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Christina Aguilera MasterClass Review: Is It Worthy To Join?


When it comes to entertainment and relaxation music is the first choice for everyone. In today’s world, everyone is carrying their earphones and Bluetooth with them wherever they go.

Introduction to Christina

There are many music types and everyone has their own different choices different favourite singers and songwriters and those artists are like gods to their followers.😉

In the field of music, the competition level is so high and unpredictable so you’ll need the experience of a player who already had suffered that all and rose as a star. now she’s in MasterClasses to help people like you in fulfilling your dreams in the field of singing.

Who’s Christina Aguilera?

Who is Christina

Christina Aguilera is a very popular and very talented American singer and songwriter with a great fan base and a lot of love among people. Christina was born on the 18th of December in 1980 her parents were Shelly Loraine Kearns and Fausto Xavier Aguilera.

Christina gained a big name in the industry with her hard work, dedication, and incredible talent and got honoured with a long list of awards for her beautiful work. Christina also worked as an actor and got a successful career in it also her skills are very good and the key to her success is her dedication and hard work.

Lessons By Christina Aguilera


It will be very productive for you all to learn about the life of that popular singer who created many songs to entertain this world and to make your ears blessed with her beautiful voice you will also get to learn what the life of a singer looks like.

Introduction to Christina lessons

Christina’s Inspirations

Everybody has their particular person or character that inspires them to work hard and sometimes you have to notice things to get inspired by them.

Christina's Inspiration

Many times some people feel a lack of inspiration in their life and at that phrase, you need guidance from someone who can tell you what inspiration is and how you can find it.

In this lesson, Christina will share how she found her inspiration and what/who is her inspiration.

Warming up

Warming up

Singing is like a workout which is performed by your throat, heart, soul, lungs, and mind when you do work out in a gym you don’t get started with a single muscle at first you have to do a warm-up to strengthen your muscles and to make them prepared for the upcoming workout session the same like that when you’re going to perform on stage or anywhere.

You shouldn’t go straight to the main course at first you have to do a proper warm-up which will help you in giving your best in that performance.

Protecting your Voice

Protecting your voice

When you’re having an instrument or any machine at home it has a proper cover and some care products to maintain it by protecting it from different alien things exactly like that your voice is also a god gifted instrument of yours.

So you shouldn’t force it to do anything and have to maintain it with proper care many of you would be unaware of that and didn’t know about all those techniques to protect your voice but this lesson will tell you everything about that and will help you in maintaining your beautiful voice.



If you are good at low pitches sometimes you don’t know how to go on high ones and those who are good at high ones don’t know how to perform low ones.

Many of you must be facing this problem without knowing the proper way to master this game of pitches without risking your vocals by crossing the limits of your cords and for this very popular issue faced by many people who want to sing in all pitches Christina came up with some techniques of learning this skill carefully and without hurting your throat.

Student Session Rock Style and Student Session Pop-Style

Rock style

In this session, you’ll learn that Changing pitches and chords will bring many positive changes in your performance and will give you a more attractive style of singing.

By learning about both rock and pop styles you’ll be able to change pitches in a very attractive and unpredictable way which will make the audience hoot and clap. It will enable you to play with your skills and voice with the techniques learned by Christina.

Student Session: Simplify

Student sessions simplified

The key to reaching the heart of the audience is to simplify your creation so that it can be easily understandable to the audience which will enable their love for your performance and creation.

If your creation will be complicated and hard to understand then the interest of people in that would be decreased by a huge number so how to simplify things to create a heart to heart relationship with the audience would be a very effective option for you and Christina will help you in that by teaching some marvelous techniques to do it easily.



Sounding perfect is not a matter of concern. Now people want to hear a good story in a form of a melody which is a very ancient style. If you can tell a great story in the form of a lovely melody then you’re going to do a big bang.😊

If you’re going to tell an effective story that people can relate to themselves in a song then your creation will get a personal space in their heart and it will be the humming of the day for them. To create this lovely relationship you have to learn about how to tell a story in a form of a beautiful melody and this lesson of the MasterClass is all about that.

Mastering Vocal Techniques and Playing with Texture and Tones

Mastering vocal techniques

This all will take two lessons. In the first one, you’ll learn about mastering vocal techniques and in the 2nd one, the instructor will teach you how to play with texture and tones.

When you have a great instructor then you have a great opportunity to master vocal techniques with the help of her. When you start doing anything your aim should be to master that skill.

The all-time favorite thing to do by singers is exploring different stuff by playing with texture and tones and this is only possible when you’re a master in that skill. People want a new thing every time. The audience wants new and fresh stuff every day to please their eardrums and you can only provide them that if you know how to create something fresh.

To produce something new we have to mix all available things differently so that a creation that never had come before will rise and for that, you have to know circumstances of applying things together in a way so they’ll give positive results and these 2 lessons will help you in that.

Duet: Part 1 Rehearsal Prep and part 2 Perfecting the Performance


These 2 chapters will teach you about Duet performance about matching timings and proper coordination between both comrades.

