keeping track of all the elements that come together to create a beautiful melody.😚

Tom’s Influences: Rock, Jazz, Classical and Folk

Learning about many forms it’ll open many directions for you in creating good and twisted music.

Tom’s Influences: EDM, the Blues, and Hip-Hop

Tom Morello Influences The Crowd

This lesson will be a guide to use EDM, Blues, and Hip-Hop in your playing.


Tom will help you to structure your practice which will contain every theory and segment.

Technique: Developing Speed

You’ll get a solution to a very popular problem among musicians: how to increase speed. In this lesson, Tom will teach you some personal techniques about it.

Beginner Theory: Pentatonic and Blues Scales

Beginner Theory

Tom will use these effective theories for beginners which gets many improvising results in solo performances.

Theory: Unlocking the Fretboard

Tom will teach you his theory which will unlock your ability to use any key or any part of the throat to produce vocals.😊


In this part of the class, your instructor will teach you how to get out of your comfort zone and do experiments with vocals and get lost in the music.


The title of the lesson says on its own what it’s all about. In this lesson, you’ll get to learn everything about solo performances.

Solo Case Study: ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’

Playing Solo

Tom will teach you about solo acts with the case study of his ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’ which will help you in learning about real stuff.

Rock Songwriting Fundamentals

Writing rock songs is one of the most difficult concepts but Tom is a pro at it and same he’ll teach some techniques about writing a rock song.

Riff Rock Writing: Verses and Multitracking

Tom will tell you about his riff writing technique by applying his studio record technique which will help you in creating your song.

Lyrics and Melody

First, you have to write lyrics that come right from your soul and after that, you have to find a melody to git it into. And this whole lesson is based on this concept of lyrics and melodies.

Studio Recording

Recording In Studio

Tom has many philosophies and techniques about everything and the same as in-studio recording and in this lesson, he’ll teach you those philosophies and techniques.

Case Study: ‘Killing in the Name’

You’ll get to learn about organic and real case studies of Tom’s own ‘Killing in the Name’.😉

Live Show/Band Collaboration and Conclusion

Tom Morello Band

In these lessons, you’ll learn some mantras for live shows and if you’re planning to collaborate with a band or to create a band then there’s also a lesson to find the right bandmates and in the end. The conclusion lesson contains a rough summary or revision of the whole MasterClass.

#5 Key Benefits of Tom Morello MasterClass

  1. Tom Morello is a very popular and very creative artist who used his art and creative talent to entertain the whole world and gained a big name. Now you have got the opportunity to learn that creativity via his class.
  2. Tom will help you in controlling gears and pedals by giving you some techniques via his lessons.
  3. You’ll get to learn how to use your pedals to generate some creative tones no matter what pedals you’re using.
  4. Tom will give you a tour of his noise chart and will teach you many things about jazz, rock, classical and folk
  5. You’ll get to learn how to structure and schedule your practice including every technique, segment, etc.. and will also teach you how to increase speed.

What To Expect from Tom Morello MasterClass

Tom is 2 Time grammy rock star who’s very popular for his creativity and talent when it comes to rock and jazz.

Tom is like a god to some music lovers and if you’re getting chance to learn from one of the best then you’re expectations would be high obviously and the good news is that He is not going to disappoint you he included every minor thing to teach with his 26 lessons via Tom Morello MasterClass.

Tom Morello Teaches Electric Guitar

So you can expect everything you want to learn from Tom. The instructor is going to teach many techniques about controlling, generating, and Playing with tones. It’s not over here; he’s also going to teach how to use your pedals to be more creative.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  • Tom teaches about instruments and vocals to generate melodies.
  • Your instructor will also teach you many techniques using pedals controlling speed to get work done.
  • Songwriting becomes easier after Tom shares and teaches you about live show philosophy.
  • Its excellence of Tom helps in learning about different aspects of music.
  • Case study will present a breakdown leading to better understanding.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

Is This Electric Guitar Class Worthy?

Tom Morello had earned 2 grammy awards with his passion, dedication, and hard work. He’s one of the best in his field because of the incredible talent he has.

Tom has great knowledge about music, especially rock music, so if you are interested in rock, jazz, and all, then this is a very good option for you to get enrolled in this MasterClass.

You’re getting to learn many things in one MasterClass like about controlling pedals, using pedals, being more creative, generating creative voice, how to write Rock song, live show philosophy, studio recording, and personal case studies of Tom Morello which will give you the experience of a great artist and many techniques about music. So if you’re passionate about music then yes this MasterClass is worth it.😍


With many forms of music Rock and jazz has their very big fan base Tom Morello is a 2 Grammy winner rockstar who gained his incredible popularity with his talent and hard work he’s very popular for his creativity and that perfect grip on his voice as well as on his instruments.

Tom Morello

He’s a great star because he did very well in his career and now he’s on MasterClass allowing learning many things about music and songwriting to those who are interested in music via his 26 lessons about many techniques and rules of music and vocals. This will help many dreamers to reach their desires.

FAQs 🤔

Where is this MasterClass available?

This MasterClass is available on

How to enroll in this MasterClass?

To enroll in this MasterClass all you have to do is to visit the link given below and fill in all needed details.

Who’s the instructor in this MasterClass?

Tom Morello a 2 times Grammy award-winning American musician, singer, and songwriter is your instructor in this MasterClass

What this MasterClass is all about?

This MasterClass is all about music, singing, and songwriting.

What is the duration of this MasterClass?

There are 26 lessons in Tom Morello’s MasterClass and each lesson contains 12 minutes.

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