Performing solo and performing in a duet are two very different concepts. A duet performance can be the most beautiful performance if performed with good coordination and management but also can ruin the whole vibe if the coordination won’t be good enough and these two lessons will teach you the proper way to perform a soulful duet performance.

The Beat

The beats

In this part of Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass, you’ll get to know about how to create inner rhythm and produce a beautiful thing by playing a soulful game with textures, breath, tempo, and beats.

Live Microphones and Studio Microphones

Live microphone

There’s a huge difference between microphones used in studios and live performances. These two lessons will teach you some techniques on how to perform while performing live and while recording in studios.

Performance Anxiety and Singing it Live

Performance anxiety

When it comes to a performance everyone, even the great superstars, faces performance anxiety. This is not because of lack of confidence, this is very obvious for a singer or an artist but there are some techniques to deal with performance anxiety that will be taught by your instructor in one of these lessons.

And in the second one, Christina will tell you how to convert a studio song into a live performance with a proper method to make it a good performance. 😚

Overcome Mistakes

Overcoming mistakes

When you’re performing on a stage or somewhere in front of many people sometimes thousands of them then its obvious to do some mistakes and this also happened to Christina and other stars but when you’re a star then you have to recover from that mistake immediately and Christina have done that many times in her career. In this lesson, she’ll teach you how to deal with those mistakes and how to overcome them during a performance.

Advice for Artists

Advice for Artists

Christina will give some advice to the new artists according to what she faced in her life about haters, fans, bad times, etc…


Self expression

When you’re performing in front of a huge number of people you became the center of attraction and all eyes will be on you so when you’re performing you have to match your expression according to the lyrics and pitch your dropping this lesson will tell you how to maintain that expression with your performance.

Christina’s Journey

Christina's journey

In this lesson, the instructor Christina Aguilera will share different phrases of life she experienced during her professional journey of singing as a career.😉


Closing (2)

In this very last lesson Christina will guide you a bit for the future, will appreciate you for a good future in singing, and will end the MasterClass with a warm goodbye.

#5 Key Benefits of Christina Aguilera MasterClass

  1. You’ll get to know more about singing and will explore many new things about vocals in music. This MasterClass will help you learn more useful techniques about singing.
  2. It’ll help you in saving your precious beautiful voice. When you practice carelessly and cross your boundaries of vocal limits it causes big damage to your vocal abilities and destroys all the skills you gained by hardcore practice of your whole life.
  3. You’ll also learn about how to prepare yourself and increase your range of voice to perform high notes without crossing your vocal limits.
  4. It provides you with more than one genre like pop & rock style which provides to learn about your favourite and also about another one so you’ll not get bounded.
  5. It helps you increase your confidence and overcome stage anxiety with the help of live microphones and performance anxiety lessons.

What To Expect from Christina Aguilera MasterClass?

The Christina Aguilera MasterClass is for those who want to enhance their singing skills. This will help you in many ways from enhancing your skills to performing on stage and being a new sensation in the constantly growing industry of music.

Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

You can expect many things from these MasterClasses like if you want to enhance your skills, want to know how to practice safely, want to learn more about singing, want to know about different cultures and styles of singing then this MasterClass could be a one-stop destination for all your desires and expectations.😍

It will also help you in increasing your confidence in performing in front of a crowd and will also help you in exploring and playing with your vocal abilities without crossing the boundaries of your voice.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  • Helpful for those who desire to learn about singing and want to enhance their singing skills.
  • The instructor has plenty of talent and knowledge about her work so you’ll get professional guidance.
  • Based on learning and practising with some effective techniques which enable you to learn and perform without causing any harm to your skills and abilities.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

Is This Singing Class Worth it or not?

Christina Aguilera is one of the most famous singers who have many followers on social media as well as in the world of singing. Now she’s in MasterClasses to help those who want to gain that precious knowledge about singing and its different techniques.

Members Who Liked MasterClass In Arts and Entertainment Classes

When you’re getting professional guidance from a world-class singer and very informative lessons via which you’ll learn much more about techniques of singing in about 4 hours with a good instructor and price then definitely it is WORTH IT!

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Singing is a very ancient art and has its roots in every country and their cultures singing had great popularity from a very long period and evolving in every era the oldest roots of singing can be found in “Sama Veda and Rig Veda” singing is a most performed and popular art everyone loves it some loves to listen to it and some loves to perform it.

Christina Aguilera

For those who want to perform this art, the marvelous singer Christina Aguilera came out with a very beautiful method of learning via her MasterClasses. and this MasterClass will be a positive twist in your journey of singing.

FAQs 🤔

How many lessons are there in the MasterClasses?

The Christina Aguilera MasterClass has a total of 23 lessons.

What is the Duration of this MasterClass?

The MasterClass has a duration of 3 hrs and 45 mins approx.

Where is this MasterClass available?

Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass is available on the website.

How can I enrol in this MasterClass?

To get enrolled in this MasterClass you simply have to click the link given below and get started with your classes by filling up the information needed.

Who’s the instructor in this MasterClass?

Christina Aguilera, A very popular and talented American singer is your instructor in this MasterClass.

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